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Mrs. Dougald Brown Dies Thursday

Funeral services for Mrs. township were held Saturday at Sunday dinner guests at the Mrs. Marshall Sparling from Bay Mary Jane Kasper, and James Dougald Brown, 85, of Greenleaf 2 p.m. in the Douglas Funeral The Holbrook Baptist Church daughters at Harbor Beach. Hammond, Marjorie Soule and home of Mr. and Mrs. Harold City. Home. The Rev. Glenn Fishbeck, Orchard at Peck Catholic church. Mr. and Mrs. Lee Smith of Marcia Vatters of Mt. Pleasant Ballagh were Earl Ballagh from pastor of the Fraser Presby- will observe its first anniversary Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Karr A breakfast was held at the Peck terian church, officiated and Sunday with a special service at Cass City and Mr. and Mrs. Lee spent the week end at the homes Detroit and their mother, Mrs. called on Mr. and Mrs. Maynard school auditorium and a reception burial was in Elkland township. 3 p.m. Rev. Richard Canfield of Hendrick met Raymond Hendrick of their parents. William Ballagh. Helwig Saturday evening. Saturday evening at Sandusky Mr. and Mrs. Florien Karabacz Mrs. Brown, an invalid for the Cass City Baptist Church at Metropolitan Airport in DeMrs. Eli Martin and her daughMrs. Eleanor Morris and Mrs. high school. some time, died Thursday in Cass will be the speaker. There will be troit at 2:30 Friday morning, and daughter Kathleen and Mrs. ter Mary Ann, wtih several Doris Mudge called on their sisTheodore Gracey fell on the City Hospital, where she had been special music. In the evening j Raymond returned home with Helen Bazant of Detroit spent friends, were shopping in Sagin- ter, Mrs. Hazel Watkins, near basement stairs at the farm and service, Frank Schultz, director them where he spent till Sunday the week end with Mrs. Stella aw Monday. a patient for a week. Caro Sunday afternoon. suffered a bad fracture of an The former Sarah H. Gillies, of Galilean Missions, will speak at the Smith and Hendrick homes. Frankowski and Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. William Croft and sons, Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Wills and elbow. Mr. and Mrs. Lee Hendrick took Stanley Frankowski and sons. daughter of the late Alex and and show pictures. Horace and Jim, entertained at family were Sunday evening Mrs. Clayton Root has been Ray to Detroit Sunday afternoon Mr. and Mrs. Leon Morrish and supper Tuesday evening, Kenneth Jane McEachern Gillies, she was Bob Jackson of Detroit spent where he boarded a plane for Ms callers at the home of Mr. and quite ill the past week but is Mr. and Mrs. Alex Morrish of MacRae, Bruce MacRae and Dr. born in Greenleaf township July the week end at his home here. improved in health at present. home in Dallas, Texas. Port Huron spent Sunday at the and Mrs. Douglas MacRae of Bay Mrs. Harold Ballagh. 6, 1875. She was married to Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Lynwood LaMr. and Mrs. Steve Androl and Callers Sunday at the Root home Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Jackson home of Ed Jackson. Brown at Cass City Dec, 31, 1902. Peer and sons spent Sunday aftCity. were Mr. and Mrs. Al Tropf of Mrs. Nelda Hannah is spend- Fraser Ladies Aid met Wednes- family of Wisner called on her Cass City. He died Feb. 21, 1931. ernoon at the Gaylord LaPeer of Dundee, who have spent the Enjoy complete protection ing some time with Mrs. Amy day at the church for dinner and aunt, Mrs. Merl Winter, Sunday last week at their home in Cass Surviving are one son, Gillies home. City, called on Mr. and Mrs. Bailey at her home. Sunday vis- quilting. The next meeting will morning and were dinner guests --yet spread costs instead of Brown at home, and a sister, Mrs. IT PAYS Born to Mr. and Mrs. Phil Henry Jackson and Mary Edith. itors at the Bailey home were be Oct. 19. The Aid is packing of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Longpaying a year in advance X. A. Boomhower of Bad Axe. Education is a character buildPreston of Paw Paw, an eightMr. and Mrs. Vern Bailey and good used clothing for use by uski. Mr. and Mrs. Gaylord LaPeer with dependable Michigan Sunday afternoon Mrs. Merl er--it polishes the good and corpound daughter named Linda and Charlene spent Saturday in sons of Grosse Pointe Woods and World's Church Service. A silSELF-DECEIT Mutual Liability. Ann. Mrs. Preston was the Pontiac at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Adrian Kippen Sr. and Mrs. ver collection will be taken for Winter visited her parents, Mr. rects the bad. A great many people seem to former Delrene Bowron. Mrs. Adrian Kippen Jr. of North the Christinas box for a mission and Mrs. Chancy Rockefeller, at think they can save time by Bowron spent several days with Mrs. .Stanley Fay and family and Street. GREED Wisner. came home Sunday morning. church. carrying a stop watch. Mr. and Mrs. Pete Rienstra Too many people work for the her daughter and family. Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Decker Shirley Ross was among a Mrs. Lucy Seeger and Mrs. and family attended the wedding common good only when it means Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bond spent Sunday at the home of Mr. group of young people and the SPECIAL EFFORT and daughters spent Wednesday and Mrs. Leonard Copeland and Rev. Sawyer of the Free Method- Earl Hartwick called on Mrs. Saturday morning of a cousin, a private profit. Doris Mudge Wednesday afterA man may be born with nat- evening at the home of Mr. and ist church in Bad Axe who went noon. family. ural ability, but he has to hustle Mrs. Olin Bouck and sons. Patty Hoadley came home Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Wills to Covent Cove Camp hear West for experience. Mr. and Mrs. Angus Sweeney were Sunday dinner guests of Branch Saturday. i :rom Lansing Thursday evening were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Jay Dickinson of i for the week end. Sunday afterUbly. Cass City Advertise It In The Chronicle Mr. and Mrs. Jim Booms and Mrs. Irene Allen in Dick HendrickOwendale were Tuesday supper j noon Mr. and Mrs. Robert HoadMr. and Mrs. and sons of Cass City, Ray Hen- guests and Mr. and Mrs. Frank iey took her back to school. Fridrick of Dallas, Texas, and Mr. Sheufelt were Thursday supper day she visited her