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Catalan Opening

Accepted Variation

CA 3.1 (E04)

Catalan at the Highest Level

by Emil Anka (special contribution by Joël Lautier)

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

d4 c4 Àf3 g3 Ãg2 Ãd2 ©c2

d5 e6 Àf6 dc4 Ãb4 a5 Ãd2

mostly about which openings were going to appear on the chessboard.

Bets on the Catalan?

TsLdM_.t _Jj._JjJ ._._Js._ j._._._. ._Ji._._ _._._Ni. IiQlIiBi rN_.k._R

With the highest possible interest, the entire chess world followed the so-called `Reunification Chess World Championship' match between Vladimir Kramnik and Veselin Topalov in the capital of Kalmykia, Elista. Garry Kasparov, retired from `long' chess tournaments, made the following wise prognosis for the match: Kramnik had the better chances, since although Topalov is the better tournament player because of his incredible energy resources, Kramnik has a better mastery of chess, plus he has more match experience, and his safer style may be more effective in such an event. Of course, all chess players were excited and very curious about the preparation of the stars and

If somebody would have placed a bet that Topalov would allow the Catalan three times (surprise!) out of his seven black games, he would probably have got very advantageous odds and made a very positive result at any betting office... not to mention an article in Yearbook 81! In his remaining four black games Topalov played the Slav and the Semi-Slav Defence. I had somehow been expecting a Modern Benoni, maybe a Benko or a King's Indian, but I also know that in a match against Kramnik these would be extremely dangerous openings.

So Topalov entered the Catalan in the first game and achieved a promising position! Unfortunately he would also suffer from the `Leko Syndrome' ­ Leko also lost his first match game while pushing too hard against Kramnik ­ but his fighting spirit (like Leko's in Brissago in 2004) deserves full respect. I am sure that even what happened in the later rounds in Elista, the `Toiletgate Scandal', so unfortunate for the popularity of chess, could not stop us from enjoying the games of the match and the resulting analyses and Surveys! I should add that Topalov did not try this playable line (7...Ãd2!?) again during the match because of the possible preparation of Kramnik's team, and he also had other lines to test against his opponent.

Vladimir Kramnik and Veselin Topalov: Catalan at the highest level



Now let's see how we can reach the conclusion that it can be logical to play 7...Ãd2!?. After White's 7.©c2 there are, of course, different moves than the subject of our article (33 games). The most frequent is 7...Àc6 (165 games), with the main lines 8.©c4 ©d5!? (8...0-0) 9.©d3 (9.©d5 ed5) 9...©e4. Another possible move is 7...b6 (8 games). I give this move a ?!, with respect to Boris Gulko, who made a quick draw with it against Alex Wojtkiewicz in San Diego 2004. Now I simply recommend 8.Ãb4!? (which appears to be a novelty) 8...ab4 9.©c4, with the idea of taking the b4 pawn too, with advantage for White. The move 7...b5?! (9 games) is not accurate at this point either, since after 8.a4! Black does not have 8...c6? in view of 9.ab5 Ãd2 10.Àfd2!, as in GulkoLjubojevic, Linares 1990, with a clear advantage for White. The move order 7...0-0 8.©c4 Àc6 (2 games) amounts to the same as the above 7...Àc6 8.©c4 0-0 line. Having studied all these possibilities, we can come to the conclusion that exactly at move 7 the move ...Ãd2!? is logical and very interesting, and worthy of deeper and more detailed analysis. White has two main moves: 8.©d2! and 8.Àbd2 (otherwise the d4 pawn falls). In this kind of position, the sacrifice of one or even two pawns is normal, as White gets full compensation. His pawn structure is solid, whereas Black has several weak pawns and more pawn islands.

The Logic of 7...Ãd2!?

White also has the better piece play for his investment(s). The question is whether Black can hold the targeted pawns or whether they will fall. Our Game Section will highlight the lines in this `compensation fight' deeply and in great detail.

Overview of the Games

The move 7...Ãd2!? was introduced by Gregory Kaidanov as Black against Alexander Fauland in Moscow, 1989. It is remarkable that 28 out of the 33 games with this line were played between 2003 and 2006! In this Survey you will find 16 analysed games, with 17 more games mentioned in the notes. Our two main games with 8.©d2! c6!? are KramnikTopalov, Elista 2006, and Grischuk-Moiseenko, Sochi 2006. 8...Ãd7 was tried at least three times in 2006. Gulko played his 8...b6 set-up against Wojtkiewicz at the US Championship in San Diego 2006 using a better move order than in 2004.

Not Dangerous

The other possibility after 12.0-0 is 12...Àd5, which is discussed in Fauland-Kaidanov, Moscow 1989, and Ovetchkin-T. Kosintseva, Moscow 2005. Three additional games, Danielian-T. Kosintseva, Calvia 2004, Bunzmann-Pelletier, Lausanne 1999, and Veingold-Baron Rodriguez, Zaragoza 2004, provide us with an additional taste of this line. I have made use of comments and remarks by Csaba Horvath, Gregory Kaidanov, Yannick Pelletier, Peter Svidler, Alexander Grischuk, Malcolm Pein and Maxim Notkin.


The move 8.Àbd2 is not dangerous for Black if he knows what to do. 8.Àbd2 b5 9.a4 c6 10.b3 cb3 11.Àb3 0-0 12.0-0 Ãa6! is the main line.

Ts.d.tM_ _._._JjJ L_J_Js._ jJ_._._. I_.i._._ _N_._Ni. ._Q_IiBi r._._Rk.

The move 7...Ãd2!? forces White to answer either 8.©d2! or 8.Àbd2. Either of these choices gives the position a unique character. The question is: Does White have enough compensation or not? The permanent tension makes the line absolutely playable for both sides. White may regain the sacrificed pawn(s) with a superior position, or Black may either keep the pawn(s) or give it (them) back in order to obtain the better game. This kind of unbalanced chess makes our game exciting. There is still a lot of room for analysis in this line. An example may be the position that could have arisen after 20.Àd7!? in our main game. I agree that 8.©d2! (Lautier) is more accurate than 8.Àbd2, but I think that the refutation (if it exists at all) of 7...Ãd2!? is very far away.


Survey CA 3.1 Main Game 8.©d2 Kramnik,Vladimir Topalov,Veselin

41.Õd1 Àe4 42.Õf1 ®g6 43.Àd8 Õb6!? [43...e5 44.Àc6 (44.de5 fe5 45.Àc6 ®f6) 44...®f5â] 44.Õc1 h5! 45.Õa1 [45.h4?! ®f5ç] 45...h4 [45...Àg5!? 46.®h2 (46.h4? Àh3 47.®f1 Õb2î) 46...Õb2 47.Õf1 ®f5ç] 46.gh4 ®h5 47.Õa2! ®h4 48.®h2 ®h5 49.Õc2 ®h6 50.Õa2 ®g6 51.Õc2 ®f5 52.Õa2 Õb5 53.Àc6 Õb7 13.©d4 ©d4 14.Õd4) 13.©b5 Àd7 14.®g2 a6 15.©d3 Õc8N (15...Ãe7 Tkachiev-Solozhenkin, France tt 1999/00) 16.Ãg5 Ãe7 (Kramnik-Topalov, Elista Wch 2006 m-3) 17.Àe4!Å] 6.Ãd2 a5 7.©c2 [The calmest move; 7.0-0 is sound; 7.a3?! wastes time; 7.Ãb4?! doesn't seem right; 7.Àc3 gambits a pawn for decent compensation but this is not how Kramnik wants to play against Topalov in Game One; 7.©c1 was played by Jan Gustafsson against Efimenko in the German Bundesliga 2005/06; 7.Àa3!? Ãa3 8.ba3 gives also reasonable compensation] 7...Ãd2!? [7...b6 8.Ãb4!?N (8.©c4 Ãa6 9.©c2 0-0 10.Àc3Ç; 8.Àe5 ©d4 9.Àf7 ®f7 10.Ãa8Ç c6) 8...ab4 9.©c4Ç Anka; 7...b5?! 8.a4 c6 (8...ba4 9.Àe5 Õa6 10.©a4 Ãd7 11.Àd7Ç; 8...Ãd2 9.Àfd2! Àd5 10.ab5å) 9.ab5 Ãd2 (9...cb5?? 10.Ãb4ê) 10.Àfd2!å Anka; 7...Àc6 (Smyslov) 8.©c4 ©d5!?] 8.©d2! c6 [8...b5 9.©g5!Ç; 8...b6Ç; 8...Ãd7Ç] 9.a4 [£ Àa3] 9...b5 [9...0-0 10.Àa3 Àe4 11.©c2 Àd6 12.Àc4Ç Pein; 9...Àbd7 10.Àa3 Àb6 11.Àe5Ç Pein] 10.ab5 cb5 11.©g5 0-0 [11...b4 12.Àe5 (12.©g7 Õg8 13.©h6 Ãb7º 14.0-0 Ãd5 £ Àc6) 12...Õa7 13.Àc4 0-0 (13...©d4 14.Àd6 ©d6 15.©g7å) 14.e3Ç] 12.©b5 Ãa6!N

Elista Wch-m 2006 (1)

