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Friday 19th March 2010

Issue 11 (62)

Jaruzelski accused of being a spy

Former leader named in Stasi files


eneral Wojciech Jaruzelski, Poland's last communist leader, has another battle on his hands after documents surfaced implying that he spied on his fellow army officers for the socialist state's security apparatus. Documents unearthed by historians at the Institute of National Remembrance (IPN) indicate that Jaruzelski, who faces charges connected to the shooting dead of over 30 striking shipyard workers in 1970, was incorporated into counter intelligence in 1952. IPN historian Wojciech Sawicki said a file found in the records of the East German secret police, the Stasi, make clear that the general was a spy after being by recruited by Captain Czeslaw Kiszczak, who later served as Jaruzelski's interior minister during the martial law years. Jaruzelski, then a rising star of the Polish army, was apparently tasked with providing information on his military comrades, and proved good at his job. "In 1952, Comrade Jaruzelski, was taken on by Cpt. Kiszczak as an unofficial collaborator...and used to perform counter-intelligence tasks," the original document claims. "Co-

General Jaruselski finds himself back in the dock once again

operation was rated as very active and valuable." But the accusations of spying met with a curt denial from the 85-year-old general. "This is one of the most ridiculous things I have ever heard of. How on earth could I have met Kiszczak. He was in the navy; in a completely different system," said an angry Jaruzelski. Kiszczak also rejected the accusations, issuing a forthright denial that he had ever recruited his future commander into the shadowy world of counter-intelligence. "In 1952 I was head of a counterintelligence division. I sat in the

woods and I had no idea that there was a man named Jaruzelski," he told the PSP new ser vice. "Only in the second half of the 1950s did I learn of that name, but I didn't meet General Jaruzelski until the late 60s or early 70s. "This is complete nonsense, I do not k now where it came from and who invented t he provocation," he added. The IPN also claimed that the reason they had to use Stasi files is that Kiszczak destroyed any evidence implicating Jaruzelski.





Bouncer hacks off punter's hand Robin Hood before Tribunal

A bouncer of a sex club in Krakow has been arrested for hacking off the wrist of a customer with a machete after he refused to pay for the club's services. Marcin Czarnecki was attempting to leave the Extaza nightclub, a notorious sex joint, on Sunday morning when he was approached by 33-year-old doorman Marek Kaszubski. Warsaw City Council unanimously voted this week to challenge the so-called Robin Hood tax, intended to take from rich areas and give to the poor, in the Constitutional Tribunal. Under the ruling local taxes are garnered by the state and redistributed as it sees fit. Warsaw is top of the list of municipalities to be hit by the levy.

Poland to go nuclear on coast

Poland's first nuclear power plant will be built near the coastal town of Zarnowiec, according to a ranking of potential sites released by the government. Work on a previous plant near Zarnowiec was halted in 1990 which pleased locals who were concerned about the safety of nuclear energy and the Soviet technology used in the design.




The New Poland Express I Friday 19th March 2010 I


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ohn Abraham Godson may not be a name on the lips of many Poles, but he could be very soon. For one thing he looks set to become the first nonPole to sit in the Sejm as a Polish MP. For another, he is black. Controversial? Kinda. Poles aren't famed for their racial tolerance. When US President Barak Obama was elected, FM Sikorski was heard cracking a joke about Obama's grandfather being a cannibal. He quickly retracted it but the damage was done. The populace aren't much better. When Nigerian footballer Emmanuel Olisadebe was taken on by Polonia Warszawa he had to put up with bananas being thrown on the pitch and monkey chants coming from both sides. He didn't stick around long. Not all Poles are racist. Godson knows it. He wouldn't be where he is today if they were. When asked about his possible elevation to parliament, he said: "I regard it as an honor, but also a great responsibility. The people waiting for me are very happy." Arriving from Nigeria in the early 90s, with his PhD in HR Management, Godson worked at the universities of Szczecin and Poznan before gaining Polish citizenship in 2000. He then moved to Lodz, where he lives with his wife Aneta and their four children, took a degree in International Relations and was elected a local councillor. Following the sacking of sports minister Miroslaw Drzewiecki, there is now a possible opening in parliament. Under the rules, if Drzewiecki decides to resign as an MP - which looks likely - the post automatically goes to his successor-inwaiting, in this case Godson. This week he met up with Tusk for an informal chat - a grooming session say some. People used to believe the US would never have a black president. They were wrong. Godson may not be an Obama, but the MP gig would certainly be Obamaesque in its victory.



"Britain has become the abortion capital of Europe. Our laws are far, far too lax." Conservative party MP Anne Widdecombe, sharing her disgust over a Polish abortion-tourism campaign advert. "The most important thing is not to pass this tragic legacy onto new generations of Russians. The leaders must have the courage to deal with the past." Russian historian Leonid Mleczin on how the Kremlin should handle the upcoming Kaytn ceremony. "There is only one word to describe this information - a lie." General Jaruzelski on his alleged cooperation with the counterintelligence service.


1944 - The Great Escapers begin their attempted escape from Stalag Luft III Nazi prison camp in Zagan. While a few escaped successfully, 50 of those re-captured where executed by way of example. 1957 - The production of the Syrena starts - the first car entirely designed and constructed in Poland. It was produced between the years 1957-1972 by the Fabryka Samochodow Osobowych (FSO). 1973 - Goalkeeper Jerzy Dudek is born. A former Polish national goalkeeper, Dudek enjoyed a successful career, winning, amongst many other trophies, the Spanish League title with Real Madrid and the Champion's League with Liverpool.


