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The Three Greatest Disasters In Our History

By Richard Porter

Oliver Cromwell, William III & Churchill

Churchill: A Myth Based On Lies And Propaganda

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The Three Greatest Disasters In Our History

By Richard Porter

Oliver Cromwell, William III & Churchill

Churchill: A Myth Based On Lies And Propaganda


Some extracts from Official Reports of the U.S.A. Army Intelligence. "Transmitted by the U.S.A. Army Staff, 2nd Bureau:-

"Bolshevism and Judaism"

(Compiled by the Official American Services, transmitted to the United States of America by the U.S. Ambassador to the French Republic.) (Note: The report refers to "Jews" but those mentioned are political Zionists, the great majority of whom are not Jews by blood, but only by religion, they being descendants of the Herodians, who were Idumeans of Turko-Mongol blood, and are actually Edomites. The Jewish Encyclopaedia, 1925 Vol 5, page 41, states "Edom is in modern Jewry." which is corroborated by the Biblica Enc, Vol 2, Col 1187) "(a) In February, 1916, we learned for the first time that a Revolution was being fomented in Russia. We discovered that the persons and concerns given below were engaged in this work of destruction:(1) Jacob Schiff ......................Jew (Zionist) (2) Kuhn, Loeb & Coe .............Jewish Bank (Zionist, Rothschild subsidiary, New York) Directorate:Jacob Schiff......................................Jew (Zionist) Felix Warburg...................................Jew (Zionist) Otto Kahn........................................Jew (Zionist) Mortimer Schiff.................................Jew (Zionist) Serome H. Hanauer.............................Jew (Zionist) Guggenheim ....................................Jew (Zionist) Max Breitung ....................................Jew (Zionist) "There is then scarcely any doubt that the Russian Revolution, which broke out a year after the above information reached us, was worked up and launched by distinctly Jewish (Zionist) influences."

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"In fact in April, 1922, Jacob Schiff made a public declaration that it was thanks to his financial support that the Russian Revolution was a success." "(b) In the Spring of 1917, Jacob Schiff began to commission Trotsky (Jew-Zionist) to bring about the actual Social Revolution in Russia: the New York journal, `Forward,' a Bolshevik daily gazette added also its own contribution to the same source. "From Stockholm the Jew, Max Warburg in the same way commissioned Trotsky & Coy: they were also commissioned by the Rheinish West phalian Syndicate, an important Jewish concern as also by another Jew. Olaf Aschberg and the Nye Banken of Stockholm, and also by Jovotovsky a Jew, whose daughter married Trotsky. Thus was established the relations between the Jewish multi-millionaires and the Jewish proletarians." "(c) In October, 1917, the Social Revolution took place in Russia, thanks to which certain Soviet organizations took over the government of the Russian people. In these Soviets the individuals named below became conspicuous:War Name Lenin Trotsky Steckloff Martoff Zionvieff Kameneff Souchanoff Sagerski Boganoff Utitsky Larin Kamkow Ganetzky Dan Menchkowsky Parvus Riasanow Martinow Chemomorsky Solntcew Platnisky Abramovitch Zvesdin Maklakowsky Lapinsky Bobrow Exelrod Garin Glasounow Ioffe Stalin (Steel) Sam Carr True Name Goldman Bronstein Nachamkee Zederbaum Apfelbaum Rosenfeld Gimel Silberstein Krochmal Radomisisky Lurie Katz Furstenburg Gourevitch Goldberg Helpfand Goldenbauch Zibar Chernomordik Bleichmann Zivin Rein Voinstein Rosenlium Loevenschein Natansohn Orthodox Garfield Schiltze Schickelgrueber Djugashvilli Schmil Kogan Nationality Jew Jew Jew Jew Jew Jew Jew Jew Jew Jew Jew Jew Jew Jew Jew Jew Jew Jew Jew Jew Jew Jew Jew Jew Jew Jew Jew Jew Jew Jew Jew

Space will not permit printing the detailed lists of the Russian Politburo, Diplomatic Corps, Soviet Military Establishment and the Soviet Secret Police (KGB) showing them to be filled overwhelmingly (over 90%) by Jews. These lists were put together a few years ago by A.F.

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Karlow-Dalimilov a Russian patriot. The names of prominent "Russians" appearing in the public eye are nearly all phoney, like Andrey Andreyevich Gromyko, onetime Foreign Minister, real name Katz and Kruschev, real name Pearl-Mutter.

Four of The Jewish Architects of The Greatest System of Mass Murder, Terror, Torture and Slavery in The History of Mankind Who All Hid Behind Phoney Names

Lenin: Real name, Hiam Goldman alias Ulyanov

Stalin: (Steel) Real name Djugashvil

Trotsky: real name Lev Davidovitch Bronstein

Karl Marx: Real name Moses Mordecai Levi

Eye-witness Report Published In The Times Proves The Jews To Be Behind All Communist Murders And Atrocities.

Friday, November 14, 1918 SUMMONS TO A CRUSADE REMARKABLE LETTER BY AN OFFICER We print below a very remarkable letter sent by a British Officer in South Russia to his wife. The letter is notable not only for its revelations of Bolshevist atrocities, that as a human document. The man who has seen what Bolshevism really means cannot rest without enlisting his wife and all his family into a crusade against it and a campaign for the enlightenment of the British public.

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Now dearest, to the serious part of my letter, I want you to do war work WAR WORK. I want you to spend one hour, daily, in doing the Bolshevist harm. With your typewriter. In thought, word and deed. I want you to put heart and soul into helping General Denikin and his cause. For if ever there was a crusade it is this. I should put my heart and soul into helping to organize and supply my area, into creating good feeling and moral values, into actual fighting, and into collecting and forwarding to you such information and photos as I hope will set England blazing with indignation and disgust. Both in the rough and in the letters to Cousin Meaterion. And much that is unprintable, but MUST BE KNOWN. It all goes home officially and gets held up somewhere. 1. And I hope and pray that I shall rouse you, and all our friends to such a white heat of enthusiasm for this crusade and holy hatred for the Bolshevist that you will do everything in your power to enlighten people at home. 2. Unless beaten by us, the Blocs will beat us. It's a side issue for the present, but the danger of their rousing and letting loose the Chinese is not so very remote. 3. They have declared war on Christianity. The Bible to them is a "counter-revolutionary" book, and to be stamped out.

They are aiming at raising all non-Christian races against the Christian countries. The Bolshevistic form about 5 per cent of the population of Russia - Jews (80 to 90 per cent of the commissaries are Jews). Chinese, Lets, Germans and certain of the "skilled labour" artisans. The conscribed peasantry, originally captured by the catchwords mentioned in the pamphlets, now often goaded beyond endurance, is rising against them over wide districts. Still conscribed and put up to fight, under severe penalties, they form most of the "cannon fodder" used by the Bolshies. They desert, often en masse, and many a peasant who marched for the Bolshevists last week is fighting for Denkin in the Volunteer Army today. Ref. Jews. --- In towns captured by Bolshevists the only unviolated sacred buildings are the synagogues, while churches are used for anything from movie-shows to "slaughter-houses". The Poles, Galicians, and Petlura have committed "pogroms" (massacres of Jews). Not the Russian volunteer Armies under Denikin has, in fact, been so strict in protecting the Jews that he has been accused by his sympathizers of favouring them. If however a Commissary. steeped in murder, with torture and rape, with mutilation, happens to be a Jew as most of them are, should he receive exceptional treatment? UNPRINTABLE PHOTOGRAPHS The Bolshevists are devils --- I hope to send you copies of 64 official photos taken by British officers at Odessa when the town was retaken from the Bolshevists. (The French and Greek divisions had cleared out the Bolshies who had taken the town and were finally driven out by Denikin's "Iron Brigade." The successful assault was made by a detachment of 413 of the Volunteer Army.) As no paper will print them I suggest that you should have copies done. If we're too hard up you could pay for them by sending me no parcels, or selling my Caucasian dagger, or Persian book, or something. And I suggest that you should then do with them as you think fit, to make them most widely known. Their horror may make people realize. They must realize. By God, they shall realize!

