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April 2006 What follows is a series of emails that deal with, are sent from, or are about a cat breeder by the name of Roberta Beller, the owner of Chivalry Cattery. Roberta Beller Chivalry Cattery 5352 Joshua Court Gurnee, IL 60031 847-782-8550 or 5087 Wilderness Trail Rockford, IL 61114-7018 She is not part of the Traditional Cat Association, Inc. and never has been. We have chosen not to include several other emails that contain profanity. We believe there is sufficient information provided to allow you to draw your own conclusions. If you receive unsolicited emails from this person, you have several options in which to respond. We recommend that you do so to eliminate further harassment to yourself and others by her. She has repeatedly demonstrated continued email harassment of people in response to her fabricated issues. Unless you are interested in receiving emails like these we recommend disassociating with her any anyone whom she deals with. You may also consider contacting the Federal Trade Commission Consumer Response Center 9015 Junction Drive Suite #2 Annapolis Junction, MD 20701 1-877-FTC-HELP Direct Marketing Association To opt-out of receiving unsolicited commercial email, use the DMA online form at which is effective for one year.

I have spoken with the person who was attacked about the recent spew of hatred coming forth from Roberta Beller, Chivalry Cattery. It is clear from Beller's ranting that she is a very hateful person. Her attacks are completely irrational and unprovoked. Her remarks crossed the line from cat-related issues to ugly personal statements about religion and business and scurrilous remarks about her cattery (which Beller has never seen). She said that this attack felt like Beller had plunged a knife into her heart. The remark about her religious belief was out of line entirely, and was most upsetting to her. To insult anyone's beliefs is crossing a line, in my opinion, and is unacceptable. According to her, Beller also made ignorant remarks about an individual she knows, calling the woman names such as "retard". These horrible E-mails were sent to her, a kind person whom Beller has never met, but whom she chose to attack with cruel words and without any reason whatsoever. To make matters worse, Beller carbon-copied these hurtful e-mails to a long list of recipients on her e-mail list. Many of these persons are other cat breeders. It humiliated her. That behavior of this sort is a misdemeanor, and is called "E-mail harassment." It is a illegal to harass, (such as stalking,) and such uncalled for E-mails can be reported to the police, whose job it is to take the evidence (the E-mails) and investigate the person who is accused of harassing another. No one is allowed to disturb the peace of another by phone, or by e-mail. There are laws protecting the public from this sort of cruel harassment. Police will take this seriously. The means of fighting back are our rights as citizens. We do not need to spend money on lawyers. We have the power at our disposal, all we need to do is act. Report the harassment to your local police. Bring copies of the E-mails. This is evidence. If anyone should send me any such e-mail I would consider it to be harassment. I would file a complaint against that individual with the local Police. The case would then be turned over to a Detective. After the detective has investigated the matter, a disposition would be made. Perhaps an indictment would be brought. Perhaps only a warning to desist. Perhaps the perpetrator would have to appear in court and explain to a judge why it was necessary or prudent to send venomous, harassing and even threatening e-mails to a person. And furthermore, the detective might investigate why the perpetrator sent copies of the ugly and insulting e-mail to other breeders, causing such anguish. She was so traumatized by Roberta Beller that she was afraid to read any of her e-mails for days afterwards. She was the victim of an attack. And she had done absolutely nothing to deserve the vicious attack.

Step Number One:

Step Number Two: A second consideration is the fact that Beller finds her victims by means of ads in national cat magazines. Cat Fancy and Kittens USA magazines have editorial policies about cat breeders whose ethics render them unworthy of the privilege of advertising in that magazine. In order for a magazine to deny a breeder the right to advertise, the editor of the magazine must receive at last 3 written complaints, signed, from persons who have experienced ill treatment at the hands of the accused advertiser. An editor cannot take steps to deny a breeder a listing unless there is evidence that the breeder has behaved in such a way as to bring the magazine's reputation into question if the ads are continued. Those horrible E-mails are evidence. Step Number Three: another way to stop a person who is guilty of a pattern of viscous e-mail harassment is to complain to the e-mail server. Beller uses AOL to perpetrate her attacks. No Internet server wishes to continue to serve a client who uses their server for harassing other people, slandering and insulting them and making rude comments about their religion and businesses. They have Customer Relations Departments that are staffed with people whose job it is to protect their employer by preventing the service from being ill-used.

Their address is: Community Action Team

America on Line 22265 Pacific Blvd. Dulles, VA 20166

I have outlined three ways that Beller can be stopped, but it will take courage and determination on the part of each of her victims. She can be effectively shut off from spewing this venom all over the Internet. She is not the first person who has been attacked by Beller. And she won't be the last unless someone fights back.

