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12 November 2009

By: Elena Gorgan, Life & Style Editor

Ultimo Launches Bra that Adds 2 Cup Sizes in Just Seconds

Day to Night bra comes with silicone pouches for added volume, more support

They say a generous cleavage is better kept under wraps at the office, but all women know it's an entirely different story when they go out. For those looking for more definition and volume, but also for the possibility of choosing between having these and not having them, Ultimo has designed the Day to Night bra, which boasts of being able to add 2 cup sizes in just seconds, as InStyle can confirm. Of course, the secret to this impressive "ability" of the bra is in the two silicone pouches on the inside of each cup for more volume. However, unlike with traditional padding, Ultimo says silicone moulds itself on the body, giving the breast a very natural form - and feel. Stuffing the pouches also offers more support, which turns the bra into a push-up, ideal for a top with a lower cut cleavage. "Cue Ultimo's brand new £24 Mega Boost Day To Night Bra, which can take you from a boardroom 34B to a dance floor 34D in an instant. How? Good old chicken fillets. But not just any old chicken fillets. Ultimo's silicone pouches, which range in weight from just over an ounce to 2.6oz depending on cup size, are thought to be among the first to come with their very own bra. Instead of simply sitting under the bust, the pouches are said to mould to the skin to create a 'natural, authentic rounded shape'," InStyle writes. What the Ultimo Mega Boost brings new to the table is the possibility to wear it with or without the silicone. That is to say, unlike with other push-up bras, this time, women can choose whether they want it to be push-up or not. Moreover, the Mega Boost also comes in three color versions and can be worn in a variety of ways, including conventionally, halterneck, one-shouldered, criss-cross and strapless, with the same effect. "Any woman even considering breast implants, forget it, this bra will give you the exact same effect," Ultimo boss Michelle Mone says of the new bra for InStyle. For more details or to order the Mega Boost Day to Night, please refer here. 

Woman wearing UltimoâTMs Mega Boost Day to Night bra, on âoenight modeâ· DailyMail

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Ultimo Launches Bra that Adds 2 Cup Sizes in Just Seconds

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Ultimo Launches Bra that Adds 2 Cup Sizes in Just Seconds