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They show men who've been crucified with the torture of the "human glove". The victim gets crucified, nails through his elbows. The hands are treated with a solution which shrivels the skin. The skin is cut out with a razor, round the wrist, and peeled off, till it hangs by the finger nails --the "human glove" I'm not sparing you. I hope you'll show and send them to everyone we know. People at home, apathetic fools they are, do not deserve to be spared. They must be woken up. John and Katie ought to see them. Most of the photos are of women. Women with their breasts cut off to the bone. Women with their bodies cut open. One woman with her stomach cut open and unborn twins half dragged out. "We have here at H.Q. passes issued to Bolshevists by commissaries on occupying Ekaterinodar. These passes authorize their holders to arrest any girl they fancy for the use of the soldiery. Sixty-two girls of all classes were arrested like this and thrown to the Bolshevist troops. Those who struggled were killed quite early on. The rest, when used and finished, were mutilated and thrown, dead and dying, into the two small rivers flowing through Ekaterinodar. "In all towns occupied by Bolshevists and reoccupied by us `slaughter-houses' are found choked with corpses. Hundreds of `suspects' men, women and children, were herded in these --- doors and windows manned and the struggling mass fired into until most of them were dead or dying. The doors were then locked and they were left. `The stench in these places, I am told, is hair-raising. These slaughter-houses' are veritable plague spots and have caused widespread epidemics." The above is printed in honour of Lord Northcliffe --- onetime owner of The Times --- who criticised Jewish immigration into Palestine and called for an investigation into the Protocols for which he was murdered. Consult `The Controversy of Zion' by Times journalist. Douglas Read. THE TRUTH AGAINST THE WORLD. THREE OF THE GREATEST DISASTERS IN OUR HISTORY: OLIVER CROMWELL. KING WILLIAM III. WINSTON CHURCHILL The Dutchman William III and his Queen Mary, who was the daughter of James II, came to the throne in 1689, The King and Queen were made to promise in a solemn "declaration" that they would never claim a "dispensing power" or try to set aside or overthrow the law and THAT THEY WOULD NEVER RAISE MONEY WITHOUT THE CONSENT OF PARLIAMENT or keep a standing army in time of peace. This was made the law of the land by Act of Parliament and called The Bill of Rights. It was the driving object of William's life to oppose and defeat the power of France which had so long threatened his native Holland. Always short of money in his war against France, in 1694 he borrowed £1,200,000 in gold from the Jewish Money Changers at 8 per cent interest to be repaid a year later. They only agreed to lend him this money on condition that he gave his royal permission for them to establish a "Bank of England" and print for themselves an equal amount in bank notes. Thus, he really agreed to pay them 108 per cent interest on their original loan. William Peterson, a spokesman for the newly formed "Bank of England" declared "THE BANK HATH BENEFIT OF INTEREST ON ALL MONEY IT CREATES OUT OF NOTHING." The Government is still paying interest on money borrowed to fight the Napoleonic Wars. Money which comes out of Taxation. Your taxes go straight into the coffers of super-rich Bankers. Thus in 1694, William III and his Government surrendered the nation's sovereign prerogative to create and control its own money and saddled the nation with a £1,200,000 debt plus interest to

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be paid out of taxation. Successive Governments from this date to the present have borrowed money from the Money Changers who control the misnamed "Bank of England" to run the country and fight its wars. MONEY WHICH THE BANK CREATES OUT OF NOTHING. All unpaid loans plus accumulated interest since 1694 forms the NATIONAL DEBT. The National Debt has grown to astronomical proportions and can never be repaid but the people are taxed up to the hilt just to meet the interest payments on this absurd debt. Obviously, if the Government created its own money in the first place interest and debt free, there would be no National Debt and very little need for taxation. The Government wouldn't forever be short of money for the NHS, education and the military etc. There can be little doubt that the Jewish Money Power then centred in Amsterdam (later London and now New York) helped to make William King of England. Perhaps allowing them to set up their Bank of England was their "reward" for services rendered. In 1290, Edward 1st expelled all the Jews from England for "many grave offences against his realm and lieges". They had been fleecing his subjects by their rapacious money lending activities and made many of the English paupers in their own country and ruined vast numbers of the King's subjects. The Jews exerted an evil influence throughout the land and had also been accused of the ritual murder of Christian children which the record proves was totally justified. For confirmation read The Plantagenets. John Harvey. Jewish Ritual Murder. Arnold Lease. Oliver Cromwell 1599-1658 who became Lord Protector of England with much greater powers than King Charles 1st whom he helped to defeat let the Jews back into England. During the English Civil War Parliament desperately needed money to wage war against their King. Two wealthy Money Changers of Amsterdam, Manasseh Ben Israel and Carvajal, agreed to let Cromwell have all the money he needed to build up the New Model Army and defeat the King. On condition that the Jews be allowed to return to England. As we have seen, just a few years later in 1694 they got their money lending business back into top gear again with the creation of their "Bank of England". The government becoming the chief debtor and the people of England their financial and tax slaves. In revenge for their expulsion from England, the Money Lenders ordered Cromwell to kill the King. He was allowed to escape, recaptured, put on trial and executed. Their orders were duly carried out with the connivance of a fixed Parliament. Cromwell's private correspondence with the Bankers discovered in an old library in Amsterdam proves this. Reference. The Nameless War. Capt. Archibald Ramsay M.P. It appears that the real reason for the English Civil War, conveniently left out of history books, is that Charles 1st refused to borrow money from the Jewish Money Changers to build up the navy and refused to let the Jews back into England. Parliament would not allow the King sufficient funds to run the country so the King imposed his own taxes like "Ship Money". This finally led to conflict between the Jew backed and financed Parliament and the King. That the King spent "Ship Money" on updating the navy it proved by the building of the "Sovereign of the Seas" launched in 1637 for the cost of £65,586 16s 9½d. She was Britain's first 100 gun battleship and the prototype of every British battleship built over the next 200 years. Charles laid the foundation for Britain's Naval Power. Since 1694 the Jewish Money Changers have INCREASINGLY CONTROLLED THE NATION FROM BEHIND THE SCENES. The Parliament at Westminster is merely a sham --- a rubber stamp to enact the will of the Money Changers. Their control of the country is now total. Through all of the mass media --- T. V. radio, newspapers, advertising, book publishing etc., which is TOTALLY UNDER THEIR CONTROL they form, shape and mould the public mind. Through their control of Freemasonry at the top they place their stooges and dupes in all the top jobs in the

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Judiciary, the Police, Civil Service, education, local Government etc. etc-people who will serve them and do their bidding. The Jewish Money Changers have been behind nearly all our wars and the revolutions of history. Today, they are the driving power behind MULTIRACIALISM and the fanatical drive to promote miscegenation/mongrelisation to destroy the real British. The Money Changers are carrying out the genocide of the British with the help of THEIR MEDIA AND PARLIAMENT AND THEIR POLICE FORCE which enforces the anti-British RACE LAWS. WINSTON CHURCHILL When an old man, Churchill sat in the corner of the House of Commons public room and a new MP anxious to meet the "great man" walked over and asked him if he would like a cup of tea. "Get me a whisky you bloody fool" was the prompt reply. This was typically Churchill. In 1911 Churchill was made First Lord of the Admiralty which put him in control of the navy. He takes credit for having the British Navy mobilised and ready for action when war broke out in 1914. This is just one of a string of myths associated with Churchill. "The British Navy wasn't ready in 1914. British Merchant ships were without proper protection from August 4th 1914 to July 30th 1917. During those three years we lost 60 per cent of our merchant ships and 42,000 officers and men. We had to take that beating just because Churchill didn't keep the Navy up to strength". Commander William Guy Carr. Admiral Sir John Jellicoe and Admiral Madden had tried to tell Churchill that our naval policy was wrong. They both wrote and signed a brief urging the absolute necessity of reallocating destroyers away from the Grand fleet to protect Merchant ship convoys. They stated bluntly that if such action were not taken we would lose the war. Churchill's false reports had made the public believe that Jellicoe had been at fault at Jutland (the biggest naval engagement of WW1 between the British and German Fleets in which the British had come off worse). Immediately after Jutland, Lord Kitchener was lost when H.M.S Hampshire was sunk with all hands. Churchill again tried to put the blame on Jellicoe. False and misleading reports originating with Churchill caused the bottom to fall out of the Stock Markets in all allied countries. The Jew Financiers and their friends "sold stocks and shares short on all the exchanges. Then just before the corrected reports were issued, they bought everything they had sold back again at half price". They made millions out of this fiddle. Lord Douglas, the editor of a newspaper called Plain English, had publicly accused Churchill of being in league with the Financiers in issuing the false report of Jutland which caused the value of shares to fall. He stated that Churchill was paid by the Jew Financier Sir Ernest Cassell for issuing the false report of Jutland. The fact that Churchill never sued Douglas for this accusation strongly suggests that the story was entirely true. Douglas also stated in his newspaper that the German Fleet had been purposely allowed to escape at Jutland. He revealed that a flotilla of destroyers had started out from Harwich to "administer the coup-de-grace to the German Fleet" after Jutland but they were mysteriously recalled and the German ships were allowed to get away. Such an order could only have come from the top --Churchill. Admiral Jellicoe told Commander William Guy Carr what had really happened during the Battle of Jutland. He said "If I had been given information, which was available to the Admiralty at the time; had I been told that the enemy were passing to my rear during the night, the Battle of Jutland would have ended very differently". Vital intelligence about the disposition of the German Fleet

