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Petition: We need action NOW on a NEW, THIRD Columbia River Crossing

I support studying a new, Third Bridge at a location downstream from the current I-5 bridge (near the current railroad bridge) in addition to the currently proposed study of tearing down and replacing the existing I-5 bridges. A Third Bridge option that retains the current bridges has less impacts. A new bridge crossing the Willamette River completes the corridor. These bridges will improve the economy, safety, the environment, and lessen costs. It removes truck and industrial traffic from the St. Johns, Kenton, North Portland and Fourth Plain (Vancouver) neighborhoods. A broad range of options is required to be studied. Name address phone email

Economic Transportation Alliance is sending this petition to State and Federal elected officials to support the study of a new Third Bridge corridor. More information can be found Contact us for lawn signs or more petitions. You can download petitions from the website. Please mail back to: ETA, PMB#390, 8316 N. Lombard, St. Johns, OR. 97203 Email [email protected] phone 503.283.9585, FAX: 503.286.9969 Be part of the Solution.

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New Third Bridge has FAR less impact

Blue outline shows "Primary Area of Potential Impact" for Columbia River Crossing proposed project: · Historic Ft, Vancouver · A hundred or more homes · Jantzen Beach · High bridge "lands" far away from river · Very Expensive, costs $2-6 Billion

Potential impact of new Third Bridge Proposal is outlined

The new Third Bridge at the railroad crossing is away from neighborhoods:

1 Contact Senator Murray and tell her that you want the new Third Bridge studied.

The Marshall House 1323 Officer's Row Vancouver, Washington 98661 Phone: (360) 696-7797 Fax: (360) 696-7798

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ETA PMB#390 8316 N. Lombard St. Johns, OR. 97203

Place Stamp Here ETA PMB#390 8316 N. Lombard St. Johns, OR. 97203





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