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The Nevada R-5 Board of Education met in regular session, at 7:00 p.m. on May 13, 2009 at the District Office board room. In attendance were board members, Steve Cubbage-President, Chris Ellis-Vice President, and members, Nora Quitno, Scott Kennedy, Larry Forkner, Mike McCaffree and Joy Hawks. Others in attendance were Superintendent, Dr. David Stephens, Board Secretary, Melissa Hendrix, and Christi Peterson, Assistant Superintendent. The local news media were represented by Nevada Daily Mail reporter, Steve Moyer and Russ Warren, KNEM-KNMO radio. Secondary principals, Bryan Thomsen and Chris Holcomb were accompanied by summer school principals, Julie Kibble, Jodie McNeley, Bill Johnston and Misti Raney. President Steve Cubbage called the meeting to order asking for approval of the consent agenda, which included approval of the meeting agenda, minutes of the previous meeting, payment of bills and monthly reports was approved by a 7-0 vote. In the report of the Superintendent, Dr. Stephens updated the board on the recent DESE School Finance meeting regarding the flow of ARRA federal stimulus monies to Missouri schools and how this revenue could impact other budgetary expenses for 2009-2010. He further reviewed the changing fund balance projections for the upcoming school year, as the projected deficit is likely to decrease or improve from April board meeting numbers that were discussed. In a separate item, Dr. Stephens introduced the summer school principals, Jodie McNeley, Misti Raney, Chris Holcomb, Julie Kibble and Bill Johnston to provide an update of summer school enrollments, course offerings and special programs. As new business began, Dr. Stephens introduced HS Assistant Principal, Bill Johnston, to provide the board with a review of the revised HS attendance policy and the need for this revision. HS Principal, Bryan Thomsen, was asked to review changes in the proposed the HS handbook for 2009-2010 to include the new attendance policy. By a 7-0 vote, the board approved the HS handbook that includes the new attendance policy. In a second new business item, the board was asked to approve a modification in the Gifted Program guidelines dealing with placement criteria and tests used for evaluation. The board voting unanimously approved the program changes. Additionally in new business, Dr. Stephens sought board approval of the updated policies from MSBA provided for board review at the April 2009 meeting. By a 7-0 vote, policy Section I, dealing with Instructional Goals/Organization and Curriculum were adopted. The board was then provided Section J for review and subsequent adoption at the regular upcoming June 2009 Board of Education meeting. Dr. Stephens proceeded with new business by presenting the district depository bids for next year, 20092010. Heritage Bank with a ".25 -above T-bill rate" was approved by a 7-0 vote as the district's depository. Competitive bids were also offered from US Bank and Great Southern Bank, local branches. As new business continued, the board by a 7-0 vote, also approved the most recent updated District Technology Plan. DESE requires school districts to resubmit comprehensive tech plans on three year cycles. The current plan spans the 2009-2012 time frame and includes strategies for integrating technology into five "focus areas" or TFA's. New business continued with the request to create an "out of state" tuition structure for students wanting to attend the R-5 Summer School programs. Voting 7-0, the board approved a $200 fee for the 4-week summer school session for out-of-state students. All other Missouri students from any other district may attend Nevada summer programs free-of-charge. New business continued, with the board's consideration of school bus bid lease options and purchases. Allied Bus Sales, Nixa, Missouri offered the best bid for leasing 2-71 passenger buses over a five year term with an annual installment of $28,626.82 and a purchase of a handicapped equipped 24 passenger bus for $77,250 outright. Midwest Bus Sales, Thomasbuilt Inc and Central States, Bluebird Inc also provided competitive bids. By a 7-0 vote, the Allied Bus bid was accepted for delivery of 3 new buses for the 2009-2010 school year.

Mr. Thomsen, HS Principal, provided the board with the calendar of upcoming events for the Senior Honors/Recognition Night and Commencement. In a final item of new business, Dr. Stephens provided the Board a copy of the Carl Junction School District Extracurricular and Co-Curricular Activity Student Drug-Testing policy. This is a random drug testing program in which all students are required to enroll so that they may participate in any Jr. High or HS activity. The board asked Dr. Stephens to research the most effective implementation strategies so that they could continue their discussion and consideration at the next board meeting in June. There was no action taken on this proposed policy at this time. By a 7-0 vote, the board adjourned to Closed Session immediately following the regular meeting in compliance with 610.021, RSMo for the following purposes highlighted in bold print. 610.021 (1) RSMo Legal actions involving the district, attorney communications 610.021 (2) RSMo Leasing, purchase or sale of real estate 610.021 (3) RSMo Hiring, terminating, disciplining or promoting 610.021 (5) RSMo Proceedings involving mental or physical health of individuals 610.021 (6) RSMo Actions or records relating to students 610.021 (9) RSMo Preparations for negotiations with employee groups 610.021 (10)(11)(12) Testing materials, bid specs, sealed bids, software codes 610.021 (13) RSMo Personnel records, evaluations, applications 610.021 (17) RSMo Confidential or privileged communication with auditor Executive Session The board, voting 6-0, (member Mike McCaffree was unable to attend this session) approved the minutes of the previous executive session. The following employment actions were approved by a 5 affirmative-1 abstention vote: Resignation ­ Brad Hankins, MS Resignation ­ Jessica Hendrick, HS/NRTC Retirement ­ Christi Peterson, Assist Supt Recommendation for Hire for 2009-2010: Winter Kutina ­ Parents As Teachers Courtney Hinkle ­ 1st Grade Deidre Bruce ­ HS English Teresa Stark ­ NRTC Director A motion to adjourn the executive session by roll call vote 6-0 was approved. Transfer approved: Brandi Hill from Title I to LEAP Lead Andy Smith from LEAP Lead to 2nd grade


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