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was purposely withheld from Jellicoe and his Commanders. The decision to do this can only have come from the top --- Churchill. Red Fog Over America. Incredible as it may seem, the evidence suggests that Churchill, the First Lord of The Admiralty, deliberately prevented the British Navy from winning at Jutland. That he used WW1 and his top job at the Admiralty to make money for himself and his Jewish --- friends. That he placed the lives of thousands of British Servicemen in jeopardy for his own personal gain. At a public meeting on the 3rd August 1923 at the Memorial Hall, Ludgate Circus, London, Douglas revealed all the facts he had discovered about the sinking of the Hampshire and the death of Field Marshal Lord Kitchener. The Hampshire was conveying --- Kitchener and a team of experts to Russia to reorganise the Czarist Russian Army. If Kitchener had arrived and been successful in his mission there would have been no Communist Revolution, the Czar and his family would not have been murdered and Russia would have remained in the war on the side of Britain. Obviously, those who were planning the Bolshevik Revolution had to make sure Kitchener never arrived in Russia, Douglas showed that the Hampshire was not struck by a German mine or torpedo, a Jew called Nathan, then head of our Secret service in Ireland, got a shore gang to put time bombs on the ship when she was lying in the docks at Belfast. In the evening of June 5th 1916 the Hampshire blew up just three miles out from the Orkneys. The lifeboat was soon dispatched from nearby Stromness but mysteriously recalled and of the ships crew of 600 only 11 reached the shore alive. These few survivors were soon whisked away and never heard of again and those who gave them sanctuary in their homes were warned to keep their mouths shut. 14 stokers who deserted ship when they got wind that she was doomed were recaptured and shot at the Tower of London. Several hours before the Hampshire blew up the story was headline news in an Irish Sien Fien paper under the caption "Kitchener goes to Hell". The official account of the sinking of the Hampshire is a fabrication, a tissue of lies from start to finish. "When Jellicoe met the Cabinet, in October, Churchill asked him by whose permission he had left the Grand Fleet? Jellicoe told him he left on his own responsibility. Churchill then remarked "If you consider the matter so very urgent perhaps you would be willing to relinquish the command of the Grand Fleet and stay at the Admiralty and solve the problems?" To the surprise of everyone present, Admiral Jellicoe said he would. Those were the circumstances which caused Admiral Jellicoe to leave the Grand Fleet in November 1916 and go to the Admiralty." Jellicoe had a bed moved into his office and had all his meals carried in when he was hungry. He called in all the best brains available to study every suggestion of anti-submarine devices and worked around the clock. "It only took Jellicoe and his staff eight months to correct the mistake that originated during the six years of Churchill's administration as First Lord of the Admiralty from August 4th 1917 to November 1918, our losses at sea were negligible". On Christmas Eve 1916, he requested from Churchill permission to spend Christmas with his family whom he hadn't seen for many weeks. Churchill replied "Go home you damn fool and stay home". Afterwards he swallowed his pride and asked to return to the Admiralty which he did. It was Jellicoe and Admiral Duff who organised the Anti-Submarine Detection Investigation Committee to study every possible means to counter attack enemy submarines. That is how ASDIC gear used in WW2 got its name. Source: Red Fog Over America. Commander William Guy Carr. Churchill was entirely responsible for the disastrous Dardanelles plan to open up a second front during WW1, capturing Constantinople (Istanbul) and knocking Turkey out of the war. The project was attempted against the best military advice of the time. General Hamilton, commander of the landing force of British, Australian, New Zealand and French Troops expressed grave doubts about the whole operation but Churchill fought obstinately for his plan. The forces were landed on the Gallipoli Peninsula and, instead of a bold dash for Constantinople there was

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muddle, confusion and bloody carnage on a massive scale. Altogether 205,000 British Empire and 47,000 French Troops were killed, wounded or evacuated sick. These troops were the flower of British, Australian and New Zealand manhood and they were annihilated to satisfy Churchill's whim. Commander Carr wrote that all of Churchill's military adventures were a disaster of the first magnitude, with great loss of life and no gains whatsoever. While Admiral Sir Barry Domville onetime Director of British Navel Intelligence described Churchill as a `catastrophe' for Britain. Yet this insulting, bombastic, arrogant and egotistical walking disaster on two legs was fated to become Prime Minister during WW2. Today, of course, Churchill is viewed as a national hero who saved Britain from the horrors of a Nazi invasion and Europe from Nazi occupation. This travesty of the real facts is a demonstration, if one were needed, to show the extent that the British psyche has been moulded by mendacious propaganda. The seeds of WW2 were sown immediately after WW1 at the Versailles Peace Conference where the Jew Bankers imposed their settlement. Lloyd George, the British P.M. wrote `The international bankers swept statesmen, politicians and journalists all to one side, and issued their orders with the imperiousness of absolute monarchs, who knew that their was no appeal from their ruthless decrees'. The New York American 24/6/24. Germany was split in two by the Polish Corridor and vast tracks of territory that had been Germany's for centuries were taken away and given to other nations. Impossible reparations were imposed on Germany which were beyond Germany's capacity to pay and were guaranteed to impoverish Germany and reduce her population to paupery. Under conditions of social chaos and grinding poverty for many Germans, Communism grew and flourished rapidly and had not Hitler and the Nazi Party arrived on the scene, Germany would have gone over to the Communist camp. Allied with Russia the whole Europe, including Britain, would soon have fallen to the same scourge. Thanks to our lying Jewish Press and with Publishing Houses under the same control, nearly everyone had been fooled about the real origins and nature of Communism but Churchill knew the real truth. In the Illustrated Sunday Herald of 8/2/1920 he described Communism as "A world-wide conspiracy for the overthrow of civilisation" and revealed exactly who was behind it all when he added "The principal inspiration and driving power comes from the Jewish leaders". As early as 1920, Churchill knew that Communism with all its mass murders, brutal repression and sadistic tortures were entirely Jewish and that Russia was controlled by Jews. "The Jewish Leaders" described by Churchill as being the real power behind Communism were not the Rabbis or the Sanhedrin but the International Jew Bankers. Exactly the same people, in fact, who had imposed the Versailles Treaty on Germany. There is irrefutable evidence, in plenty, to confirm and prove beyond any doubt that Communism is no more than a tool of International Jew Finance. They spawned it and they control it at the top. At Versailles the Jew Bankers set up WW2. Hitler saved Germany from Jewish Communism which had already murdered an estimated 30 million in Russia alone at that time. According to Solzhenitsyn, the figure now stands a 66 million in Russia and a estimated 120 million world-wide. This is the real holocaust of the 20th Century. Like Churchill, Hitler knew exactly who was behind Communism, "Russia furnishes the most terrible example of such slavery. In that country the Jew killed or starved thirty million of the people, in a bout of savage fanaticism and partly by the employment of inhuman torture. And he did this so that a gang of Jewish Literati and financial bandits could dominate over a great people". Mein Kampf. On the 4th October 1938 Winston Churchill declared "There must not be lacking in our leadership something of that spirit of the Austrian Corporal who, when all had fallen in ruins around him, and when Germany seemed to have fallen into chaos, did not hesitate to march forth against