Sir, Please refer to the article `Zoophilia on the net' published in your 12 March issue. Without wanting to criticise anyone, I cannot but wonder how long it will take for some wise guy to try to convince the nation that `a young woman having sex with a dog' lies within the realm of normality. In a world that has come to consider the usefulness of acts as the criterion for normality and acceptability, an absurd international mentality is being created through the development of absurd widespread individual thinking. Karmenu of Malta Dear Sir, After reading the piece in last week's NPE about a number of politicians slagging off the free press I was fuming. So these "lazy, drunken spongers" (which I think is a fairly apt description) are annoyed that their moves are followed and reported back to those who pay their wages? Tough. If they are not happy with their flashy cars and houses, then can I suggest getting a real job, like the majority of folks have to. Nial

The NPE weekend QUIZ

In this week's culture corner, we've got a double invitation for `The Bomb' at Warsaw's Wola Theatre. The play, featuring English subtitles (so no excuses), is about an American film crew who turn up at a small Polish town to begin work on their new project, only to find that the biggest thing the town has going for it, is a lightbulb that has been burning continuously for over 60 years. The play is directed by Maciej Kowalewski (pictured), but the question is, in what year was he born? Katarzyna Smagala was the lucky one who won last week's prize, so a big congratulations to her. Send your answers for this week's competition to: [email protected]

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The New Poland Express I Friday 19th March 2010 I

Smooth Criminals

olice in Wroclaw were left scratching their heads after audacious thieves spirited away an estimated PLN 5 mln in cash destined for a bank and then disappeared without trace long before the alarm was raised. In a crime that has won the grudging respect of many, on the morning of March 16 the cunning thieves wearing security guard uniforms and driving a van bedecked in the livery of an appropriate security firm turned up at a secure warehouse owned by Brinks, a firm specialising in the handling and storage of money. Claiming that they were there to collect cash for Raiffeisen Bank, and producing all the correct documentation, they then loaded their van with piles of cash, and drove off never to be seen again. No doubt in fitting with the gang's plan, nobody noticed that a crime had occurred until the bank realised that their money had failed to arrive, and called the police. "The bank representative informed us that they had not received a consignment's worth of cash, which had been taken previously from a centre for storing cash," said a tight-lipped Pawel Petrykowski, a spokesman for the regional police headquarters in Wroclaw, adding that the police had called in a special investigation unit to try and solve the crime. Owing to the complete disappearance of the money, the van and gang, so far the police have little to go on, although attention is being paid to just how the thieves managed to secure, or forge, the necessary paperwork in the first place. Mystery also surrounds how the robbers had the names of the people involved in the transfer of the cash. Along with the police the other parties involved in the spectacular heist have remained coy. "I have nothing to say. When the time comes we will make a statement," said Ryszard Miedzybrodzkie, one of Brinks's directors. Raiffeisen Bank also issued a terse statement. "We are not party to this case. It's a matter between the holders of the money and the security company," said Joanna Ceglowska, the bank's director of public relations. "The theft does not affect the activity of our Wroclaw branch." The imagination and non-violent nature of the crime set it apart from other bank robberies in Poland, which have often ended in bloodshed. In 2001 three Warsaw cashiers were murdered by bank robbers in a crime that shocked the country.

Polish plane ditches in lake

Polish cargo plane was forced to make an emergency landing on a frozen lake in the Estonian capital of Tallinn this week due to technical problems. The pilots of the AN26 aircraft, which belongs to Lublin-based airline EXIN, contacted the control tower to report the failure of one of its engines. After a first attempt to land failed, a second attempt was made before it was decided to land on the sheet of ice. "At this crucial point, there was no communication between the plane and the radio tower, so the decision to land on the ice-covered lake was entirely that of the pilots," says airline expert Jens Haug. According to the BNS Baltic agency, the pilots brought the airline down close to shore - just 30 metres from the TallinnTartu road.



Although there were six people onboard, everybody escaped unscathed. One of the pilots was initially taken to hospital with minor injuries, but was released shortly afterwards following a series of tests. Rescue workers are now frantically doing their best to try and save the aircraft from the lake. "It's an extremely long and difficult process," says one of the rescuers. "The problem is all the greater since the lake is a reservoir of water for residents of the Estonian capital," Priit Koff, of the Ombudsman's water supply from Tallinn said. But he went on to add that things are not as bad as they initially appeared, for the short-term at least, as the city has a backup storage of water. "It's ok, as we still have a month's grace with the water supply," added Koff.

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The New Poland Express I Friday 19th March 2010 I

Knife-wielding kids on rise

PSL upset at PO


ne in 10 high-school pupils carry a knife or another type of sharp instrument through the school gates, a new survey has revealed. The sobering research, carried out by the Department of Youth Protection at Warsaw's Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology, also found that increasing numbers of teenagers are taking drugs and drinking alcohol.

"High school is not the personification of evil . It is for normal children: our children ."

Looking at 3,000 students from schools across Warsaw, the department found that by that their final year 33 per cent of pupils had taken drugs in the company of their peers, while this figure rose to 60 per cent when it came to the consumption of alcohol. About 15 per cent of all second year pupils had committed some form of verbal aggression against a teacher, while 14 per cent admitted to destroying school property. When it came to fighting, 28 per cent conceded that they had been in a fight in their final year at school. The study could well add to mounting concerns over the behaviour of Poland's

school pupils. For long, the country prided itself on its well cared for and well behaved children, but the neongilded temptations of consumerism allied with increased exposure to drugs and alcohol have begun to fray the pride. Couple this to the increasing pressures on family life from work and money issues, and, alarmists say, you have a recipe for disaster. Newspaper and television now carry frequent stories on the unruly behaviour of children in school and the apparently waning respect they now have for their teachers. But experts warned against getting too carried away by the latest research. "It would be a global sensation if the results of our survey showed a decrease in risky behaviour amongst teenagers," said Krzysztof Ostaszewski, director of research at the youth protection department. Wlodzimierz Paszynski, vice-president for education at Warsaw's city council, also struck a calming note. "Don't use this study to scare people," he appealed. "High school is not the personification of evil. It is for normal children: our children." The results of the study have been forwarded on to schools to help them come up with some solutions for the problems raised.


M Donald Tusk has come under fire from the Polish Peasant's Party (PSL) for being left out over the organisation and setting up of the new advisory Economic Council. Despite having been part of the coalition since Civic Platform (PO) won the 2007 general election, PSL have revealed how it was close to leaving the government after being snubbed. "Everybody is really angry at Civic Platform, even [deputy PM] Pawlak feels the same way," says one informant. The main function of the new Economic Council, led by former PM Jan Krzysztof Bielecki, is to help the government with certain draft legislation and policies, and primarily consists of right wingers and economic liberals.

Russia to reveal Katyn secrets?

