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Dr. John & Evelyn Dr. John Shane, D.D. / Director Shane Invite You PO Box 4875 To Join Spanaway, WA 98387 Them On 2538753202 a Trip To Telephone 2538753202 WEB: EMAIL: [email protected] Russia, Ukraine, Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, to visit the Fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to India or keep himself unspotted from the world. James 1:27 Sri Lanka Summer Edition 2008

New Hope Outreach Ministries (NHOM)

To Our Beloved Partners of NHOM

We have a very valuable tool in our newsletter. It helps us keep you updated in the Ministry you pray for and financially support. We at NHOM want to make it as cost effective as we can to benefit all that read it and pass it along. As we all know costs have radically cut into every aspect of our lives and we at NHOM are not exempt from rising costs. We value our communication with our partners. We want to be very cost effective. We need your help! We want to continue to have you receive our Newsletter but we know that some who get this Newsletter don't even read it. We propose two ways for you to continue to receive our Newsletter: 1. Continue to receive by postal mail. 2. Receive the Newsletter by email. Either way you receive it is fine with us, however, you must let us know how you want to receive it. Fill out the form below and mail it to us or email us your answer.

IF YOU DO NOT RESPOND WE WILL ASSUME YOU DO NOT WANT TO RECEIVE THE NEWSLETTER AND YOU WILL BE TAKEN OFF OUR MAIL LIST! Thank you for Dear Pastor John Shane being partners (please check one) with us! Please Remove Me From Your Mail List. [ ]

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Just some of the many thousands of orphans you help us to minister to by your prayers and support. Thank You!

Madhu Sri Lanka

Igor & Natalie Ekaterinberg

Gladys & Philip India

Shane Schedule July 6 Randle, WA 13 Spokane, WA 13 Spokane, WA 20 Vancouver, WA 27 Goldendale, WA 27 Granger, WA August 3 Othello, WA 3 Medical Lake, WA 10 Chehalis, WA 17 Vader, WA 24 Moses Lake, WA September 216 Russia 21 Burien, WA 28 Mineral, WA October 1 Sedro Woolley, WA 5 Mossy Rock, WA 12 Kelso, WA 19 Almira, WA 19 Wenatchee, WA 26 Tacoma, WA November We All Had Joy! 2 Fall City, WA It was great to bring our teams from America, 9 Loon Lake, WA Odessa, Ukraine, Perm, Russia and Ekaterinberg, 16 Gig Harbor, WA Russia together and watch them work and learn from 23 Burlington, WA each other. Each pitched in and brought their talents together to minister great joy to the orphans and widows. Our time together is so precious. You can see by the pictures that we all were blessed. We used puppets, music, balloons, interactions, the Word of God, stories, testimonies, tricks and everything else to present the Gospel. One of the most important things we have is time and how we redeem our time. Our time was spent with

Deut 14:29 Give it to the Levites, who have no in heritance among you, as well as to the foreigners liv ing among you, the or phans, and the widows in your towns, so they can eat and be satis fied. Then the Lord your God will bless you in all your work.

Galya & Natasha Perm

Viktoria Ukraine

those who are desperate for someone to visit them. To take a few moments and listen to them. The seniors at left wept with tears of joy as we spent time to minister to them. When we prepare to leave the orphans and elderly we always give them a hug. Rarely does one turn down a hug and usually there will be tears of joy attached to that hug. Your giving and praying helps bring a little joy into these that have gone through so much heartache. These orphans and widows think they have nothing to give yet I can tell you first hand, we always receive more from them than they receive from us. Please continue to pray for them and us.