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the vast army of victorious nations and has already turned the tables decisively against them". Witness to History. Michael Walsh. The British people were lied to from start to finish about Hitler and Germany by their Press which was, and is today, controlled at the top by Jew Bankers. Hitler tried to negotiate with the Poles peaceful access across the Polish Corridor which effectively split Germany into two parts. But encouraged by their Western allies, the Poles were intractable and started firing across the border at Germans. Czechoslovakia contained a sizeable minority of Germans and these were being appallingly treated by the Czechs. All this much more precipitated the German invasion of both countries. From 1936 to 1939 Admiral Domville and Captain Ramsay, a veteran of WW1 and many others tried to prevent Britain becoming involved in a war with Germany because they considered that International Jewry intended to arrange a war in which Britain and Germany would destroy each other. Ramsay who was an MP and a friend and colleague of Neville Chamberlain had sufficiently impressed him so that he tried to compromise with Hitler at Munich. He came back from the meeting with a "Treaty Guaranteeing Peace In Our Time". But the Jew Bankers were determined on war and started a vicious hate campaign in the Press which they controlled to get rid of Chamberlain and replace him with someone they could influence and control. Commander Can wrote "In March 1939 they (The Jew Bankers) had tricked Chamberlain into signing a guarantee to protect Poland from German aggression by presenting him with a false report to the effect that a 48 hour ultimatum had been delivered by Germany to the Poles. The facts are that the German Government did not issue any 48 hour ultimatum". So Britain's declaration of war on Germany was based on a falsehood. As is well known, Churchill had very expensive tastes with his Havana Cigars, huge intakes of Brandy and it is said that he was familiar with all, the casinos across Europe. Acting on some bad advice (probably given deliberately to bankrupt him) from his friend the super-rich American Banker Bernard Baruch his investments failed and he was in serious financial trouble. His country home of Chartwell was in danger of being put up for auction to clear his debts. A rich Jew millionaire called Henry Strakosch generously made him a loan of £50,000, a huge sum for those days, and saved him from financial ruin. Strakosch later became his confidant and wartime advisor together with numerous other Jews, like Lindermann and Zucherman who directed "British" bombing policy during the war. Churchill, like many leaders before him became no more than a tool and creature of super-rich Jew Bankers acting behind the scenes. He was no more his own man if he ever had been. Captain Ramsay was in the process of assembling hard evidence to present, to Chamberlain proving that the Jews planned WW2. He was in touch with a code clerk at the American Embassy called Tyler Kent and was privy to some amazing messages going between Churchill, then First Lord of the Admiralty, and the American President Roosevelt over the head of Chamberlain. The gist of the messages were "I am half American (Churchill had an American Mother) and the natural person to work with you. Were I to become Prime Minister we could rule the world". Against all the best military advice, Churchill planned the invasion of Norway which, like Gallipoli, was a total disaster with the loss of many British lives. But instead of bringing down Churchill, its instigator, Chamberlain was saddled with the blame by the Jewish Press and forced to resign. He "died" shortly afterwards and was probably murdered. His name has been blackened ever since. Chamberlain wanted Halifax, the Foreign Secretary, who supported peace with Germany to take over as PM but Churchill got the job. Churchill and his Jewish friends were now in the driving seat. Admiral Sir Barry Domville, Captain Ramsay and hundreds of others, mainly ex-servicemen of WW1 were arrested under regulation 18B. (enacted supposedly to imprison IRA terrorists) and thrown into prison without charge or trial. So many lies have been told about this period of our history and I have already passed my number of words but I will deal briefly

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with a FEW. Propaganda has converted Churchill, probably the greatest villain in out history, into a national hero and the saviour of his country. Here are a few facts: 1. Chamberlain had an agreement with Germany that they would not bomb civilian targets. The very day Churchill became PM he ordered the RAF to start bombing civilians in Germany. The open town of Freiberg was the first target and several children playing in a park were killed. Hitler warned that if the raids continued he would retaliate which is exactly what Churchill wanted to stir up waning war fever. So we had the London Blitz and the bombing of other English cities in which thousands of British people were killed or injured. Churchill was entirely responsible for all of these deaths and destruction. He and his Jewish friends brought about the bombing of Britain. 2. The Germans could have annihilated the British expeditionary forces on the beaches of Dunkirk had not Hitler intervened. He told his astonished generals that they were not to bring in the Panzers and the British embarkation was to allowed to go ahead. He spoke with admiration and respect for the British Empire and its stabilizing effect around the world. He said all he wanted from Britain was peace that was honourable to both countries. So Hitler saved the British Army, numbering some 337,000 at Dunkirk. 3. After hostilities started Hitler never ceased to try to end the war with Britain but Churchill and his "advisors" always insisted on an unconditional surrender and a return of financial control in Germany to the former Bankers (The Jews). They well knew that this was unacceptable to Germany. So Churchill must be accused of promoting and advancing a totally unnecessary war against a country that had no desire whatsoever to wage war on Britain. 4. According to F.J. Irsigler in his book Who Makes Our Money, Hitler tried to make an agreement with Britain outlawing the worst kinds of warfare i.e. bombing of civilians, submarine attacks on ships, the use of gas and germ warfare but Britain would have none of it. It is well known that Churchill initiated the development of germ warfare, in particular the development of pulmonary anthrax, as a possible weapon against Germany. Several Scottish Islands which were used for experiments remained out of bounds for years. Pulmonary anthrax leads to first flu like symptoms, then pneumonia and finally massive haemorrhage (bleeding) of the lungs. It is nearly always fatal. So the British developed anthrax as a weapon fifty years before Saddam. 5. According to Russian Military Historian Viktor Suvorov in his book Icebreakers, Stalin had assembled thirty Soviet armies --- the largest military force in history --- to invade the whole of Europe. This included a million paratroopers with vast numbers of Dakota transport planes built under licence in Russia and a dozen new glider designs. These were to be used to capture the RAF aerodromes in Southern England. When this huge force was gathered at the German border and cramped together in start off positions and at their most vulnerable, Hitler ordered operation Barbarossa --- the invasion of Russia. Whole Russian armies and all their weaponry were annihilated. It was because Hitler had intelligence of the Russian plans that he struck first and explains why the Germans were ill prepared for the freezing Russian winter. General S.P. Ivanov, Chief of the General Staff Academy of the Armed Forces of the USSR wrote "The Nazi command succeeded in forestalling our troops literally two weeks before the war began". Hans Ulrich Rudel, in his Stuka alone, destroyed over 500 tanks and a Russian battleship the Marat. Read Stuka Pilot by Rudel. Consult 14 Days That Saved The World. Paul Ballard. So it would appear that Hitler --- the most hated man of the twentieth century --- saved Europe and Britain from the mass murders and horrors of Jewish Communism. 6. Churchill allied Britain with Communist Russia --- the most murderous system of government that had ever existed --- in his bid to defeat Hitler. When it was over and Germany lay in ruins he had the sheer impudence to declare that we "killed the wrong pig". In America the Roosevelt Administration engineered the attack on Pearl Harbour to get America into the war. The Japanese had no desire to fight the Americans and used every diplomatic means open to them

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to achieve peace. But the Americans deliberately insulted the Japanese and imposed impossible conditions on them and offended their sense of honour so they had no recourse but to fight. The American Pacific Fleet was purposely spread out like so many sitting ducks but the all important carriers which would be needed later were removed. Such a tempting target could not be resisted by the Japs and they were allowed to bomb them out of the water. The Americans had cracked the Japanese secret code and knew weeks in advance when the attack was coming but failed to warn the Hawaiian Commanders. The plan was to so outrage public opinion that they would clamour for war and it was entirely successful. The 3,000 plus military personnel killed at Pearl Harbour were murdered by their own government. For confirmation read The Final Secret of Pearl Harbour. Rear Admiral Robert Theobold with forewords by Admirals Halsey and Kimmel. The Warlords of Washington. Col. Curtis Dall, son in law of President Roosevelt. 7. While the British were enduring stringent rationing with shortages of everything, Churchill was regularly dining at the Savoy and Hilton with his Jewish friends like Lord Southwold (ne Elias, of Odham Press etc.) Lord Bearstead (ne Samuel of the Oil Trust etc.) Sir John Ellerman "associate of the Rothchilds," Mr Israel Moses Sief (Marks and Spencers). Wing Commd. Len Young wrote of these regular parties "possibly a great deal of inner history of these stirring times would have been gleaned by any eavesdropper at these convivial little parties of "British" leaders." From Admiral to Cabin Boy. Admiral Domville. Deadlier than the H Bomb. Wing Commander Young. Churchill's valet told the staff "Churchill's tastes are simple, the best of everything." The British had cracked the German code and knew in advance when all the big raids of London were coming. On such occasions Churchill went out the back door at No.10 to a safe retreat in the country. The next morning he would drive back to walk through the bombed out and wrecked streets, giving his famous V sign and telling Londoners "We can take it". 8. According to Irving, Churchill was regularly intoxicated, he saw everything through a permanent alcoholic haze. When he met Stalin at Yalta where the future of Europe was decided and the future destiny of millions, he was plied and primed with Vodka. Churchill agreed to the handing over of Poland. Czechoslovakia, Hungary, East Germany etc. to the Reds, making a nonsense of our original war aim "to defend Polish freedom". The reported 265,000 British dead who supposedly died for this war aim died for nothing --- thanks to Sir Winston Spencer Churchill. 9. The same propaganda machine which has transformed the drunken, self-opinionated Churchill into a knight in shining armour has made the vegetarian, teetotaller, clean living Hitler into a monster in human guise, a megalomaniac who wanted to conquer the world. But perhaps the greatest lie of WW2 is that Hitler and the Nazi Party gassed 6 million Jews. The British Secret Service of WW2 knew that this incredible story was a lie and their counterparts today must know that it is a lie. But it has been of inestimable value to world Jewry in terms of billions of Deuchmarks squeezed out of the Germans and billions of dollars in American aid. Without this aid the parasitical Israeli State could not exist. For positive proof that the 6 million story is wartime propaganda fiction read The Leuchter Report by the only living expert on gas chambers. Fred Leuchter who for many years designed, built and maintained gas chambers for some US prisons where they were used for executing prisoners found guilty of capital crimes. The Hoax of the Twentieth Century. Prof. Arthur Butz. Every evil and destructive thing that has happened to Britain since the end of WW2, like the dismantling of British industry, the surrender of the Empire and massive coloured immigration must be laid at Churchill's door. He set the scene by obsequiously serving the Jewish Money Power and promoting and advancing THEIR WAR to win back control for them in Germany which Hitler had confiscated. Today, the lineal descendants of these same Jewish Money Leeches are the real rulers and wreckers of Britain. The Westminster Parliament of paid traitors and hirelings is no more than a rubber stamp for endorsing Jewish policy for Britain. Elections are a mockery and a total waste