grandmother, THE FINE ART OF SALESMANSHIP and Mrs. Arlen Lee Hendrick guests of Mr. and Mrs. Alma Mrs. Tom Flint, in Cass City. John .Shagena has been a paand Ricky were Friday supper Davis. Anyone who has ever been bamboozled by a fast talking salesman Mrs. Cliff Robinson and Becky tient in Cass City Hospital for guests of Mr. and Mrs. Lee Henwill know what I mean when I say that appearances can be deeeirspent Sunday at the home of Mr. the past two weeks. drick. Mr. and Mrs. Anson Karr want ing. Mrs. Frank Yietter of Filion and Mrs. Ernie Ozorowicz and family near Caro. and Mrs. James Hewitt spent j to Detroit Friday to watch their Take the ease of a new car shopper. I've seen A meeting was held Friday j grandson, Jeffrey Tuesday in Bay City. Karr, play it happen many times where the prospect would Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Cleland evening at the home of Mrs. Cy- football on the varsity team of tour a number, of towns and cities until he got were Thursday evening supper rus King to discuss plans for a his high school. Saturday, the the best offer (by about $50.00) and then end up guests of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene ham and turkey dinner to be held two Karr families went to Ann buying a different model at a much higher price. Cleland and sons in Bad Axe and Oct. 20 for the community and Arbor to see Michigan play. How did it happen ? He simply got talked into Oct. 9, at 3 p.m. the Rev. were Friday supper guests of hunters. Theodore Gracey fell down the Glenn Fishbeck was installed as it by the salesman. The $50.00 he was 'saving' Mr. and Mrs. Orrin Wright and basement steps Sunday and minister of Fraser Presbyterian Charlotte. just got lost in the shuffle of different model Visitors at the Steve Decker fractured his elbow. He was church at a ceremony held at prices, optional equipment, accessories and fi4ffF JI^^Bk · · H · H taken to Hubbard Memorial Hos- , the church. Rev. Joseph Ryan of home last week were Mr. and nance terms. Mrs. Frank Wagner of TJnion- pital in Bad Axe. Tuesday he :Bad Axe> Rev> John ^ish of Cass 1 was taken to Saginaw General j City, Rev. George Gillette of The trade slang for this type) of high /powered selling calls it ville, Mrs. Edith Schweigert, Hospital where they will operate Ithaca, Rev. Charles Johnson of "spinning" the prospect. Pretty descriptive too since it usually Charles Vogel, Clara Vogel of on his elbow. Oct. 20 - Starting at Harbor Beach and Rev. Hosteller leaves him dizzy and confused. j Caro, Mrs. Olin Bouck, Mr. and Arthur Hendrick of Donna, 12. Serving Continuously Mrs. Cliff Jackson and Mrs. Ross Texas, spent a couple days at the of Kinde were the ministers present. Mrs. Fishbeck was presented Here is the kicker though: out of the confusion of the final deal, Oct. 15 1 p.m. Miller. Lee Hendrick home. a corsage" from the women of the the buyer clings to the thought that dominated his mind during the The Pedro club met Friday At Mrs. James Hewitt, Gary and evening, Oct. 7, for a seven Carol spent Monday evening at Ladies Aid. After the installation whole transaction. That is that he was 'saving' $50.00! In case At o'clock potluck supper at the the REA building in Ubly to help the company was served lunch in you're ready to scoff, let me add I've seen many educated and inhome of Mr. and Mrs. Howard establish the CYC for the com- the church dining room. telligent people fall into this trap! It's not so surprising though Mr. and Mrs. Henry McLellan Rathbun. High prizes were won ing year. and Jimmy went to Port Huron when you realize most folks aren't even aware of the exact rate or Children 75c Adults $1.50 by Mrs. Ernest Wills and Robert amount of finance they are paying, Philip Robinson called his parHenderson. Low prizes were won ents, Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Robin- Thursday to see a horse pulling match. The team breaking by Mrs. Robert Henderson and son, Friday evening from Detroit It is otir policy to plainly state all the facts of a sale. We hope Featuring Homemade Pie the world's record for pulling Ralph Brown. The next party to say he had passed "1S j weighed 4900 pounds and pulled you check all the facts. If you do youll find there is no comparable will be Oct. 14 at the home of physical and was leaving for Come Early For Best 43,000 pounds, or the equivalent value for your money than that offered by Bulen Motors. Mr. and Mrs. Bob Grey. Kentucky. of 140 rolling tons, 82 feet and 11 Marilynn Morell was a TuesSelections of Fine Baked Goods Mrs. Art Morell and Rose Ann day overnight guest of Bette Lou spent Tuesday afternoon at the inches from a standing start. The team was from Ohio and the Bond. Oakleaf of Tiffin, Shirley, Carol Ross and Ruthie home of Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie owner, R. Sponsored in Community Interest! Ry i Ohio, had refused $4,000 for it. Hewitt spent Sunday with Mr. Gracey and family. Gerald Wills attended a meetMrs. James Walker and her and Mrs. Frank Yietter in Filion. Mrs. Nelda Hannah; Mrs. Amy ng at Lowry's Store in Bay City brother, Frank Decker, visited Bailey and Mrs. Curtis Cleland Monday evening for Marquette Mr. and Mrs. Francis Decker in called on Mrs. Don Near Monday. welding equipment and supply Caro last week. Thursday visitors at the Walker home were her Ruth Ann Sweeney, Carolyn company salesmen. Mrs. Allen Depcinski attended daughter and family, Mr. and bridal shower for her sister, Miss Violet Booms, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ray Booms at larbor Beach Sunday afternoon. Miss Booms will become the >ride of Bernard Holdwick at Helena Nov. 5. Mrs. Curtis Cleland spent Thursday afternoon with her mother, Mrs. Amy Bailey. Roger Sines of Filion spent Sunday with Gary Ross. Mr. and Mrs. Bud Gruber and iddie of Cass City spent Tuesday evening at the Cliff Jackson lome. Jonell Miller was a Tuesday overnight guest of Charlene LaPeer. Mr. and Mrs. Larry Steeh and family of Mt. Clemens spent Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Alex Ross and daughters. Mrs. Margaret Mclntyre, Steve and Terrance Mclntyre and Mr. and Mrs. Martin Mclntyre, all of Port Huron, spent Saturday with Steve and Brian Sweeney. Mr. and Mrs. Jim Doerr and Wendy of Argyle spent Sunday evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Cleland .