1.d4 Àf6 2.c4 e6 3.Àf3 d5 4.g3 dc4 5.Ãg2 Ãb4 6.Ãd2 a5 7.©c2 Ãd2 8.©d2! c6 [8...b5 9.©g5!] 9.a4 [£ 10.Àa3] 9...b5 10.ab5 cb5

TsLdM_.t _._._JjJ ._._Js._ jJ_._._. ._Ji._._ _._._Ni. .i.qIiBi rN_.k._R

11.©g5 0-0 [11...b4 12.Àe5 (12.©g7 Õg8 13.©h6 Ãb7 14.0-0 Ãd5 £ 15...Àc6) 12...Õa7 13.Àc4 0-0 (13...©d4 14.Àd6 ©d6 15.©g7å) 14.e3å] 12.©b5 Ãa6N [12...Àa6 ­ GrischukMoiseenko, Sochi tt 2006] 13.©a4 [13.©a5 Ãb7 14.©d8 Õa1! 15.©f8 (15.©b6 Õb1 16.®d2 c3! 17.®c3 Àd5î; 15.©c7 Õb1 16.®d2 Õb2 17.®c1 c3ç) 15...®f8 16.0-0 (16.®d2 Àg4!) 16...Õa2ì] 13...©b6 14.0-0 ©b2 15.Àbd2 Ãb5 16.Àc4 Ãa4 17.Àb2 Ãb5 18.Àe5 Õa7Ç 19.Ãf3?! [19.Àbc4 Àbd7 (19...a4 20.Õfb1Ê) 20.Àa5 Ãe2 21.Õfe1 Ãh5 22.Àac6 Õa1 23.Õa1Ç] 19...Àbd7 20.Àec4 Õb8! 21.Õfb1 [21.Àa5 Ãe2 22.Ãe2 Õb2ì] 21...g5! 22.e3 [22.g4 Àd5ì; 22.Àd6 g4 23.Àb5 Õb5 24.Ãg2 Õb4ì] 22...g4 23.Ãd1 Ãc6! 24.Õc1 [£ Àb2-d3-e5; 24.Àa5? Ãe4î; 24.Ãc2 a4] 24...Ãe4 25.Àa4 Õb4 26.Àd6 Ãf3! 27.Ãf3?! gf3 28.Àc8 Õa8 29.Àe7 ®g7 30.Àc6 Õb3 31.Àc5 Õb5 [a5>] 32.h3 Àc5 33.Õc5 [33.dc5 Àd7 34.Àd4 Õc5 35.Õc5 Àc5 36.Àf3 a4ç] 33...Õb2! [33...Õc5 34.dc5 Àd7ì] 34.Õg5 ®h6 35.Õga5 Õa5 36.Àa5?! [36.Õa5 Àe4 37.Àe5 Õb1 (37...Àf2?! 38.Àf7 ®g7 39.Àg5) 38.®h2 Õf1 39.Õa2 Àf2 40.Àf3 Àd1 41.Àe5 Àe3ì] 36...Àe4 37.Õf1 Àd2 38.Õc1 Àe4 39.Õf1 f6! 40.Àc6 Àd2

._._._._ _T_._._. ._N_Jj._ _._._M_. ._.iS_._ _._.iJ_I R_._.i.k _._._._.

54.Õa5 [54.d5! e5 55.h4 Õg7 (55...Àc3 56.Õd2 Õg7) 56.®h3 Àc3 (56...Õg2?? 57.Àe7X) 57.Õd2 Àe4ì] 54...®g6 55.Õa2 ®h5?! 56.d5! [56.Õa5 ®h4! £ 57...Õb2; £ 57...Õg7] 56...e5 [56...ed5? 57.Àd4 Àg5 58.®g3; 56...Õg7? 57.de6 Õg2 58.®h1 Àf2 (58...Àg3 59.fg3 Õa2 60.e7 Õa8 61.Àd8ê) 59.Õf2 Õf2 60.e7 Õf1 61.®h2 Õf2 62.®g3 Õg2 63.®f3 Õg8 64.Àd4! ®g6 65.e4 ®f7 66.Àf5ê] 57.Õa4! f5?? [57...Àf2! 58.®g3 e4! 59.®f2 Õb2 60.®e1 (60.®g3? Õg2 61.®f4 f2 62.Õa1 Õg1î) 60...Õb1 61.®f2 (61.®d2? f2) 61...Õb2ì] 58.Àe5ê Õb2 59.Àd3 Õb7 60.Õd4 Õb6 61.d6 Àd6 62.®g3 Àe4 63.®f3 ®g5 64.h4! ®f6 [64...®h4 65.Àc5ê] 65.Õd5 Àc3 66.Õd8 Õb1 67.Õf8 ®e6 68.Àf4 ®e5 69.Õe8 ®f6 70.Àh5 ®g6 71.Àg3 Õb2 72.h5 ®f7 73.Õe5 Àd1 74.Àe2 ®f6 75.Õd5 [75...Õe2 76.Õd6 ®e7 77.®e2] 1-0 M/06-7-15

Ts.d.tM_ _._._JjJ L_._Js._ jQ_._._. ._Ji._._ _._._Ni. .i._IiBi rN_.k._R

13.©a4 [13.©a5 Ãb7! 14.©d8 Õa1! 15.©f8 (15.©b6 Õb1 16.®d2 c3! 17.®c3 Àd5ç; 15.©c7 Õb1 16.®d2 Õb2 17.®c1 c3î) 15...®f8 16.0-0 (16.®d2 Àg4!) 16...Õa2 17.Àe5 (17.Õc1 Õb2 18.Àa3 Àbd7 (18...Õe2?? 19.Õb1!) 19.Ãf1 Ãf3 20.ef3 Õd2 21.Õc4 Àd5= Cs. Horvath) 17...Ãa6 18.Àc3 Õb2ÿ Pein] 13...©b6 14.0-0 ©b2 15.Àbd2 Ãb5 [15...c3? 16.Õfb1ê Pein] 16.Àc4 Ãa4 17.Àb2 Ãb5 18.Àe5 Õa7 [18...Õa6?! 19.Àbd3! Àbd7 20.Õfb1 Àe5 (20...Õb8 21.Àc5ê;


Kramnik,Vladimir Topalov,Veselin

Elista Wch-m 2006 (1)

1.d4 Àf6 2.c4 e6 3.Àf3 d5 4.g3 dc4 5.Ãg2 Ãb4 [5...Àc6!? 6.©a4 Ãd7 7.©c4 Àa5 8.©d3 c5 9.0-0 Ãc6 10.Àc3 cd4 11.Àd4 Ãc5 12.Õd1 Ãg2 (12...Ãd4


20...Ãd3 21.Àd3å) 21.Àc5!ê Cs. Horvath; 18...Àd5!? 19.Àbc4 (19.Õfc1 Ãe2 20.Õc2 Ãa6 (20...Ãb5 21.Õc5 Ãe8 22.Ãd5 ed5 23.Õca5 Õa5 24.Õa5 f6 25.Àed3 Ãf7 26.Àb4å) 21.Ãd5 ed5 22.Õa5 f6=) 19...f6 (19...Àc6; 19...a4) 20.Õfb1 Ãa6 21.Ãh3 Àc7 22.Àb6 Õa7 23.Àec4 Àc6 24.e3 Õb8Ç Cs. Horvath] 19.Ãf3?! [19.Àbc4!? Àbd7 (19...a4?! 20.Õfb1Ê) 20.Àa5 Ãe2 (20...Àe5 21.de5 Àd7 22.f4 Ãe2 23.Õfe1 Ãb5 24.Àb7 Õfa8 25.Õab1å Cs. Horvath) 21.Õfe1 Ãh5 22.Àac6 Õa1 23.Õa1Ç] 19...Àbd7 [The critical moment]

._._.tM_ t._S_JjJ ._._Js._ jL_.n._. ._.i._._ _._._Bi. .n._Ii.i r._._Rk.

20.Àec4 [20.Àd7! Ãd7 (20...Àd7 21.Õfb1 (£ Àd1-c3!? Notkin) 21...Õc8 22.Àd1 Ãc6 23.Õc1 Õac7 (23...Ãb7 24.Õc8 Ãc8 25.Àc3Ç) 24.d5! Ãd5 (24...ed5 25.Õa5 Àf6 26.Õac5å Svidler) 25.Õc7 Õc7 26.Ãd5 ed5 27.Õa5å, d5< Svidler) 21.Àd3 a4 (21...Õb8 22.Õa3 a4 23.Õfa1Ç Svidler) 22.Àc5 Õb8 23.Õa3 Ãe8 24.Õfa1 Õb4 25.e3 Àd5 26.Ãd1 Àb6ÿ Grischuk; 20.Àbc4 Àe5 21.Àe5 Àd5 22.Õa3 Àb4!â Cs. Horvath; 20.Àc6 Ãc6 21.Ãc6 Õc8 22.Ãa4 Àe4â Cs. Horvath] 20...Õb8! 21.Õfb1 [21.Àa5 Ãe2 22.Ãe2 Õb2â; 21.Õa2 Àd5 22.Õfa1 Õc7! 23.Àa5? (23.Ãd5 ed5 24.Àa5 Ãe2 25.Àd1â Cs. Horvath) 23...Àb4 24.Õa3 Àc2 25.Õc1 Õbc8 26.Õa2 Àd4ç Cs. Horvath] 21...g5! 22.e3 [22.Õa5 Õa5 23.Àa5 g4 24.Ãg2 Ãe2â Pein; 22.h3 Ãc4 23.Àc4 Õb1 24.Õb1 a4 25.Õa1Ç Anka; 22.g4 Àd5=; 22.Àd6 g4 23.Àb5 Õb5 24.Ãg2 Õb4=; 22.®f1!? Cs. Horvath] 22...g4 23.Ãd1 Ãc6! 24.Õc1 [24.Àa5 Ãe4! 25.Àac4 (25.Àb3 Õab7ç Anka) 25...Õab7ç Pein; 24.Õa5?? Õa5 25.Àa5 Ãe4î; 24.Ãc2 a4] 24...Ãe4 25.Àa4 [25.Ãe2 £ 26.Àd3 Cs. Horvath] 25...Õb4 26.Àd6 [26.Àc5 Àc5 27.dc5 a4 28.Õa3 h5= Cs. Horvath] 26...Ãf3!