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E ective learning, no boring lessons

he Russian media is speculating over the outcome of the meeting between Donald Tusk and Vladimir Putin at the upcoming Katyn massacre ceremony next month. In 1940, Over 20,000 Polish officers were murdered by the NKVD (People's Ministry of Internal Affairs) and the massacre has long been a source of tension between the nations. "Katyn is probably the most painful problem that Russia inherited from the Soviet Union," writes historical journalist Leonid Mleczin. "In both countries, people are waiting to hear what our government has to say." According to Mleczin, the best way for Russia to draw a line under the horrific events is for the government to identify those responsible. "People abroad know who did it. But the only people aware of this in Russia are historians. The older generation would be shocked at such a discovery. And the younger generation blindly follow the motto: Don't let them accuse Russia." The very fact that the invitation was made personally, has led some to believe that the ceremony could signal a turning point in relations. "Putin made the call on his own initiative and did not extend the invitation through his ambassador. This is proof of the good relations between both PMs and is another step towards better PolishRussian relations," says Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski.



The New Poland Express I Friday 19th March 2010 I


Priest plans sex meeting with 15-year-old A priest has been fined after arranging a private get-together with a 15-year-old boy - who turned out to be a 38-year-old man. After days of online flirting, Piotr G. of Hrubieszow suggested the pair should meet up for something a little more intimate. The man took the recorded correspondence to the police, but the court found Piotr G. not guilty, as he had been `deliberately tricked'. He was however, find PLN 5,000 for purchasing pirated software. Slithery breasts Police in Otwock were shocked when a large snake emerged from the cleavage of a woman they were questioning. Dorota Mildrowska, 19, was brought into the station after authorities were called to a disturbance at a house party and found 19 bags of amphetamines. During the questionings, officers watched as a 4 ft python began to come out from between her breasts. "We respect civil rights so no one thought to look inside her blouse," said a police spokesman. Plane ridiculous A 13-year-old German boy on a school trip caused a full-scale terror alert when the grenade-shaped cigarette lighter he had purchased as a souvenir was discovered by customs police. Over 1,000 travellers were evacuated and four international flights were delayed according to officials. Men sentenced over Auschwitz sign The three Poles who stole the `Arbeit Macht Frei' sign from Auschwitz have been sentenced by the Krakow District Court. Pawel S. and brothers Radoslaw M. and Lukasz M. received prison sentences ranging from 18 months to two and a half years. In addition, they have been ordered to pay PLN 10,000 for stealing and damaging the sign. Two other men, believed to have been responsible for establishing contact with Anders Hogstrom, the Swedish former neo-Nazi who wanted the sign, are still awaiting trial. According to reports, the court wants to delay proceedings until Hogstrom has been extradited to Poland. PO debate outside the Sejm Civic Platform (PO) presidential hopefuls are set to go head-to-head this weekend in a debate on foreign policy. Bronislaw Komorowski and Radoslaw Sikorski will take part in the so-called `open debate' outside the Sejm, which has been billed as a public spectacle - although the only people invited along are the media. But Vice-Prime Minister Grzegorz Schetyna believes this is as close to a public debate as it can get. "It's alive and real. Just a few weeks ago the opposition were arguing that debates are artificial, with an unreal rivalry where nobody knows who wins."

Bouncer hacks off punter's hand


bouncer of a sex club in Krakow has been arrested for hacking off the wrist of a customer with a machete after he refused to pay for the club's services. Marcin Czarnecki was attempting to leave the Extaza nightclub, a notorious sex joint located north of the city centre, around 3 am on Sunday morning when he was approached by 33-year-old doorman Marek Kaszubski. Several partygoers called for the police as the brawl continued into the busy street outside, but by the time the authorities arrived, Kaszubski had already produced the blade and proceeded to remove the punter's hand. "A man ran up to the police and said his hand had been chopped off above the wrist," said Michal Kondzior, a police spokesman.2009-04-28 then Page 1 it "Police 13:21 found reklama_202_272:marriott lying on the ground not far away from

where the actual incident had taken place." "The injured man was then transported by helicopter to a hospital in Wroclaw which specialises in such incidents." Luckily for Czarnecki, 27, the hand had been located sitting in a nearby snowdrift which helped to stop the flow of blood and ultimately preserve the hand, allowing medics to successfully re-attach it to his arm. The club, which is well-known on the tourist trail of `adult hot-spots', is described by one on-line website as a "safe, discreet club that offers on-site security [who will] even call a cab for you at the end of the night." Ironically, it also recommends the club for those looking to get a more `handson' experience. If found guilty of the crime, Kaszubski could face up to a total of ten years in prison.

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The New Poland Express I Friday 19th March 2010 I


Bringing you the best from across the regions.


he Olympic skier Kornelia Marek, who has been found guilty of illegal doping, is the public face of the scandal and will rightly face serious consequences for her actions. It's important to send out the message that doping doesn't pay. However, it is equally possible that Marek herself is the biggest victim in this case. An acquaintance of mine from Koszalin was a talented young basketball player

If you have any news for Graham, send him an email at [email protected]


in the early 1980s. She spent a lot of time training and her coach became virtually a surrogate father ­ but a very stern and demanding one. He abused her mentally and physically and began giving her injections, without telling her what they were and without informing her parents. As a result, she very soon went from being merely tall, to being freakishly tall. When her parents realised what was going on, her basketball career and her connections with the coach rapidly ceased. Unfortunately, the events have cast a shadow over her entire life and she fled as

far as Australia, going through a string of relationships along the way, never able to find stability. Marek needs to be punished, there's no doubt there. But those behind the scenes, those whose photos are not currently adorning our newspapers and TV screens are the real villains in this piece. While Kornelia Marek may not have been entirely unknowing, she must have been surrounded by bad advisers and pushers. If these people are not uncovered, the whole incident will have been a worthless exercise.


