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Accelerated Reader: The Reward Program Designed to Increase Student Reading Skills & Reading Levels

Accelerated Reader (AR): World's Most Popular Reading Management Software Easy & Effective Way for Teachers to Monitor All Forms of Guided Reading Practice Teaches Use the AR Renaissance Place to Obtain Detailed, Objective Data to Coincide with Instruction to Ensure Success for Every Student, Regardless of Reading Level Objectives: 1. Get Students Excited About Books. Focus your Attention on Careful Reading of Books, which Improves Students' Critical-Thinking Skills & Builds an Intrinsic Love of Reading 2. Obtain Reliable, Objective Information. AR Consists of Over 100,000 Quizzes on Books from Publishers Around the World. There are also 5 Different Types of Quizzes that Display Valuable Data on Students' Textbook Reading, Library Book Reading, and Literacy Skills Development (Currently: CLMS has 2,000 AR Quizzes Online) Reading Practice Quizzes Textbook Series Quizzes Recorded Voice Quizzes Literacy Skills Quizzes Vocabulary Practice Quizzes 3. Help Every Student Master Standards. Research has Proven that Accelerated Reader Helps Teachers Raise Scores on State Tests and Ensure Mastery of Standards 4. Improve Classroom Management. AR Teachers Report a Higher Attendance Rate, Fewer Discipline Problems, and Improved Attitudes Among their Students 5. Keep Each Student Challenged. With AR, Teachers Continuously Guide their Students to Appropriate Books & Curriculum within their Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD). This means that Every Student is Being Challenged without Being Frustrated 3 Easy Steps to a Successful AR Program: 1. Student Reads a Book. Students Read a Library or Textbook Selection. Every Selection is Monitored, including Guided, Paired, Literature-based, & Textbook Reading 2. Student Takes a Quiz. AR offers more than 75,000 Quizzes on National Library Books & Popular Reading Textbook Series. The Quizzes provide Assessment Data to Help Instructors Motivate Reading, Monitor Progress, & Target Instruction, in order to Accelerate Reading Growth 3. Instructors Obtain Information for Research & Additional Assistance. AR Reports are Easy-to-Read Documents that Display the Reading Level and Comprehension Skills of Each Student. This Data Helps Teachers to Guide Instruction and Assist those Students that Need to Select More Appropriate Reading Level Materials Accelerated Reader Online Quiz List:

Accelerated Reader Reports Available: Reader Certification ­ Displays the Classification System for Determining CMS Student Improvement in Reading Student Points Report ­ Displays the Number of Points a Student has Accumulated. The Information can also be Incorporated into the LA Grade/ Each Quarter or Semester Diagnostic Report ­ A Monthly Report that provides Data on the Books Read and Quizzes Taken, by the Students Student Record Report ­ A Helpful Supplement Document to a Progress Report/ Report Card that Displays the Student's Progress in the Program TOPS Report ­ A Report Designed to Encourage & Motivate Students towards Further Progress in the Program, as they Work to Elevate their Reading Levels Marking Period Progress Report ­ A Report that Displays the Score Averages & Progress Being Made, by Individual Classes Incentives for Students 1. Pizza Party/ Each Semester a. Allow Students to Attend the Party, who have: i. Accumulated min. 50 AR Points/ per Semester ii. Perfect Attendance iii. Showed the Most Improvement iv. Hardest Worker on the Academic Team 2. Pizza Party Door Prizes 3. Raffled-off Big Prizes a. Bike (2/ per Grade Level; 1 Boy & 1 Girl; Total of 6 Bikes) b. Gift Certificates/ other Small Items 4. Assortment of Small Prizes a. Bookmarks, Erasers, Pencils, Super Ball, Hot Wheels Cars 5. Teacher Created Coupons a. Extra Points for a Quiz/Test b. Extra Bathroom Pass c. Free Homework Grade Accelerated Reader Point System: 10 pts ­ Small Prize: Bookmark, Pencil, Eraser 25 pts ­ Ice Cream Party + Teacher Coupon 50 pts ­ Pizza Party + 1 Raffle Ticket 75 pts ­ Movie Night + Small Prize 100 pts ­ Additional Raffle Ticket + Teacher Coupon 125 pts & up ­ AR Certificate Banquet + Photo on the Wall of Fame Courtesy: Renaissance Learning, Inc., "AR: Building a Lifelong Love of Reading and Learning," Accelerated Reader Renaissance Learning Website,, July 31, 2006.

