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New CommuNity workforCe DevelopmeNt CeNter

201 Bergen Street Newark, NJ 07103 973-639-5600

The New Community Workforce Development Center is a state-of-the-art, $4.5 million continuing education facility and New Jersey's premier center for career training in a variety of fields. New Community Workforce Development schools provide graduates with marketable skills in fields where there is high demand and ample opportunity for professional growth. A skilled staff administers the teaching curriculum utilizing cutting-edge industry tools to maximize the program's application to the real world. Youth & Adult Automotive Training Center (YAATC) The YAATC program is a one-year program where students receive comprehensive training to become automotive technicians. Students learn about automotive alignment, brakes, electrical systems, and heating and air conditioning. Upon completion of training, students are awarded the nationally recognized Ford Maintenance & Light Repair certification and the Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) national certification in Refrigerant Recovery and Recycling. Students learn life skills, and upon graduation are able to work as an automotive technician in car dealership service departments, auto repair stores/franchises, and any other location where cars need repair.

Creating Careers

Additional New Community Job Training Programs

School of Culinary Arts

This career-driven curriculum prepares students for careers in the food service industry. The program uses both classroom instruction and training to teach students more than just "how to cook." In addition to preparing and serving various dishes, the program focuses on other aspects including nutrition, menu planning, and food safety. Students learn to become licensed Food Handlers and are awarded a Certificate. Graduates are prepared to serve as chefs and run a full commercial kitchen. Also, graduates work in restaurants, hotels, school cafeterias, or start their own businesses as a restaurateur or caterer. Upon graduation, students' earning potential is increased by up to 268%.

Gateway To Work for WFNJ Participants

New Community's Gateway-To-Work uses a rapid transition to work model, stressing immediate job readiness and employability skills. To reinforce change brought about by welfare reform, the Gateway-To-Work program refers to all WFNJ participants as Associates. Participants immediately understand that Gateway to Work is about moving people into the workforce towards self-sufficiency, and discouraging previous attitudes of dependency.

School of Licensed Practical Nursing

Customized Job-Training with Shop Rite Supermarkets

Graduates from School of Licensed Practical Nursing, can increase earning potential by up to 268%.

As one of the leading industries for job growth, New Community's School of Practical Nursing graduates and places students at record numbers each year. The program is equivalent to 12 months of study certified by the New Jersey Board of Nursing. The course is equally divided into classroom instruction and clinical laboratory experience, in accordance with standards established by the Board of Nursing. The clinical work is conducted at UMDNJ and other local healthcare facilities. Students must pass the New Jersey Board of License NCLEX-PN licensing exam administered by the state Board of Nursing as a licensed practical nurse in New Jersey.

Christy Archer rings up groceries in the Livingston ShopRite. NCC customized training program gave her the break she needed.

Wakefern Corporation (ShopRite) partners with New Community Corporation to provide cashiering and customer service training for Associates. Gateway-to-Work's associates are enrolled in a course that provides the Associates with handson training on ShopRite computer-based systems and store operations procedures. Associates who successfully complete this program are guaranteed a cashier/customer service position with one of 13 ShopRite supermarkets.

New Community Corporation Headquarters

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New Community Workforce Development Center

Ford Motor Company MLR Training Program

201 Bergen Street, Newark NJ 07103 973-639-5600


Ford Motor Company MLR Training Program


MODULE 1 Introduction To The Automotive Industry · Career Opportunities · Ford Motor Company Certification · ASE Certification · Personal Safety · Proper Use of Tools & Shop Equipment · Safety in the Shop · Government Regulations · Factory Service Manuals · Alldata Computerized Shop Manuals MODULE 2 Automotive Gasoline Engines · Evolution of the Gasoline Engine · Engine Classification · Maintenance & Repair of the Gasoline Engine · Engine Cooling Systems · Engine Lubrication · Engine Intake & Exhaust Systems · Engine Gaskets MODULE 3 Automotive Electrical Systems · Basics of Electricity · Electrical Terminology · Ohm's Law · Electrical Component Identification · Batteries · Charging Systems · Starting Systems · Wiring Schematics · Interior & Exterior Lighting Systems MODULE 4 Automotive Brake Systems · Principles of Hydraulic Brakes · Disc Brakes · Power Brakes · Parking Brakes · Antilock Brakes MODULE 5 Steering & Suspension Systems · Tire & Wheel Design · Tire Service & Repair · Front Suspension Systems · Rear Suspension Systems · Suspension System Service · Types of Steering Systems · Steering System Service · Wheel Alignment MODULE 6 Heating & Air Conditioning · Automotive Heating Systems · Theory of air Conditioning · Automotive Air Conditioning · Service & Repair of Air Conditioning Systems · Refrigerants in Air Conditioning Systems · Training for EPA Certification MODULE 7 Fuel Systems · Gasoline & Alternative Fuels · Fuel Injection Systems · Fuel Tanks · Fuel Delivery Systems · Fuel System Diagnosis MODULE 8 · Ignition Systems · Emission Control Systems · On-Board Computer Controls · On-Board Computer Diagnosis

