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Priming the Pump

...nobody wants my bags...

August 2012

Awhile back, one of my friends had his identity stolen. Since Twila and I had experienced identity theft, I wanted to provide a sympathetic ear. But when I mentioned that I too had gone through identity theft, my friend nearly exploded in surprised laughter, "Who in the world would want YOUR identity?" He had a point, I suppose. I do have a history...a past if you will. It's possible that those who know me will never completely forget my past. My baggage, after all, is plastered with stickers that announce to the world my life's path, my life's journey. The stickers remind those who happen to look, of my many detours, misguided short cuts, mistakes, missteps, and failures. My luggage is beaten and battered. The hinges are rusty and the locks no longer work. Still, the baggage is mine. And I'm sure that some folks are more interested in my baggage than they are in me. To some, the travel stickers serve as warning signs. They'll never forget how lost I sometimes was, and they'd never again consider asking me for directions. To others, the travel stickers serve to mark a safe harbor, a place where lost or struggling travelers might find acceptance and understanding. To me, the travel stickers on my baggage serve as a reminder that every saint has a past, and that every sinner has a future. No water today...just priming the pump...



"You are . . . of God's household, . . . Christ Jesus Himself being the corner stone, in whom the whole building, being fitted together, is growing into a holy temple in the Lord; in whom you also are being built together into a dwelling of God in the Spirit." Ephesians 2:19­22

Extreme Makeover-Home Edition

Beginning in September, Rex will be preaching a sermon series entitled: Extreme Makeover-Home Edition. We'll focus upon the necessities required to build the proper spiritual home. Please join us for worship as we strengthen, rebuild, and maintain our spiritual relationship with God. Discover the importance of foundations, location, fences and back doors. Learn to imagine, and to work toward your dream home. And remember, we don't have a spirit...we have a body. We are spirits!

A Bible Passage

Most of us have a special Bible in our homes that was presented to us by the church we attended as children. The presentation of such Bibles marks an important passage in the life of a child. It is a New Song custom to present such Bibles to fourth grade children each fall. During worship on September 8th, we will honor Kate Boyd and Morgan Hurst with gifts of personalized Bibles, to mark their passage into becoming serious students of God's word.

Teacher Recognition

Please join us in worship on September 8th as we honor those who work with our children, both in SuperSaturday and in Child Care. Their tremendous care, love and respect for children is a blessing to our entire congregation.

Special Music

We're gearing up for fall and would love to include more special music in worship. If you'd like to sing a solo, duet, ensemble or play an instrument please contact Sally Boyd, Music Coordinator. We'd love to hear you! [email protected]


One is Silver...the Other Gold

We've all heard the adage, "Make new friends but keep the old; one is silver the other gold." In that vein, from time to time I'll post a few quotes from some of the great old religious minds...and from some of the newer more progressive thinkers. These quotes will be placed under the titles Old Time Religion and The New Stuff. Enjoy! (Rex)

Old Time Religion

Some want to live within the sound of church or chapel bell; I want to run a rescue shop within a yard of hell. ~ C. T. Studd

The New Stuff

God is the source of life. And if God is the source of life, the only way I can worship God is by living fully. And I've got to dedicate myself as a follower of this God to building a world where everybody has an opportunity to live fully. ~ Bishop John Shelby Spong

Dear New Song Congregation:

Thank you for honoring me at your Saturday service and for the wall cross. I really appreciate you all thinking of me on my graduation. I also appreciate all of the prayers and support you have given my family these past two years with my brother's brain injury. It has been tough on all of us, but your prayers have helped us with the rough patches we had. I am very excited to attend Nebraska in the fall and will think about you all. Go Huskers! God bless, Drew Feldewerth.


New Mission Programs Coming to New Song!

This fall, look for exciting changes to our mission programming at New Song. First, we have identified three organizations that we will assist year-round: Caring Solutions, Sharehouse STL, and Prison Fellowship. You will have opportunities to learn more about these organizations and be invited to participate in group activities to meet and assist their clients. Secondly, we will continue to encourage and publish information about many of the mission activities that our individual members support: Walk-a-thons, Care Packages, trivia nights. Thirdly, we will continue to schedule annual mission opportunities with Food Outreach, White Lotus, and the St. Louis Food Bank. Finally, we will continue to incorporate significant outreach and mission activities into our children and youth programming. Get ready to help!

Martha's Marchers

Amanda Holguin has formed a team called Martha's Marchers that will participate in a walk to end Alzheimer's. Several of our folks are joining the team that will honor Amanda and Emily's grandmother, who recently ended her struggle with this horrible disease. Those wishing to support this endeavor by walking or contributing should Amanda by email [email protected]


Happy Birthday!

August 26-Drew Cook August 28-Jason Stoff August 30-Elizabeth Chapman Sept. 3-Susan McMillan Sept. 6- Brona Sarchett Sept. 6-Chris Schroeter Sept. 12-Laura Roy Sept. 24-Pam Jennings Sept.25-Judy Faires Sept. 28-Chris Sarchett

Congratulations Emily!

We're proud of Emily Cook who recently graduated with a Masters degree in education.

Wedding Bells Are Ringing!

We're celebrating that two couples from New Song are getting married on September 15th. John Triebe and Rachael Sistrunk are getting married in a ceremony near where Rachael grew up in western Missouri. Jason Stoff and Angela Rickard will be getting married in the sanctuary at Holy Cross.

New Address

Mickey Pierce has moved to One New Ballas Place #527, St Louis 63146.'s new address. Her new phone is 314-473-1953.

