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Correspondence: Your business - our goal!

We are the experts in

effective document communication and, as such, customer communication is at the core of our activities.

It is not without good reason that PrintSoft is the global leader in the development and implementation of integrated software solutions for customer correspondence systems. Whether business related correspondence, transpromotional documents, customised workflow automation or postal solutions, the individual requirements of our customers are always at the centre of PrintSoft's solutions. Good communication with our customers is key to the development of innovative and sophisticated correspondence solutions. This close collaboration with the companies that put their trust in us is the basis of PrintSoft's success. Put us to the test. Ask us. Talk to our experts. This is crucial for us to continue developing effective correspondence solutions for the successful market positioning of your business.

More than 20 years in business in over 50 countries with more than 1,500 customers:

We work globally to offer companies local and customised solutions.

PrintSoft was founded in 1989 and has the largest customer base of Insurances companies, Financial Service Providers, Telecommunications companies, Utilities companies, Postal Services and other companies worldwide. Today, more than 5,500 PrintSoft document production systems are used by more than 1,500 customers in over 50 countries. PrintSoft is the world's leading provider of software solutions that simplify and automate the creation, production and delivery of personalised documents ­ online and by mail. Our international teams of highly qualified specialists serve companies from offices around the world. We draw on our unsurpassed experience to offer our customers the critical expertise required in this challenging market sector.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Michael Biechele General Manager PrintSoft Europe

We know how important effective communication is. Talking to our customers is the top priority.

Good communication right from the start is the key to your success. For this reason, talking to our customers is a top priority. That way, we are able to develop customised solutions in line with our customers' needs. PrintSoft is a recognised pioneer of system solutions for the creation and production of digital documents with variable data. Our software solutions are used worldwide by thousands of companies to ensure effective communication through targeted and personalised customer correspondence.

The whole is more than the sum of its individual components. We develop solution-oriented systems that reflect the individual requirements of our customers.

The software solutions from PrintSoft are used worldwide by thousands of companies to ensure effective communication through targeted and personalised customer correspondence. Furthermore, we also draw on our extensive expertise to provide companies with sophisticated end-to-end solutions for the creation, design and management of dynamic documents. We aim to offer our customers a full range of innovative and effective communications solutions that meet all their requirements. Most important of all: Whatever we develop for companies, we never lose sight of the bigger picture. All components are tailored to the individual needs of our customers ­ and the whole is more than the sum of its parts.

Document Life-Cycle

Campaign Management Provides data back to the organisation on responses to campaigns and feeds back into the CRM / ERP function Store & Archive Manages the `resting' states of a document such as archiving, searching and retrieving Create &Capture Involves the initial design and layout of the document, integration of data from a customer and merging content and template

We support the complete process from requirements analysis to project completion so that our customers can rest assured, knowing that their project will be successfully implemented.

We offer competitive solutions that help companies to significantly improve the efficiency of their communications, and thus gain crucial business advantages ­ at a time, where services are becoming increasingly important. With our customised services, we support our clients with all specific requirements, from project-specific consultation to complete end-to-end solution systems.

Report & Track Tracks the status of the documents through to delivery and generates reports to analyse performance

Document & Content Management Captures documents instructions and manages the content from the edit to release. Includes process automation functionality.


A detailed understanding of the environment of the companies is imperative in order to make informed recommendations. That is why knowing our customers is so important to us. We use a number of different methods and analysis tools to assess how our clients can benefit the most from our services.


Fulfilment & Delivery Distributes documents to customers via Post, Web, fax, SMS etc. Produce & Finish Manages printing and final document requirements before delivery

We use our many years of experience in the creation of variable documents to develop the right solution. We recommend the best service for production, creation and processing of documents. We also advise you on whether it is best to keep specific processes in-house or to outsource them.


We know that every company has different and specific needs. For this reason, we have specialised in providing customised solutions. We call on many years of expertise in the development and implementation of sophisticated systems for document creation, data storage and retrieval, web-based document collaboration tools as well as scalable virtual printing and delivery systems.

The Document Life-cycle describes the process that a document goes through from create and capture, to production and finishing, to delivery (incl. report and tracking) as well as store and archive.

The seven stages of the Document Life-cycle come full circle when software solutions are integrated with ERP, CRM and ECM databases to capture and feed back into the system.


Our solutions allow the control and monitoring of all document creation and production processes and ensure that our customers keep a firm grip on all their documents. We show you how to best achieve document automation and maximum optimisation as well as the best possible integrity and security of your data. Furthermore, we also integrate comprehensive tracking and monitoring mechanisms into our customers' systems.