27.Ãf3?! gf3 28.Àc8 [28.Àc5 Àc5 29.dc5 a4 30.Àc4 Õc7 31.Àe5 Àd7 32.Àd7 Õd7â Cs. Horvath; 28.Àc3 £ Àe4-d2 Cs. Horvath] 28...Õa8 29.Àe7 ®g7 30.Àc6 Õb3 31.Àc5 Õb5 [31...Àc5 32.dc5 Õb2 33.Àd4 (33.Õa5? Õa5 34.Àa5 Àe4 35.Õf1 (35.c6? Àf2 36.c7 Àh3 37.®h1 (37.®f1 Õh2 38.®e1 f2 39.®e2 f1© 40.®f1 Õh1î) 37...Õg2! 38.c8© Õg1! (38...Àf2X) 39.Õg1 Àf2X Cs. Horvath) 35...Àg5 36.h4 Àh3 37.®h2 Àf2 38.®g1 Àg4 39.Õf3 Õb5ç Cs. Horvath) 33...Àe4 34.Àf3 Àf2 35.c6= Cs. Horvath] 32.h3 [32.Àa4 Àe4 Pein; 32.Õa2!? Cs. Horvath] 32...Àc5 33.Õc5 [33.dc5 Àd7 34.Àd4 Õc5 35.Õc5 Àc5 36.Àf3 a4ç] 33...Õb2! [33...Õc5 34.dc5 Àd7=; 34...a4 35.Àd4 a3 36.Àf3 a2 37.c6 Àd5 38.Àd4 ®f6 39.Àb5 ®e7! 40.e4 Àb4 41.c7 ®d7 42.Õd1 Àd5! 43.Õa1 (43.ed5?! a1© 44.de6 ®c8 45.Õa1 Õa1 46.®g2 fe6â Cs. Horvath) 43...Àb4= Cs. Horvath; 34...Àe4 35.Õa5 Õa5 36.Àa5 Àc5= Anka] 34.Õg5 [34.Õaa5?? Õa5 35.Õa5 Àe4î; 34.Àa5?? Àe4 35.Õf1 Àc5î; 34.Õca5?! Õa5 35.Àa5 Àe4= Anka] 34...®h6 35.Õga5 [35.Õaa5? Àe4 36.Àe5 Àg5 37.Õa8 Àh3 38.®h2 Àf2 39.Àf3 Õe2ç Anka] 35...Õa5 36.Àa5?! [36.Õa5 Àe4 (36...Õb1 37.®h2 Õb2= Cs. Horvath) 37.Àe5 Õb1 (37...Àf2?! 38.Àf7 ®g7 39.Àg5Ç) 38.®h2 Õf1 39.Õa2 Àf2 40.Àf3 Àd1 41.Àe5 Àe3=] 36...Àe4 37.Õf1 Àd2 38.Õc1 Àe4 39.Õf1 f6! 40.Àc6 Àd2 41.Õd1 Àe4 42.Õf1 ®g6 43.Àd8! Õb6!? [43...e5 44.de5 (44.Àc6 ®f5¤) 44...fe5 45.Àc6 ®f6¤; 43...Àg5! 44.®h2 (44.h4?! Àh3 45.®h2 Àf2ç Cs. Horvath) 44...e5 45.Àc6 (45.de5 fe5 46.Àc6 ®f6 47.h4 Àe4 48.®g1 h5¤) 45...®f5 46.g4 ®e6â Cs. Horvath] 44.Õc1 h5! 45.Õa1 [45.h4?! ®f5] 45...h4 [45...e5 Pein; 45...Àg5!? 46.®h2 (46.h4? Àh3 47.®f1 Õb2î) 46...Õb2 47.Õf1 ®f5¤] 46.gh4! [Cs. Horvath; 46.g4 e5 47.de5 fe5 48.Õc1 (48.Õa2? Õb1 49.®h2 Õf1î Pein) 48...Õb2¤ Anka] 46...®h5 47.Õa2 ®h4 48.®h2 ®h5 [48...Àg5 49.Õa4 Õb2 50.d5 ®h5 51.Àe6 Õf2 52.®h1 Õf1= Cs. Horvath] 49.Õc2 ®h6 50.Õa2 ®g6 51.Õc2 ®f5 52.Õa2 Õb5 [52...®g6= Cs. Horvath] 53.Àc6 Õb7 [£ Õg7-g2 Pein] 54.Õa5 [54.Õc2? Õg7 55.d5 e5î Pein; 54.d5! e5 55.h4 Õg7 (55...Àc3 56.Õd2 Àe4=)

56.®h3 Àc3 (56...Õg2?? 57.Àe7X) 57.Õd2 Àe4=] 54...®g6 [54...e5? 55.Àe5!ê Pein] 55.Õa2 ®h5?! [55...®h6 56.d5 Õg7 57.de6 Õg2 58.®h1 ®g7 59.Õa7 ®g6 60.Àe7 ®h6 61.Õa2 Àf2 62.Õf2 Õf2 63.Àf5 ®g6 64.Àd6 Õf1 65.®h2 f2 66.®g3 Õd1 67.e7 f1© 68.e8© ®g7 69.©e7= Cs. Horvath] 56.d5! [56.Õa5 ®h4! 57.Õa8 Õb2 58.Õh8 ®g5 59.Õg8 ®h6 60.®g1 Õb1 61.®h2 Õf1 62.Õg4 f5! 63.Õe4 (63.Õf4 Õf2 64.®g1 Õg2 65.®f1 Õc2 66.Àe5 Õc1X) 63...fe4ç Pein] 56...e5 [56...ed5? 57.Àd4 Àg5 58.®g3å; 56...Õg7? 57.de6 Õg2 58.®h1 Àf2 (58...Àg3 59.fg3 Õa2 60.e7 Õa1 (60...Õa8 61.Àd8ê) 61.®h2 Õa2 62.®g1 Õa8 63.Àd8ê) 59.Õf2 Õf2 60.e7 Õf1 61.®h2 Õf2 62.®g3 Õg2 63.®f3 Õg8 64.Àd4! (64.®e4?! ®g6 65.®d5 ®f7 66.®d6 Õg3= 67.®d7 Õe3 68.Àd8 ®g6 69.e8© Õe8 70.®e8 ®g5) 64...®g6 65.e4 ®f7 66.Àf5ê £ h4-h5] 57.Õa4!

._._._._ _T_._._. ._N_.j._ _._Ij._M R_._S_._ _._.iJ_I ._._.i.k _._._._.

57...f5?? [57...Àf2! 58.®g3 (58.d6? Õb2 59.Õb4 Õd2 60.®g3 Àh1 61.®f3 f5 62.Àe5 Õf2X) 58...e4! (58...Àd3 59.®f3 f5 60.d6 Õd7 61.Àe7 Õd6 62.Àf5 Õf6 63.e4å Pein) 59.®f2 Õb2 60.®f1 (60.®g3? Õg2 61.®f4 f2 62.Õa1 Õg1î; 60.®e1 Õb1 61.®d2? f2î) 60...Õb1 61.®f2 Õb2 62.®g1 Õb1 63.®f2 Õb2=] 58.Àe5ê Õb2 59.Àd3 [59.Õe4 fe4 60.®g3 ®g5 (60...Õd2 61.®f4 Õf2 62.®e4 ®h4 63.Àf3 ®h3 64.d6ê) 61.Àf7 ®f6 62.Àd6 Õb4 63.®f4ê Pein] 59...Õb7 [59...Õd2 60.Õd4!ê Pein] 60.Õd4 Õb6 61.d6! Àd6 62.®g3 Àe4 63.®f3 ®g5 64.h4! ®f6 65.Õd5 Àc3 66.Õd8 Õb1 67.Õf8 ®e6 68.Àf4 ®e5 69.Õe8 ®f6 70.Àh5 ®g6 71.Àg3 Õb2 72.h5 ®f7 73.Õe5 Àd1 74.Àe2 ®f6 75.Õd5 1-0


Survey CA 3.1 The More Accurate 8.©d2 Grischuk,Alexander Moiseenko,Alexander

Sochi tt 2006 (10)

1.d4 Àf6 2.c4 e6 3.g3 d5 4.Àf3 dc4 5.Ãg2 Ãb4 6.Ãd2 a5 7.©c2 Ãd2 8.©d2 c6 9.a4 b5 10.ab5 cb5 11.©g5 0-0 12.©b5 Àa6 13.©c4 [13.Àbd2 Àc7 14.©e5 Ãa6Ç] 13...Àb4Ç 14.©b3 e5?! [14...Ãb7!?Ç] 15.Àe5å