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of time as all the parties serve the same masters. Bankers men win every time. MP's of all parties are guilty of the greatest treason in our history and should be publicly executed. Let everyone far and wide understand this simple fact: International Jewry, headed by the big banking houses of the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Warburgs and their Associates are carrying out the destruction of Celtic-Anglo-Saxon Britain by deliberately contrived wars, abortion and now race-mixing and mongrelisation. Their plan is no less than our genocide and the incorporation of Britain into first, a European Super State, and then One World Government. The plan isn't just evil, it is Satanic and people of good will, especially those who call themselves Christians, should fight it. There is literally masses of evidence that Jews are behind every subversive and evil influence which is presently downgrading and destroying Britain, International Jewry, headed by the Money Changers is, and always has been, the real enemy of Britain and her people. The Jews have no morality in their dealings with non-Jews, they are masters of lies and deception as taught and endorsed by their religious book the Talmud. Through their control of the Press, Book Publishing Houses, Advertising, Radio and most importantly Television, which gives them a window into every home in the land they control the thinking of the British. Unless the British soon take action to stop the rot this nation and its rightful inhabitants will perish from off the face of the Earth. In the book "The Invasion Scare 1940" Michael Glover shows that Hitler never had any serious intention of invading Britain. But the public did not know this at the time and Churchill used the threat of invasion to "galvanise Britain to action and to stir up a national spirit of resistance". In other words, Churchill used the invasion threat, which he knew to be phoney, as a means of promoting his war against Germany. Leonard Cheshire VC wrote that he "joined up, not because he wanted to fight, but because a lot of important men made a lot of impressive speeches telling him that it was his duty. He did not know that had these men so wished there would never have been any war seeking their own advancement". Bomber Pilot. Sir Frank Roberts who was Chamberlain and Churchill's Private secretary and advisor intercepted a phone call from the Swedish Ambassador accompanied by Goering who had peace terms to put forward. Roberts told Goering bluntly that Britain was not interested in peace moves. When all the weight of lies collapse, it is clear that Britain could have ended the war with Germany at any time but Churchill and his clique lied repeatedly to the British and waged war against a nation that only wanted peace with Britain. In the book "Dieppe" by Jacques Mordel it is made clear that the disastrous Dieppe Invasion which cost the lives of some 2,717 Canadian troops alone and 83 planes was recognised at the outset to be impossible of success. Once again, British Military authorities had to bow to the disastrous policies of Churchill. The Dieppe fiasco and its resultant great loss of life came about because Churchill had pledged himself to the butcher Stalin to make a show on the continent. Churchill had a total disregard for human life and promoted a totally unnecessary war which left many of Europe's finest cities in ruins, millions dead and the Red Army in possession of half of Europe, not to mention the complete impoverishment of his own country. He set the scene for Britain's ruin. Cromwell, William III and the warmonger Churchill all made their contribution in putting the Satanic Money Changers in control of Britain and her affairs. This is the real reason for Britain's decline. The real reason why Celtic-Anglo-Saxon Britain is now being rapidly mongrelised, negrolised and destroyed. Converted into a Babel state of the Jewish New World Order.

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CHURCHILL AND THE SINKING OF THE LUSITANIA At 2.11PM on May 7th 1915 the British Liner Lusitania went down just 11 miles out from Kinsale in Ireland. 1,198 people perished, 124 of them Americans. This event helped to bring America into WW1 on the side of the Allies. It is known that the liner was carrying a large cargo of munitions and explosives and, it is even claimed, that she was armed with twelve 6in guns. The Germans had placed advertisements in American newspapers warning people not to travel on British ships as a state of war existed between the two countries. The sinking of this huge 670 feet long liner is clouded in mystery. What is known is:1. The British Admiralty --- and that means Churchill --- called off the Lusitania's destroyer escort even though U-boats were known to be in its path. 2. Captain Turner, who survived the sinking "claimed throughout his life that a message in naval code had directed him to change course towards the point where the U-boat was waiting". 3. The Lusitania sank very quickly. The German G-type torpedo which, it is claimed, was fired from the German submarine U20 was neither powerful nor deeply penetrating. 4. Divers who later went down to the wreck reported that "the side and bottom of the ship were blown OUTWARDS BY AN INTERNAL EXPLOSION". 5. Lord Fisher, the First Sea Lord together with naval intelligence experts, had only recently prepared a report on the effect of a liner being sunk with American passengers aboard to present to Churchill. 6. A massive Anglo-American cover-up took place after the sinking, involving the removal of documents, like the signal register and signal log, and the falsification of evidence. All the real facts suggest that the Lusitania was led directly into the path of a German submarine and the torpedo hit munitions on board or a time-bomb was placed deep in the hold of the ship. The ship was sacrificed to get America into the war. As First Lord of the Admiralty, Churchill would have been involved in this up to his neck. Of the 1,198 who died 785 were passengers, including 125 children and one expectant mother who gave birth in the water and perished with her baby. In October 1916 Germany submitted its peace offer to the British Government and only one signature was needed to end WW1. At the moment they decided to accept the offer and end the carnage the World Zionist Organisation intervened. They told the Government that if they got the promise of Palestine they would get America into the war on the side of Britain. So the war was prolonged with the loss of millions of lives to satisfy the Jews. According to Ben Freedman in his book The Hidden Tyranny, Jews in Britain's Department of Defence cabled Washington with the utterly groundless story that an American ship, the SS Sussex, had been sunk in the English Channel by a German submarine with loss of American lives. This, according to Freedman, provided the excuse for America's declaration of war against Germany. As No.1 at the Admiralty, Churchill must have been a part of this deception. HOUSE OF COMMONS 21st June 1938 Mr. Noel-Baker: 3.55p.m. and there is no doubt in the world that bombardment of the civil population is a violation of international law. In 1923 there was a conference of government theorists at The Hague. The British representative was Sir Cecil Hurst now, the President of the Permanent Court of Interna( Page 16 )

