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Bluntisham Bevelled Blue Star

Bluntisham Diamante Bevelled Rose

Our extensive range of authentic antique lead and bevelled glass designs will compliment any style of home. Bluntisham Bevelled Royale Bluntisham Bevelled Blue Rose

Bluntisham Bevelled Mosaic

Colne Bevelled Clear Solar (2)

Colne Bevelled Diamond (2)

Colne Bevelled Blue Solar (2)

Colne Bevelled Red Quartet (2)

Bevelled Glass


Bevelled Glass

Doddington Bevelled Oyster Blue (2)

Doddington Bevelled Oyster Green (4)

Doddington Bevelled Oyster Red (6)

Earith Bevelled Crystal

Earith Bevelled Emerald Dream

Earith Bevelled Green Cluster

Earith Bevelled Marine

Earith Bevelled Purple Royale

Godmanchester Bevelled Marble Rose

Hemingford Bevelled Monarch


Kimbolton Bevelled Clear Solar (8)

Kimbolton Bevelled Rainbow Blue (8)

Needingworth Aqua Dimante Bevel

Papworth Bevelled Blue Pillar

Papworth Bevelled Blue Silhouette

Papworth Bevelled Blue Solar

Papworth Bevelled Clear Solar

Papworth Bevelled Renaissance

Yelling Bevelled Clear (3)

Yelling Bevelled Emerald (3)

Yelling Bevelled Rainbow Blue (3)

Yelling Bevelled Rainbow (3)

Bevelled Glass


Inverted Mouldings

This exclusive range of door panels have inverted mouldings to replicate traditional timber doors. You have all the style and elegance of a timber style door without the maintenance issues associated.


Kings Sandblasted Starlet (1)

Kings Bevelled Emerald (3)

Kings Bevelled Tri Solar with Purple Band (3)

Kings Bevelled Tri Solar with Clear Band (3)

Trinity Bevelled Green Cluster

Queens Solid

Queens Bevelled Green Solar (2)

Queens Bevelled Oyster Blue (4)

Queens Bevelled Diamond (4)

Trinity Bevelled Purple Royale

Trinity Sandblasted Georgian Bar

Trinity Bevelled Red Star with Border

Trinity Bevelled Royale (Clear Border)

Trinity Sandblasted Winter Rose

Inverted Mouldings


Decorative Glass

Our wide range of designs, styles and colours bring individuality to any home. These are manufactured using acrylic lead and UV stable colours to ensure they stay looking good for many years to come.


Bluntisham Amber

Bluntisham Cameo Rose

Bluntisham Primrose

Bluntisham Climbing Roses (2)

Bluntisham Zodiac

Colne Jewel (2)

Colne Climbing Roses (2)

Colne Mother of Pearl (2)

Colne Rambling Rose (2)

Colne Ruby Diamonds (2)

Doddington Jewel (4)

Earith Bouquet

Earith Single Rose

Earith Spring Poppy

Earith Spring Violets

Earith Winter Rose

Decorative Glass


Decorative Glass

Earith with Yellow Rose House Number

Godmanchester Wild Rose

Hemingford Cameo Rose

Hemingford Winter Floral

March Falling Leaves

Needingworth Climbing Roses

Needingworth Regal

Papworth Pansy

Papworth Rosebud

Papworth Sapphire


Ramsey Climbing Roses (4)

Yelling Climbing Roses (3)

Yelling Jewel (3)

Yelling Leaves with House Number (1)

Yelling Parisian with House Number (1)

Bluntisham RB2 Black

Bluntisham RB2 Blue

Bluntisham RB2 Clear

Earith RB1 Black

Earith RB1 Ruby Red

These extremely popular, modern and original designs come with a choice of coloured border. (Please note that for best effect of designs they have clear backing glass only as the obscure pattern is created in the resin design.)

Earith RB10 Blue

Earith RB15 Green

Hemingford RB3 Clear

Hemingford RB11 Red / Black

Papworth RB5 Clear

Papworth RB12 Green / Purple



Georgian Grill

Bluntisham CK6

Bluntisham CK7

This innovative and avante-garde range of Georgian and bevel designs encapsulated within the sealed unit will enhance any residence. Colne CK12 Bevelled Colne CK15


Colne GK11

Earith CK1 Bevelled

Earith CK2

Papworth GK3 Bevelled

Papworth GK5 Bevelled

Bluntisham Sandblasted House Number

Colne Sandblasted Elite (2)

Colne Sandblasted Star (2)

Godmanchester Sandblasted Georgian

Hemingford Sandblasted Crystal

The traditional range of sandblasted designs are elegant and tasteful and would suit any home from a Georgian town house to a modern flat.

Hemingford Sandblasted Heron

March Sandblasted Rope

Needingworth Sandblasted Antique

Papworth Sandblasted Fern (2)

Papworth Sandblasted Filigree (2)

Yelling Sandblasted Roses (5)

Yelling Sandblasted Spokes (1)

Yelling Sandblasted Starlet (5)

Sandblasted Glass


Standard Glass

This range of uncomplicated designs are available with a choice of Georgian bars, diamond or square leadwork, and are as ever popular.

Bluntisham Diamond Lead

Brampton Bullion

Colne Diamond Lead (2)

Doddington Solid

Earith Classic Georgian Bar

Chatteris Obscure (SA)

Kimbolton Obscure (8)


Chatteris Diamond Lead (LA)

March Diamond Lead

Queens Solid

Woodhurst Obscure (1)

Yelling Georgian Bar (1)

Furniture Options

All products shown are available in gold, silver*, white and black (chrome finish is available in letterplates and slimline urn knockers/spyholes only).

Type A

Type B

Type C


Half & Quarter Panels

* 4" & 6" Lions head knockers are available in gold and black only.

Foiled Finishes

Optional foiled finishes; grain runs vertically on doors and side panels, and horizontally on conservatory panels.

Queens Inverted Half Panel Light Oak Mahogany Rosewood

Bluntisham Half Panel

Doddington Half Panel

Please Note: Due to limitations of the printing process all colours shown in this brochure should be regarded as a guide only.

Door & Side Panel Combinations

Bluntisham Quarter Panel

Doddington Quarter Panel

Papworth Bevelled Red Solar & Side Panels

Bluntisham Solid & Solid Side Panel

Kimbolton Bevelled Clear Solar & Side Panel



Conservatory Panels


New4 Phoenix Broch.indd

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