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MAY 27, 2010

AS A SCHOOL WE ARE COMMITTED TO: 1. Being pervasively positive 2. Communicating honestly and appropriately 3. Respecting individual differences

The mission of Jacksonville Country Day School is to empower students for a lifetime of intellectual exploration, development of character, and social responsibility.


FRIDAY, MAY 28 Last Day of School Awards Assembly Fine Arts Auditorium at 8:45 AM Noon Dismissal HAVE A WONDERFUL SUMMER!



THANK YOU to all the wonderful parents who have given many hours of time and talent to help our performing and visual arts programs at JCDS. We have had a fantastic year and look forward to the next! Everyone have a restful and safe Summer! SUMMER GUITAR LESSONS? Any person (rising 3rd thru adult) who is interested in guitar lessons over the summer may contact Virginia Dickert at Ext. 144. TODAY'S EVENT: May 27 - Jazzy J's End-of-Year Field Trip to Nocatee Waterpark

Summer Math Skills The research shows that students lose months of math progress during summer vacation. Please look at the JCDS Summer Math Skills Review Page so that your child can review math skills. Click on http://students. Click on the links for the Top Ten Math Skills to Review over the Summer for your child's grade level. Also, there is a link to Math Games You Can Play at Home, chock full of websites, games and resources. On the same page you will find links to Rocket Math, Math Facts in a Flash and the Skill Sharpener information. You will be notified as additional resources are added. If you have any questions, please call or email Ruthanne Stabler: [email protected] ReminderFor students entering grades 3 - 6, the Math Skill Sharpener booklets are required. These completed booklets should be given to the homeroom teachers on the first day of school.

Volunteer Sign Up Forms are Going Green! Please be sure to check your email this summer for all JCDS volunteer sign up forms. Sign ups will be done online--no paper forms will be sent home. These forms will include: Homeroom Parents, PEP, Parents Association Events and 50th Anniversary Committees. Thank you in advance for helping us do our part to reduce costs and be friendly to the environment.

SURVEY DEADLINE Please note the JCDS parent, faculty, staff and administration surveys are due by Friday, May 28. Please contact Louise Hiday, Director of Development, at [email protected] if you have any questions.

YEARBOOK COMMITTEE The yearbook is looking for a third co-chair. In order to continue creating our yearbook, we need more help. This position requires a lot of organization but can be done at home on your computer. No previous knowledge of publishing is required. If interested, please call Kim Watkins (233-7791).

DID YOU KNOW? Did you know that the 4th graders' original Fairy Tales and Fantasy stories are on display in our JCDS library? Feel free to read any or all of them!


"Genius is nothing but a great aptitude for patience." - George-Louis de Buffon

Summer Online Creative Writing Seminar

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


Each week during the campaign we would like to thank and recognize our donors to the 2009/2010 Annual Fund. Please remember pledges may be made now and paid by installments until May 1, 2010. We are excited about the projects for the Annual Fund: new and renovated bathrooms for students and faculty, new playground equipment, and an updated sound system in the gymnasium. Dr. and Mrs. Bruce Steinberg Ms. Sandra Nacoste Thank you, donors! Mrs. Leslie Coble Mrs. MaryAnn Jamieson Mr. and Mrs. William N. Steitz Mr. and Mrs. David Neal