Katowice Grand Prix

lask governor, Zygmunt Lukaszczyk stated his desire this week to build a Formula One racing circuit in the region. "Several million people live within a 100km radius, it will be worth doing," he argued. The plan has been hatched as part of a strategy to change the region's image and increase tourism. "We have a motoring tradition, too. There are the Fiat and Opel factories in the region. It's worth thinking about," he added. Such a project could not be financed from state funds though, but would require a partnership with a private investor. But if such an investor could be found, the governor would be right behind them. Przemyslaw Kepinski, who administers the official Polish Formula One website, is sceptical, though. "Talk about a Polish F1 track keeps coming round, but until a serious investor can be found, there's no chance of it happening," he told Gazeta Katowice. Building the track would cost around EUR 150-200 mln, which would take a long time to recoup, and the track alone is not enough. "Around 100,000 people attend the races. They have to be able to get to the track and we don't even have a half-decent motorway. All these people have to have somewhere to stay and places to eat. The profits can be enormous, but building it all takes an enormous amount of effort and expense," Kepinski concluded.


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The New Poland Express I Friday 19th March 2010 I

Established in 1953 Internationally experienced and certified faculty American philosophy of education Small classes and low student/faculty ratio Pre-K (age 4) to grade 12 (age 18) Excellent facilities and classroom resources Outstanding IB exam results

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Robin Hood before Tribunal

arsaw City Council voted unanimously this week to challenge the so-called Robin Hood tax, intended to take from rich areas and give to the poor, in the Constitutional Tribunal. Under the ruling local taxes are garnered by the state and redistributed as it sees fit. Warsaw is top of the list of municipalities hit by the levy. The amount clawed back by central government increases year on year and in 2010 is expected to amount to PLN 1 bln. The city's councillors, in deciding to challenge the ruling, were at pains to stress that they did not want the tax abolished, merely that they wanted the rules to be redrawn.


The challenge was made by all three main political groupings, Civic Platform, Law and Justice and the Democratic Left Alliance after efforts to persuade MPs to revise the tax failed. If law lords concur with the councillors' challenge, the law will have to be debated all over again in parliament.

Waste with taste

his coming Sunday Warsaw residents will have an unusual opportunity to exchange trash for theatre tickets in the `Exchange your waste for a taste of culture' action organised by Fundacja Ekorozwoju. All you have to do is turn up at the designated site and hand over 5kg of paper or ten aluminium cans and you will receive tickets to the cinema, theatre, museum or a concert in return. Dominik Dobrowolski, the brains behind the idea, told reporters from Gazeta Stoleczna, "We already have two thousand tickets and there may be more. We want to make people aware that ecology goes hand in hand with culture. Cultural people don't pollute." the men rang police at about 11pm telling them he was a wanted fugitive and was ready to give himself up. Police arrived at the appointed place soon after and spotted the young man together with a friend, both of whom were familiar to them and one of whom was indeed wanted by police. However, it turned out that they had no intention of going peacefully, quite the reverse, as soon as the officers stepped out of

A ticket can be earned for 5kg of paper, 10 glass bottles or jars, 10 plastic bottles or cups, 10 aluminium cans, 10 juice or milk cartons or 10 dead batteries. The site will be open on March 21 between 10am and 2pm near the Warszawa café in Powisle on the corner of ul. Kruczkowskiego and al. 3 Maja.


Is this the Chatanooga Choo-choo?


KP have come up with a novel method of welcoming in the spring, by engaging two bands to play live music on their express trains this Sunday. Unwitting passengers to Wroclaw and Katowice will be submitted to a high speed trial by blues and boogie woogie. A PKP Intercity press release proudly announces that one wagon will feature a group called the Boogie Boys playing, "Energetic boogie woogie, modern blues and rock'n'roll hits on two pianos and drums, putting everyone into a spring mood."


Baiting the police

n an unusual incident, two young men from Kedzierzyn-Kozle called police on Tuesday evening deliberately in order to lure them into a fight. One of


their vehicle, they were attacked, at first by the two men, then by one of the men's brother who emerged from a nearby bar. The two officers summoned assistance but by the time it arrived they had successfully restrained all three assailants. The three 20 and 21 year-olds now face up to ten years in prison for assaulting a police officer in the course of his duty and have been remanded in custody.

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The New Poland Express I Friday 19th March 2010 I


Gdansk is greener

Multi-tasking HGV driver

ugustow police stopped an HGV this Tuesday after seeing the massive truck zigzagging along the road, only to discover the driver was not only drunk, but busy watching a film on his laptop. It was about 9pm when traffic police noticed the erratic driving of the massive Mercedes vehicle and so pulled the driver over. Looking into the cabin, the officers noticed a laptop on the passenger seat showing a movie. The driver explained he had been watching a very funny Polish film called "How I started the second world war", and initially the officers were inclined to accept that as an explanation for his driving. However, one of the officers smelt alcohol on the driver's breath and a breath test soon revealed the trucker to have almost 0.2% of alcohol in his bloodstream. Police impounded the lorry with its consignment of hydraulic parts and the driver landed in police cells before being fast-tracked in front of magistrates this Wednesday.


Cutbacks bite deep

Cash-point withdrawals


49-year-old bank worker responsible for refilling cash-points was arrested this week for stealing PLN 300,000 while doing so. End-of-year accounts revealed the missing cash and suspicion soon fell on Leszek K., whose duties were to re-supply numerous cash-points in Bialystok with cash. On being arrested the man initially denied all knowledge of the thefts, but after 24 hours of questioning, he confessed. Apparently, he helped himself to the money over an 18 month period while working at the machines, as accompanying security guards focussed their attention on ensuring no third parties stole the cash. He used the money for his daily needs, but mainly to support an addictive gambling habit. Leszek K. now faces up to ten years in prison.