Sri Lanka Report by Pastor Mohan We report that we have 7 Sunday School locations in villages that have no churches. We have a total number of 275 children and adults in these Sunday Schools and we have 14 teachers ministering to these souls. We have conducted 2 teacher training programs this year and all our children will be coming together to pray for our Nation. We are hoping to have a children's worker camp in August. Odessa Ukraine Report by Viktoria Our team constantly widens its work and now with God's help we have a number of volunteers who serve the orphans and elderly. We have a team of hairdressers that serve the children and staff of the orphanages. We have teams which prepare pro grams and present them to orphanages when they are not working their jobs. We have a theatre of puppets we maintain for different shows. We present the Gospel to all. We have people who present the program "ANTI AIDS". They tell children about this awful disease and the reasons of its emergence. We have a team of sisters who cook different sweets and cakes for the kids. We have brothers and sisters who started Sunday's schools at the orphanages and teach children there. We have a pray team at our church which constantly prays for our trips to the orphanages. We have a team of screenwriters. They write scripts for our programs in orphanages and nursing homes. There are more than 100 people who volunteer to help our team. We thank God for this work He gave us and ask that you pray that God would expand our work. We agree with God's Word, "That none should perish, no not one." Thank you, John, Evelyn and all New Hope people. India Report by Philip & Gladys We have 3 seasons in Chennai, hot, hotter and hottest. Right now we are in our hot test season with temperatures in excess of 110 degrees daily. This will continue through July. Our kids just suffered through an episode of the chicken pox but we are on the mend now. Pray as God provides for the needs of our children at Angels of Hope Children's Home. Ekaterinberg Report by Igor Thank you all for our new van. It is so much nicer than any we have had. We do get much better fuel mileage as well. Please pray for Natalie as she has left our ministry to care for her newly adopted children. Pray for me and my family as we experience this time of transition. We continue to visit a number of orphanages and elderly and telling them about Jesus! Evelyn's Corner "For God so loved........ Have you ever really thought about these words? For God so loved. He loved us so much even before we were born that He sent His only Son for us. He sent Jesus for everyone. Color, country, state, city, town didn't matter to Him. I was reminded of this as I was the guest speaker at the Women's Conference in Ekaterinberg, Russia. He took hearts that were hurting and began a healing. The altar time was just awesome as God reached down and touched those that were hurting and poured His love in. I watched as God ministered to the ladies who came to the alters. God restored, healed, saved and blessed all who were in attendance. I praise God for the opportunity He gave me to share about His love and His plans for those ladies. I watched the ladies as they laid hands on each other and prayed earnestly for the needs of one another. What an awesome God! God has wonderful plans for all of us. Sometimes things happen in our lives and those plans are pushed aside, but know God still has a plan. He can take every circum stance and make something beautiful out of it. I praise God for each one of you. When you pray for us and give to the ministry of NHOM, you go with us to Russia, Ukraine, Sri Lanka and India. You wee right there with me at the conference. Your were there with us at the orphanages and the elderly homes. You are valuable to us and to God! God Bless you! He has a plan for you!

"The Royal Command" By Dr. John Shane

It is now in print. It is a compilation of stories from the many trips I have been on and some of the wonder ful miracles I have witnessed over the many years of our Ministry. You can order it by email or in person. All proceeds go to the continued work of NHOM. Suggested Donation Price's are as follows: $14.00 includes shipping and handling. $10.00 if bought in person. All proceeds got to NHOM. We also have CD's & DVD's Available for Donations We have available a beautiful music CD in the Russian language and a powerful preaching DVD in English and Russian. You can order either of these by mail simply ask for the CD or DVD. "When You Believe" a one hour music CD $10.00 in person or $14.00 by mail. "They Will Not Conquer You" a one and 1/2 hour DVD in both Russian and English. $10.00 in person or $14.00 by mail. All proceeds go to NHOM.

Perm Report by Galya & Natasha It was good for all of our teams to get to gether and learn from each other and minister to all the kids together. We visit a number of orphanages each week as well as the elderly and handicapped. We love the opportunity that God has given us to work for NHOM and praise God for the vision to minister to widows and orphans.