60.Õa6 ®g7å] 58.Õa5 [58.Õg5 Õb2!å] 58...Õc7 [58...Àg4!?å] 59.Õg5 Õc2 60.Õb5 [60.Õg6?!] 60...Õc7 61.Àh3 Õe7 62.Õg5 Àh7 63.Õc5 Àf6 64.Õa5 Àh7 65.Àf4 Õb7 66.Õe5 Àf6 [66...Õb4? 67.Àd5 Õd4 68.Õe7 ®f8 69.Õd7ê; 69.Õh7?! Õd5 70.f4 ef3 71.®f3 (71.ef3 ®g8å) 71...Õf5 72.®e4 Õf2 73.e3å] 67.Àe6 Õe7 68.Àd8 ®f8 69.Àc6 Õc7 70.Õe6 ®g7 [70...®f7? 71.Àd8 ®g7 72.Õe4!ê] 71.Àe5 [71.f3?! ef3 72.ef3 Àd7å] 71...Õa7 72.Õc6 Õe7 73.Õc5 Õa7 74.Õc2 Õe7 75.Àc6 Õc7 76.Àd4

T_Ld.tM_ _._._JjJ ._._.s._ j._.n._. .s.i._._ _Q_._.i. .i._IiBi rN_.k._R

15...Õb8 [15...Ãe6 16.©d1 Õc8 17.Àa3å] 16.0-0 ©d4 17.Õa5 Ãe6 18.©c3 ©d8 19.Õc5 [19.©c5 Õe8 20.Àc3å] 19...©b6 20.Àa3 Àbd5 [20...Àfd5 21.©d4 Õbc8 22.Àd3å; 22.Ãd5?! ©c5 (22...Õc5?? 23.Ãe6 Àc6 24.Àc6 Õc6 25.©b6 Õb6 26.Ãd5ê) 23.©c5 Õc5 24.Ãe6 Õe5 (24...fe6?? 25.Àd7ê) 25.Ãg4=] 21.©c1! ©b2 22.Àc6 ©c1 23.Õfc1 Õb3 24.Àb5 Õb2 25.Àbd4 Õe8 26.Àe6 fe6 27.Ãf3 [27.e4!?å] 27...Àd7 28.Õa5 À5f6 29.Õd1 e5 30.Ãd5 Àd5 31.Õad5 Àf6 32.Õ5d2 Õd2 33.Õd2 ®f7 34.Õd6 e4 35.Àd4 g6 36.®g2 Õe7 37.Àc6 Õe8 38.h3 h5 [38...Õa8!?å] 39.Àd8 ®g7 40.Àe6 ®f7 41.Àg5 ®g7 42.Àe6 [42.f3 ef3 43.®f3 (43.ef3? Õe2=) 43...Õe5å] 42...®f7 43.Àg5 ®g7 44.Õc6 Õe7 45.Àe6 ®f7 46.Àd8 ®g7 47.Àe6 ®f7 48.Àf4 Õd7 49.Õc5 Õd6 50.Õe5 Õa6 51.h4 [g6<] 51...Õa8 52.Õb5 Õa7 53.Õg5 Õa2 54.®f1 [54.Õg6?! Àd5 55.Õg5 (55.Àd5?! ®g6 56.Àf4 ®f5=) 55...Àf4 56.gf4 Õe2 57.Õh5 e3 58.®f3 Õf2 59.®e3 Õh2= endgame tablebase] 54...Õa1 55.®g2 Õa2 56.Õb5 [56.Õg6?!] 56...Õa7 57.Õc5 Õb7 [57...Àg4!? 58.Õc4 Õe7 59.Õc6 Àe5

._._._._ _.t._.m. ._._.sJ_ _._._._J ._.nJ_.i _._._.i. ._R_IiK_ _._._._.

76...Õc2? [76...Õa7!å with drawing chances] 77.Àc2ê Àg4 78.f3 ef3 79.®f3 ®f6 80.®f4 Àe5 81.Àd4 Àd7 82.Àf3 Àc5 83.Àg5 Àd7 84.e4 Àe5 85.Àf3 Àd3 86.®e3 Àb4 87.®d4 ®e6 88.Àg5 ®d6 89.e5 ®e7 90.Àh3 ®e6 [90...®d7 91.Àf4 Àc6 92.®d5 Àe7 93.®e4 ®c6 94.Àe6 ®d7 95.Àd4ê] 91.Àf4 ®f5 92.e6! Àc6 [92...®f6 93.®c5ê] 93.®c5 Àe7 94.®d6 Àg8 95.e7 Àe7 [95...Àf6 96.Àd5 Àe4 97.®c6ê] 96.®e7 g5 97.Àg2 ®g4 98.®f6 gh4 99.gh4 ®g3 100.®g5 ®g2 101.®h5 ®g3 102.®g5 1-0

17.a3ê) 17.Õfd1 c6 18.Àa5 ©c7 19.Àc4 Õfd8 20.a3 Àb6 (20...b5 21.Àe3â) 21.©c2= Àc4 22.©c4 ©b6 ½-½ Miroshnichenko-Kengis, Abu Dhabi 2006] 11...0-0 12.e3 Àb4 [12...©e8 13.f4!?Ç] 13.Àc4Ç c5 14.a3 Àbd5 15.0-0 [15.dc5 ©c7 16.©d4 Àd7 17.e4 Àe7Ç] 15...b5 16.Àe5 cd4 17.©d4 Õc8 18.Õfc1 a4? [18...Àe7!?Ç] 19.Ãf1!å [b5<] 19...©a5?! [19...Àe7 20.Ãb5 ©d4 21.ed4 Õb8 22.Ãa4 Õb2å] 20.e4ê Àe7 [20...©b6 21.©b6 Àb6 22.f3!ê] 21.Àd7! Àd7 22.©d7 Õc1 [22...Õce8 23.©b5 ©a7 24.Õc4 Õa8 25.Õd1 Õfb8 26.Õcd4!ê] 23.Õc1ê Àg6 24.©b5 ©d2 25.Õc4 f5 26.ef5 Õf5 27.Õc8 [27.©b6 ®f7 28.f4 Õh5ê] 27...Àf8 [27...®f7 28.©e8 ®f6 29.©d8 ©d8 30.Õd8 Õe5 31.Õd4ê]

._R_.sM_ _._._.jJ ._._J_._ _Q_._T_. J_._._._ i._._.i. .i.d.i.i _._._Bk.

28.©f5 1-0

Damljanovic,Branko Korneev,Oleg

Vrsac 2006 (3)

Delchev,Alexander Giorgadze,Giorgi

Spain tt 2006 (1)

1.d4 Àf6 2.c4 e6 3.g3 d5 4.Àf3 Ãb4 5.Ãd2 a5 6.Ãg2 dc4 7.©c2 Ãd2 8.©d2 Ãd7 9.Àe5 Ãc6 10.Àc6 Àc6 11.Àa3 [11.e3 ©d7 (11...a4?! 12.©c2!) 12.Àa3 e5!? 13.Àc4 (13.de5 Àe5 14.©d7 Àfd7Ç) 13...ed4 14.ed4 0-0 15.d5 (15.Àe5 Àe5 16.de5 ©e6=) 15...Àb4 16.0-0 Àbd5 (16...Àfd5??

1.c4 e6 2.Àf3 d5 3.d4 Àf6 4.g3 dc4 5.Ãg2 Ãb4 6.Ãd2 a5 7.©c2 Ãd2 8.©d2 Ãd7 9.Àe5 Ãc6 10.Àc6 Àc6 11.Àa3 0-0 12.Õd1 ©e7 13.0-0 [13.Àc4 Àd5!?ÿ] 13...©b4 14.©c1 Àd5 [14...Õa6 15.Àc4 b5 16.Àe5 Àd4 17.®h1!¤ £ 18.a3] 15.Àc4 Õfd8 16.a3 ©b5 17.Õd3 a4 18.Õfd1 Àa5 [18...Àf6 19.©c2Ç] 19.Àa5Ç ©a5 20.e4 Àe7 21.d5 ed5 22.ed5 ©b6 23.©e3!? ©e3 [23...©d6!?Ç] 24.fe3 ®f8 25.d6! cd6 26.Õd6 Àc6!? [26...Õd6 27.Õd6 Õc8! 28.Ãb7 Õc1 29.®f2 Õc2 30.®f3 Àg6 31.Õa6 Õb2 32.Ãd5 Õh2Ç] 27.Ãc6 Õd6 28.Õd6 bc6 29.Õc6 Õb8 30.Õc2 ®e7 31.®f2 ®e6 32.®e2 Õb7 33.Õd2 ®e5 34.h4 f5


35.®f3 g6 36.Õd4 Õb2 37.Õa4 Õa2 38.e4 Õa1 [38...Õc2!? 39.Õa5 ®e6 with drawing chances] 39.Õa5 ®f6 40.Õa6 [40.ef5 gf5 41.Õa6 ®e5 42.g4 fg4 43.®g4 Õd1 44.a4 Õd4 45.®g5 h6! 46.®h5 ®f5 47.Õa5 ®f6=] 40...®e5 41.Õa5 ®f6 42.ef5 gf5 43.g4 fg4 44.®g4

Ivanisevic,Ivan Payen,Arnaud

San Marino 2006 (4)

._._._._ _._._._J ._._.m._ r._._._. ._._._Ki i._._._. ._._._._ t._._._.