Media Print

Christian Fitz, Manager IT-Production MediaPrint, Vienna/Austria

"We have, for quite some time, been looking into the issue of "central print control" and we were positively surprised by the number of offers and different solutions. The decision in favour of PrintSoft`s process administration was, on the one hand, based on our excellent experience with the layout software "PReS" over the past years and the staff's familiarity with said software and, on the other hand, due to the seamless integration of both solutions. This allows for a great degree of flexibility in process optimisation. The short implementation time further underpinned our decision and we are looking forward to implementing further components of the programme."

PrintSoft develops

customised modules and solutions for variable document production for the various requirements of companies from a wide range of different industries:

Insurance Companies

Allianz Business | Choregie France | Groupama UK | Kooperativa, pojiaeovna a.s. Czech Republic Legal & General UK | Münchener Verein | Services Ltd. UK

Reader's Digest

Jens Seidel, types GmbH, Stuttgart/Germany

"With this project Reader's Digest, LS-Dialog and types continued the ongoing development of the production workflow for promotion material. The project was implemented close to the production line of types' mailing unit. That way, our DTP operators were able to apply their many years of experience in the pre-press production of mailings. It was a very wise decision to alter the production process and to move laser programming to an earlier stage in the workflow."

Michigan Ancor Information Management

Chris Donnelly, Director of Information Technology, Americas Region, USA

"The real power of PReS is in statement production. Statements are a quantum leap in complexity from direct mail. Direct mail traditionally involves handling only a single record--you read an address file. Statements are considerably more complex documents, requiring multiple data inputs, often with logic and nested sources, and producing documents that can be printed, viewed electronically or archived for future retrieval. This is what PReS does extremely well."

NCP Solutions

Tim Cooper, Vice President Information Technology, Americas Region, USA

"PReS is a third-generation programming language, with tons of tools available designed specifically for the printing industry. PReS gives us the ability to output different print streams without rewriting our code base... On more than one occasion, I have bounced off new product or service ideas on the PrintSoft support staff. We work together very well. They have an enormous amount of industry expertise and knowledge that I rely on. PrintSoft is really willing to work with us--in the end, it also allows us to help PrintSoft to enhance their products. They make you feel as though you have a voice in the development process."

Financial Services

Britannia | BMW Bank | Comdirect | Commerzbank Germany | Deutsche Bank UK | Dresdner Bank HSBC Saudi Arabia | ING Luxembourg | National Australia Bank | Postbank | Russian Pension Fund Sofinco France | UBS

Dun & Bradstreet

Geoff Cope, Director of Receivable Management Services Dun & Bradstreet, Australia

"We've seen a cost improvement to the business by using ,,eLetter Solutions" service provided by Print Soft`s Hybrid Mail technolo, which is measurable by tens of thousands in a month, hundreds of thousands of dollars a year for us. We've streamlined and improved the reliability of the process so we ensure quick delivery."

Postal Services

Aspheria (Groupe La Poste) | Australia Post | Bosnia Post | Czech Post | Deutsche Post | Greek Post South African Post | Swiss Post

eLetter Solutions

Frank Forgione, General Manager eLetter Solutions, Australia

"With eLetter Desktop -our branded services enabled by Print Soft`s Hybrid Mail Technology, bureaux and mail-houses can reinvent their business. Hybrid Mail delivers efficiency gains. It enables you to convert typically low-volume mail into highvolume production mail. That, from a production standpoint, gives you the economies of scale of large volume, but it also gives customers a mail house that they can actually send lowvolume mail to at a very cost-effective price."


Driving license administration UK | Ministry of Finance Serbia | Russian pension fund Swedish pension fund

Telecommunications Companies

Czech Telekom | Etisalat | France Telecom | MGTS | Orange | Saudi Telekom | South Afrika Telkom | Telecel Telecom Italia | T-Mobile Czech & Slovak Repulic | Zain Group

Reed Print & Design Ltd.

Paul Reed, Director Reed Print & Design Ltd., London/UK

"PReS is the market-leading software for our kind of business. When producing complex direct-mail products in full colour, and personalising in-line, you need front-end software that has the power and the speed to get the job done. PReS does this and more. It's expanded our product range and opened up new markets."


ADAC | Ancor | Bertelsmann Arvato AG | BP Australia | Computershare | City West Water | Deutsche Messe Energy Australia | Dun & Bradstreet * | eLetter Solutions * | EnBW International Masters Publishers | Groupe 3Suisses Internationl*| Imprimerie Nationale France | KLM Littlewoods | LS Dialogmarketing | MediaPrint * | Michigan Ancor Information Management * NCP Solutions * | Readers Digest | Reed Print & Design Ltd. * | Rosenthal AG | Sati | Tribunal Supremo Electoral | TUI Vertrieb & Service Germany | T-Systems * | types GmbH * | Otto


Leo Schönberner, Project Leader T-Systems, Germany

We decided to go for PrintSoft's PReS product because, after a careful and thorough assessment of its capabilities and features, we found it to be the only product on the market that fully met our requirements. We were also highly impressed with PrintSoft's staff, whose high level of professionalism instilled confidence in the company and its product."