tional Justice. They drew up a code of rules for air warfare, in which they did not make new law, in which they applied law which they all recognised to exist. They said "Aerial bombardment of the civil population is prohibited". They went on to say, in an Article to which I draw special attention , because it relates to the point on which I wish to speak at greater length about the bombing of ships in Spain "The bombardment of cities, towns, villages, dwellings or buildings not in the immediate neighbourhood of the operations of land forces is prohibited." That is to say, where there was not a land battle. They added "In cases where the objectives specified are so situated that they cannot be bombarded without the indiscriminate bombardment of the civil population, the aircraft must abstain from bombardment." The Prime Minister: 4.50p.m. I think we may say that there are, at any rate, three rules of international law or three principles of international law which are as applicable to warfare from the air as they are to war at sea or on land. In the first place, it is against international law to bomb civilians as such and to make deliberate attacks upon civilian populations. That is undoubtedly a violation of international law. In the second place, targets which are aimed at from the air must be legitimate military objectives and must be capable of identification. In the third place, reasonable care must be taken in attacking those military objectives so that by carelessness a civilian population in the neighbourhood is not bombed. These are three general rules which we can all accept and which we do accept, but it is obvious that when you come to put them into practice they give rise to considerable difficulties. Let me say at once that we cannot too strongly condemn any declaration on the part of anybody, wherever it may be made and on whatever side it maybe made, that it should be part of a deliberate policy to try and win a war by demoralising the civilian population through a process of bombing from air. That is absolutely contrary to international law, and I would add that, in my opinion, if any such policy is followed, it is a mistaken policy from the point of view of those who adopted it, for I do not believe that deliberate attacks upon the civilian population will ever win a war for those who adopt them. CHAMBERLAIN, CHURCHILL AND CIVILIAN BOMBING. After Britain was tricked into declaring war on Germany, Germany did not wage war on Britain and we had what has become known as "the phoney war". As long as Neville Chamberlain remained Prime Minister he meticulously followed the above policy, clearly stated to the House of Commons in June 1938, about not bombing the civilian population in war. This was in compliance with International Law and Chamberlain's personal abhorrence of targeting civilians in war. Britain did not bomb civilians in Germany and Germany did not bomb civilians in Britain. The fall of Chamberlain and the emergence of Churchill quickly changed all of this. In total contravention of International Law (which Britain played a leading part in formulating) Churchill, the very first day he become Prime Minister, authorised the RAF to start bombing civilians in Germany. WINSTON SPENCER CHURCHILL, INITIATED AND SET IN MOTION A CHAIN OF EVENTS WHICH WOULD KILL, MAIM, BURN AND INJURE HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF INNOCENT CIVILIANS, MANY OF THEM LITTLE CHILDREN, IN AERIAL BOMBARDMENT. The first victims, included a number of German children playing in a park. Hitler did not immediately retaliate but warned that if the raids continued he would strike back. According to David Irving in his book `Churchill's War' this is exactly what Churchill wanted. He wanted to stir up waning war fever and convert "the phoney war" into a real hot war of savagery and merciless killing. He got what he wanted. He even put a Jew called Zuckerman in charge of "British" bombing policy. He, and his Zionist friends, ignored and rebuffed all of Germany's repeated proposals to end the war. When Hitler turned East against Communist

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Russia, Churchill threw all of Britain's vast resources and military power in defending the deadly menace of Jewish Communism. Churchill's post war stance of anti Communism was entirely phoney, like everything else about the man. He, more than anyone else, helped to preserve the deadly menace of Jewish Communism. In starting civilian bombing and, later sanctioning the levelling of whole German cities, in defiance of International Law, Churchill is exposed as one of the greatest war criminals, not only, of WW2 but, all time. The real facts prove Churchill, like his wartime ally Stalin, to be one of the greatest mass murderers in the whole of human history. At a meeting with Churchill discussing some forthcoming operation during WW2, it was pointed out that it could result in great lose of life. Churchill responded "Do you know any of the people involved?" Receiving a negative answer he added "Then it is nothing to you". The countless multitudes who died as a direct result of Churchill's adventures from Galippoli to Norway, from London to Berlin who perished in the icy waters of the North Atlantic or were incinerated in the blazing inferno of Dresden were "nothing" to Churchill. He and his family lived handsomely all their lives and are still profiting today out of his zest for human destruction and misery on an unprecedented scale. Note. Millions in lottery money was recently paid out to Churchill's descendants ' for his wartime papers. BLOOD DRENCHED JEWISH COMMUNISM According to Viktor Suvorov in his book `Inside The Soviet Army' during WW2 Stalin virtually emptied all the prison camps to form penal battalions. These were taken to the front, a rifle placed in their hands and told to advance on the German positions. Behind them were placed "a retreat blocking mechanism" --- regular troops with orders to shoot them in the back if they refused. Red Army Corps Commander Rokossovsky was under sentence of death and underwent appalling tortures. "Nine of his teeth were knocked out, three of his ribs were broken, his toes were hammered flat --- he was subjected to mock shootings, being led to the place of execution at night, and made to stand at the edge of a grave as generals on his right and left were shot, while he was executed with a blank cartridge fired at the nape of his neck". On the eve of WW2 he was let out of goal given the rank of Major-General of Task forces and command of a mechanised corps. Not revealed by Suvorov is the identity of the sadists and torturers who ran the "Russian" State Police System variously known as the Cheka, NKVD and KGB. They were ALL JEWS. Amongst their many crimes was the cold-blooded murder of 4,300 Poles at Katyn and thousands at other locations murdered with a bullet in the back of the neck. The flower of the Polish Army and civilian population liquidated on the direct orders of Stalin and carried out by his Jewish henchmen in the NKVD. It has always been the policy of Jewish Communism to murder all the natural leaders in a country to prevent any revolt against their rule. At Vilmsee, near Naustettin on the morning of Feb 16th, 1945 an estimated 2,000 German girls who worked at a uniform factory were slowly tortured to death by mutilation. Ilya Ehrenburg, Jewish propaganda minister for Stalin said that even unborn Nazis were not to be spared and the Red Army literally carried this out. Beriya, the Jewish wartime leader of the KGB committed the most appalling atrocities, sometimes cutting the frontal brain lobes of anti Communists, reducing them to imbecility. It is about time that the brainwashed British understood this simple fact. Communism was conceived and organised by Jews. Financed by Jews like the Rothschilds, Schiffs and Warburgs. Forced on the Russian people by Jews like Lenin, Trotsky and Zionvieff. Bailed out, rescued, aided. subsidised and kept going by New York Jewish Bankers who have robbed the West of its resources, technology and expertise to build up the Red War Machine (in China and Russia) into the biggest the world has ever known. Inspite of all cosmetic changes in Russia today, this monstrous system of repression and mass murder is still under exactly the same control. When all the lies collapse under their own weight the real facts of history prove the Jews to be the

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greatest mass murderers, torturers, slavers and lie mongers in all the wretched annals of human history. If you refuse to believe this then perhaps you will believe an extract from an Official British White Paper: "BOLSHEVISM (another name for Communism) IS ORGANISED AND WORKED BY JEWS WHO HAVE NO NATIONALITY AND WHOSE ONE OBJECT IS TO DESTROY FOR THEIR OWN ENDS THE EXISTING ORDER OF THINGS." See full quotation `Secret Societies And Subversive Movements' Nesta Webster. This extremely astute woman stated long ago that Britain was under exactly the same control. That is why we have had two world wars, depression, economic collapse and now the destruction of British industry, massive coloured immigration and the promotion of degeneracy. Communism and Finance Capitalism are different sides of the same coin. The International Jew Bankers rule in both camps "and propose to achieve their objectives through the clash between these masses". This was stated years ago by brilliant in-between wars Foreign Correspondent of The Times, Douglas Read. Far and Wide. The Controversy of Zion.

BRITISH AND AMERICAN ARMIES PREVENTED FROM LIBERATING GERMANY AND EASTERN EUROPE. The Normandy invasion of France was entirely unnecessary. After the successful Allied invasion of Italy and the fall of Rome when the German Army under Marshall Kesselring was in retreat, General Mark Clark was staggered that his Fifth Army was prevented from continuing its victorious march into the Balkans and the heart of the German 'Reich. Troops were withdrawn from Italy and Field Marshall Alexander's forces which had become "a tremendous fighting machine with horizons unlimited" was dismantled and weakened. Writing in 1950 General Mark Clark stated "as a result of orders received at the highest level our team was broken up and the Fifth Army was sapped of a great deal of its strength. A campaign that might have changed the whole history of relations between the Western World and Soviet Russia was permitted to fade away. These were decisions at the highest level and for reasons beyond my field and my knowledge. Not only in my opinion but in the opinion of a number of experts who were close to the problem, the weakening of the campaign in Italy in order to invade Southern France instead of pushing on into the Balkans was one of the outstanding mistakes of the war". What Clark and Alexander did not realise was that it was never intended that Britain and America should liberate the whole of Germany and Eastern Europe. The plan was to allow these to fall into Soviet hands. This is why the Jewish Supreme Allied Commander Eisenhower, a jumped up Colonel under the direct orders of a super-rich Jew called Bernard Baruch, as he himself later admitted, halted the Allied Armies at the Elb to allow the Red Army to over-run half of Europe. Britain supposedly declared war on Germany and launched WW2 to save Polish freedom but at the end of it all when a reported 265,000 Britons had been killed fighting for this aim, Churchill not only surrendered Poland but the whole of Eastern Europe to the Jewish Communists. The real aims of WW2 can be stated quite simply. 1. To recover Jewish control over Germany which Hitler had confiscated. 2. To expand the Soviet Empire and its influence. 3. To create a Jewish state in Palestine. 4. To get Britain and America to borrow astronomical sums of money to fight the war to give the Jewish bankers even greater control after the war. 5. To get a many Christians as possible to kill each other exactly according to the Talmud teaching "Even the best of the Goyim should be killed". (Abhodah Zarah

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26t). "Take away the lives of non-Jews, kill them" (sofer Israel 177b). "Jews must never cease to exterminate the Goy". (Hilkhoth Akum). Note "Goy" a Jewish word for non-Jews meaning "cattle" "vermin". The Jews have now trained Gentiles to call themselves and each other "Guys" vermin and cattle. How they must laugh. For a complete expose of the Race Hate of the Jews religious book "The Babylonian Talmud" read: The Jewish Religion. It's Influence Today. Elizabeth Dilling.