44...Õg1? [44...Õd1 45.®h5 (45.Õf5 ®e6 46.Õf2 Õd5 47.Õa2 Õa5 48.a4 h5=) 45...Õd4! 46.Õa7 Õc4 47.a4 Õd4 48.a5 Õa4 49.a6 h6!= 50.Õh7 Õa5 51.®g4 Õa4 52.®g3 ®g6 53.Õa7 ®h5 54.Õa8 Õa6! 55.Õa6 stalemate] 45.®h5ê Õg7 [45...Õd1 46.®h6 Õd7 47.h5ê] 46.Õa8 Õc7 47.®h6 Õc4 [47...®f5 48.Õa5 ®f6 49.a4 Õd7 50.h5 Õc7 51.Õb5 Õa7 52.a5ê] 48.h5 Õc7 [48...Õc5 49.Õa6 ®f7 50.a4 Õd5 51.a5 Õc5 52.Õa7 ®f6 53.a6 Õa5 54.Õa8ê] 49.Õa5 Õd7 50.a4 Õc7 51.Õb5 Õd7 52.a5 Õa7 53.Õc5 ®e6 54.®g5 [54.Õg5 ®f6 55.Õb5 ®e6 56.Õb6 ®e5 57.a6 ®f5 58.Õb5 ®e6 59.Õa5!ê ®f6 60.Õa2 ®f5 61.Õa3 ®f6 62.Õa5 ®f7 63.®g5 ®e6 64.®f4 ®d6 65.®f5 ®c6 66.®f6 ®b6 67.Õa1 ®c6 68.h6 ®c5 69.Õa2 ®d5 70.Õa5 ®c4 71.®e5 ®b4 72.Õa1 ®c4 73.®d6ê] 54...Õg7 55.®f4 [55.®h6!ê] 55...Õg1 [55...Õa7 56.®g5 Õg7 57.®h6 Õa7 58.Õb5 ®f6 59.Õb6 ®e5 60.a6 ®f5 61.Õb5 ®e6 62.Õa5ê] 56.Õc6 ®d5 [56...®d7 57.Õa6 ®c8 58.Õa7 Õf1 59.®g5ê] 57.Õb6 [57.Õc7 h6 58.Õd7 ®e6 59.Õh7ê] 57...Õf1 [57...Õg7 58.a6 Õa7 59.®f5ê] 58.®g5 Õf7 [58...®e5 59.Õb5 ®e4 60.Õb4 ®e5 61.Õb7 Õf5 62.®h6ê] 59.a6 Õa7 [59...Õg7 60.®f6 Õa7 61.Õe6ê] 60.®f6 [60.h6 Õa8 61.Õb7 Õe8ê] 60...®c5 61.Õe6 ®d5 62.h6 Õa8 63.Õe5 [63.Õe7 Õa6 64.®g7 Õa1 65.®h7 ®d6 66.Õf7 Õg1 67.Õg7 Õa1 68.Õg5ê] 63...®d6 64.Õe7 1-0

1.d4 d5 2.Àf3 Àf6 3.c4 e6 4.g3 dc4 5.Ãg2 Ãb4 6.Ãd2 a5 7.©c2 Ãd2 8.©d2 Ãd7 9.Àa3 Ãc6 10.Àc4 Ãd5 11.Àe3 [11.Àa5?? b6î] 11...Ãe4 12.0-0 Àc6 13.Õfd1 0-0 14.Õac1 ©e7 [14...©d6 15.Àc4 ©d5 16.©f4=] 15.Àe5Ç Ãg2 16.®g2 Àb4 17.a3 Àe4 18.©e1 Àd5 19.À3c4 a4 20.f3 Àd6 21.e4 Àc4 22.Àc4 Àf6 23.©b4 ©b4 24.ab4 Õfc8 25.Õc3 [25.®f2 ®f8Ç] 25...Àe8Ç 26.d5 Õd8 27.Õcd3 ed5 28.Õd5 Õd5 29.Õd5 ®f8 30.®f2 ®e7 31.®e3 b6 32.e5 f6 33.b5 fe5 34.Õe5 [34.Àe5?? ®e6î] 34...®f6 35.®d4 Àd6 36.Àd6 cd6 37.Õe3 Õc8 38.Õc3? [38.Õa3 Õc2 39.®d5 Õc5 40.®d6 Õb5 41.Õa4 Õb2 42.Õf4=] 38...Õc5 [38...Õc3 39.®c3 ®e5 40.®c4!=] 39.Õa3? [39.Õc5 dc5 40.®e4= g5 41.®d5 ®f5 42.®c4 ®e5 43.®d3 ®d5 44.®c3=] 39...Õb5ç 40.®c3? [40.Õa4! Õb2 41.®d5ç Õd2 42.®c6 Õh2 43.Õf4 ®e6 44.Õe4 ®f7 45.Õf4 ®g6 46.®d6ç with drawing chances] 40...Õc5î 41.®d3 b5 42.Õa1 Õc4 43.b3 ab3 44.Õb1 Õc2 [44...d5 45.Õb3 b4 46.Õb2 ®e5î] 45.Õb3 Õh2? [45...Õc5î] 46.g4!= h5 47.Õb5 hg4 [47...h4 48.Õf5 ®e6 49.Õg5= h3 50.®e3 Õh1 51.®f2=] 48.fg4 Õg2 [48...g6 49.Õd5=] 49.Õf5 ®g6 50.Õd5 Õg4 51.®e3! ½-½

27.©c2 c6 28.Àh4 [28.b4 b5 29.Õc5 ab4 30.ab4 Õa7Ç] 28...©f7 29.Àf3 ©g6 30.Àh4 [30.h3!?Ç] 30...©f7 31.Àf3 ½-½

Searching for Compensation 8.Àbd2 and 12...Ãa6 Wojtaszek,Radoslaw Hoffmann,Michael

Pardubice 2006 (9)

1.d4 Àf6 2.c4 e6 3.Àf3 d5 4.g3 dc4 5.Ãg2 Ãb4 6.Ãd2 a5 7.©c2 Ãd2 8.Àbd2 b5 9.0-0 0-0 10.a4 c6 11.b3 cb3 12.Àb3 Ãa6 13.Àc5 ba4?! [13...Àd5!? Pelletier] 14.Àa6Ç Àa6 15.©c6 Àb4 16.©a4 Õa7 [16...Àe4 17.Õac1Ç] 17.e3 Àd7 18.Õfc1 ©b8? [18...©e7!?å] 19.Õcb1!

.d._.tM_ t._S_JjJ ._._J_._ j._._._. Qs.i._._ _._.iNi. ._._.iBi rR_._.k.

[19...Àb6 20.Õb4!ê; 19...Õb7 20.Àd2 Àd5 21.©a5å/ê] 1-0

Wojtkiewicz,Aleksander Gulko,Boris

San Diego ch-USA 2006 (5)

1.Àf3 Àf6 2.c4 e6 3.g3 d5 4.d4 dc4 5.Ãg2 Ãb4 6.Ãd2 a5 7.©c2 Ãd2!? [7...b6 8.Ãb4!?N (8.©c4 Ãa6 9.©c2 0-0 10.a3 Ãd2 11.©d2 Àbd7 12.Àc3 c5 13.0-0 Õc8 ½-½ WojtkiewiczGulko, San Diego ch-USA 2004) 8...ab4 9.©c4å] 8.©d2 b6 [8...0-0 9.Àa3!] 9.Àe5Ç Õa7 10.Àa3 Ãb7 11.Ãb7 Õb7 12.Àac4 0-0 13.0-0 ©e7 14.Õfd1 Õd8 15.©c2 Àd5 16.a3 f6 17.Àf3 ©e8 18.Õac1 Àd7 19.e4 Àe7 20.©b3 Õa7 21.Àe3 ©f7 22.Õc3 Àf8 23.Õdc1 Õd7 24.Õc4 ©g6 25.®g2 h6 26.Õ1c3 Õb7 [26...©e4 27.d5 a4 28.Õe4 ab3 29.de6å]

Saric,Ibro Pavasovic,Dusko

Rijeka 2005 (2)

1.d4 d5 2.c4 e6 3.Àf3 Àf6 4.g3 dc4 5.Ãg2 Ãb4 6.Ãd2 a5 7.©c2 Ãd2 8.Àbd2 b5 9.0-0 0-0 10.a4 c6 11.b3 cb3 12.Àb3 Ãa6 13.Àc5 b4 14.Õfe1 [14.Õac1!?] 14...Àd5 15.e4 [15.Àe4!?=] 15...Àc3â 16.e5 [16.Õe3 Àd7 17.Õc3 bc3 18.©c3 Àc5 19.©c5 ©b8â] 16...Àd7ç 17.Àe4 Àe4 18.Õe4 Õc8 19.Õh4 h6 20.Õe1 [20.Õd1 ©e7ç] 20...©e7 [20...c5!?î] 21.Àd2 Õfd8? [21...c5!? 22.Àb3 cd4î] 22.Àb3¤ [22.Ãc6?? Àb8î] 22...c5 23.Àa5= Àb8


Survey CA 3.1

.sTt._M_ _._.dJj. L_._J_.j n.j.i._. Ij.i._.r _._._.i. ._Q_.iBi _._.r.k.