* see on the right

Direct Customers

At PrintSoft we have delivered tailored industry solutions to over 1.500 customers worldwide.

Each success has allowed us to capture the latest in industry knowledge. This wealth of experience is pooled to bring powerful document management solutions to our customers. We develop industry focused solutions that assist future business growth in various areas: Direct Marketing, One-to-One Communication, Correspondence Systems, Document Management, Output Management, HybridMail and TransPromo. PrintSoft products are used by financial service providers and insurance companies, telecommunications, utilities and postal companies, authorities, retail, home shopping services as well as service bureaus. Correspondence Management PrintSoft solutions provide tools to automatically generate personalised customer correspondence, while still ensuring that corporate branding and consistency remain at the forefront of document design. With companies generating large volumes of documents, correspondence and customer mail, PrintSoft specialises in automating and batching single or event-driven communications in order to introduce significant cost and resource savings. HybridMail A PrintSoft Hybrid Mail Solution centrally captures desktop print and mail, then aggregates, merges and distributes these batches to ensure considerable efficiencies, controls and cost savings are achieved. PrintSoft`s Hybrid Mail Solution has been designed to replace traditional desktop mail methods with a highly polished, automated system that gives you complete control of processes and costs. From creation to final distribution, you benefit from clear visibility of document status throughout the process, including usage and billing information at company, departmental and even individual user level. PrintSoft also unlocks substantial cost savings on printing and consumables, along with eliminating wasted resources on manual mail management Direct Marketing Workflows and automation solutions that will dramatically improve your document personalisation and mail automation, and generate substantial savings. TransPromo Where a large range of document types is being produced, PrintSoft can also help to manage any white space that would otherwise remain un-utilised. Efficient

and sophisticated tools serve to enhance standard transaction documents with customised marketing communications, where insurance companies are thus able to take full advantage of their existing mail volumes. Adding Value PrintSoft solutions allow you to generate increased profits with targeted marketing messages promoting cross-selling and up-selling. Superior graphic presentation enhances legibility and readability and

the utilisation of colour and summary reports conveys important points quickly. Thus, customers are more rapidly provided with relevant content through printed or electronic means.


Always in good company: PrintSoft collaborates with the leading organisations in technology, printing and implementation.

For PrintSoft to be able to deliver the document management solutions we develop, we need strong partners, in technology, printing and implementation. In every market we strive to develop and maintain relationships with other organisations that are as passionate about documents as we are. Technology Alliance Partners Technology Alliance Partners are organisations offering complementary software and / or hardware solutions which are integrated into the PrintSoft solution set. Combining PrintSoft software and services with these other solutions enable our customers to achieve increased ROI for their organisations by typically delivering improved efficiency at a lower cost. Channel and Solution Partners Channel Partners are involved in the recommendation and reselling of PrintSoft software and services. Solution Partners are skilled in PrintSoft solutions and can deliver complimentary products and services enabling our customers to reduce the time required to realise their return on investment. PrintSoft offers different types of partnerships for Channel and Solutions Partners in order to define the ideal business strategy for the respective partnership (ISV, SI, VAR or OEM). System Integrator Partners PrintSoft builds system integrators for companies by combining hardware and software products from multiple vendors. Using this approach, we can align cheaper, pre-configured components including off-the-shelf software to meet the key business goals of our customers, as opposed to more expensive, customised implementations that may require original programming or manufacture.

Global Offices

To arrange for a demonstration of a solution, please contact your nearest PrintSoft office. PrintSoft Germany Tel.: +49 (0)89 61 44 17 0 E-Mail: [email protected] PrintSoft USA Tel.: +1 630 625 5400 E-Mail: [email protected] PrintSoft Asia Pacific Tel.: +61 (0)3 8585 2900 E-Mail: [email protected] PrintSoft France Tel.: +33 (0)1 34 24 34 35 E-Mail: [email protected] PrintSoft UK Tel.: +44 (0)161 368 2808 E-Mail: [email protected] PrintSoft Italy Tel.: +39 348 142 41 44 E-Mail: [email protected]

Our global offices and distributors provide comprehensive consultation, training, technical support and professional services. PrintSoft develops customised, integrated solutions for companies worldwide on the basis of systems and workflow analyses. With its international presence, PrintSoft allows both regional and international companies to meet global

needs through a single partner. This multinational approach is furthered by the fact that PrintSoft products support all languages and writing systems. No matter where our customers are based, PrintSoft has the right communications solution.


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