Table of Contents

Accelerated Reader Overview Table of Contents Official Goal for Achievement Participant Responsibilities a. Teacher b. Student c. Library Media Specialist d. Computer Lab Para Pro e. Administrators f. AR Team Responsibilities 5. Awards/Incentives 6. AR Points System 7. Reader Certification 8. Goal Setting Chart 9. Student Reading Log 10. Accelerated Reader Honor Code Statement 1. 2. 3. 4.

Official Goal: The Clements Middle School staff will strive to improve student reading skills & reading levels, by promoting Accelerated Reading books school-wide & working extremely hard with those students in need of improvement, in order to ultimately produce an 85-100% success rate for all students taking AR reading quizzes.

This accomplishment will: 1. Demonstrate the AR Program's Effectiveness & Need 2. Display the Improvements made in CMS Student Reading & Test-Taking Skills 3. Boost Student/Teacher Confidence & Excitement for AR 4. Reinforce the Dedication & Determination made by the Teachers, Students, LMS and Administrators

Teacher Responsibilities

1. School-wide Teacher Participation a. Enthusiastic Support for the AR Program b. Dedication to Student Improvement & Achievement c. A Strong Collaborative Effort between the CLMS Teachers and the LMS d. Willingness to Consolidate & Maintain a Collection of Reports for their Academic Teams, Grade Level, and Students w/Customized Plans e. Willingness to Use the Generated Reports to Better Assist Students in Need of Additional Assistance 2. Teacher Duties: a. Designate 1 Computer in the Classroom/ AR Quizzes b. Collaborate w/ LMS to ensure that Students are Reading their AR Reading Level Appropriate Books & Practicing for their AR Quizzes c. Collaborate w/ Computer Para Pro to Administer the STAR Placement Test at the Start & End of Each Year d. Discuss Ideas for Program Improvement w/ the LMS e. Explain the Goal-Setting Chart & Points/Award System f. Periodically, Reinforce the Incentives to Further Motivate Students to Read throughout the Semester g. Periodically, Check Student Reading Logs & Note the Overall Progress or Need for Additional Reading h. Periodically, Obtain Student Reports to Discover Any Problem Areas or Students in Need of Additional Help i. Elevate or Decelerate Student Reading Levels Based on Objective Quiz Results *Note: (Move Student Reading Levels up .5, if they are Repeatedly Scoring 100 on AR quizzes j. Print-out Student Reports as a Supplemental Document to the Report Card & Progress Reports k. Print-out Diagnostic Reports, for Mr. Cannon during Progress Reports and at the End of Each Semester

Student Responsibilities 1. Student Requirements

a. Parents/Students Must Sign an AR Honor Code Statement at the Start of the AR Program

2. Student Duties

a. Must Keep a Reading Folder Containing: i. AR Program Information ii. Reading Logs iii. Generated Student Record, Point Totals, & TOPS Reports iv. Awards/Incentive Sheet v. Optional: Individualized Plans developed by the Teacher/Student, but approved by the LMS b. Need to bring Reading Logs to the Media Center whenever checking-out AR Books c. Read minimum of 6 Reading Level appropriate Accelerated Reader Books/ Each 9 weeks d. Read minimum of 25 Books/ Each School Year e. Must score at least a 75% to pass the AR Quiz f. May not take more than 1 AR Quiz/ Per Day

3. Student Input

a. Comments, and/or Suggestions will be Valued & Considered, by the LMS b. Incentives will be chosen based on Collective Input from Teachers, Students, LMS, and Administrators