Admissions and Financial Aid

Career planning is a lifelong process. You have to use information about yourself (interests, experience, and lifestyle) to make good career choices. We equip students with the tools, strategies, and resources to create their own career action plan. We also explore and secure financial aid for students who qualify and enroll in one of NCC's schools/programs. Also, NCC offers an array of supportive services to ensure that students have optimal support, such as: · On-site admissions · Program placement office · On-site career counseling · Financial aid services for students who qualify

Support Services

Students requiring additional support services such as counseling, GED preparation or more, are referred to New Community Corporation social services or Gateway-to-work programs.

Employment Programs & Partners

All students are provided with assistance in job placement at the completion of their program of study. Following are employers who have joined New Community in accepting its graduates and helping them start a new and promising career. · Avis Rent a Car · Auto Land · Crestmont Toyota · Firestone Tire · Global Auto Mall · Goodyear Tire Centers · Hillside Auto Mall · J&S Ford · Meineke Muffler · Maplewood Tire · Pep Boys · Planet Honda · Sears Auto Centers · Wayne Mazda

Accreditation and Approvals

· NCWDC is nationally accredited by the Council on Occupational Education (COE), located at 41 Perimeter Center East, NE, Suite 640, Atlanta Georgia 30346. · Programs at New Community Workforce Development Center are approved by the New Jersey Department of Education (Chapter 18.NJCA 6:46-4,16 3.I.) · The Center is approved to administer Title IV Pell grants, from the US Department of Education and VA Education Benefits from the US Department of Veterans Affairs. · The Workforce Development Center operates under a Certificate of Approval from the NJ Department of Education, Private and Vocational School Unit. · The LPN program is approved by the New Jersey State Board of Nursing.

Automotive trAiNees see silver liNiNg iN gloomy eCoNomy

The New Community Clarion, Volume 23, Issue 6, May 2009

ditioning systems. Since its founding in 1996, more than 300 students have graduated from the program, designed to train and educate at-risk individuals in basic automotive repair. It was the first center of its type in the country and served as a model for others that followed in cities like Chicago, New Orleans and Rockville, MD. program with New Community Corporation in remembrance of his son, who was killed in an automobile accident. Ford Motor Co. invested millions initially in up-front equipment and financing costs and still supports the center. "You've got to love doing this for a living," said 59-yearold instructor Edward Netherland, a veteran auto technician, who pours everything he knows into these students at a state-of-the-art training center on West Bigelow Street in Newark. Among the businesses that have hired students after graduation are Hillside Auto Mall, Avis Rent a Car, Auto Land, Crestmont Toyota, Meineke Muffler, Sears Auto Centers, J & S Ford and Maplewood Tire. Some students, like Tarick Mack, have gone on to open their own shops. "This is the highlight of my day," said DaJon McKoy, 25, a current student who is similarly upbeat about his future.

As Tyrie Dawson put the finishing touches on a brake job he had labored over intensely in a Newark garage, he dismissed the notion that "In these hard economic the woes of the nation's automakers somehow spell times, they are taking these students and not only teaching bad news for him. them to think differently, but "No matter what, some- to take their automotive body is always going to need skills and translate them work on their car," said Daw- into something that can son, 29, of Orange. "I just help generate income," said love getting my hands dirty." Marsha Saafir, who oversees the training centers for Ford Before becoming a student Motor Co. in the Youth and Adult Automotive Training Center, a The program's $6,000 tuprogram of New Community ition--less than half that of Corporation's Workforce De- other automotive programsvelopment Center, Dawson -is covered in large part by was stuck in a dead-end job federal grants for low income at a giant do-it-yourself home students. And every penny is retailer. worth it. These days, Dawson's assignments are much more challenging, running the gamut from replacing car engines to performing wheel alignments and installing air con"The satisfaction you get is that you are dramatically changing people's lives," said Richard Liebler, the former longtime owner of Hillside Auto Mall who started the

"The satisfaction you get is that you are dramatically changing people's lives," said Richard Liebler, former owner of Hillside Automall.


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