N a t i o n a l Health Fund (NFZ) computer has reallocated National Health status to Pomorskie dental surgeries, cutting 20% of surgeries off the list and leaving some areas of Gdansk with no free dental health care. The computer was set up to make decisions according to set criteria, regardless of geographical location, and its results have left patients in the poorest areas with no state dentists, forcing patients to sign on in new surgeries several kilometres away from their homes. Patients in the affected areas are upset, "At least I know here how everything operates, there I'll have to work it all out again. It'll be further away and more complicated," said one. The NFZ are unrepentant, though. "At least no one can accuse us of favouritism. The computer decided and that's that," NFZ spokesperson Mariusz Szymanski told reporters from Gazeta Trojmiasto. And similar chaos could soon spread to other regions. "All the Fund's divisions in Poland have reacted positively to what happened here in Pomorskie. They'll be doing the same, only they'll have the selection process at a later date," Barbara Kaminska, a deputy medical director for the NFZ in Pomorze commented.



dansk Shipyards have been named joint-winners of a prestigious contest for producing environmentally-friendly ships, "Green ship of the year". The award was announced at the Green Ship Technology Conference held this week in Copenhagen. The Polish shipbuilder received the prize for its Moldefjord ferry, built for a Norwegian operator. The ship utilizes a hybrid technology, with one standard diesel engine supported by two liquefied natural gas (LNG) units. Use of the technology reduces the emissions of nitrous oxides (NOx) by as much as 90%. In fact, when the entire fleet of ferries ordered by the Norwegians enter service, they will save as much NOx as is currently produced by all the cars in Oslo.

Online coppers

dansk police are moving with the times and have opened their own pages on YouTube and Facebook. The aim of the sites will be to try and show that the majority of police work is about crime prevention and social work. "Thanks to the images, certain types of behaviour are better remembered. So, if we want to talk about making your home secure, an officer can show you what to do. If we want to praise the behaviour of drivers, or condemn other manoeuvres, it will be much easier to show it using video," police explained. The sites will also show more spectacular material from arrests to video of night patrols.


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The New Poland Express I Friday 19th March 2010 I


700 ATMs to be removed The ATM company Euronet said it will eliminate as many as 700 cash machines throughout Poland due to cuts in fees from card issuers. A 50-percent reduction in the transaction fee it receives from banks to run ATMs for them will slash profits, the company said. Competitor DieBold has introduced a PLN 400 limit on withdrawals to cut its costs in response to the fee reduction, but Euronet decided not to follow suit after receiving numerous complaints about the idea. Poland to lower CO2 emission limits Poland has proposed setting its limits for CO2 emissions to the level it was awarded by the EU in 2007. The 208.5 million tonne annual limit for emissions through 2012 in the government's latest proposal is much lower than the 284.6 mln tonnes originally sought three years ago. The new limits being offered indicate that the government has decided not to fight Brussels on the matter. Poland currently emits less than its quota of CO2, allowing it to sell the excess for cash to other nations.

Poland to go nuclear on coast

oland's first nuclear power plant will be built near the coastal town of Zarnowiec, 59 km northwest of Gdansk, according to a ranking of potential sites released by the government. Work on a previous nuclear plant near Zarnowiec started during the communist era was halted in 1990. Locals then expressed concerns about the safety of nuclear energy and the Soviet technology used in the designed and construction of the plant. The completion of the government's survey of potential sites was officially announced by Hanna Trojanowska, the Deputy Minister of the Economy and the government's advisor on nuclear energy. "Zarnowiec heads the ranking of twentyeight towns considered to be the best locations for a nuclear plant, followed by Warta-Klempicz and Kopan, which still have a chance to host the second nuclear power station in Poland," Hanna Trojanowska said at a press conference on Tuesday. She noted that Zarnowiec was selected because of its proximity to both the sea and a large body of fresh water that could be used to cool the reactors. "Zarnowiec lies close to a lake and there is also a possibility to build a channel which would supply the plant with sea water," Trojanowska explained. The location of the finalists near large bodies of water and away from major population centres was high among the criteria for selection, but other factors were key in the decision.



1 .2% index rises during the week of WIG-20 stock

March 12-18.

3 .37 bln giant PGE in 2009. The Profits earned by energy

company went public in an IPO in November.

2 .7numbers from the IMF on Poland's 5% Latest

economic growth for 2010, a rise from its earlier forecast of 2.2%


Currency Czech Koruna Danish Krone Estonian Kroon Euro Hong Kong Dollar Hungarian Forint Japanese Yen Norwegian Krone Pound Sterling Russian Ruble Swiss Franc US Dollar Symbol 1 CZK 1 DKK 1 EEK 1 EUR 1 HKD 100 HUF 100 JPY 1 NOK 1 GBP 1 RUB 1 CHF 1 USD Mid-rate 0,1535 0,5229 0,2487 3,8909 0,3696 1,4837 3,1709 0,4881 4,3437 0,0979 2,714 2,8673

Minster of the Economy Waldemar Pawlak noted that 17 criteria were considered in the point system used in the process to decide where to locate the plant. "In our report, considerations were made in terms of safety, seismology, hydrology, and demographics, he noted. Local reactions show that the decision has support from communities near proposed sites. Marek Olszewski, the head of the Lubusz commune, where the WartaKlempicz site is located, said he accepts the decision in spite of early concerns he had about the selection process. "I am pleased that we have finally finished this rat race. What it most important is that in the end it was decided on the basis of merit. At the outset, this kind of non-nonsense discussion was lacking," he explained. In spite of the protests the project is sure to draw, there does not appear to be the kind of local opposition that led to the cancellation of Poland's atomic power plant projects in the early 1990s. In a survey conducted on behalf of Rzeczpospolita, 59 percent of respondents said they supported the idea of building a nuclear plant near in their commune. The government hopes to have the reactor operating by 2021 as part of its efforts to meet EU requirements to diversify its energy production in an effort to cut CO2 emissions. Nearly all of Poland's current power production comes from coal-fired plants that produce large volumes of carbon dioxide.

Debt reaches warning level

oland's public debt at the end of 2009 was more than 50 percent of GDP, higher than previous government estimates, according to an article in Rzeczpospolita. If true, the government would be obligated by the constitution to cut the deficit for 2010 below last year's level. According to the paper's report, government spending last year pushed the debt up to 51.8 percent of GDP according to the EU's calculation method and to 51.3 percent using Poland's GUS methodology. Both numbers are higher than the 50 percent "warning level" that constitutionally requires the current deficit to be cut from the previous year's level. The government has repeatedly said the debt would not reach the "warning level" in 2009 or 2010. But its estimate of PLN 659 bln for 2009 ­ or 49.9 percent of GDP ­ was already dangerously close to that level. The paper noted that these estimates did


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not include debts taken by the National Road Fund (NRF) or by local and regional governments. In recent months, the indebtedness of both has risen. The Rzeczpospolita figures included PLN 26.9 bln more in spending more than the government's data, even without the offthe-books debts of the NRF. Economists offered mixed responses to the report. "Since the Finance Minister said results would come in below 50 percent of GDP, he will try to make that happen. The ministry uses so many tricks it is hard to predict. Unfortunately, transparency in public finances is not what it should be," ING economist Rafal Benecki told the paper. Former Finance Minister Miroslaw Gronicki said he prefers taking a wait-and-see approach. "Until we get some hard data, the Finance Minister will say various things. In my opinion, we should wait for the facts. We will get the official data on the deficit on March 30," he said.