ALLIED WAR CRIMES The victors in WW2 put the German leaders on trial for "crimes against humanity". The real facts prove that Britain and America and their wartime ally Russia were the real war criminals. In the book `Crimes and Mercies', James Bacque assembles masses of irrefutable facts proving that "At least 9.3 million Germans died needlessly soon after the war". This is more than died in battle, air raids and concentration camps. This war did not end the killing but increased it. The attempted genocide of the German people cannot be contested. President Roosevelt declared "I am not willing at this time to say that we do not intend to destroy the German nation". The chief architects of this policy was the Jew Henry Morgenthau and General Eisenhower also of Jewish extraction. In `Germany Must Perish' by Theodore Kaufman, published in 1940 the plan to forcibly sterilize all Germans is presented. The destruction of Gentile nations and peoples is the teaching of the Jewish Talmud. "Take away the lives of non-Jews, kill them." "Christian birth-rate must be diminished." Source `Facts Are Facts' by the Jewish author Ben Freedman. It is a matter of historical record that the Red Army committed the most unspeakable atrocities against the German civilian population even crucifying German woman against barn doors and the Americans shot untold thousands of German soldiers who surrendered to them. As one tiny example, on the morning of April 29, 1945 units of the U.S. Seventh Army lined up over 300 German troops who surrendered to them at Dachau and shot them down. The American troops had been pumped full of lies and hate by their media all under Jewish control. It is also a matter of historical fact that the Red Army raped every German woman that they could lay their hands on from young girls to old woman. Yet these were the very people who sat in judgment at Nuremberg on the Germans for "war crimes". The Federal Ministry for Expellees, Refugees and War Victims of the German Federal Republic has 8 volumes of 600 - 1,000 pages each of documentation available which is still considered classified and not available to the General Public. Right at the end of the war, when the Germans were on their knees and close to surrender, Churchill sanctioned the bombing of the ancient and beautiful city of Dresden, a non-military target packed with women and children fleeing before the Red Army. On three successive nights of bombing in which over a thousand aircraft took part Dresden was reduced to a blazing inferno --- a fire storm in which an estimated 300,000 women and children perished. This is where Churchill's bombing policy so vigorously opposed by Chamberlain ended. All we ever hear about on Jewish controlled TV is the plight and sufferings of the Jews in WW2. The people who suffered and lost the most in WW2 were NOT the Jews but the Germans. We should also remember that in the Soviet Union, the Jews themselves operated the biggest concentration camp system in history, dwarfing those of Germany, in which untold millions perished. You won't see any TV documentaries on the tortures and sufferings endured by the inmates of these camps run by Jews. Also, when you hear Jews on TV describing in graphic detail the horrors of the alleged "gas chambers" like one did recently when talking about Treblinka, you should remember what their Talmud teaches. "Jews must always try to deceive Christians". Zohar (1,160a). "A Jew may lie and perjure to codemn a Christian". Babha Kama (113b).

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It is about time the stupid British understood this simple fact THE JEWS HAVE NO MORALITY IN THEIR DEALINGS WITH NON-JEWS as clearly taught by their Talmud. "A Jew may act contrary to morality, if profitable to himself and Jews in general." Shulchan Aruch, Choszen Hamiszpat 388. "A Jew may rape, cheat and perjure himself'. Shulchan Aruch, Jore Dia. THE JEWISH ISRAELI STATE SELLING TOP U.S. MILITARY SECRETS TO RED CHINA During the Iraqi War when the Israeli State was threatened with Scud missiles America sent their very latest anti missile system to defend Israel. After the war Israel insisted that these Patriot Missile Batteries remain on their soil. Israeli scientists then disassembled them --- and sold their secrets to Red China. This will enable the Chinese, not only to copy them, but to develop rockets capable of penetrating Western defences. Prof. Duncan Clarke has presented Congress with documents proving a "systematic and growing pattern" of sales by Israel of classified U.S. Military secrets to Red China. Colossal profits have been made by the Jews out of these sales. The morally corrupt and degenerate President of the U.S. Bill Clinton has allowed his biggest Jewish financial contributor Bernard Schwartz to do the same thing through his Loral Corporation. The U.S. Government first went public about these massive transfers of top U.S. technology to Beijing in 1992 when the State Department's Inspector General reported that they had "overwhelming" evidence of unauthorised Israeli re-exports of U.S defence secrets. The Office of Naval Intelligence reported in 1997 and 1996 that "United States technology has been acquired (by China) through Israel in the form of the Lavi-fighter and surface to air missile technology. Israel has used U.S. technology to help China develop its next-generation fighter aircraft --- the J-10, airborne radar systems, tank programs and a variety of missiles. Israel has transferred to China the most lethal air to air missile in the world: the Python-4. Also "very disturbing is Israel's transfer to China of its STAR-1 cruise missile technology". The STAR-1 incorporates U.S. stealth technology and is what one U.S. official characterises as a growth version of Israel's Delilah-2 missile which contains U.S. parts and ' technology. When all of these advanced weapons end up killing British and Americans, as they inevitably will, we should all remember, just how the Chinese got them. Information from `The Truth at Last' P.O Box 1211, Marietta, Georgia U.S.A. 30061. All this is nothing new. From the very beginning there has been a massive transfer of Western scientific, technological and industrial secrets to Russia --- Read `National Suicide: Military Aid To The Soviet Union', Prof. Anthony Sutton. America even provided Russia with all the know-how and materials to build their first atom bombs. Consult `From Major Jordan's Diaries'. Even Viktor Suvorov states in his book `Inside The Soviet Army' that Russian nuclear missiles are dependent on American parts. Years ago, the Soviet MIG-15 which was shooting down British and American planes over Korea was powered by an exact copy of the Rolls Royce Nene jet engine kindly given to the Russians as a present. It is about time that the British and American military woke up to the fact that they have been repeatedly betrayed by their political leaders who are no more than puppets in the hands of Jew Bankers. For Years, Western politicians have served Jewish interests not the interests of their own people. They are all traitors and deserve the fate of traitors. OUT OF THEIR OWN MOUTHS The Jewish plan to murder our race by massive coloured immigration and the promotion of mongrelisation has been revealed by numerous Jewish spokesmen for a hundred years. They plan

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to completely replace the White Anglo-Saxon-Celtic population of these islands with the Coloured Races. To breed us out of existence. In Maclean's Review magazine of September 5th 1967 Rabbi Abraham Feinberg wrote, "If anything the law should encourage, not forbid, the intermingling of bloods ONE WORLD, ONE RACE the deliberate encouragement of interracial marriage is the only way to hasten this process". The Jewish World of Feb. 1883 declared: "The great ideal of Judaism is that the whole world shall be imbued with Jewish teachings, and in a brotherhood of nations --- a greater Judaism ALL THE SEPARATE RACES AND RELIGIONS SHALL DISAPPEAR". This means the annihilation of our race and the destruction of Christianity. In a letter to Karl Marx (real name Moses Mordecai Levi), Baruch Levy wrote "The Jewish people as a whole will be its own Messiah. IT WILL OBTAIN WORLD DOMINION BY THE DISSOLUTION OF OTHER RACES BY THE ABOLITION OF FRONTIERS, THE ANNIHILATION OF MONARCHY, AND THE ESTABLISHMENT OF A WORLD REPUBLIC". Reference La Revue de Paris p.574. We have already noted how Jews were behind the murder of Charles 1st. They have also been behind the murder of every other monarchy i.e., Czar Nicholas II, his wife and five children were shot by "Yankel Yurouvsky, a Jew with a browning automatic pistol". Reference "The Beast marks Russia" Capt. Howard. In his Communist Manifesto, the Jew Karl Marx wrote of the abolition of the family, countries and nationalities together with "all religion" and "all morality". In fulfilment of this, today we see the Mass Communications Media, totally under Jewish control pumping out sexual perversion, immorality, race mixing and One World propaganda. In 1912, Israel Cohen, a Jewish Communist in America published a Racial Program for the Twentieth Century. In this he stated that they would cause the negro to rise in society, especially in the professions and the world of sport and entertainment and that with this prestige the negro would begin to intermarry with the whites and so deliver America and Britain to their cause. We could continue these plain statements from Jews revealing their plans for our destruction and murder using the coloured races against us but just one more to make the point. In a speech given in Yiddish by Rabbi Emanuel Rabinovitch and translated into English by New York Jewish Lawyer Henry Klein for which he was murdered is the following, "MIXING THE DARK WITH THE WHITE MEANS AN END OF THE WHITE MAN AND OUR MOST DANGEROUS ENEMY WILL BECOME ONLY A MEMORY". The Canadian Intelligence Service. Sept. 1952. Full text in History of the Jews. Eustace Mullins. CHURCHILL'S VENDETTA AGAINST THE MINERS Sometime in the late 1970's Winston Churchill MP (the grandson of the war leader) denigrated the coal miners in the House of Commons. When asked if he was pursuing a vendetta against the miners, just as his grandfather did earlier in the century, he dropped the subject like a hot-coal, ranting angrily "My grandfather's vendetta was not against the miners, it was against the Nazis!" But the historical truth is that his grandfather was intensely loathed in South Wales because of his political malice towards the coal miners, which exemplified his arrogance and antagonism towards working-class folk in general. The poverty and hardships that miners and their families used to suffer, and the political unfairness which obstructed them from getting a better deal are historically well-documented. During the first decade of this century the real value of coal miners' pay fell sharply while coal companies had become increasingly generous toward their shareholders.