Mr. and Mrs. John P Cole . Ms. Kathy Cole Dr. and Mrs. Frank R. Collier Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Copeland Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cote Mr. and Mrs George Coutros Mrs. Patty Cowan Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Curley, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Robert Cywes Mr. and Mrs. Kevin M. Davenport Mr. and Mrs. James E. Davidson, Jr. Ms. Lorraine Davis Mr. and Mrs. Richard Davis Mr. and Mrs. Larry Dean Mr. and Mrs. Luis Dehechavarria Mr. Chris and Dr. Sandi Della Rocca Mr. and Mrs John DeLorenzo Mr. and Mrs. Michael DeLorenzo Mr. and Mrs. Michael de Vaux Mr. and Mrs. Michael Delahanty Mr. Ignacio Diaz and Dr. Margarita Vendrell Ms. Emily Dickert Mrs. Virginia Dickert Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Dimmick Mr. and Mrs. Richard Draughon Dr. and Mrs. Gavan Duffy Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Dunham Mr. and Mrs. Marc Edwards Mrs. Rosemary Ennis Dr. and Mrs. Michael J. Erhard Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Farah Mr. and Mrs. Robert Fishback Mr. and Mrs. Michael Fites Ray Sutton McGehee Foundation Mr and Mrs Lou Fouts Ms. Myrna Fouts Mr. and Mrs. Eric Fox Mr. and Mrs. Todd Fracke Mr. and Mrs. Mike Freed Mr. and Mrs Rick Friedman Mr. and Mrs. David Garber Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Garland Mr. and Mrs. Simon Garwood Mrs. Lynn Geric Dr. and Mrs. William Gielincki Mr. and Mrs. Tom Gildersleeve Mr. and Mrs. Doug Gitter Mr. and Mrs. Steve Goldwasser Mr. and Mrs. Richard Gordon Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Gore Ms. Lorrie Goss Mr. and Mrs. Reid Gray Mr. and Mrs. Steven Greenhut Dr. and Mrs. Hani Grewal Drs. Arun and Suparna Gulani Mr. and Mrs Jeremy Hall Ms. Elmendina Halilovic Mrs. Donna Hamm Mrs. Anne Hardy Ms. Gerri Harman Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Hauser Mr. and Mrs. Jarvis Hauser Mr. and Mrs. Russell Healey Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Hiday Ms. Louise Hiday Dr. and Mrs. Michael Hillyard Mr. Jonathan J. and Dr. Thanh Thi Hogan Mr. and Mrs. Mike Hume Mr. and Mrs Robert Hunter Mr. and Mrs. Michael Huyghue Mr. and Mrs. Jason Hyrne Mrs. Laurie Incles Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P Jangro . Dr. Dinesh Jayadevappa and Mrs. Namita Dinesh Ettigi Ms. Ashley Jimerson Mrs. Shannon Johnson Mrs. Wendy Johnston Mrs. Sharon Jones Mr. and Mrs. Walter Jones Mr. and Mrs. Nick Kavalieros Dawn Kell Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery Kellmanson Mr. and Mrs. Chris Kemph Mr. Kerr and Mrs. Kagombe Drs. Zane and Atosa Khan Dr. and Mrs. Yazan Khatib Mr. and Mrs. David Kight Ms. Beth King Mr. Keith Korsog Dr. and Dr. Murli Krishna Mrs. Amy Kucsak Mr. and Mrs. Parker Kuldau Drs. Aalok Kuthiala Mr. and Mrs. Donny Lamey Mr. and Mrs Matthew Landtroop Mr. and Mrs. Michael Lane Mr. and Mrs. Warren Lasch Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Laurie Mr. and Mrs. James L. Lee Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Leeper Mrs. Iliana Leonard Dr. and Mrs. Wayne Leonard Mr. and Mrs. Michael F Lewis . Mr. Bryan Librizzi Ms. Jennifer Lin Mr. John Littleford Mr. and Mrs. Joseph B. Long Mr. and Dr. Sean Lueck Mrs. Linda Lynch Mr. and Mrs. Merwyn Mann Dr. and Mrs. Kadir Mansur Mr. and Mrs. Frank Mantay Mr. and Mrs. Tony Marinatos Ms. Lynn Martin Dr. and Mrs. Mark Matey Dr. Huber Matos-Gersault and Dr. Kristen O'Neil-Matos Ms. Linda Matthews Ms. Christy Maurer Mrs. Helen McCall Ms. Eleanor McCloud Mrs. Wendy McDonald Ms. Diane McHugh Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan McKinney Mr. and Mrs. Dean McQuiddy Mr. and Mrs. Adam J. Meinrod Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Mencia Ms. Valorie Wolcott Mendelson Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Mickler Mr. and Mrs. Darrel Miller Mr. and Mrs. Harold Miller Mr. and Mrs. Paul Miranda Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Moreno Mrs. Michele Morin Mr. Andrew Mortiz and Ms. Juliana Keaton Mr. and Mrs. George T. Morrison Ms. Missy Morrissey Mr. and Mrs. Mike Morrow Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Munoz Mrs. Susan Murphy Mrs. Dawn Mussallem-Bass Mr. Arshad Mustafa and Mrs. Farah Siddiqui Mr. and Mrs. Michael Muzelak Ms. Jennifer Nelowet Mrs. Pat Nix Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Nsenkyire Mr. and Mrs Tim O'Sullivan Dr. Lewis J. Obi and Ms. Myra Brown Mr. and Mrs. Derek O'Leary Ms. Deborah Oliver Dr. and Mrs. Sean Orr Dr. and Mrs. Duke Pao Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Park Mr. and Mrs. Bingham L. Parkinson Mrs. Nancy Parry Dr. and Mrs. Anand Patel Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Patterson Mr. and Mrs. William Patton Mr. David and Dr. Mary Pentel Dr. Mike Petr and Dr. Alex Kostur Mr. and Mrs. David Pillsbury Dr. and Mrs. Benjamin Piperno Ms. Michelle Pisula Mrs. Krista Pizzi Mr. Michael Porter Mr. and Mrs Ron Price Mr.and Mrs. Gregory M. Pritchard Mr. and Mrs. Joel Provenza Mr. and Mrs. Steven M. Ralys Mr. and Mrs. Richard Ramsey Mr. and Mrs. Aslam Raza Mr. and Mrs. Dayakar Reddy Dr. and Mrs. Scott Rice Mrs. Jennifer Roberts Ms. Tracee Thornburg Roberts Ms. Martha Robinson Mr. and Mrs. Ramon Rosario Mr. and Mrs. Tony Rukab Mr. and Mrs. William Russell Drs. Matthew M. and Leslie Salomone Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Sams Mrs. Raquel Scarpelli Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Scerno Mr and Mrs William Schilling Mr. and Mrs. Otto Schon Dr. and Mrs. Brian L. Schwam Dr. and Mrs. Jonathan Schwartz Mr. and Mrs. Everett M. Seay, III Mr. and Mrs. Everette M. Seay, IV Mr. and Mrs. Aaron See Dr. and Mrs. Scott Segel Mr. and Mrs Joseph Segers Mr. and Mrs. Joel Shapiro Mr. and Mrs. Devendra Sharma Drs. Sunil and Smita Sharma Ms. Kelly Sherrod Dr. and Mrs. Michael Shumer Drs. Paul and Sayra Sievert Mr. and Mrs Rodrigo Sievert Mr. and Mrs. Derek Siewert Mr. and Mrs. Edward Sim Mr. and Mrs. Gary D. Silverfield Dr. and Mrs. Arne Sippens Dr. Dwelvin Simmons and Dr. Alisia S. Martin Ms. Amy Skelton Mr. and Mrs. Jay Skelton Drs. Andrew and Cynthia Skigen Dr. and Mrs. Dennis M. Smith, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. P Jeremy Smith . Dr. Markus Sonntag and Dr. Amy Wrennick Ms. Lynne Sopchak Mrs. Ruthanne Stabler Ms. Deborah States Mrs. Laurie Stayer