24.d5?? [24.©b2 cd4 25.Õd4 Õd4 26.©d4=] 24...ed5î 25.e6?! [25.Ãh3 Õc7 26.e6 ®h8î] 25...fe6 26.Õh6?! [26.©d2 ©f6î] 26...gh6 27.©g6 ©g7 28.©e6 ®h8 [28...®h7!? 29.Ãd5 Õe8 30.©f5 ©g6î] 29.Õe5 [29.Ãd5 Õf8î] 29...Õe8 0-1

Ilincic,Zlatko Payen,Arnaud

Budapest 2005 (7)

Avrukh,Boris Elianov,Pavel

Calvia ol 2004 (5)

1.d4 Àf6 2.c4 e6 3.g3 d5 4.Ãg2 dc4 5.Àf3 Ãb4 6.Ãd2 a5 7.©c2 Ãd2 8.Àbd2 b5 9.a4 c6 10.b3 cb3 11.Àb3 0-0 12.0-0 Ãa6 13.Àc5 Àbd7 14.Õfd1 ©e7 15.Àb3 [15.Àe5 Àe5 16.de5 Àd5 17.Àa6 Õa6 18.Ãd5 cd5 (18...cd5 ½-½ Chetverik-Cs.Horvath, Zalakaros 2005) 19.ab5 Õb6 20.Õa5 ©b4= Cs. Horvath] 15...©b4 16.Àc5 Àc5 17.dc5 Õad8 18.Õdb1

._.t.tM_ _._._JjJ L_J_Js._ jJi._._. Id._._._ _._._Ni. ._Q_IiBi rR_._.k.

18...©e4! 19.©b2 Õd5 [19...©f5 20.Àe5 Àg4 21.Àg4 ©g4 22.Ãc6=] 20.e3 [20.Àh4!? ©c4 21.Ãd5 ©d5 22.ab5 Ãb5 23.Õa5Ç] 20...Õc5â [20...ba4? 21.Àd4 ©e5 22.Ãd5 ©d5 23.©b6å] 21.Àd4 ©e5 22.ab5 Ãb5 23.Õa5 Àd5 [23...Àd7 24.Àb5 ©b2 25.Õb2 Õc1 26.Ãf1 cb5 27.Õab5=] ½-½

1.d4 d5 2.c4 e6 3.Àf3 Àf6 4.g3 dc4 5.Ãg2 Ãb4 6.Ãd2 a5 7.©c2 Ãd2 8.Àbd2 b5 9.0-0 0-0 10.a4 [10.b3 cb3= 11.Àb3 c6 (11...Ãb7 12.Õfc1=) 12.Õac1 ©e7 (12...b4 13.Õfe1Ç) 13.Àe5 Àd5 14.Àc6 Àc6 15.©c6 Ãd7 16.©c5 Õac8 (16...©e8!? 17.©c2 b4=) 17.©e7å A.DimitrovLogothetis, Kavala 2005; 10.Õfd1 Ãb7 (10...a4 11.b3 ab3 12.ab3 Õa1 13.Õa1 cb3 14.©b3=; 10...Àc6 11.b3 Àb4 12.©c1 (12.©b2 cb3 13.Àb3 Ãb7=) 12...cb3â 13.Àb3 Ãb7 14.©b1?! (14.Àc5!? Ãd5 15.©b1â) 14...Ãe4ç Carron-De Bruyn, Istanbul Wch-jr 2005) 11.a4Ç c6 12.Àe5 (12.b3!?Ç) 12...Àd5= 13.Àe4 Àa6 14.h4 (14.©d2!?â) 14...f6ç Bravetti-Logothetis, Ermioni Argolidas tt 2005] 10...c6 11.b3 cb3 12.Àb3 Ãa6 13.Õfc1 ba4 14.Àc5 Ãb5 15.Àa4 Àa6 16.©d2 Àd5 17.Àe5 ©d6 18.Ãd5!? cd5 [18...©d5?? 19.Àb6ê; 18...ed5 19.Àb6 Õa7 20.Õa5Ç] 19.Àc3 Àc7 20.Àb5 Àb5 21.Õc5 ©a6 [21...f6 22.Àc6 a4 23.©b4¤] 22.Àc6 Àd6 23.Õaa5?! [23.Àe7 ®h8 24.Õca5 ©b7 25.Õa8 Õa8 26.Õa8 ©a8 27.©b4=] 23...©b7â 24.©b4?? [24.©f4 Àe4 25.Õa8 Õa8 26.Õc2â] 24...Õa5î 25.©a5 ©b1 26.®g2 ©e4 27.®g1 ©e2 [27...Àb7 28.Àe7 ®h8î] 28.Õc1 Àe4 29.©e1 ©e1?! [29...©h5î] 30.Õe1ç Õa8 31.Õb1 g5 32.f4 Õa2 33.Õb8 ®g7 34.Õb7 gf4 35.gf4 Àd2? [35...Õa6 36.Àe5 Àd6ç] 36.Àe5â ®g8 [36...Õa4 37.Õf7 ®g8 38.Õe7 Õd4 39.Õe8 ®g7 40.Õe7 ®f8 41.Õh7â/=] 37.Õb8= ®g7 38.Õb7 ®g8 ½-½

18.Àc3¤] 16.Ãe4 [16.h3?! Àa6!â] 16...Àf6 17.Àa4 [17.Ãf3¤] 17...Àe4 18.©e4 Àa6 [18...f6 19.Àd3 ©d6 20.Àac5â] 19.Àc6 [19.©g4!?¤]

T_.d.tM_ _._._JjJ S_N_J_._ jL_._._. N_.iQ_._ _._._.i. ._._Ii.i r._R_.k.

19...©e8!â 20.d5 [20.Õdc1 f5 21.©f3 Õc8â] 20...Àb4 21.Àb4 Ãa4 [21...ab4!? 22.de6 ©e7º; 22...Ãa4?? 23.e7ê] 22.Àc2 Ãb3 23.d6 ©d7 24.©d3 a4 25.Õd2 Õfc8 26.Àe3 [26.e4 Õab8â] 26...Õab8 [26...Õc6 27.Àg4 f6 28.e4 Õac8ç] 27.Àg4 f6 28.e4 e5 29.Àe3 g6?! [29...®h8 30.Àf5 Õc4ç] 30.f4â Õc6 31.fe5?! [31.h3 Õe8 32.Àg4 Õe6 33.fe5 fe5 34.©b5!ÿ] 31...fe5ç 32.Õf1 [32.h3 ©e6!ç (32...©h3?! 33.Àd5 ®g7 34.Õh2=) 33.d7 Õd8 34.®h2 Õc7ç] 32...®g7 33.Àd5 ©d6 34.Õdf2 ½-½

Deviations for Black 8.Àbd2 and 11.Àb3 Fauland,Alexander Kaidanov,Gregory

Moscow 1989 (4)

Beliavsky,Alexander Veingold,Alexander

Calvia ol 2004 (11)

1.d4 Àf6 2.c4 e6 3.g3 d5 4.Ãg2 dc4 5.Àf3 Ãb4 6.Ãd2 a5 7.©c2 Ãd2 8.Àbd2 b5 9.a4 c6 10.b3 cb3 11.Àb3 0-0 12.0-0 Ãa6 13.Õfd1 ba4 14.Àc5 Ãb5 15.Àe5¤ [15.e4?! Àa6 16.h4 Àb4 17.©c3 ©e7 18.Õd2 Õfd8ç Adla-Baron Rodriguez, Aragon tt 2003] 15...Àd5 [15...©d6!? 16.Àa4 Àbd7 17.Àd7 (17.Ãc6?? Õac8î; 17.Àc6?? Õfc8î) 17...Àd7 18.e3¤;

1.d4 d5 2.c4 e6 3.Àf3 Àf6 4.g3 dc4 5.Ãg2 Ãb4 6.Ãd2 a5 7.0-0 [RR 7.©c2 Ãd2!? 8.Àbd2 b5 9.a4 c6 10.b3 cb3 11.Àb3 0-0 12.0-0 Àd5 gives the game position with a different move order ­ Anka] 7...0-0 8.©c2 Ãd2 9.Àbd2 b5 10.a4 c6 11.b3 cb3 12.Àb3 Àd5 13.e4 Àb4 [RR 13...Àe7 14.Õfc1 Àd7 15.©d2 (15.e5 Àb6=) 15...b4= 16.h4 Ãb7 17.©e3 h6 18.Àfd2 Ãa6 19.f4 ©b6 (19...Õb8 20.Àf3=) 20.Àc5Ç MatnadzeJavakhishvili, Tbilisi 2001; 13...Àb6 14.ab5 a4 15.Àc5 cb5 16.Õfb1Ç Anka] 14.©c3 Ãa6 15.ab5 [15.Õfc1 Àd7 16.ab5 Ãb5