Library Media Specialist Responsibilities

1. Media Specialists Participation a. Enthusiastic Support for the AR Program b. Dedication to Student Improvement & Achievement c. A Strong Collaborative Effort between the CLMS Teachers and the LMS d. Willingness to Consolidate & Maintain a Collection of Reports by Academic Teams, Grade Level, and Students w/Customized Plans e. Willingness to Use the Generated Reports to Better Assist Students in Need of Additional Assistance 2. Media Specialist Duties: a. Conduct Inventory of AR Books in the Media Center b. Become Oriented w/ AR Renaissance Place Software c. Disperse the AR Folders to All Participating Teachers d. Decorate the Bulletin Boards/Displays for AR Reading e. Provide at least 1 In-Library Computer for AR Quizzes f. Promote Student Reading & the AR Books Available g. Instruct the Teachers in How to Use the AR Renaissance Place Data Management Software h. Orient Students in How to Participate in the Program i. Conduct Book Talks j. Assist Students with the Location of AR books k. Collaborate w/ Teachers to Implement the Program l. Obtain Student Reports to Discover Weak Areas m. Administer Practice Questions & Informal Pop Quizzes to Help Reduce Nervousness & Test Anxiety n. Purchase Grade Level Appropriate Books, Quizzes, & Labels for the AR Reading Levels/Points Awarded o. Collect Student Diagnostic Reports, from All Participating Teachers/ Each 9 Weeks p. Offer Additional Incentives to Students that Display a Dramatic Improvement in Reading or Test-Taking

Computer Lab Para Pro Responsibilities


Computer Lab Para Pro Duties a. Collaborate w/ Library Media Specialist to find the Best Method for Students to take the AR Quizzes b. Schedule Language Arts Classes to take the STAR Reading Level Placement Test at the Start & End of Each Year c. Add/Enroll any New Students into the AR program d. Offer AR Practice Quizzes to All Students e. Supply Students with a Test-Taking Tips Sheet f. Reinforce the Awards/Incentives to further Motivate Student Progress in the AR Program

Administrator Responsibilities

1. Administrator Duties a. Mandate the Structure of the Program b. Institute a School-Wide Priority for Teacher Participation on All Grade Levels c. Continue Providing Adequate Funding to Maintain & Expand the AR Book Collection and Online Quizzes d. Promote the AR Program in Morning Announcements e. Strive to Obtain Incentives for Students that Generate & Exceed the 100 AR Points Allotted/Each Semester f. Coordinate w/ the Team Leadership Committee and/or LMS about Additional Materials that are Needed or Required for Student Success g. Periodically, Ask Students: i. What book are you currently reading? ii. What is the book about? iii. How many books have you read for the AR Program this quarter? iv. What is your favorite book? Why? v. Are You Excited About Having the Chance to Win a Bike?

AR Team Responsibilities Suggestions

AR is a school-wide program required by our School Improvement Plan. To be successful it will take a "Team" effort by all teaching teams and individual participants, in order to implement a successful AR program. LA teachers will need to be the driving force for the program within each team for obvious reasons; however, some LA teachers may just want to be the point person to print reports and deliver scores, while others may want more control to the point of handling all aspects of the program for their respective team, including student folders, reading logs, book approvals, prizes & awards allocation. These matters should be decided on by each team according to unique skills and situations. The AR Program should not overburden the LA teachers, but rather to allow them the flexibility to structure their program in the way that best suits the team and their students. For instance, Team 7-B and Team 7-C decided to divide the student folders up by homeroom ­ a different color for each homeroom. This year each homeroom teacher will check each student's reading log every Friday during homeroom and then give them a "complete, incomplete, absent or no effort" mark on a participation sheet. Homeroom teachers will then deliver their homeroom AR participation list to the team's LA teacher for a weekly participation grade. This also means that our homeroom teachers will run reports for their homeroom students and submit the names of point's leaders for awards/prizes to be given out at the end of the semester AR party. This approach seems to make the most sense because homeroom teachers already send students to the Media Center in the mornings for AR books. Students should be allowed to take AR tests whenever it is convenient throughout the day. It is a natural extension to check reading logs and verify that reading is taking place, but it will require communication among the team.