De Hechavarria Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Irving Abel Mr. and Mrs. Michael Abel Mr. and Mrs. Mike Agliata Mr. and Mrs Zahid Ahsan Dr. and Mrs. Philipp Aldana Ms. Brandy Almy Mr. and Mrs. Robert Amacker Mr. and Mrs. James Anderson Mr. and Mrs Michael Anderson Mr. and Mrs Richard Anderson Mr. and Mrs. David Andrews Dr. and Mrs. Pradeep Arora Drs. Majdi and Sonnie Kim Ashchi Dr. M. Reza Azari Samani and Dr. Marzie Zahedi Dr. and Mrs. Suprith Badarinath Mrs. Diane Bajalia Mrs. Cindy Ball Mr. and Mrs. Louis Ballantyne Dr. Michael Baptista and Ms. Claudia Majuri Mr. and Mrs Terry Bartow Mrs. Linda Basich Mr. and Mrs. Joey D. Batchelor Mr. and Mrs. Abraham I. Bateh Mr. and Mrs. Mark Bateh Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Z. Bateh Mr. and Mrs. Henry Bechem, Jr. Mrs. Cathy Bell Mr. and Mrs. Ernst A. Bell Mr. and Mrs. Larry Berger Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Bergeron Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Bernardo Dr. and Mrs. Manuel Bernardo Mr. Todd and Dr. Sari Bernstein Mr. and Mrs. Edward Bisher Ms. Patricia Blanchard Mr. and Mrs. James P Blasco . Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Block Mr. and Mrs. Greg Boree Mrs. Stacy Bowen Mr. and Mrs. Blake Bowmaster Mr. and Mrs. Robin Bradbury Mr. and Mrs. Matthew J. Brady Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Breakiron Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Broder Mr. and Mrs. David Brown Mr. and Mrs. Henry Brown Mr. and Mrs. Redick Brown Mr. and Mrs. Robert Brown Mr. Robert Borwn and Ms. Mica Smarse Ms. Diane Brumback Mr. George Brumback Dr. and Mrs. Michael Brumback Mr. and Mrs. Albert Michael Bryan Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Buck Mr. and Mrs. Ed Burr Mrs. Debbie Cairns Mr. and Mrs. Michael Callaway Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Candelino Mrs. Deborah Cannington Mr. and Mrs. Don Carlson Mr. and Mrs. Chris Carpenter Mr. and Mrs. Kurt J. Cetin Drs. Ali Chahlavi Mr. and Mrs Nishith Chaturvedi Ms. Jan Cheek Dr. Bao Xi Chen and Dr. Ping Shen Mr. and Mrs Chris Chester Mr. and Mrs. Kai Chiang Drs. Babu and Radhika Chithriki Dr. Alex Chugay and Dr. Olga Tron

