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7 Things You Should Know About The New Oakville Hospital

The original 50-bed Oakville-Trafalgar Memorial Hospital (OTMH) was built almost 60 years ago on nine acres of land. The building was designed to serve a community of less than 20,000 residents.


We'll have great new and expanded services

How it all began

OTMH is a busy acute-care community hospital, serving more than 175,000 people from Oakville and the surrounding areas. To respond to current and future developments in medical practice and the community's need for convenient, timely care, a larger, more modern facility is required.



We're taking care of family and friends

Coming soon

A new hospital for Oakville. The Government of Ontario has approved the development of a new hospital on a 50-acre greenfield site at Third Line and Dundas Street. Construction is scheduled to begin in 2011.

· Ample and well-designed waiting spaces will be provided for family and friends to consider the wide range of needs related to age, mobility, frailty and cognition. · Quiet and family areas with access to shower facilities and nourishments will be available in many departments such as Paediatrics and Special Care Nursery. · Healthy food choices for visitors, outpatients and staff will be available at a food court with multiple food outlets and independent cash stations to offer a variety of food choices to satisfy everyone's tastes.


It's all about our patients

· Eighty per cent of all inpatient rooms will be designed for one patient. More single patient rooms means more privacy for patients and opportunities for family to stay overnight with their loved one. This will support important enhanced infection control practices and reduce hospital-acquired infections. · Quality patient room enhancements will include ceiling mounted patient lifts, large windows to allow for outdoor views and as much natural light as possible. Rooms will be sized appropriately to accommodate specialized hospital equipment and to allow visitors to comfortably visit. · Calm, quiet outdoor spaces designed to provide opportunities for solitude & social activities on the expansive 50acre site will provide an optimum healing environment. · New options for patient registration will be offered including workstations and kiosks located in clinical areas and points-of-care.


· A Cancer clinic will provide patient assessment, teaching, counselling, information resources, chemotherapy administration, blood transfusions, procedures and clinical trials for oncology patients. · Stress echocardiography will be offered to help diagnose heart disease. · Endoscopy ultrasounds will be used to obtain images and information about the digestive tract and surrounding tissue and organs. This test will also provide nonsurgical assessment of cancers of the esophagus, stomach, pancreas, and lung and evaluate chronic pancreatitis and other masses or cysts of the pancreas. · An enhanced infection prevention and control program will allow the new hospital to respond promptly and effectively to a new era of infectious diseases including an appropriate number of rooms that will be used to triage, register, assess, treat or provide recovery for patients with suspected or confirmed infections. · Consumer health library for patients and visitors will provide information in hard copy and electronic formats, as well as linkages to community-based resources.

Kamal Singh Powar Clinical Pharmacist, Oakville-Trafalgar Memorial Hospital, Halton Healthcare Services

We'll make your arrival efficient and inviting

· John Oliver, Halton Healthcare Services President & CEO, is a dynamic and inspiring leader with both a strong entrepreneurial spirit and strategic vision. Since 1990, he has spearheaded many complex projects including the unification of three of the Halton Region's hospitals into Halton Healthcare Services. With his collaborative approach and extensive experience with public sector governance and management, John is leading the charge to take healthcare in Oakville to the next level. · Dr. Lorne Martin, HHS Chief of Staff and Medical Director, OTMH Emergency and Ambulatory Care Department, has served as an articulate advocate for Emergency Medicine in Oakville for more than 25 years. Dr. Martin's commitment to community healthcare, his medical perspective and his keen understanding of Ontario's health issues make him an invaluable addition to the planning team. · Bill Bailey, HHS Vice President, Redevelopment, has twenty years of infrastructure planning experience in Ontario. Bill brings an extensive knowledge of hospital facility planning, strategic capital infrastructure investment policy development, and capital program design and implementation to the New Oakville Hospital project.