17.Àa5 Õa5 ½-½ Züger-Cs.Balogh, Kusadasi Ech 2006] 15...Ãb5 16.Õfd1 [16.Õfe1!? £ 17.Àa5] 16...Àd7 17.Àa5 Ãe2 18.Õe1 Õa5 19.Õe2 Õa1 20.©a1 c5 21.©a4! ©c7! 22.Õb2 [22.dc5 Õb8=] 22...e5 23.d5?! [23.dc5 Àd3 24.Õd2º] 23...Àb6 24.©b5? [24.©b3=] 24...Õb8 25.©e2 Àa4 26.Õb3 c4 27.Õa3 c3! 28.Àe1 c2? [28...Àb6! 29.Àc2 (29.d6 ©c5) 29...©c5! (29...Àd7 30.Àb4 Õb4 31.©c2 Õc4 32.Ãh3=) 30.Àb4 (30.Õb3 Àd7ç) 30...©b4 31.Õa2 Àc8ç] 29.Àc2 Àc3 30.©e1! Àcd5 [30...Àb5? 31.©b4 Àa3 32.d6 ©c8 33.d7 ©c7 34.©e7ê] 31.ed5 Àc2 32.©c1 ©c4 33.Õa7 g6?! [33...Àe3!? 34.©c4 (34.©b2? ©c8) 34...Àc4 35.Õc7 Àb6=] 34.Ãf1 ©d4 35.Õa2 Àb4 36.Õd2 ©b6 37.©c4 [37.d6!? Àc6 £ 38...Àd4] 37...©d6= 38.Õb2 ®g7 39.h4 Àa6 40.Õc2 Àb4 41.Õb2 ½-½

®g7 28.©b2 Õe7 29.Õd8 h5î 30.h4 ©c7 31.Õa8 Õe3 32.©f2 Õe2 33.©d4 ©e5 34.©d8 Õg2! 35.®h1 Ãe8 [35...Õg1!î] 36.©e8 ©e8 37.Õe8 Õd2 38.Õe7 b3 39.Õf1 Õd1 40.Õf7 ®h6 41.Õd1 Àd1 42.Õb7 a4 0-1

Danielian,Elina Kosintseva,Tatiana

Calvia ol 2004 (11)


Ovetchkin,Roman Kosintseva,Tatiana

Moscow Aeroflot B 2005 (8)

1.d4 Àf6 2.c4 e6 3.g3 d5 4.Ãg2 dc4 5.Àf3 Ãb4 6.Ãd2 a5 7.0-0 0-0 8.©c2 Ãd2 9.Àbd2 b5 10.a4 c6 11.b3 cb3 12.Àb3 Àd5 13.Àe5!? [13.Õfc1 b4 14.h4 (14.Àe5 Àc3=) 14...Àc3 15.Àg5 g6 (15...f5!?â) 16.Àe4Ç Àd5 17.e3 Ãd7 18.©c5 ®g7 19.Àd6 Àa6 20.©a5 ©a5 (20...©b8 21.Àc4 Àac7å) 21.Àa5å Jiretorn-Medic, Gothenburg Ech-tt 2005] 13...b4 14.Àc6?! [14.Ãe4 g6 15.e3¤] 14...Àc6 15.©c6 Õa6 16.©c2 Àc3â 17.e3 Ãd7 18.Àc5 Õa7 19.f4 ©b6 20.Õf2 Õc8 21.Õd2 g6 22.h3

1.d4 Àf6 2.Àf3 d5 3.c4 e6 4.g3 dc4 5.Ãg2 Ãb4 6.Ãd2 a5 7.©c2 Ãd2 8.Àbd2 b5 9.a4 c6 10.b3 cb3 11.Àb3 b4 [11...0-0 12.Àe5 b4 13.0-0 Àd5 14.Àc6 (14.Ãe4!? g6 15.Àc6 Àc6 16.©c6=) 14...Àc6â 15.©c6 Õa6 16.©c4 Àc3 17.e3 ©b6 18.Õfe1 (18.Õfc1 Õa7 19.Õc3 bc3 20.©c3 Ãb7â) 18...Ãd7 19.Àc5 Õa7 20.e4 (¿ 20.Õac1!?=) 20...Õc7 21.©b3 ©d6 22.Àd7 Õd7 23.d5 ed5 24.ed5 ©c5 (24...Àd5? 25.Õad1ê) 25.Õe5 Õd6 (25...Õe7!? 26.Õae1 Õe5 27.Õe5 ©d6ç) 26.Õae1 g6â Cmilyte-T.Kosintseva, Chisinau Ech-W 2005] 12.Àe5 Àd5 13.Àc6 ©c7? [13...Àc6!? 14.©c6 Ãd7 15.©c5 ©e7ÿ]

25.Àdc5ê Õa7 26.Õe3 Ãe4 27.Àe4 de4 28.©e4 ©a4 29.©e6 ®h8 30.©f7 ©e8 31.©e8 Õe8 32.Àa5! Õd8 [32...Õa5 33.Õe7ê] 33.Àc6 [33.Àb3ê] 33...Àc6 34.Õc6 h6 35.Õe4 Õa1 36.®g2 Õd1 37.e3 Õa8 38.Õc2 Õa7 39.h4 ®h7 40.Õe8 ®g6 41.Õec8 h5 42.Õ8c7 Õa8 43.Õd7 ®h6 44.®f3 Õf1 45.d5 Õa5 46.Õd2 g5 47.hg5 fg5 48.Õc2 g4 49.®f4 Õa6 50.®e5 ®g5 51.Õc6 Õc6 52.dc6 Õf2 53.c7 Õc2 54.Õd5 [54...Õc6 55.Õa5ê] 1-0

Additional Curiosities after 8.Àbd2 Bunzmann,Dimitrij Pelletier,Yannick

Lausanne 1999 (1)

TsL_M_.t _.d._JjJ ._N_J_._ j._S_._. Ij.i._._ _N_._.i. ._Q_IiBi r._.k._R

14.Ãd5!å ed5 15.Àb4 ©b7 [15...©c4 16.Àd2!å] 16.Àd3 [16.Àd5!? 0-0 17.e4 Ãf5!? (17...Ãh3 18.Àc5 ©a7 19.Àf4ê) 18.©c7! ©b3 (18...©c7 19.Àc7 Ãe4 20.f3 Ãf3 21.0-0ê) 19.Àe7 ®h8 20.Àf5 ©d3 21.©e5 Õg8 22.d5ê] 16...0-0 17.0-0 Ãf5 18.Õfc1 ©e7 [18...©b6 19.©c3å] 19.©d2 Õa6?! [19...Àd7 20.Àf4 ©d8 21.Àc5å] 20.Àe5ê [20.Àf4!? Õd8 21.Õc5ê, a5<, d5<] 20...f6 21.Àd3 Àc6 22.Õc3 [22.Àf4 ©b4 23.©b4 Àb4 24.Õc5ê] 22...Õb8 23.Õac1 ©e8 24.©f4?! [24.Àdc5ê] 24...Àe7?! [24...Ãd3!? 25.Õd3 Õab6å]

._T_._M_ t._L_J_J .d._J_J_ j.n._._. Ij.i.i._ _.s.i.iI ._Qr._B_ r._._.k.

22...Õc5!ç 23.dc5 ©c5 24.Õd4 e5! 25.fe5 ©e5 26.©d2 Ãa4 27.®h2

1.d4 Àf6 2.c4 e6 3.Àf3 Ãb4 4.Ãd2 a5 5.g3 d5 6.Ãg2 [6.©c2!?] 6...dc4 7.©c2 Ãd2!? 8.Àbd2 b5 9.a4 c6 10.Àe5?! Àd5 [10...Õa6 11.Õd1 0-0 (11...©d4?? 12.Àdc4ê) 12.Àe4 Àd5 13.h4 (13.Àc5 Õb6=) 13...Àb4 14.©b1 f6 (14...ba4 15.Àc4 ©e7 16.h5Ç) 15.Àg5 fg5 16.hg5 g6 17.Àg6 Õf5 18.Àe5 Õa7 19.Ãe4 (¿ 19.f4!?Ç) 19...©g5 (â Anka) Mlynek-D.Pospisil, Moravia tt 2002/03; 10...©d4? 11.Àc6 ©c5 12.ab5å Anka] 11.0-0 [11.b3? Àb4 12.©c3 ©d4 13.©d4 Àc2 14.®d1 Àd4ç] 11...0-0 [11...f6 12.Àef3 0-0 13.e4 Àb6 14.d5 ba4 (14...ed5 15.ed5 ©d5 16.ab5 ©b5 17.Õfc1â) 15.de6â Ãe6 16.Õfd1 ©e8 17.©c3 À8d7 18.Ãf1 Àc5 (18...f5!? 19.ef5 Àd5 20.©c4 À7b6â) 19.©e3= Àbd7 20.Ãc4 (20.Àd4 ®h8=) 20...Õb8 (ÿ Anka) Polovnikova-Zaiats, Kazan ch-RUS-W 2004]

TsLd.tM_ _._._JjJ ._J_J_._ jJ_Sn._. I_Ji._._ _._._.i. .iQnIiBi r._._Rk.


