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18 November 2006

By: Tudor Stefanescu, Games Editor

SimCity 4 Cheats

Double rewards and infinite simoleons

Money from neighbor dealingsWhen you make a city, connect it to at least two cities. One should have water or some other major resource that the other needs. Make sure you don't have that specific resource in your city or the glitch won't work. Make a connection between these two cities using your "Neighbor Deals". Under the deals, select the resource to buy, then the other city to sell to, and then cancel the buy, but not the sale. Select the pull down menu and reselect the resource you are selling to the other city. If done correctly, the dollar amount should significantly increase. You can now reselect the resource to buy. After a few months, the game will reset the dollar amount, but you can do glitch again. When using water, it is possible to get all the way to 1,000,000,000 Simoleons. Cheat codesDuring gameplay press [Ctrl] + [X] to go to console and enter the following cheats followed by [Enter]. Entering invalid SimCity 4 cheat codes will make the console and text remain indifferent, whereas entering a valid cheat code will close the console. Hold [Shift] down while pressing [Enter] after entering a cheat code and console will remain open. Fightthepower - Get Rid of Power Requirement Hellomynameis - Change Mayor Name (add a space, then the name you wish to change it to) Howdryiam - Get Rid of Water RequirementSizeof - Magnify (1-100) Stopwatch - Pause Clock Tastyzots - Toggle Zots Weaknesspays - 1,000 added to Treasury Whatimeizit - Set Time (add a space, then the time) Whererufrom - Change City Name (add a space, then the name you wish to change it to) You don't deserve it - All Rewards Zoneria - Hide Empty Zone Color Recorder - Starts the recorder Gol - Map has greenish tint Dollyllama - Advisors now appear as llamasWhen unlocking rewards the green color appears blue or yellow, depending on what you zone. When this code is active, those colors disappear, but the zoning is still there. Repeat the code to disable its effect. TerrainQuery code shows the x, y, z, cell x, and cell z values in the bubble when the query button is on. Move over something and it will appear.Double rewardsEnable the "you don't deserve it" code and write down requirements for the reward by holding the pointer over the picture. Place in that reward, and then do the requirements. Neil Fairbanks will ask your permission to build the reward a second time in your city.

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SimCity 4 Cheats

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SimCity 4 Cheats