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16 November 2006

By: Tudor Stefanescu, Games Editor

Pokemon: Ruby and Sapphire - Tips and Tricks

Don't forget your Ultraballs!

Catching RegisGo to Pacificlog and get a pokemon that knows surf and dive, also bring a Wailord and a Relicanth. Wailord evolves from a Wailmor, while Relicanth can be found at the place where you get all 4 shards for the stones. Then go to the left of Pacificlog and surf down to the lowest part of the rapids, towards the island. Keep jumping islands but stick to the lower part of the rapids. Use dive when prompted and swim to the end, where it says: "Go Up". Reach the back of the cave and use a pokemon that knows how to dig, near the spot where the brail is. Putt Relicanth as your first pokemon and Wailord as your last and you'll be prompted: "You hear a distant door open". That's your cue to get those Regis. Always save before engaging any of them brings a lot of Ultraballs and Timerballs. The best way to get all three is to train a Zangoose up until it learns False Slash. Just weaken the pokemons until they reach the red zone, then use False Slash. Your targets now have 1 hitpoint left, so don't attack any longer. Start using the balls until they stay inside.Regirock: Go to the lowest part of the dessert where you found the fossils. In the middle rock, go to the back of the room, read the text and go right, right, down, down, and then use strength. Registeel:From Fortree City go right and down to the bottom of the route, where the girl gives you a berry. Walk up the stairs, through the tall grass and into the middle rock. To find Registeel, just walk to the center of the room and use fly. Regice:In Petalburg City go left, to the water, and surf down to the rocks until you encounter an opening. Move up to the seven rocks, go inside, then read the text for a couple of minutes to find Regice.Easy pokemons Once you go through the pokeball, press [Up] + [B] and when the ball opens, press [A] + [Up]. As soon as it hits the ground, start reacting to its movements. Press [Down] + [B]. When it shakes left, press [R] and when it shakes right, press [L]. If you do this right, the pokemon will eventually be yours. Note that the cheat only works for Ultraball, Timerball and Greatball.Easy healingGet an Acro Bike and fly to Lavaridge or travel to the summit by Cable Car. You can find an old lady selling lavacookies near the exit from the travel area. Buy as many as you want, since they're great for full healing and cost only $200.Pokemon cloneIf you want to make perfect copies of your pokemons, simply get the desired choice and place it in a box. Take the pokemon out and place it in another box, a different one. Save your progress. A dialogue box pops out and says "Saving. Don't turn off power". Turn your console off now. The next time you turn the game back on, there should be two of the same pokemon you've just cloned.Catch Latias/Latios without MasterballsFirst, you need a Trapinch for his Arena Trap ability. You can find it in the desert, catch it and level it up to at least level 40 without evolving it. Your weapon is ready, so be sure to go searching for Latias/Latios. When you do, it will try to run, but will be unable to get away due to the trap. Just lower its hitpoints and then catch it with an Ultraball. Dragon scaleDragon scales are good, since they're used to evolve Seadra into Kingdra. You can get some off a Horsea (left of Pacificlog, in the area heavy on fish) or a Bagon (the back cave in Meteor falls). Unfortunately, they don't always carry a dragon scale. They're pretty weak pokemons so you can use thief, covet, or catch to get them. Bagons have a better drop chance. Once the deed is done, to get a Kingdra, place the dragon scale on Seadra and trade it with a friend on another game version (Ruby vs Sapphire).New trainersThere is a way to get new trainers while linking up with another console. Go to the swap data or trainer profile booth which can be found on the first floor of the poke centre. This will unlock your friend's secret bases so be sure to reach those locations once you're finished transferring. Make sure you both fill your Pokedexes with your best pokemon and you can battle each other without linking up. You can store up to ten secret bases on your device so be sure to choose wisely.

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Unlock the 8th gym doorThere is a hidden cavern, which can be accessed by diving south of Mossdeep. Thoroughly search the ocean floor and you'll find a small cave with a submarine inside. Use dive again to appear in the cavern. Subdue everybody and make your way to the Team Magma leader. Now you'll be sent to Sootopolis City, to the cave of origin, where you can find Groudon. Once you catch him, the gym door will be unlocked and a battle with Wallace, Sootopolis City's gym leader, will ensue.Item bringerYou can get some pretty good items early in the game and for free, just by catching a Zigzagoon. As you travel around, it will have an item attached. Keep checking and eventually you'll have a full inventory of such freebies.Mirage IslandThe name says it all: the island is rare and the loot is great, to match the hard work you have to put in getting there. To get ready, you need a Mirage Island sensitive pokemon, the type that can be randomly found in the wilderness. It's not a real pokemon actually, since every one of your pokeballs might hold this special ability. To know for sure if you have it yet, just go to Pacificlog Town, at the bottom right house. Inside, to the right, there will be someone that can tell you these things about your pokemons. Mirage Island appears on Route 131 so be sure to surf there as soon as you have a Sensitive Pokemon. You can find a rare berry on the island and you should plant more since you only get them here. The sand holds many items ripe for the taking, especially important if you have Zigzagoon with you. Pokemon-wise, you'll be able to catch Whynaut, so get as many as you desire.

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Pokemon: Ruby and Sapphire - Tips and Tricks

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Pokemon: Ruby and Sapphire - Tips and Tricks