Survey CA 3.1

12.e4? [12.Àe4 f6 13.Àf3 Àa6!?; 12.b3 f6 13.Àef3 (13.bc4? Àb4î) 13...c3 14.e4 cd2 15.ed5 ed5 16.©d2â; 12.Ãe4 g6= Anka] 12...Àb4 [â Anka; ¿ 12...Àb6!? 13.ab5 (13.Õfd1 ©d4 £ 14.Àdc4? ©c5; 13.Àef3ç) 13...cb5ç] 13.©c3 Àd7 [13...Ãb7!?] 14.Àd7 [14.Àef3 Àb6 15.ab5 cb5 16.b3 cb3 17.Àb3 Àa4ç; 14.b3? Àe5 15.de5 ©d3 16.©d3 cd3ç] 14...©d7! 15.b3!? [15.Õfd1 Õd8 16.Àf3!?] 15...Õd8 [15...e5 16.d5 (16.de5?! Õd8 17.Õfd1 cb3 18.©b3 ©e7â £ 19...Ãe6) 16...cb3 17.Àb3 cd5 18.ed5¤] 16.ab5?! [16.Õfd1 Ãa6â; 16...©d4?! 17.©d4 Õd4 18.Àc4 Õd1 (18...e5 19.Õd4 ed4 20.Àb6 Õb8 21.Àc8 Õc8 22.ab5 cb5 23.Õa5 d3 24.Õb5 d2 25.Ãf3å) 19.Õd1 ®f8 20.ab5 cb5 21.e5=; 16...Ãb7â; 16.Àf3] 16...cb5 [ç Anka] 17.bc4 [17.Õfd1 Ãb7 18.bc4 ©d4 19.©d4 Õd4 20.Àb3 Õd1 21.Õd1 bc4 22.Àa5 Ãa6ç] 17...©d4 18.©d4 Õd4 19.Àb3 [19.e5 Õa7 20.Àb3 Õc4 21.Àa5 Õc3ç] 19...Õc4 20.Õfd1 [20.Àa5 Õc7ç; 20...Õc3ç; 20.e5 Àd5ç] 20...g6 [20...Ãa6 21.Àa5 Õc3 22.Àb7!â; 20...®f8ç; 20...Àc6? 21.Àa5ê; 20...f6!?ç Anka] 21.Ãf1 [21.Àa5 Õc3 22.e5 Õa7!?ç; 21.Õd8 ®g7 22.e5 Àc6 23.Õd6 Ãb7î] 21...Õc3 22.Õa5 Õa5 23.Àa5 Ãa6 [£ 24...Õa3] 24.Õd4 [24.Õb1 Àc2ç] 24...Õa3 25.Õb4 [25.Àb7 Ãb7 (25...Àc6!) 26.Õb4 Õa4 27.Õb5 Ãe4 28.Õe5 ®g7ç, ®g1<] 25...Õa5 26.Õd4 [26.f4 ®f8 27.e5 ®e7â; 26.e5 h6â Anka] 26...Ãb7 27.f3 [27.Õb4 Ãc6ç] 27...®g7 28.Õd6 [28.Õd7 Ãc6 29.Õd6 Ãe8 30.Õd8 ®f8 31.Õb8 ®e7 32.Õb7 Ãd7ç] 28...Õa6! [28...®f6 29.Õb6 Ãa6 30.f4â] 29.Õa6? [29.Õd4 Õb6 30.Õb4 Ãa6 31.e5 (31.®f2 e5ç) 31...®f8 32.®f2 ®e7 33.®e3 ®d7 34.®d4 ®c6 35.f4 Õb8ç; 29.Õd7 Õb6ç] 29...Ãa6 30.®f2?! [30.e5 ®f8 (30...Ãb7 31.Ãb5 Ãf3ç Anka) 31.®f2 ®e7 32.®e3 ®d7 33.®d4 ®c6 34.f4 ®b6ç] 30...e5î 31.®e3 ®f8 [31...®f6 32.f4 ®e6î] 32.h4 [32.f4 f6] 32...h6 33.Ãd3 [33.f4 f6 34.f5 g5 35.®f3 ®e7 36.®g4 (36.hg5 hg5 37.®g4 Ãb7! 38.Ãb5 Ãe4î) 36...Ãb7! (36...gh4? 37.gh4 ®d6 38.®h5 ®c5 39.®h6 ®d4 40.®g7!! b4 41.Ãa6 b3 42.h5 b2 43.h6 b1© 44.h7=) 37.Ãd3 ®f8 38.®f3 Ãc6î] 33...®e7 34.Ãb1 [34.f4 f6 35.f5 g5 36.®f3 ®d6 37.®g4 ®c5 38.®h5 (38.hg5 hg5 39.®h5 ®d4î) 38...gh4 39.gh4 ®d4î] 34...f6 35.f4 ®d6 36.Ãa2 ®c5 37.Ãf7 g5 38.®f3 b4 39.Ãb3 [39.hg5 hg5 40.fg5 fg5 41.®g4 Ãc4î] 39...Ãc4 40.Ãc2 b3 41.Ãb3 Ãb3 42.fe5 fe5 43.hg5 hg5 44.®g4 ®d4 0-1 ½-½ Didishko-Alexandrov, Minsk 1996; 11.Àe5 Õa6 (11...Àd5!?) 12.e3 ©b6? (12...Àd5!?) 13.b3! cb3 14.Àb3 Àd5 15.Õfc1å Dedijer-Djingarova, Turin ol 2006] 11...Ãa6 [11...Àa6 12.©c3â] 12.Õfd1 h6 13.b3 cb3 14.Àb3 ba4 15.Àc5 Ãb5 16.Àe5 Àa6 17.Àa4 Àb4 18.©c3 ©e7 19.Àc5¤ Õa7 20.h3 Õfa8 21.Ãf3 Àe8 22.h4 [22.Õdc1!? Àd6 23.©e3¤] 22...Àd6 23.h5 Àb7 24.Àed7 Àc5 [24...Àa6!? 25.Àb7 Õb7 26.Àe5â] 25.Àc5 Õd8 26.®g2 Õda8 27.Õa3 ©d6 28.Õda1 Õd8?! [28...©d8!=] 29.Õa5Ç Õa5 30.Õa5 ©d4 31.©d4 Õd4 32.Õa8 ®h7 33.Õa7 [33.e5 Àd3 34.Ãe4 g6 35.hg6 fg6 36.Ãd3 Ãd3 37.Àd3 Õd3 38.Õa7 ®g8 39.Õe7Ç] 33...Àd3 [33...Õc4 34.Àd7 Àd3 35.Àf8 ®g8 36.Õa8 Õa4 37.Õb8 Àe1 38.®h1 g5 39.Àe6 ®h7 40.Õb7 ®g8 41.Õb8=; 33...Àc2!?] 34.Àd3 Ãd3 35.Õf7 [35.e5!Ç] 35...c5 [35...Ãe4 36.Ãe4 Õe4 37.Õc7=] 36.Õc7 c4 37.e5 ®g8 38.Ãc6 c3 39.Ãd7 Ãe4? [39...Ãf5!=] 40.f3å Õd2 [40...Ãd5 41.Õc8 ®f7 42.Õc3å] 41.®h3 Ãf3? [41...Ãd5 42.Õc3 ®f7å] 42.Ãe6ê ®h7 [42...®f8 43.Õf7 ®e8 44.Õf3ê] 43.Ãf5 ®g8 44.Ãg6 Ãg2 [44...Õd8 45.e6!ê] 45.®h4 ®f8 [45...Õd8 46.e6 Ãf1 47.e7 Õf8 48.Õd7 Õe8 49.Õd8 Ãb5 50.Õe8 Ãe8 51.Ãe8 g5 52.hg6 ®g7 53.Ãa4 ®f6 54.e8© c2 55.Ãc2 h5 56.Ãb3 ®g7 57.©f7 ®h6 58.©h7X] 46.e6 Õe2 [46...Õd4 47.g4ê]


Veingold,Alexander Baron Rodriguez,Jesus

Zaragoza 2004 (7)

1.d4 d5 2.Àf3 Àf6 3.c4 e6 4.g3 dc4 5.Ãg2 Ãb4 6.Ãd2 a5 7.©c2 Ãd2 8.Àbd2 b5 9.a4 c6 10.0-0 0-0 [10...Àd5 11.e4 Àb6 12.ab5 cb5 13.b3 cb3 14.Àb3 Àc4 15.Õfb1 0-0 16.Àc5¤ A.Kuzmin-Giorgadze, Benasque 1999]

TsLd.tM_ _._._JjJ ._J_Js._ jJ_._._. I_Ji._._ _._._Ni. .iQnIiBi r._._Rk.

11.e4 [11.Õfd1 Àa6 (11...h6 12.Àe5Ç Àd5 13.b3 cb3 14.Àb3 b4 15.Àc6 (15.Õd2 Àc3Ç) 15...Àc6= 16.©c6 Ãd7 17.©d6 Àc3 18.Ãa8 Àd1 19.Ãc6 (19.Ãf3 Àc3 20.Àa5 ©a5 21.©d7=) 19...Ãc6â Mascaro March-Breier, Cala d'Or 2004; 11...Àd5 12.e4 Àb6 13.Õa3â) 12.b3 (12.e4 Àb4 13.©b1 Õa7!?â Cebrian Valverde-Baron Rodriguez, Zaragoza 2003) 12...Àb4 13.©c1 cb3 14.Àb3 ba4 15.Àc5

._._.m._ _.r._.j. ._._I_Bj _._._._I ._._._.k _.j._.i. ._._T_L_ _._._._.

47.e7! [47...Õe7 48.Õc8 Õe8 49.Õe8X] 1-0



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