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Powerful passages remain with me long after reading a book by Brian Weiss titled `Only Love is real'. :

He uses an analogy to describe Soulmates that describes souls being connected, some closer- on your twig- others further- on another branch- but all connected. He says you have probably met the other souls farther out on your tree in previous lifetimes. They may have been in many different relationships with you. Their interactions may have been extremely brief. Even a thirty minute encounter could have helped you learn a lesson or helped them or the both of you, as is usually the case.

One of these souls may have been the beggar in the road to whom you gave a heart's gift, allowing you to extend your compassion to another human being and allowing the recipient to learn about receiving love and help. You and the beggar may have never met again in that lifetime, and yet you are a part of the drama. Your meetings vary in duration- five minutes, one hour, a day, a month, a decade or more- this is how souls relate. Relationships are not measured in time but in lessons learned.....

You will not always marry your most strongly bonded soul-mate. There may be more than one for you, because soul families travel together. You might choose to marry a less bonded soul companion, one who has something specific to teach you or learn from you. Your recognition of a soul mate may occur later in life, after both of you are already committed to your present -life families. Or your strongest soul-mate connection may be to your parent, or child or sibling. Or it may be to a soul-mate who has not incarnated during your lifetime and who is watching over you from the other side, like a guardian angel. Sometimes your soul-mate is willing and available. He or she might recognize the passion and the chemistry between you, the intimate and

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subtle bonds that imply connections over many lifetimes. Yet he or she may be toxic for you. It is a matter of soul development. If one soul is less developed than the other, traits of violence, greed, jealousy, hatred, and fear might be brought into the relationship. These tendencies are toxic to the more evolved soul, even if from a soul-mate.

Frequently rescue fantasies arise within the thought like I can change him; I can help her grow. If he does not allow your help, if in her free will she chooses not to learn, the relationship is doomed. Perhaps there will be another chance in another lifetime, unless he awakens later in this on. Late awakenings do happen.

Sometimes soul-mates decide not to get married while incarnated. They arrange to meet, to stay together until the agreed upon task is completed, and then to move on their agendas, their lesson plans for the entirety of this life, are different, and they do not want or need to spend all this lifetime together. This is not a tragedy, only a matter of learning. You have an external life together, but sometimes you may need to take separate classes..............

We keep returning in order to learn lessons, or traits, such as love, forgiveness, understanding, patience, awareness or non violence. We have to unlearn other traits, such as fear, anger, greed, hatred, pride and ego which result from old conditioning. Then we can graduate and leave this school. We have all the time in the world to learn and unlearn. We are immortal; we are infinite; we have the nature of God.....


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