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Newberg Community Garden

"Growing Together in the Community"

Come Grow with Us!

Newberg Christian Church is excited to launch the Newberg Community Garden, just in time for the 2009 growing season!

Two Gardens, Two Opportunities For You to "Grow"

There will be two garden sites where community gardening will occur: · At Newberg Christian Church, where you can register for a 10' x 25' garden plot to cultivate and grow food for you and your family's use. At a remote location, just outside of Newberg, where you can volunteer your gardening skills to help cultivate and grow crops for donation to local service organizations such as FISH or Newberg Community Kitchen.


Whether you grow food for your family or for local charities, you get the opportunity to work the soil and enjoy the joys of gardening while working side-by-side and fellowshipping with others in our community.

Here's what's available free of charge for the 2009 season: · · · Your choice of a 10' x 25' or 20' x 25' plot Drip watering system Periodic classes on gardening, canning and other various topics

You are responsible to bring the following: · · · Your own plantings Your own tools Your own fertilizer and mulch

c/o Newberg Christian Church 2315 Villa Road Newberg, Oregon 97132 Phone: (503) 538-3104 Email: [email protected]

Newberg Community Garden

We regret that we do not have a garden shed available for storage for the 2009 season. We are working to have one by next growing season.

Newberg Community Garden

"Growing Together in the Community"

Some Questions & Answers

WHO CAN GARDEN AND HOW DO I GET A PLOT? Registration for garden plots is through Newberg Christian Church. Because of the limited number of plots available, registration is limited to Newberg residents only and one plot per gardener or gardening family. Only registered gardeners may use the garden plots. WHAT DOES BEING A "COMMUNITY GARDENER" MEAN? Each gardener is part of a community of gardeners and needs to work with others in relative harmony in order to make a positive gardening experience for everyone. The gardeners are responsible not just for their plot, but for the pathways surrounding their plot and for helping the gardening area as a whole. WHAT IS THE DEFINITION OF A "WORKING GARDEN"? A garden plot must be maintained, planted or mulched and stay within its boundaries. Plots may not be consistently weedy, untended, or filled with debris. Gardeners are expected to spend at least two hours per week on average during the growing season tending the plot. WHAT IS APPROPRIATE TO GROW? Vegetables, herbs, flowers and small fruit plants for home consumption and donation are appropriate. No large structures, trees, or large collection on non-plant items are allowed. Crops must be legal and for personal use or donation. Plants need to be maintained such that they do not shade an adjoining garden or encroach on the pathway. No matter what crops you decide to plant, you are responsible for basic plot maintenance. Weedy plots are subject to warning and cancellation. Perennial crops and some annual winter hardy crops may be overwintered, but must be maintained. WHEN IS THE GARDENING SEASON? For most gardeners, the growing season will be from May until September. Some gardeners may have crops growing late in the fall. MISCELLANEOUS · Children are encouraged to garden with their parents but must stay with their parents and not go into the gardens of others. Pets are not permitted in the Community Garden. Smoking is not permitted in the Community Garden.

FOR MORE INFORMATION, Contact Newberg Christian Church office at (503) 538-3104 or [email protected]

Newberg Community Garden

c/o Newberg Christian Church 2315 Villa Road Newberg, Oregon 97132 Phone: (503) 538-3104 Email: [email protected]

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