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Rachel Bernard Schwartz Chase

Jose Stewart Berdecia Franklin

Jeffrey William Sutton Bones

Elizabeth David Barnes Baldwin

Glenton Chambers

Stephen Stout

Michael Abano

Ahmad Gilbert

Zufer Odza

Red Cross Blood Drive- Bringing Out The Best In Everyone

Michael Eckert Ronald Merith Michael Ramos Manuel Candelaria

Edward R.

At Newman and Company, the task of sponsoring two blood drives (during April and September) is an honor that is awarded by the generous participation of all our employees. This year, in addition to 39 successful blood donations during the September 29th blood drive, 6 specific blood donors were honored by the American Red Cross. In the photo on the left (from left to right: Bernard Chase, Michael Miedzwiecki, Stacie Kelly, Jeffrey Sutton, Fred Herman and Robert Bennett) are one gallon donors who were awarded a "gallon" donor's pin from the Red Cross. ------> The unselfish act that each blood donor exhibits during these special events, help to save the lives of 3 individuals. The six shown here have individually helped 24 lives and collectively helped save 144 lives! Congratulations on the accomplishment of all our donors! Employees are literally lying down for the lives of other, unknown people and are waiting for the next bus to arrive in April.

Lying down--Fred

Herman * Donor Bus * Waiting- Darryl Smith & Quran Leveretti ..JUST DON'T FORGET YOUR FLU SHOT THIS DAY! This years' free flu shot will be offered to all company hourly employees who have submitted a written request to the main office. Reserved flu shots will be given in the main office lobby area on Friday 11/5/10 from 6:45 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. and again from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. DON'T FORGET!!!

Newman's Wellness is "WellNow" Under Way... ...As Well AS The UNITED WAY....

After introducing the wellness program in June, detailed explanations by WellNow representatives during the July safety toolbox meetings, were made. Those who decided to participate in the year long program were asked to complete their HRA paperwork and physical screening on September 15 & 16. On October 6, Ramon Thomas, our WellNow assigned health coach, began his coaching sessions with those participating in the program. When he arrives at our location, he will be calling your name to meet with him in the main office lobby area. He will review your test results and discuss a plan to help you reach your health goals. Upon his submission of those hourly employees he has counseled, a $100 Visa debit card will be awarded.

The official kick-off of the 2010 United Way campaign begins again this year in November with exciting events and raffle items. One lucky winner will win a flat screen TV! Look for hot dog days, pizza days, soft pretzel days, a bake sale and much more. Candy and chips are currently being sold in the main office. If anyone has a personal United Way story on how the United Way may have helped you or someone you know/care about, please contact Rachel at extension 1280 or Stacie at extension 1267.

BITS N' PIECES -- TriState Vending is the vending company of choice for everyone on the property. Please let us know if you experience any problems or would like to make any suggestions in making this service better. Acknowledgements go to Colleen Murray as an addition to the office staff, Ronald Dilks return as tour boss and Chuck Farr's departure from the Company. Good luck to all in their new positions.


SAFETY COMMITTEE -The Safety Committee's October meeting will be held on Thursday 10/21/10 at 1:15 p.m. in the main office conference room. SUPERVISORS SAFETY MEETING - The October meeting will be held on Thursday 10/21/10 at 2:00 p.m. in the main office conference room. ****(Turn over to read Safety Committee Minutes)****


October 2010 Safety Newsletter

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