6 We have a strong leadership team

Ashley Patrick Medical Radiation Technologist, Oakville-Trafalgar Memorial Hospital, Halton Healthcare Services

· Clearly marked traffic routes will help emergency vehicles, hospital staff, public transit and the general public access the facility from a number of roads and through an internal road system that will allow people to move easily throughout the 50-acre site. · Ample parking spots for patients, staff, family and friends will be divided amongst numerous lots located close to appropriate entrances. · Inviting entrances and a welcoming environment will be found throughout the new hospital. Wherever possible, natural light will be used to enhance the patient and visitor experience. · Increased privacy, with specified hallways and elevators, will ensure distinct separation of traffic types. Inpatients, staff and services can be moved between departments without being seen by visitors who will travel in public corridors. · Simple circulation and way finding systems will allow for convenient movement throughout the facility. · Legacy display areas will be located in the hospital to acknowledge the history of OTMH and historical donor support.

· Building a "green" facility will protect the health of our patients and staff, use energy, water and other resources more efficiently, and reduce the overall impact of the building on the environment. · Building on a 50-acre greenfield site means there are no pre-existing or outdated buildings on the property and the site is vacant. A greenfield site gives us the opportunity to create a patient and family-centred facility that is environmentally responsible and a healthy place to visit and work, with outdoor spaces designed to provide opportunities for solitude and outdoor activities and an optimum healing environment. · The new hospital project will be Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) Canada certified. The rating system is used for new construction and major renovations, standardizing high-performance benchmarks for the design, construction and maintenance of green buildings. Planners for the New Oakville Hospital are working toward a Silver LEED® certification.

5 We're taking care of the environment


We have a sound financial structure

· The Province's Alternative Financing and Procurement Model will be used to finance the New Oakville Hospital. This approach brings in private-sector expertise, ingenuity and rigour to the process of managing and renewing public infrastructure while preserving public ownership. · The private sector is responsible for the design, construction, financing and 30-year maintenance of the project. The hospital will pay for the project over a 30-year term, a bit like paying a mortgage. The hospital will remain publicly owned, publicly controlled and publicly accountable. · A planning study was conducted in May 2007 by the Oakville Hospital Foundation to engaged members of the community to assess a capital campaign of $60 million to support the New Oakville Hospital. With OTMH being held in high regard by all participants, there was full support for a new facility that would continue the great tradition of healthcare in Oakville.

7 things you should know

the New Oakville HOspital at a glance

caring today, growing For tomorrow

Vision for the New Oakville Hospital

To create with, and for the community, a distinctive centre of healthcare excellence that provides, through the efficient use of resources, the highest quality of clinical patient-centred care to the community within an innovative environment that supports the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs of the community.

Points of Interest

this conceptual site plan has been developed by halton healthcare services and stantec architecture in association with landscape architects from vertechs design inc. the site diagram shows a possible layout for the new hospital on our 0-acre site. the location and configuration of buildings and specific departments will continue to be developed as project planning progresses.

4 Civic Squarelarge outdoor area in a highly prominent location on the property. the civic square is a

it will be an open public space with trees, foliage and places to sit. patients, visitors and staff will have easy access to this space from nearby exits where they can enjoy their lunch outside or just sit and relax in the completely smoke-free grounds. this gathering space will provide the perfect setting for hospital and community functions and soften the hospital's exposure to high traffic areas.

1 Urban Plaza will drive into the heart of the hospital through an urban plaza by patients and visitors

way of the future western road. we anticipate this main entranceway will be close to a multi-level parking structure. inside the hospital's main entrance you will find the information desk, a central seating area, consumer health library and easy access to a number of retail outlets. wayfinding will be simple and straightforward incorporating appropriate signage, landmarks and windows with exterior sightlines to help orient visitors to their location.

