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Warning! This is an adult story based on erotic fantasies involving children, if you do not like this do then do not read any further. This kind of stories are legal in the European Union as it involves no pictures and it is clearly stated as fantasy, the author could not care any less about how outraged you may feel. No copyright held, free to distribute or modify as long as the same rights are granted to others. Author: Child Erotica Freedom Party (

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Spanked boy

Ahmed: An 11yo good looking Arabic boy, dark hair, black eyes and olive skin wearing a middle eastern long dress and sandals, no underwear underneath. Ramlah: A 16yo good looking Arabic pedophile teenager girl of black eyes and brunnet she is wearing the hijab. Ramlah's is supposed to teach the boy mathematics during the Summer holiday, she and the boy have been left alone for the afternoon in her big house. Ramlah feels really attracted to the preteen boy, she keeps thinking how cute he is. The teenager girl and the boy are alone in the dinning room with a bunch of books and notepads: -"Ahmed now I want to see the homework you had to bring me today" -"You was very sunny and...well I did not have the time to do it..." -"What? I will not tolerate it you little boy! When I say you have to bring me the multiplications I really mean it!" -"It will not happen again I promise" -"Of course it will not happen again, because I will make sure of that! Stand up and face the wall!" -"What? I am already 11yo, I am not a little boy anymore!" -"You heard me!" Ahmed still a bit confused does as told, he can't see what is going on behind him -"I am going to teach you not to forget your homework!" Ramlah the teenager girl grabs Ahmed's Arabic dress from the bottom and pulls it all the way up uncovering the boy's brown skinned rounded ass to much of her delight, he has a real smooth preteen boy ass. Ramlah the teenager girl gets horny stripping Ahmed. -"But...oh.." -"Naugthy boys deserve a spanking, lesson number one!" The teenager girl slaps Ahmed's smooth brown rounded ass with a plastic ruler as he quickly puts his hands on his front to avoid showing off his dangling bald penis. -"One...zzzzSLAP...two...zzzzSLAPPP" - the 11yo boy ass cheeks get red with every spank -"You can't do this! Give me back my clothes, I am already 11yo!" Ahmed still embarrassed standing naked in front of the girl attempts to complaint -"Of course can you still are a little boy, otherwise you would have done your homework like adults do" -"Ff..fff..." - Ahmed sheds some tears, he still keeps his hands on his penis as Ramlah stops spanking and goes on one side to look at him well.

- 01-

-"And now young boy take your hands off your dickie for your corner time" -"But you are a girl! I can't! -"And you are only 11yo, and you have nothing I have seen before from little boys, so take your hands off your dickie right now unless you want some more spanking" Ahmed obeys slowly and uncovers his smooth penis to the girl who stares at it while her pussy gets even more moist at the sight of such a pretty nudie prepubescent boy. The teenager girl has seen little naked boys before but never an 11yo boy. -"Hands over the head young boy!" Ahmed, now much more comfortable at his nakedness in front of the girl does as told, Ramlah grabs his bald penis and fondles it with the palm of her hand to much of her enjoyment. -"Ohhh...What is it you doing Ramlah?" -"You such a cute boy... and you look so erotic nudie with the hands over the head... I just coudn't resist anymore" The girl gives Ahmed a quick kiss on his cheek as she carries on fondling his small hairless penis making him blush. -"I..I..." - The 11yo boy tries to mutter something -"Don't worry I know what little boys need, just relax Ahmed" Ramlah starts to masturbate the prepubescent boy melted with his miniature cock standing straight out having to cross the legs herself as she gets hornier and her pussy wetter, the teenager short nails trace the length of Ahmed's smooth penis and then stroke it back and forward. -"Mmm..uafff...oohhh...uff...ff.." The 11yo boy is gasping at air in climax and starts to shake his waist experiencing a dry orgasm. Ramlah caress him once Ahmed has calmed down. -"Did you like it Ahmed?" - grins the teenager girl at him -"Yes very much, thank you" -"If you do your homework for tomorrow I will give you more of this, and maybe I will even let you play with my pussy" -"I will do it this time!I promise you!" Ramlah smiles as she plans how to get the preteen boy to fuck her tomorrow, it will probably will not be easy as Ahmed can not cum yet and he has such a smooth dick and her pussy is hairy, but Ramlah is not too worried about it. -"I will only give you one sum to do this time, but a difficult one, mmm... let's see... two plus two..."

-- E N D --

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