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The Cass City State Bank


Arnold Copeland, Auctioneer Telephone Cass City 390 Having decided to quit farming the following personal property will be sold at public auction on the premises located 1% miles west and 1^4 miles south of Gagetown or 5 miles west and 2% miles north of Cass City.


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McCormick Deering H tractor McCormick Deering manure spreader 4-row Cultivator and bean puller for H tractor McCormick Deering 7 ft. mower Case D. C. 4 tractor with wide front end Case Sy2 ft. field cultivator John Deere 2 bottom 14" plow John Deere 13 hoe grain drill John Deere grass seeder McCormick Deering 4 section drags Roderick Lean weeder Dearborn 6 ft. combine with motor 2 section quack grass drags 18 ft. double disc

Spike tooth harrows Two rubber tired wagons with grain boxes 9 ft. Cultipacker 12 ft. land roller 1,000-bushel steel granary 3 wooden grain bins Steel egg nests ' Steel chicken feeders Bottle gas chicken brooder · 011 chicken brooder Hay car and ropes 12 ft. round brooder house Burr mill feed grinder i Cider press /-i Two 12 x 16 canvases y2 h.p. electric motor and compressor Jewelry wagon Walnut 9 piece dining room suite .



g Cheeolsis,,ftpme,or ftttlersttt* |



Terms: All sums of $10. and under cash, over that amount time will be given on approved bankable notes. The Pinney State Bank, Clerk




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