Child Care Schedule

Love babies and young children? Contact Child Care Coordinator Emily Cook to volunteer in our church nursery. [email protected]


Dear God, May you, the creator of miracle births, allow Parker Cook's tiny body to grow in strength and resolve for the journey which is before him. May you provide health and healing to: Brent Hobgood, Bob Sanders, Kevin Weichman, Jim Schack, Nikki Hurst, Mickey Pierce, and Patti Mossop. May you bless the young women in our congregation who are approaching the birth of a child: Emily Cook, Jenny Bosworth, and Chapin Schroeter. We ask your blessing to be upon John & Rachael, and upon Jason & Angela as they begin their new lives as married couples. We pray for our children as they return to school, especially those taking their first steps into kindergarten, high school, or college. We pray for Chris and Jenny Bosworth, who recently lost nearly all their belongings in an apartment fire. We also ask, oh God, that you continue to guard, guide, and protect those active and returning military personnel: Eric Smith, Chris Schroeter, and Brian Fitzsimmons. Amen.

We're grateful to Tom and Sally Boyd for hosting the "Back To School" party for our SuperSaturday Kids. Everyone had a wonderful time! We thank everyone who has cared for our Songbirds in Child Care during worship each week: Andi Boyd, Max Boyd, Sally Boyd, Emily Cook, Drew Cook, Judy Faires, Adam Faires, Jordan Faires, Amanda Holguin, Nikki Hurst, Jane Hurst, Claire Jennings, Pam Jennings, Michael Jennings, Susan McMillan, Twila Loy, Nancy O'Neill, Kristina Kaiser, Leah Rickard, Tom Rickard, Brona Sarchett, Chapin Schroeter, Austin Umbenhaur, Kristin Umbenhaur. We thank our teachers: Sally Boyd, Tom Boyd, Michael Jennings, Pam Jennings, & Rex Loy.


Beginning This Fall

Our kids are growing and so are we! In September, we'll start two new programs for older Songbirds aged 3-7. We're excited to have the opportunity to work with young children in new ways--they are such gifts!

Songbirds Storytime

Approximately once a month during worship there will be a special story and related activity for children aged 3-7. Teachers Pam Jennings, Michael Jennings and/or Leah Rickard will gather 3-7 year olds from child care around 6:10 and move them to a downstairs classroom for the Storytime. The session will end at 6:40. This time should give parents a few minutes to visit after worship while the children finish the story activities. Our first Storytime will be on September 29th.

Songbirds September Special

Saturday, September 15, 6:30-8:00 The second new program is called Songbirds Special. The evening is also planned for older Songbirds aged 3-7. Designed as a "mini" SuperSaturday, the evening will begin immediately after worship and will end at 8:00. A simple finger food dinner will be provided. Bible stories, games, activities, crafts, centers, and music will complete the evening. Sometimes we'll even sing in worship!! Friends are always welcome!

Parents and Grandparents

Although, a reservation is not necessary, it would be helpful in planning food to know which children will be attending. On September 15th please bring your children to the downstairs classroom side of the building immediately following worship. Please complete a Child Information Sheet including contact information. Then--you can have a whole 90 minutes to yourself! (Dinner anyone?) Please contact Pam Jennings, Children's Ministry Director for more information or to make a reservation for your child. 314-960-7973 or [email protected]


The Big Three God, Jesus, Holy Spirit

SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 8 6:30-8:30 School has started and SuperSaturday is back! Kids from grades 3 and up are invited to join others for a great evening! We'll start with dinner and move into lessons, activities and some fun games. Our teaching team this fall will be Tom Boyd, Sally Boyd, Pam Jennings, Michael Jennings and Rex Loy. Friends are always welcome! Parents, no reservations are required--everyone is welcome anytime---but it would be helpful in planning meals and materials if we had a ballpark number of attendees by Sept. 5th. Please email Pam Jennings at [email protected] Thanks! (Next SuperSaturdays-Oct. 6 and Nov.3)

Help Wanted!

Last year, groups of New Song folks provided food for SuperSaturday. It was a great help to the leaders--and it gave our children and adults a chance to get to know each other better. If your family (or group) would like to provide food for a SuperSaturday meal please contact Michael Jennings 314960-7974 or [email protected] Andi Boyd and Twila Loy have offered to provide our September dinner, so please check for your availability on: Oct. 6, Nov.3, Dec. 1, Jan. 5, Feb. 7, March 2


Rex's Viewpoint . . . use or abuse... Earlier this week, the picture to the right caught my attention, and caused me to chuckle. The picture is obviously that of a man's forearm, upon which he has tattooed the Biblical law forbidding homosexuality. And, the caption is citing another Biblical law that forbids tattoos. Maybe you don't see the humor, but I think it's funny! The irony of the picture and its caption expresses an issue that continues to haunt me. I've grown weary of those who use the Bible as a weapon. The Bible should be seen as a tool, a helpful guide for us to use as we attempt to make our way in the world. But many have chosen to abuse the scriptures by turning them into a weapon to attack and to inflict pain and alienation upon others. I tend to think that the sin spreading hatred and death by abusing scripture is not unique to Christianity. Any one of any faith, who attempts to beat others over the head with holy writings, is abusing whatever is foundational to their faith. And by the way, God loves you! God's love does not hinge upon your sexuality or upon the presence or absence of any ink upon your body. New Song promises to be a safe, welcoming place for EVERYONE! That's my view...what's yours?



Worship and Communion Saturdays @ 5:30pm

In the Chapel at Holy Cross Church 13014 Olive, Creve Coeur, MO

God Loves Everyone...No Exceptions (& so do we)

For more information about New Song Church, please contact our pastor, Rex K. Loy, 636-751-4024, [email protected] New Song's Mission is to: "Honor God's Story of Love and Forgiveness by Worshiping God, Serving Others and Growing Spiritually"

Our website can be viewed at Rex's blog can be viewed at We encourage you to "like" us on facebook: New Song Church St. Louis

Sing to the Lord a New Song!



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