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TCI® 326500

Transmission Shift Point Adjustment Kit TH-350, TH-400, and 700R4

Thank you for selecting TCI's TH-350, TH-400 and 700R4 Shift Point Adjustment Kit. This kit will allow you to custom tailor your transmission shift points. This kit gives you all the necessary hardware to make the modifications and adjustments to the transmission governor. Proper installation of this kit can greatly improve peak performance and driveability of your vehicle. This kit will allow you to raise or lower your transmission's shift points. This TCI 326500 Kit Contains: Qty. Description One (1) TH350/700R4 Governor Cover ­ O-Ring One (1) TH400 Governor Cover Gasket Two (2) Axles Eight (8) E-Clips (3/32") Six (6) Six (6) Weights Springs Earlier Shifts ---------------------------------------------------- >Later Shifts Heavy 1­2­3­4­5­6 Light Low RPM Quick Shifts ------------------- >Shift Points Spread Apart Heavy Purple - Blue - Green - Yellow - Orange - Red Light

Necessary Tools Needed for Modification (Not Included) One (1) One (1) Two (2) One (1) One (1) One (1) One (1) Drain Pan Funnel Quarts of RTF or other Automatic Transmission Fluid Small Flat Blade Screwdriver Small Punch Diagonal Cutters Torque Wrench

NOTE: A clean work area is a must ­ Dirt is one of the #1 causes for transmission problems. This kit is not intended for use in transmissions in poor operating condition.

(Continued on Reverse Side)

Because TCI's TH350, TH400 and 700R4 Shift Point Adjustment Kit contains several shift point combinations, it is important for you to record certain data. First, record your vehicle's performance before you make any modifications. Use a legal pad or notebook to keep up with this information. Record the engine speed (RPM) and/or vehicle speed (MPH) at which point your transmission shifts. You should record each combination (spring/weight) change to the governor so you can easily select the combination that YOU WANT. You have several combinations available. If you have driven the vehicle ­ you must allow time for the transmission to cool before beginning installation. You will need to raise your vehicle 1-2 feet ­ give yourself room to work. Use wheel ramps or jack stands in good condition to support your vehicle. (SAFETY) STEP 1: TH400 Transmissions: Remove the four (4) 1/2" bolts that hold the governor cover in place. The governor assembly can be removed by pulling out and turning 1/8 of a turn counterclockwise. TH350 and 700R4 Transmissions: Remove the clip holding the governor assembly. STEP 2: With a pair of diagonal cutters, cut the heads off the stock axles and discard. (Your TCI kit contains new axles.) Select a weight and spring combination. If you have recorded your stock transmission date you will know if you would like an earlier or later shift point. Start your selection by going one step heavier or lighter. Heavier weights produce earlier shifts, lighter weights produce later shifts. Stiffer springs produce quick-close shifts, weaker springs spread the shift points apart. (The weights will bring your shift points into the general range and the springs will fine tune the shift points.) Do your change one at a time and record all data ... Remember you are working for the ultimate combination for YOUR vehicle. This can only be accomplished through trial and error. It is possible to raise your shift points higher by using a single inner weight and spring but you must always use the outer weights. After you have selected the inner weights place them inside the heavy outer weights. Install the spring from your kit on the raised spring perches. Install one of the E-clips on each of the TCI axles. (Make sure the E-clips fit into the grooves on the axles.) Install the weight and spring assembly onto the governor. Place the cover on the governor. Insert axle through the cover, governor body and weights. Install a second E-clip on each axle. (An extra set of 3/32" E-clips are provided in your kit.) Make sure the governor valve moves freely in its bore and weights move freely. Install the governor assembly into the transmission. A gasket is supplied for TH400 governor cover and an O-ring is supplied for TH350 and 700R4 transmissions. Tighten TH400 governor cover bolts to 15 foot pounds. TH350 and 700R4 Transmissions: Replace clip over cover on transmission. Make sure clip is secure and cover is seated to prevent leaks. After installation - start engine and allow vehicle to warm up. Check automatic transmission fluid level. If needed add RTF or any quality ATF until the fluid level on the dipstick is between the add and full marks. DO NOT OVERFILL TRANSMISSION. Lower vehicle and test drive. Record all shift information on your data pad. If your shift points are too early use a lighter spring/weight. If they are too late, use a heavier spring/weight. You will need to repeat steps 1-5 until you have achieved the shift points that will give you the maximum performance from your vehicle.







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