The New Poland Express I Friday 19th March 2010 I



'm a little cranky this morning, and that's principally the fault of a criminal kebab, a missing house guest and a seven minute snooze. Even so, seven minutes is a lifetime compared to the amount of sleep I had in Bydgoszcz at the weekend. I was on a cost-cutting exercise, so instead of the usual five star pampering I ended up lodging in Hotel 24, a spanking new place somewhere on the north edge of town. Now I've always thought the whole point of hotels was to provide travellers the opportunity for rest and recuperation, but clearly I was wrong. The 24 is cleverly designed to make sleep impossible, and the numbers in its name a small hint as to how many hours of kip you'll go without. It might be cheap, clean and friendly, but any place that wakes you up with a chorus of power drills is certainly missing the mark. Fortunately Bydgoszcz has plenty of redeeming factors, they being a cracking little old town that couldn't be more pretty if it was painted in poodle pink colours. It was while walking those cobbled streets that I made an important discovery, namely a place called Dublin Temple Bar. Some say a city is only a city if it has a Gdansk 20 .03 Saturday - Bester Quartet Stacja Orunia, ul.Dworcowa 9 (Orunia), tel. (+48) 58 306 66 76QConcert starts at 20:00. Tickets 45/35zl. Available at Stacja Orunia (Open 10:00 - 19:00, Sat, Sun during events) and before the concert. Katowice 23 .03 Tuesday - Ravi Coltrane Quartet Jazz Club Hipnoza, Pl. Sejmu lskiego 2, tel. (+48) 58 306 66 76,


Thai Relax

cathedral. Personally I reckon a city is only a city if it has an Irish pub. Well it's been a long time coming, but the Byd finally has one, and I'm pleased to declare it's one of the finest I've visited. Aside from a mute princess doing the honours behind the bar, they serve the best Guinness in Poland. I know this for fact, because I had about thirty to check, and with a twelve zlot price tag it was by no means expensive. So it was after I'd done a healthy road test of the black stuff that I made discovery number two: a Mexican restaurant. Mexico City it's called, and it makes my guts gargle at the memory. I went from heaven to hell in a second, and that's down to a burrito that was ninety percent cabbage and ten percent poison. The waitress had Fox Factor Plenty, but even so I'm not going back unless it's to string up the chef. A big shame that such a great city has a such an evil restaurant. Amazingly, mind you, that wasn't the worst meal I've had this week. That prize goes to Macho Empanados, a restaurant set in Warsaw's Ilmet Tower. Even in a city not known for architectural merit the Ilmet looks like a pig, so it really shouldn't have surprised me to find a restaurant that matches the surrounds. I've run out of space so I shan't comment further, but heed my words and avoid it like porn. ravicoltrane.QConcert starts at 20:00. Tickets 40/20zl. Available at Jazz Club Hipnoza box office (Open 10:00 - 02:00, Sat, Sun 12:00 - 02:00). Warsaw 19 .03 Friday - Mlynarski Plays Mlynarski Fabryka Trzciny, ul. Otwocka 14 (Praga Pólnoc), tel. (+48) 22 619 05 13, www.zaryan. com.QConcert starts at 20:30. Tickets 80zl. Available at and EMPiK, ul. Nowy wiat 15/17 (Open 09:00 - 22:00, Sun 11:00 - 19:00).

masau tajskiego Traditional Thai Massage Studio

ul. Zwycizców 28 lok. 32 (first floor) Warsaw - Saska Kpa tel. +48 22 242 83 89 mob. +48 600 298 912 e-mail: [email protected]

studio tradycyjnego

23 .03 Tuesday - PEPSI ROCKS! presents Marek Piekarczyk Hard Rock Cafe, ul. Zlota 59 (Zlote Tarasy), tel. (+48) 22 222 07 00, QConcert starts at 21:30. Tickets 38/32zl. Available at www. and in Hard Rock Cafe (Open 12:00 02:00).

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Francophonic Festival

19 .03 Friday - 29 .03 Monday - Francophonic Festival tel. (+48) 508 87 60 02, This annual event has become an important feature on the capital's cultural map, a chance to meet new faces from the world of francophone performing art. The festival concentrates of three main areas of the French stage. Firstly there's the `chanson' musical tradition, represented by the likes of Juliette Greco, Emilie Simon and Yann Tiersen, although check the programme for who's actually performing. Then there's a colourful patchwork of world music with Amadou et Mariam, Mamani Keita and Seyni et Yeliba. Finally there's the new sounds of the electronic stage, think Scratch Massive, Sayag Jazz Machine, Krazy Baldhead, Nouvelle Vague and Nosfell. This year will also give us the opportunity to discuss the French side of Chopin's music and his influence on modern music. 25 .03 Thursday - Babylon Circus Stodola, ul. Batorego 10, tel. (+48) 22 825 60 31, The organisers say that their music is a bridge between Eastern European folk with French reggae, ska, punk and jazz. Theatrical and comedic on stage, their strong, political lyrics emphasise that individuals can make a difference and a change.QConcert starts at 20:00. Gates open from 19:00. Tickets 45-55zl. Available and Stodola's box office (Open 09:00 - 21:00, Sat 09:00 - 14:00. Closed Sun, Mon). 20 .03 Saturday - Gaba Kulka Stodola, ul. Batorego 10, tel. (+48) 22 825 60 31, Rising Star Gabriela Kulka has been compared to Tori Amos, Kate Bush and Regina Spektor. It's jazz fusion with sung poetry and theatrical music. All of her songs feature her tinkling the ivories. Sophisticated stuff.QConcert starts at 20:00. Gates open from 18:30. Tickets 33-55zl. Available and Stodola's box office (Open 09:00 - 21:00, Sat 09:00 - 14:00. Closed Sun, Mon).


