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30 May 2006

By: Cosmin Nitu, Editor, Software Reviews

Great Horoscope Utility!

Horoscope Explorer review

I'm sure that there are many people that would sell their soul if this would give them the winning lottery numbers a few days before the drawing takes place. But no matter what algorithm a program might use, these numbers are unpredictable and your only "partner" is your luck.The same thing can't be said about one's horoscope, which is based on astronomy and astrology. Even though this is an issue that can raise polemics, horoscopes can be used to describe one's personality and profile.Known for its strong cultural personality, India is able to give more precise (how precise one can get is not determinable in this field) results for what zodiacal signs are concerned, but not only.What's your sign?I have come across a program that uses this kind of information in order to determine an individual's good features, bad ones and what's his/her tendency in life.The application is called Horoscope Explorer and is developed by PublicSoft. It's mainly oriented towards the Indian people, but people outside India can have their horoscope generated too.You can either see your personal horoscope, varshaphala profile, or try the marriage match making feature.When generating a personal horoscope, you will get very detailed information regarding General Details, Lagna Kundli, Planetary Positions, Shodashvarga Kundlis, Lagna, Kundli Hora Kundli, Drekkana Kundli, Chaturthamsha Kundli, Saptamamsha Kundli, Navamamsha Kundli, Dashamamsha Kundli, Dwadashamamsha Kundli, Shodashamsha, Kundli, Vimshamsha Kundli, Chaturvimshamsha Kundli, Saptavimshamsha Kundli, Trimshamsha Kundli, Khavedamsha Kundli, Akshavedamsha Kundli, Shashtiamsha,Kundli, Bhav Table, Bhav Chalit Chakra, Sun Based Upagrahas, Day Based Upagrahas (both Parashara & Kalidasa paddati), Bhinna Ashtak Varga charts for all planets, Ashtak Varga Total, Ashtakvarga Shodhan, Planet Maitri Chakra (Permanent, Temporal & Panchadha), Sudarshan Chakra, Planet Karakas (3 groups), Planetary Avasthas (6 groups), Nav Tara Chakra, Planetary Aspects Table, Plant drishti Table, Shani Sade Saati Table, Shadbala, Vimshottari Dasha (Mahadasha), Vimshottari, Pratyantara Dasha (For the running period), Tribhagi Dasha Yogini Dasha Shat Trimsha Dasha, Predictions for over 200 Planetary yogas, Results of planetary aspects, and the list goes on.All these details are available either from Navigate menu item, or through the scrollable toolbar placed at the top, right under the program menu. This gives you easy access to all the sections, which are quite informative.Ayanamsha is a value that's deducted from the real planetary longitude and latitude. There are several values recommended by different astrologers and Horoscope Explorer gives you the option to select one from the included ones: Lahiri (also called Chitrapakshiya Ayanamsha) - popular all over northern India; KP (Krishnamurthy Ayanamsha) - it's only slightly different from Lahiri and is popular with professional astrologers and researchers; BV Raman - Ayanamsha, a value developed by popular astrologer BV Raman, that you can use if you are originated from western India; and last but not least, Sayan - there is no deduction from the planetary longitudes, and it's used for the western system of astrology.Most astrologers use Mean positions of Ketu & Rahuu. The most frequently used one is the true position. There's a small difference between the mean and true positions, ranging from a couple of seconds to a few minutes. You can change the Ayanamsha and Rahu & Kety values from the settings menu item, to which value suits you best.Planetary Transits allow an astrologer to study the planets' movement in order to determine their influence on your horoscope.Horoscope Explorer has the facility to see animated transits in a zodiac, letting you view the movement of the planets as it happens (this is an estimated movement, and not one that's received through a live feed from satellites; nevertheless, the effect is the same.) You can view transits by clicking on the

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'View transits' button the toolbar.To generate the horoscopes for people born outside India, one must keep in mind the country's Time difference from GMT (Greenwich Mean Time), for e.g. the difference of the Indian time from GMT is 5.30 hours. The major countries of the world are already entered into the program's database (including time zones, cities, latitude and longitude values for all areas), so users can automatically access the GMT Difference for most countries by clicking on its name in the list. If the Time difference is not provided for a country, the user must manually enter its name and the time difference; if this requirement is not met, or is done improperly, the results will not be accurate.The marriage match making feature also provides plenty of information. In order to switch to this module, you have to click the correspondent button in the main window. When doing so, the main screen will be divided into two sections: one for the man and one for the woman (containing the same details: name, DOB, country, time zone, place and latitude settings).The toolbar contains fewer items for this case, but they too offer a variety of information: Details, Lagna, Guna and the last, but the most important, the Analysis section. Here you will find synthesized data about compatibility between the "boy and girl" (as the two characters are named in the program), as well as the problems that could appear in their marriage.The GoodThis program is able to provide much information for one's horoscope, and only needs a few details to start with, such as the date and place of birth, time zone and latitude.The BadThe abundance of information could get you a little bit confused, but if you're superstitious, this won't be a bother. Also, this trial version is only available for 45 days, after which, if you want to keep using it, you'll have to pay $22 for the full license.The Truth Whether you're a superstitious person or not, surely you'll be tempted to find out more about your profile, what's the full moon's effect on you, and so on. It's rich in information, and presents the data structured in tables and graphs so that you can not only read it, but also understand it. It's mainly designed for the Indian culture, but people all over the world can use it. Try it out and see for yourself!Check out the screenshots below to get a glance at the program in action:Installation:Working with the program:

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Great Horoscope Utility!

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Great Horoscope Utility!