Accelerated Reader Point System

Prizes are given to Recipients (Students) at the End of Each Semester/ Every 18 Weeks

* 10 pts ­ Small Prize: Bookmark, Pencil, Eraser * 25 pts ­ 1 Teacher Coupon * 50 pts ­ Pizza Party + 1 Raffle Ticket * 75 pts ­ 1 Raffle Ticket + Small Prize * 100 pts ­ Additional Raffle Ticket + Teacher Coupon + Small Prize * 125 pts & up ­ AR Certificate Banquet + Photo on the Wall of Fame

Accelerated Reader Awards/Incentives

1. Raffled Items Big Prizes - Bike, Gift Certificates Small Raffled Prizes - Hardback Books, TShirts, Food Coupons & Free Games of Bowling 2. Small Prizes - Bookmarks, Erasers, Pencils 3. Pizza Party/ Each Semester Students may attend the party, if they have: Accumulated min. 50 AR Points/ per semester Perfect Attendance (Spring Only) Showed the Most Improvement Hardest Worker on the Academic Team 4. Teacher Created Coupons Extra Points for a Quiz/Test Extra Bathroom Pass Free Homework Grade

Clements Middle School

66 Jack Neely Rd. Covington, Ga. 30016 (770) 784-2934

August 3, 2007 Dear Parents, Your child is participating in the Accelerated Reader (AR) program at Clements Middle School. The AR program is a system of computerized testing and recordkeeping that is designed to increase your child's reading skills through regular practice. Students have taken a STAR reading test to determine a reading level that is appropriate to their reading skills. Students have been given a reading range and are encouraged to check-out and read books within their reading level range. Books are easily located in the media center because there is an easy "search" program on the school computers and each AR book is clearly labeled on the spine of the book. Students can locate books on our computerized school circulation program or by asking their Language Arts teacher and/or Media Specialist (Librarian). Students, who read a book, will take a computerized quiz and score at least a 75% on the test to receive points for reading the book. Points will be accumulated at the end of each semester. Prizes and privileges can be redeemed at the AR store at the end of each academic semester, which is just before the Winter & Summer breaks. Students may also receive a class grade according to the new state GPS standards, for their participation in the program. In addition, there may be other honors and incentives for students who achieve a predetermined number of points each semester. For example, pictures will be taken and displayed in the hallways for students who attain the maximum points available each semester. Also, students who attend the pizza party will have an opportunity to win a brand new bicycle made possible by contributions to the AR program. For more information about the AR program, please visit If you would like more information or to help with the school AR store in the Winter/Spring, please contact Mr. Cannon in the media center at (770) 784-2934.

Please read and sign the Accelerated Reader Honor Code Statement on the back of this letter and return it to your child's Language Arts teacher as soon as possible.

Clements Middle School Accelerated Reader Honor Code

To help maintain an atmosphere of mutual trust and confidence among students & teachers, and to ensure that each student is judged solely according to his or her own merits, Clements Middle School has established the following Honor Code: "No student will unfairly advance his or her own performance in the Accelerated Reader program, nor will he or she in any way intentionally limit or advance the performance of his or her fellow students using the Accelerated Reader program." The Clements Middle School community firmly believes in this Honor Code. The following are examples of what the community will consider a violation of this Honor Code: 1. Giving or receiving questions or answers for an AR test, or in any way cheating on an AR test. 2. Using Cliff Notes, classic comic books, movies, videos, or shortened (abridged) versions of books on the AR book list to try to pass the test. 3. Using any means besides reading the full, unabridged version of the book to pass an Accelerated Reader test. 4. Taking a test on any book read PRIOR to the current grading period. 5. Other actions as deemed inappropriate by the teachers, library media specialist, and administrators at Clements Middle School. Penalty: A willful violation of the Honor Code will result in the suspension of the student from participating in the AR program for points and rewards. "I hereby state that I understand the Accelerated Reader Program Honor Code Statement. I understand that cheating is wrong and will result in suspension of any or all program rewards, incentives, and privileges.

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