23 .03 Tuesday - Eastcom Versalka, ul. Bohaterów Monte Casino 63, tel. (+48) 602 63 66 37, A band formed by pianist Seb Bernatowicz and saxophonist Ryszard Krawczuk performing their own compositions.QConcert starts at 20:00. Tickets 30/20zl. Available at Versalka (Open 09:00 - 23:00) and before the concert.



24 .03 Wednesday - Umbilical Brothers Bajka Theatre, ul. Marszalkowska 138, tel. (+48) 22 826 69 66,

If you're waylaid in Poland, this is your chance to catch live what has become a bit of a youtube sensation around the world, and not least of all in PL (tickets will go as fast as that Umbilical Brothers meme went around the office) where cabaret continues to be an active and revered artform. These two Australian boys do it a bit differently though. Masters of pantomime and improvisational comedy, Shane Dundas and David Collins use audience participation to constantly create original acts that combine slapstick comedy, sound effects (beatboxing), bits of dialogue, occasional puppetry and generally clownish hijinks. Hilarious and highly recommended, check it out online and act fast if you want to get tickets. In addition to Warsaw, their act is travelling through Pozna, Kraków and Katowice.QEvents start at 18:00 and 20:30. Tickets 90-160zl. Available at Theatre Bajka's box office (Open 09:00 - 19:00, Sat, Sun 13:00 - 19:00).

20 .03 Saturday - Aga Zaryan Blue Note Jazz Club, ul. Kociuszki 76/78, tel. (+48) 61 851 04 08, Aga Zaryan is in reality Polish Jazz singer Agnieszka Skrzypek, her stagename Zaryan is in memory of an old flame. Although still young, she has already recorded the soundtracks to a few movies. In 2002 she released her first album `My Lullaby' which received rave reviews not only at home but also in Japan. The follow up was Picking Up The Pieces which went double platinum and then the `Umiera Pikno' album which won Brit equivalent Frederyk awards in 2008. Now she's hitting the road to promote her latest release Looking Walking Being. It includes lyrics by herself and American poet Denise Levertov. A treat for all jazz sophisticates. QConcert starts at 20:00. Tickets 60-100zl. Available at Blue Note (Open 19:00-01:00, Fri, Sat 19:00-03:00) and before the event.


20 .03 Saturday - Ethno Jazz Festival - Salif Keita Wytwórnia Filmów Fabularnych, ul. Wystawowa 1, tel. (+48) 22 826 69 66, Salif Keita needs no introduction to anyone with a passing interest in things world music and is a world star of Afro-pop. Taking his music inspirations from jazz, blues, funk and Western African traditions, his biography is as fascinating as his music: he is a descendant of the Mali royal family, although there was a downside - his albino skin lead to family curses. His voice has been described as like baroque organs; that's never occurred to me, but he's a great performer.QConcert starts at 20:00. Tickets 60-150zl. Available at Empik, Rynek 50, A-3 (Open 09:00 - 21:00, Sun 11:00 - 21:00).

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The New Poland Express I Friday 19th March 2010 I

Olympic skier doping scandal



Malysz flying at Planica Adam Malysz jumped 216.5m from a low starting point in training for the ski flying competition in Planica this weekend, out jumped only by the Swiss Simon Amman. In the pre-qualifying competition the three remaining members of the Polish team all proceeded to the competition proper, with Kamil Stoch taking a creditable third place. Kubica's rotten start Robert Kubica got the new F1 season off to a terrible start after a collision with the German driver Adrian Sutil on the first lap pushed him to the back of the pack, leaving him with no hopes of scoring any points. "All our work has been wasted," Kubica commented bitterly, leaving no doubt as to who was to blame for the incident, saying about Sutil, "Maybe he likes throwing races away on the first lap - I don't." Kubica has his wings clipped The F1 supervising body, the FIA, has ruled that the split rear diffusers on Robert Kubica's Renault machine are against the rules and will have to be redesigned. Renault is not the only team to be using the double wings, and McLaren and Mercedes will have to alter their similar designs. The changes will have to be in place by March 28, in time for that weekend's Australian GP.

ornelia Marek, a member of Poland's successful Winter Olympics squad, was found guilty on Tuesday of using the banned EPO performance enhancing drug when scientists confirmed her B sample had also come back positive. The scandal has tarnished the memories of the team's most successful ever Games and enquiries are now underway to establish the scale of the problem and, crucially, who provided and administered the banned substance. When the A sample tested positive last week, Marek categorically protested her innocence, telling reporters, "I didn't take anything, I've nothing to feel guilty about." But all hopes that there might have been a mistake disappeared when the independently tested B sample came back positive, giving Marek no room for manoeuvre. "Hope dies last. I hoped till the very end. I thought that there was something wrong with the first analysis, that there was some mistake. But it didn't happen. It was with enormous sadness that I learnt the news that the laboratory made no mistake," commented Marek 's coach, Wieslaw Cempa, emphasizing that he knew nothing about the incident.

Marek, who had delighted fans with an unexpected eleventh place in the same 30km race in Vancouver where Justyna Kowalczyk took a thrilling gold, has written a letter to the Polish Skiing Union (PZN) in which she explains that prior to the Vancouver games she was taking medication in the form of injections. "She insists that she had no idea that it was a banned substance," Apoloniusz Tajner, head of the PZN told reporters. EPO is a drug that increases the amount of red blood cells in the body and improves oxygen distribution. Piotr Nurowski, president of the Polish Olympic Committee told TVN24, "I'm constantly counting that the PZN, as part of its internal investigation, will uncover whether Kornelia took these drugs on her own, or if somebody persuaded her, advised her and helped her dosing it. And then the Olympic Committee and I will step in. For such a person, whether it's a doctor, coach or masseur, whoever, there'll be no place in Polish sport." Marek now faces a two year ban and the loss of all the grants she was receiving as a student and Olympic sportsperson. But MPs are going further and calling for a lifetime ban, or even prison, for anyone who supplies or takes performance enhancing drugs.

