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FIVE (5) Day Notice To Vacate Premises

DATE _______________________________

TENANT: ________________________________________________________________ ADDRESS: ___________________________APARTMENT NO. ____________________ CITY, STATE & Zip Code ___________________________________________________

You are notified to vacate and deliver to me the premises at the above address listed, Five (5) Days from the service hereof as a result of the following: _____Non-payment of rent, in advance, in the amount of $ ___________________________ For the period beginning _________________ and ending ____________________________ ______The purpose and terms of your occupancy has ceased and the LANDLORD desires the premises for the following reason(s): _________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ If you fail to vacate, the laws of eviction will be enforced.

_________________________________ LANDLORD _________________________________ PHONE NUMBER

Notice was tacked to Tenant's door on: _______________________________ at _________________________________ (a.m.)/(p.m.)


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