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The current school uniform has been in place for a long time. Over the last few years there have been frequent expressions of concern from students and parents about quality and style of some of the items. To gauge the opinions we issued a questionnaire to a representative sample of parents, students, staff and governors, which showed a clear majority in favour of some sort of change. As a result, in November we formed a working party of students, parents, staff and governors to take a fresh look at our uniform. The brief was to come up with something distinctive and smart that our students would feel proud to wear, and that would not cause a significant increase in costs to parents. The group worked hard, consulting with various people along the way, determined to find the best solution.

UNIFORM SUPPLIERS The three local shops: Pretty Miss, Macey Sports and Trutex will continue to stock our uniform, and specified items (blazers, skirts, ties and badges) will only be available through them. All other items may be purchased elsewhere, as individual parents see fit.


Comprehensive School Ys g o l G y f u n C a e r l l i o n

New School Uniform

The results outlined here, have been discussed with and approved by Year and School Councils, and have been adopted by the Governors for introduction from September 2011. We feel they are smart, practical, and represent good value for money.

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New Uniform Details

BLAZERS We have decided to move away from a heavy v-neck jumper to a more practical navy blue blazer. This will be available in both a regular and "girl-fit" shaped cut, and will feature the school crest on the breast pocket..

TROUSERS & SKIRTS Trousers or skirts will be mid-grey. Trousers should be tailored classic-style; jeans, skin-tight, flares or other styles are not acceptable. Skirts must be in a stitched-down pleated style with the school logo embroidered on the hem, and should be of knee length. Girls may choose to wear either trousers or a skirt.

HEAD SCARVES We would ask those girls who, for religious reasons, wear a head scarf, to make sure that these are of either a navy blue or burgundy colour. PE KIT The PE kit has not been changed, except that the girls' gym skirts are being phased out, and replaced with skorts.

SHIRTS The school shirts will retain the current sky-blue colour. For the girls, the shirts will be with "rever" collar, and will feature a pin badge with the school crest on the collar; girls will not wear ties. The girls' shirts will be available in either standard fit or an optional slightly shaped "girl-fit". The boys' shirts will feature a standard collar and will be worn with the school tie. The light blue polo shirt will phased out as a part of the summer uniform. V-NECK SWEATER (OPTIONAL) For use in colder weather, students will be allowed to wear a plain navy blue v-neck sweater with either long or short sleeves. SHOES, SOCKS & TIGHTS Students are required to wear black shoes (not trainers) during the school day. Girls wearing skirts should wear plain navy-blue tights (not patterned), and during the summer they may choose to wear short socks or natural colour tights. Short dark socks should be worn with trousers. SCHOOL COAT For some years, students in Year 7 have been required to purchase our approved school coat; this will continue to be compulsory for all students in Key Stage 3 (Years 7-9). However, for Key Stage 4 students, we ask that outdoor coats be in a black or navy-blue colour and without large logos or text.

CHANGE-OVER ARRANGEMENTS All students entering Year 7 in September 2011 will be expected to wear the full new school uniform. For students starting Year 10, we would recommend this as an appropriate time to change. For all other students there will be a one year change-over period, during which either style of uniform may be worn. We would ask that where parents need to purchase new items that they be of the new uniform.

FINANCIAL MATTERS The average cost of the full new uniform is expected to be about £75.00, which is comparable to the cost of the old one. We have always made funds available for parents who experience difficulty in affording items of school uniform. A uniform grant can be provided upon receipt of a written application to the Governing Body. Please contact the Headteacher in confidence if you wish to discuss applying for a grant.


Caerleon Uniform

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