Managers tumble like ninepins


ollowing a disappointing goalless draw with Jagiellonia Bialystok last Friday, Wisla Krakow took the step everyone had been expecting and dismissed their manager, Maciej Skorza; what no one expected, though, was that his replacement would be Wisla's old coach, Henryk Kasperczak. Kasperczak's relationship with Wisla goes back to 2002, when he began a three year stint as manager, taking the team to the league title and to the last sixteen of the

UEFA cup. On taking over the reins this week, Kasperczak commented, "This is a club made for big challenges. The club's president, Ciupala, dreams of the Champions League, and I want to make that dream come true." Legia Warszawa also parted company with their manager Jan Urban after an equally disappointing start to the second half of the season. His replacement, Stefan Bialas is a temporary appointment to the end of the season.

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newshere.Email [email protected]

Learn Polish for free

The Centre for Polish Studies is running a competition for learners of Polish to study for free. Entrance runs until the beginning of May. For more details on how to enter and gain the chance of learning Polish for free go to or call Marta Werbanowska on 22 826 19 04


Panel beater/auto body techn .

EXPERIENCED heavy collision technician for our body shop in Oslo Norway. We prefer an individual that is experienced with modern equipment, possesses solid technical knowledge,experienced with Car-O-Liner bench, measuring systems. Contact: [email protected]

Camouflage Uniforms Wanted

I'm looking to buy Polish camouflage uniforms from communist period up to present day. Good price's offered depending on the item and the condition. Contact: [email protected]

Apartment for sale - Warsaw

Central Warsaw near Royal Route. Built in 1912. 1st floor of four. Modernised with original features retained. Just under 100 m2. Price 1.94M PLN. Photographs available on request. Telephone: 0725 857 475

Summerhouse at Mazurian Lake

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Polish or English

Canadian fluently bilingual able to clarify and solve linguistic problems for those seriously interested. Contact: [email protected]

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Spacious & quiet flat of 132m2, 5 rooms (4 bedrooms) ideal for family with children - separate, fully furnished kitchen with dining space, - large and bright living room, - four bedrooms, two bathrooms, - garage. Many shops in immediate surroundings, also playschools primary and secondary schools.

Personal and Business Coaching

You are at a crossroad in your life, You have lost the sense of fulfilment and pleasure in your work, You want to achieve the same results with less stress and a better life, Or you would like to get an attentive ear and a sounding board. Olivier AUBER, a coach with experience is offering sessions to Assist You in finding Your solution to Your problem.

Private Spanish Lessons

Spanish teacher (NATIVE SPEAKER) with experience in private tuition. I would be happy to teach you spanish and improve your level with intensive and funny lessons. Contact Elena, 722 15 58 10, [email protected] Warsaw downtown area. Price 50 zl/60 min.

Land for rent/lease near Warsaw

2,640 hctr of land near Radom and Bialobrzegow for long term lease. Ideal logistics/transport/warehousing, petrol station/LPG service. Entry from all sides including highway E7. Located in Maksymilianów. Possibility to rent in parts. Line for electricity and other utilities included. Price 5 zl/M2 to negotiate. Contact: Dinesh Sharma Mob:+48-500-122-836

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Professional and experienced teacher available for private tuition. Polish and English language lessons for adults and children which are interesting, effective, and fun. Also, private tuition for schoolchildren. Contact Anna on 0602 312 243, [email protected]

Villa to rent

Stunning wooden villa to rent in Zakopane. Newly built wooden house, sleeps 8, uninterrupted views of mountains, close to slopes, stylish contemporary decor, sauna, cinema room - from 750 per week. [email protected]

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yourcommunitygroupshere.Email [email protected]

Tri-City Toastmasters

When: The club meets on the 1st, 3rd, and 5th Wednesday of each month Where: ul. Kartuska 5, second floor, 80-103 GDASK. [email protected] Phone: 504 304 764



We are a Polish and Expat social group who organise a walk/run in a forest, park or around the city, followed by a few beers (or whatever takes your fancy!). We meet at the Marriott hotel on alternate Saturdays at 2pm. "Hash House Harriers" is an international group, which was originally established in Malaysia 70 years ago. All are welcome. For details, call Martin at 502-052-958. Email [email protected] or

Toastmasters club

Toastmasters club (Polska) invites all to its weekly meetings. Toastmasters is the international organization for learning the art of public speaking and enhancing leadership skills. Meetings every Wednesday at 19.00 at the Palace of Culture 12th floor (premises of Collegium Civitas) - entrance from ul. Marszalkowska side. For more details visit or call Etan at 696-292-451

International Women's Group

Meetings are held twice a month on the first Monday (at rotating locations between 10:30 and 12:30) and the third Monday of the month at Restauracja Tapa y Toro located in the Zlote Trasy Shopping Mall (ul. Zlota 59) from 10:00 - 11:00. For more information see or contact us at [email protected]

International Rotary Club

International Rotary Club - Warszawa Wilanow is the only English speaking Rotary Club in Warsaw. Visiting Rotarians are warmly welcomed to join the weekly meetings held at the Polonia Palace Hotel, Al. Jerozolimskie 45. Tuesday's at 12:00, except the last Tuesday of each month when the meeting is at 19:00. For more information: +48 601 897 731

Poznan International Church

Every Sunday at 10:00 Contact details: It's simple at P.I.C.. Come and experience God through current music and relevant teaching. Grow in your relationship with God and others by making friends and joining a small group. Serve God and people by being generous with the gifts God has given you. Go and make a difference in the world by sharing the love of Christ.

Gospel Baptist CHURCH

ul. Czerniowiecka 4, Warsaw. Services are held in Polish and English languages: Sun. 11:00 (Sunday School), 12:00 (AM service), 18:00 (PM Service), Thurs. 19:00. For more information contact: Pastor Paul Sock, mob. 0500-270-990, e-mail: [email protected]

Expat meetings

Meeting English speakers in Warsaw just got a whole load easier. We don't teach you Salsa, we make you pay for your own drinks, but we do promise to give you the premier multicultural event of the week at Warsaw's very own Professional Wednesday Meetup. Contact - [email protected] or 691535566

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