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[email protected]

From: To: Sent: Subject: <[email protected]> Wednesday, March 15, 2006 9:50 AM I am voiceing a complaint to alert members about!

Dear Diane, I was checking out Breeders and came across a Cattery called Chivalry so i e-mailed her and asked if she had any Lilac Balinese, she replied back and told me she had kittens and the price, i then informed her that i was interested in purchaseing a kitten to breed. Then she got back to me again and asked if i was a CFA breeder? I got back to her and told her i was and then she proceeded to send me some very nasty e-mails, I would like to send them to you so you can see for yourself. She swore at me insulted me and also talked about you over the internet, she then included people in the emails she sent me, she contacted Breeders and involved them, and made this into a nightmare, i hardly slept last night and the girl who i have been working with to make my website she knew of her and did damage to her cattery in the past i found out, she contacted breeders and made up lies about her cattery and the girl closed it down. I am so outraged at this woman and she has sent me 2 more e-mails today.The womans name is Roberta Beller and she said some horrible things about The Traditional Cat Association too.


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[email protected]

From: To: Sent: Attach: Subject: <[email protected]> Wednesday, March 15, 2006 2:32 PM Re_ Hello i am looking for a lilac kitten Balinese.eml Fwd: Hello i am looking for a lilac kitten Balinese

In a message dated 3/14/2006 8:52:30 PM Pacific Standard Time, RobertaBeller writes: In a message dated 3/14/2006 10:40:32 PM Central Standard Time, [email protected] writes: Notice that none can write and all lie. It takes an extremely low IQ to be recruited by Fineran and her phony fancy. This is exactly why either TCA needs to be shut down OR we all need to spay and neuter kittens before they leave us. I would never want any of my babies in the hads of people like this. On her website her King is pictured in a dirty pen with a litter box full of shit. Her "Applehead" cats are not Appleheads. Diana Fineran is misguiding, misinforming and PROMOTING people to behave like this...

----- Original Message ---From: [email protected] To: [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected] Sent: Tuesday, March 14, 2006 11:27:29 PM Subject: Fwd: Hello i am looking for a lilac kitten Balinese

-----Inline Message Follows----From: [email protected] Date: Tue, 14 Mar 2006 23:26:16 EST Subject: Re: Hello i am looking for a lilac kitten Balinese In a message dated 3/14/2006 10:18:31 PM Central Standard Time, writes:

Roberta, Yes i am a C.F.A breeder.

When another breeder contacts me inquiring about kittens, I expect a formal introduction and mention of breeding in the FIRST correspondence. Otherwise, you are to be considered dishonest. You went so far as to ask me for a price of a pet. You


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obviously have not been, Roberta A. Beller


[email protected]

From: To: Sent: Subject: <[email protected]> Wednesday, March 15, 2006 8:55 AM Re: TCA, INC. BREEDING QUALITY FOR SALE

Hi Diana, My friend, (a TCA member), had the horrible misfortune to have crossed paths with Roberta Bella of Chivalry Cattery. She sent me the copy of their communications. Bella claimed she was out to deceive her because she only inquired about the availability of kittens in the first e-mail and then informed her of her interest in breeding in the second email.( If she were trying to deceive her she never would have volunteered her interest in breeding rights at all) Apparently this unleashed Roberta's famous tirade of assault which involves sending the transcripts of the e-mails to several other breeders at the same time in an effort to launch her attack..My friend was so upset by her verbal abuse that she couldn't sleep and called me.This has happened to another breeder that I know and can only assume that it is not an isolated event. She was also quite insulting to the TCA organization as well. I do know her and she is a wonderful caring breeder who certainly didn't deserve that kind of treatment. I can't help thinking that this is one very angry destructive person.My friend is concerned with the damaging affects of Robertas instant vicious gossip chain and really feels worried.

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[email protected]

From: To: Sent: Subject: <[email protected]> Friday, August 18, 2006 11:49 PM Re: TCA, INC. INFORMATION

Hello Diane, Last year I had a huge blow out with Roberta Beller from Chivalry Siamese, she is associated with Louis from Permes Cattery, as well as BluesCats, Glasslipper, Obsession Cattery, Shoobox Cattery, and one other that escapes me. I do not associate, nor condone the behavior that they display. They are mean, back stabbing, aweful people that have done nothing good for the breed. I was once good friends with the girl from Obsession cattery, and have much inside knowledge to the workings of these above listed catteries...they are nothing more than high priced kitten mills. Inbreeding is prevalent, as well as birth defects. One of shooting cattery, associated with Permes, asked me about trading a kitten once...they asked if I would be ok with them "hanging papers"... so much for a pedigree that is true, and correct huh? Needless to say I didn't bother to return emails.



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