Prayer Requests

1. Pray for the safety of our workers in Sri Lanka. Civil war and terrorists has devastated the area around Jaffna. People continue to flee the north country. Our workers have had to dodge bullets and bombs to get their jobs done. They desperately need us to intercede for them. 2. Pray for the work that is taking place in building a new church, Bible school and center in Sri Lanka for widows and their children. 3. Pray that God would grant traveling mercies for all of our teams as they encounter some of the vilest of road and trail conditions. 4. As prices continue to escalate at home and over seas pray that God would continue to provide for es sentials in the need of our teams, orphanage and the ministry. 5. Pray that God would continue to give our teams in Russia & Ukraine favor with the orphanages, widows and elderly homes. 6. Pray for our teams in America, Russia, Ukraine, Sri Lanka and India and the hundreds of volunteers in these areas that help in this ministry. They are daily on the front lines of Spiritual warfare. They work tirelessly in some of the most extreme conditions with some of the most unlovely people and they do it with great joy. 7. Pray for finances to support the orphanage in India. 8. Pray for funds to build a building for our "Angels of Hope" orphanage in India. 9. Pray that God would raise up a leader to assist the Shane's in NHOM's development and future growth. 10. Pray for $100,000 to build a building for our An gel's of Hope children's home in India.

Sponsorship Program

Yes, Dr. John Shane, I will give monthly support to help NHOM reach the Orphans, Widows and Elderly in Russia, Ukraine, Sri Lanka, India and Beyond with Spiritual and Physi cal necessities to help them reach heaven and be at peace on earth in the amount of $________________Per Month. No gift is to small and a response is given to all that support this minis try! We appreciate your partnership with us. I / We want to sponsor ____ widow/s in Sri Lanka for skills training at $30 per month. I / We want to sponsor_____orphans in India for $30 per month.

Please Print First Name__________________________________ Last Name__________________________________ Address____________________________________ City_______________________________________ State________________ Zip____________________ Telephone__________________________________ EMail_____________________________________ Sponsorship Start Date________________________

Thank you for making a commitment to NHOM. Please make all checks payable to NHOM. NHOM is a 501)(C)(3) non profit Christian organization and your gifts in support of NHOM are tax deductible.

To Hold Your Seat On Any Of Our Trips, Mail Your First Deposit Of $500.00 As Soon As Possible To:

Usually our trips to Russia are in May, September and sometimes December. Our trip to Sri Lanka / India is late January into February. It is possible to design a trip for your church or organization with enough advanced planning.

NHOM New Hope Outreach Ministries

PO Box 4875 Spanaway, WA 98387 2538753202 Email: [email protected]

For special groups or individuals we can schedule other trips to Russia, Ukraine or Sri Lanka on dates different than above. Contact us! For more details about our trips or minis try call us at 2538753202 or 2528477839 or Cell # 2533808391

Costs vary by trip. As of this Writing our two week trip to Russia is around $100.00 per day plus airline tickets & VISA fees. Sri Lanka & India is $100.00 per day plus tickets.

All prices based on Seattle, WA departure and return. Costs may vary per trip but do include all visas, plane, rail and ground transportation, housing and an average of two meals per day except in Moscow, Odessa or Colombo. Souvenirs, offerings and gifts to the churches and individuals are at your own expense. We do limit our trips to the first 15 people. Sri Lanka and India is limited to the first 3 people.

Deadline for any of our trips we must receive your first deposit ($500.00) four months prior to leaving.

Our trips are usually 14 to 15 days in length. A complete refund less $100.00 handling fee of the unused portion of your deposit will be returned should circumstances keep you from going on the trip. For more information call or write the above address or phone number. To save time and expense for you, I would encourage you to begin now to get your Pass port. We can not process you until I have your passport in hand. For special groups or individuals we can schedule other trips to Russia, Ukraine, India or Sri Lanka on dates different than above. Contact us! For more details about our trips or ministry call us at 2538753202 or 2528477839 or Cell # 2533808391


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