5 Landscaping and Roadways and outdoor gathering areas are meandering pathways, cycling paths, healing gardens 2 1

the inpatient tower will be seven to ten storeys high providing patients with views of the niagara escarpment and lake ontario. the majority of the hospital's capacity for inpatient beds will be in the tower and will include inpatient mental health and medical and surgical inpatient units. eighty per cent of the rooms will be single-patient rooms which will support and enhance infection control and allow for private time with family and friends. an important part of the design for the new oakville hospital. the entire site will be accessed by a network of vehicular, pedestrian, and bicycle "streets" to make getting around easy. our landscape architects have been involved in the site's development since the beginning of this project to ensure these elements are part of the overall design process. in addition to providing a pleasing aesthetic, landscaping will be used to promote site circulation, reduce traffic noise and support sustainability on the site.

Care 2 Ambulatorybe located in the ambulatory care block. departments in this area will outpatient clinics will

include nephrology, outpatient rehabilitation, surgical clinics and outpatient mental health. many of the patients who will come to this area have mobility issues and are frequent users of the hospital with regular appointments and treatments. ideally the ambulatory care block will have multiple entrances with drop off points for patients and accessible and dedicated parking.


Inpatient Tower

Department 3 Emergency will be substantially larger than the existing emergency department the new department

with an increased number of exam rooms that will reduce wait times and support infection control. it will be conveniently located adjacent to the diagnostic imaging department for quicker access to analysis. people coming to emergency by car will park in a dedicated lot close to the department. Finding your way to the department will be quick and easy thanks to large windows that will allow for direct sightlines into the building from outside. an on-site helipad will allow for timely transfer of critically ill patients.

6 3 4



the new hospital at a glance

The New Oakville Hospital will be a state-of-the-art facility designed with enhanced infection control practices that will help us provide the highest quality of patient-centred care to the residents of Oakville. This distinctive healthcare centre, with its new and expanded services, will also enhance our ability to attract some of the most talented doctors in Ontario to work with our team of skilled professionals.

- Dr. Lorne Martin, Chief of Staff Halton Healthcare Services

This is Oakville's hospital. As a community we have an incredible opportunity to build a hospital from the ground up. Together, we will create a leading-edge hospital facility with an innovative and nurturing environment that supports the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs of the community. And, that's why today's planning is so crucial. So we can provide Oakville with the best in hospital care today and tomorrow and leave a legacy for generations to come.

- John Oliver, President & CEO Halton Healthcare Services




Image Courtesy of Stantec Architecture Ltd.

New Oakville Hospital Campaign

BiLL COOPEr CaMPaign CO-CHaiR President & CeO, Cooper Construction Ltd. PAuL BArringtOn adviSORy COMMiTTee Owner, barrington's Fine Outerwear gAry COOK adviSORy COMMiTTee President, integra Capital Financial Corp.

The faces behind the

BruCE gALLOWAy adviSORy COMMiTTee Former vice-Chairman, Royal bank

PiErrE MOrriSSEttE CaMPaign CabineT Chairman & CeO, Pelmorex Media inc.

Dr. nEiL rAu CaMPaign CabineT Medical director, infection Prevention and Control, Halton Healthcare Services

BOnniE JACKSOn adviSORy COMMiTTee Community Partner

KAtHy MunDy CaMPaign CabineT Co-Owner, ener-gard energy Products inc.

MAgS SHOrEy CaMPaign CabineT Chair, Halton Healthcare Services board of directors

tErry JACKSOn adviSORy COMMiTTee Former executive vP, bank of Montreal

JOHn OLivEr CaMPaign CabineT President & CeO, Halton Healthcare Services

JOHn SLEEMAn adviSORy COMMiTTee Chairman & CeO, Sleeman breweries Ltd.

EvE WiLLiS CaMPaign CO-CHaiR Community Partner

AnitA BOyCE adviSORy COMMiTTee Community Partner

JiM D'OrAziO adviSORy COMMiTTee COO, d'Orazio infrastructure group

FrAnK LOCHAn CaMPaign CabineT Corporate director

JOHn PALADinO CaMPaign CabineT barrister & Solicitor

LyntOn (rED) WiLSOn adviSORy COMMiTTee Chairman of the board, Cae inc.