Dr. Judy Stoner Dr. and Mrs. Richard Strand Mr. and Mrs. David A. Stroud Mrs. Joellen Suslak Mrs. Kristin Szallay Dr. and Mrs. Ted Szymanski Mrs. Estrella Tablada Mr. and Mrs. Lang Tarrant Dr. and Mrs. Sarvam P Terkonda . Drs. Marcus Thint Mr. and Dr. Sean Thomas Ms. Dona Thompson Drs. Milind Tilak Mr. and Mrs. Vithal Tilak Mr. and Mrs. Robert Tollett Mr. and Mrs. Carl Tremble Mrs. Lindsey Upchurch Mr. and Mrs. Mark Valentino Mr. and Mrs. Frank Valinho Dr. Kimberly van Scriver Mr. and Mrs. Abe Vanjaria Mr. and Dr. William Vasana Mr. and Mrs. Orlando Vasquez Mr. and Mrs Chris Vermillion Mr. and Mrs. Craig Walker Dr. David Walker and Dr. Kathleen Casey Mrs. Pat Walker Mr. Richard Ware and Ms. Jeanine McGuire Mrs. Sherrie Warren Dr. Hattie Washington Mr. and Mrs. John Watkins Mr. and Mrs. Steven Watkins Mrs. Diane Wellman Mr. and Mrs. Sidney E. Wells Mrs. Gayle Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Wilson Ms. Felicia Wimbish Mr. and Mrs. Edward E. Witt, Jr. Mr. Edward E. Witt, Sr. Mrs. Judy Witte Mr and Mrs Gregory Wong Mr. and Mrs. Shayne Wood Dr. and Mrs. Kevin J. Wu Mr. and Mrs. Eric Yen Dr. and Mrs. Daniel S. Yip Mrs. Amy Young Mrs. Darlene Young Mr. and Mrs. Mark V Young . Mr. and Mrs. Russell Young Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Yu

2009-2010 Annual Fund Contributions





Percentage of class








,." / ,- 012 ." / "345 6 01 2"/ 708 " -. 5: ##9 "/ 07 # 01 08"# (" 2"; $ -. "/ <7 9#) = -. " "/ 012", 8"## 12" >?? 9#) / > @0 8"#& " ." / 0>1 9# 1 ( 0 C"/ 12"A 76"+ " B 01 B>1 9#) #1 2"D5 8"## " 4"/ E5 9$ 01 =>58 !" #1 2",5 "#)9 4 0 $! # "/ 0 6 $B 14"/ 012" 8"#) " 9 3 F" / 012" 778 $!" " 01 2"G 3?5= #%9 $ = 5 $B BF 568" !" [email protected] #$ F" 9 / @ 01 H8" #+" $B F" 2"IB #* %0 /01 J=71 9$# " F" / 2"[email protected] 8"#& " 01 2 :B 9$ %0 "[email protected] L8"# #" F" / B1 &9 %0 012 @B8 $$" " F" / "[email protected] #&9 $# 01 7 &4 &4M 2"/ 18"# " & M" " / /01 JN5 9$# = 01 2"O 2"D5 =8"#) " @< 1> 9$ &4 704 JM8" #" # M" / 18"# (9$ *# 01 '4 2"3 *91 #" M" 9$ / [email protected] $8/2 '4 012" 708" !0" # M P '4 "/0 50F %9# + M" / 12"3: 68"# " 01 1= &9 (4 2"Q7 5C8" #+" M" / ==R ##9 5B #+ 01 (4 2"P5 8"#& " (4 M"/ R 9$ M" / 012 R8"# !" 12" " TM [email protected] %9# )" 18 @ U5 RH1 "#!9 J: # @ =46 B8"# )" 93 45 $9# ) V [email protected] 8")& " 50 9) & F8 "$ " &9 $& "

Donations as of May 26, 2010 Congratulations to Mrs. Robert's Class for reaching 90% participation


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