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24 November 2006

By: Marius Oiaga, Technology News Editor

Download Windows XP Pro Service Pack 3 Build 2

New, fresh release!

Windows XP Pro SP3 Build 2 is immediately available for download. This Windows edition includes a luxuriant variety of bonuses starting with a Windows Vista theme, Microsoft Office 2003 Full...SlipStreamed 75 MB, Adobe Reader 7, MSN Messenger, Firefox and Winrar. The downloadable file is a 695 MB designed to be burned on a single CD. Obviously, this is not an official Microsoft release. First off, according to the Windows Service Pack Road Map, delivered by Microsoft, on a Microsoft website: "SP3 for Windows XP Home Edition is currently planned for 1H CY2008. This date is preliminary." 1H CY2008 means the first half of 2008. Windows XP Pro SP3 Build 2 is instead a pirate version of, probably XP SP2. And it is authored by Amit Talkin. You can even contact him at [email protected] "Completely silent, unattended and activation free, no serial needed. I recommended you to make new & clean installation...dont upgrade from previous release.. It dosent require to put CD- key ...just start setup..and go away from will not ask u abt anything!!" Talkin describes his product.Windows XP Pro SP3 Build 2 also delivers the following: - hotfixes added till january 2006!!- Boot Screen FIxed- Logon Screen Fixed- More Tweaks added For faster Performance- More Themes added...and VIsta XP theme as default- Some softwares included as below...- Office 2003 SP2 With Frontpage!Firefox 1.5- quick time alternative 1.67- Adobe Reader 7.05- Also included Microsoft Office 2003 Professional SP 2- MIcrosoft Virtual CD- TweakUI- Some Tweak Tools ( see in the control panel )- Winrar 3.51 + Themes ( evalution crack from anywhere...Many Themes Included!! )- OSX Cursors Pack- Unlocker 1.7.6- Tweaks For Internet Explorer ( maximum simultaneos download limit is 10 now )- WMP 10 + UpdatedNew Icons- New Drivers ( Mass Storage & Wireless Lan )- Drivers Problem FixedEnhanced Visual Effects- No CD-Key!!- Codec Packs..- Registry Watcher ( will be useful to find applictions registry entry & its effects )Some System Utilities ( see SYSTEM TOOLS IN START MENU )Logon Screen Is same as past version!!From Previous Releaseuxtheme.dll patched- hacked WGA ( genuine advantage validation hacked )- maximum simultaneous connection limit removed- windows file protection desabled- Default Vista Theme & Enhanced Bootskin and logon skin!!- Registry Tweaks Added For Better Performance- All Device Drivers 400 MB!!!Integrated ApplicationsI wrote this article for the sake of a few good laughs. If you were expecting a link I have to disappoint you. By the looks of the description, this thing is cracked to such an extent that the proportion of malicious code inserted is outweighing the Windows source code.

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Download Windows XP Pro Service Pack 3 Build 2

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