BruCE BirMingHAM HOnOuRaRy CO-CHaiR Former President, Scotiabank

KEvin BOyCE adviSORy COMMiTTee Community Partner

MurrAy FArnCOMBE adviSORy COMMiTTee Co-Owner, Murron's Cabinetree

PAuL LuCAS adviSORy COMMiTTee President & CeO, glaxoSmithKline inc.

DOn PAngMAn adviSORy COMMiTTee Community Partner

rutH AnnE WintEr CaMPaign CabineT broker/branch Manager, Sotheby's international Realty Canada

BEtty BirMingHAM HOnOuRaRy CO-CHaiR Community Partner

rOB BurtOn adviSORy COMMiTTee Mayor, Town of Oakville

iSABEL FOx adviSORy COMMiTTee Community Partner

Dr. LOrnE MArtin CaMPaign CabineT Chief of Staff, Halton Healthcare Services

JOHn PLAtt CaMPaign CabineT COO, Highview Financial group

PErry BADHAM CaMPaign CabineT Financial Centre Manager, Sun Life

iAn COCKWELL adviSORy COMMiTTee CeO, brookfield Homes Corp.

WAynE FOx adviSORy COMMiTTee Chair, TMX group inc.

ED MiniCH CaMPaign CabineT Former President & CeO, Otis Canada inc.

PEtEr PritCHArD adviSORy COMMiTTee Community Partner

the Faces behind the new oakville hospital campaign



a new hospital that can meet the needs of our growing population

and provide the highest standards and state-of-the-art healthcare.

Oakville citizens should be united in reaching the goals that are integral to their community, and what could be more essential than

- Eve Willis, Campaign Co-Chair


oakville-trafalgar memorial hospital (otmh) has been a cornerstone of our community. For many residents born at otmh or for those who have experienced outstanding medical care within its walls, otmh is much more than another hospital, it's part of the family; it's part of our family. originally built to serve a population of only 17,000 almost 0 years ago, otmh has seen multiple expansions over the years to accommodate growing demand. while each expansion provided more room, it also resulted in a fragmented structure where clinical services were located wherever space was available. building on the deep roots of our community, the new oakville hospital will take healthcare in oakville to a new level. situated on a 0-acre site, located at third line and dundas street, the new hospital will be more than double the current size of the current facility to meet the urgent needs of our community's growing and aging population.

the new oakville hospital will: · provide patient and family-centred care in a warm, friendly atmosphere · offer 80% single rooms for privacy and infection control standards · be equipped with the latest technology · offer new and expanded services, like cancer care and diagnostic imaging · be on the leading edge of design and environmental sustainability · set a benchmark for healthcare services in a community hospital the benefits will be far-reaching, most immediately for our residents who will have access to the personalized care that we have always valued close to home, but within an innovative centre for medical excellence. now is the time for oakville's extraordinary community, renowned for its generosity and commitment, to come together and help the oakville

hospital Foundation achieve its $0 million campaign goal. with your help and support, we can build and equip a remarkable hospital that will respond to emergencies, mend broken bones, administer cancer care and promote all aspects of health in our local community. we encourage you to join us and become involved with the new oakville hospital campaign. we need your support for this unique, once in a lifetime opportunity. there are many ways for you, your family, your organization or company, your school or local community group to become involved with this historic opportunity. please visit our website for additional information or contact sheilaah guthrie at the Foundation at 90-8-71 ext 8. a visionary hospital. For life. For growth. For oakville. bill cooper campaign co-chair eve willis campaign co-chair


8 a letter From the campaign co-chairs

The need for the New Oakville Hospital becomes more apparent every day. The existing site and facility can no longer accommodate any expansion to best serve the growing population of our town.

We are in a period of renewal and planning for our growth to meet our long term needs. The New Oakville Hospital clearly signals our commitment to the community to provide the very best health care possible.

- Bill Cooper, Campaign Co-Chair



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