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From September 1910 to October 1911 there was a strike at the Cambrian Combine Coalmines in the Tonypandy area of South Wales. Initially seventy miners had refused the wage offered to them for working in the Ely pit at Pen-y-graig, and the management reacted by locking-out the entire workforce of 950 men. Within two months all the miners at the other Cambrian Combine Mines come out in support; in November there was a riot in Tonypandy, which Churchill helped to provoke, in which a miner (Samuel Rays) was killed. Churchill, who was then Home Secretary, had before the riot sent hundreds of London policemen to guard the pits. After the riot Churchill sent soldiers to the coalfield, and for many months he subjected the Rhondda and some neighbouring valleys to a military occupation. Some Churchill apologists have tried arguing that his motive for deploying the troops was not really political but merely "to keep law and order etc". But the truth is that they were used to confront the protestors and their presence robbed the miners of a just victory. As the Welsh historian John Davies says: "It is not a myth (as some insist) that Churchill used soldiers against strikers". ("A History of Wales") THE GOLD STANDARD In the mid 1920's Churchill brought himself into another bitter conflict, not only With the miners but with the British Working Class generally, when he was Chancellor of the Exchequer, a job in which he proved himself an unmitigated disaster. In his first budget of April 1925 he recklessly restored, the "gold standard". This economically senseless measure limited Britain's domestic money supply to the supply of gold, causing deflation. Consequently unemployment soared. It severely hit British exports and financially pressurised industrialists to cut their production costs by sacking workers and reducing wages. The coal, iron and steel industries had already been in difficulties before this destructive blow, which aggravated their economic problems to a considerable excess. The widespread suffering and hardship which resulted, was particularly severe in the South Wales Coalfields where the miners, who were already on meagre pay, were expected to work longer hours for significantly less pay. The unions protested but the government typically offered no proper remedy, leading to the General Strike of May 1926. Far from admitting and reversing his economic blunder, Churchill obstinately persisted in imposing the "gold standard" despite all the strife and misery it inflicted on the British nation. He adamantly opposed any compromise with the unions. Instead of seriously seeking a viable and fair solution, he directed much of his energy towards disseminating his own propaganda, which was highly inflammatory and calculated to promote class hatred. Naturally, the principal target for his hatred was the working-class folk (especially the coalminers who suffered greatly), because their unions dared to go on strike; it was the only available legal weapon that stood any chance of redressing the economic injustice. Churchill seized the opportunity to edit an official `news'-paper called the "British Gazette" which he filled with malicious and bombastic twaddle. He hypocritically ranted on about the "menace" of "Bolshevism" within the Trades Unions. But the two most fundamentally important facts to realise are:(1) that Churchill's unworkable policies coupled with his socio-economic sadism towards the working-class was the surest recipe communism to grow in the Trades Union Movement, and; (2) that within two decades, Churchill himself was to do probably more than any other person in Britain to advance the cause of Communism. It is also important to appreciate that the economic devastation he unleashed on Britain persisted for many years after the 1926 General Strike. By subjecting the British economy to the "gold standard", WINSTON CHURCHILL BROUGHT ABOUT THE LONG ECONOMIC DEPRES( Page 23 )

SION WHICH BEGAN IN 1925 AND LASTED WELL INTO THE 1930's, WHEN MANY BRITISH WORKING CLASS FAMILIES WENT HUNGRY. Winston Churchill was certainly an ignoramus on economics, a fact supported by many historians. The British people therefore could not possibly benefit from his appointment to the post of Chancellor. The real beneficiaries were the highly secretive banking interests for which he was a most willing and dutiful puppet. When any serious economic thinking was done, they did it for him. While the banks continued to prosper and wax fat, while many British people were starving! Churchill did not care. After all, ordinary folk meant "nothing" to him. Churchill served bankers and banking interests and they rewarded him handsomely. He wallowed in opulence and luxury all his miserable life and had no conception of the wretched lot of many of the working class who lived in abject poverty. Poverty he helped to perpetuate. CHURCHILL LAID THE FOUNDATION FOR THE COMMUNIST TAKE OVER OF THE BRITISH SECURITY SERVICES Under Chamberlain, both counter-espionage services, MI5 and MI6 were directed against Communism as the main enemy. Almost immediately after becoming P.M., Churchill sacked the founding father of the internal security service Sir Vernon Kell and by degrees packed MI5 and MI6 with Communist sympathizers. A Soviet booklet entitled "Russia's Enemies in Britain" devoted 39 of its 70 pages to attacking a certain De Courcy. He had worked on the editorial board of a publication called Intelligence Digest which exposed Victor Rothschild (a member of the powerful banking family) who had joined MI5 at the outbreak of war as "the patron of the Russian group of spies". Victor Rothschild recruited large numbers of disaffected students at Oxford and Cambridge Universities to act as Soviet agents. Many of these later joined MI5 and MI6 so that under Churchill and for years following the British Security Service was no more than a branch of the Russian KGB. Thanks to Churchill, and his close friend Rothschild, Communists and/or homosexuals virtually controlled MIS and MI6. We can name just a FEW of these; Roger Hollis, in 1940 Assistant Director of "F" division, monitoring extremist political parties and later promoted to head of British Intelligence, Guy Liddell under whose auspices known traitors like Blunt and Burgess entered the service, Maxwell Knight and a host of others. THE CHURCHILL FAMILY: TOOLS AND DUPES OF THE ROTHSCHILDS It seems that an early stage Churchill, realizing that Germany and Russia would come into conflict, had determined to get Britain into the coming war on the side of Russia. In his book 'Hess Flight For The Fuhrer' Peter Padfied wrote "he divined that Hitler and Stalin must in the long or short term come into collision". When Russia attacked Finland on November 30th 1939 Chamberlain offered British bomber squadrons to help the Fins and the French also offered military help. It looked as if Britain and France would end up at war with Russia. But the Russians concluded a deal with the Fins so the Anglo-French help was not needed. There seems little doubt that Rothschild provided Russia with intelligence about Britain's offered help to the Fins and probably urged them to make a deal so preventing the West coming into conflict with Communist Russia. In his book Padfied wrote of Churchill's close relationship with the House of Rothschild: "Churchill had close family connections with the British line of the international Jewish Rothschild the first Baron Rothschild had been his father Randolph's intimate adviser at the Treasury, entrusted with cabinet secrets and relied upon for personal loans. When Lord Randolph Churchill died, he had owed Rothschild the then enormous sum of £66,000. Winston Churchill knew the family socially as a guest at their country seat at Tring in Hertfordshire." As we have tried to show in this short treatise for many years the real rulers of Britain have been the International Bankers, led by the House of Rothschild. All of our politicians Ministers, with few exceptions, and Chamberlain was one such exception, have been no more than their tools and

( Page 24 )

creatures for carrying out THEIR POLICIES for Britain. Policies which are designed to destroy Britain and the real British. Everything that has happened to Britain during this twentieth century has not happened by chance. It has happened because it was planned that way.



( Page 25 )


At last the bible makes sense! At last we know its meaning.

"For out of Zion shall go forth the law, and the Word of the Lord from Jerusalem" (Isaiah 2:3)."

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