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August 2006


New Tradition s Tr ip to Indy

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By Don Meseth, Editor At the medal presentation ceremony after the competion at Indianapolis, the following statistics were brought to light for your reference, edification, enjoyment, and/or amusement. The New Tradition has "medalled" in every International performance since starting in competition, for the past 18 performances, and the following members are the proud holders of all 18 medals: Ralph Brooks Nick Caccamo Gene Ciprian John Hansen Pete Harrison George Moloney Congratulations to all! Dennis Murray Paul Nevel Bob Scheible Bob Smith Bob Tempas Fred Williams

In this issue . Editorial 2 New Musical 3 Journeys .page 4 Introducing Josh 5 Recruiting Tip 7 Competition Week 8

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Harmony Gazette

Editorial Comment

August 2006

The New Tradition Chorus Northbrook Chapter Illinois District

Meets every Monday at 7:30 P.M. at the Christian Heritage Academy 315 Waukegan Road, Northfield, Illinois MUSICAL DIRECTOR Jay Giallombardo President Executive Vice President Board Member-at-Large Board Member-at-Large Chapter Development Vice President Chorus Manager Immediate Past President Marketing & PR Vice Pres. Music Vice President Operations Vice President Fundraising Vice President Secretary Treasurer Music Team: Max Kieba Stan Sakalowski George Moloney Max Karpiak Ralph Brooks Enrique Signoret John Trumbull Greg Lee J.D. Rich Ken Rotter Noah Miller Mike Saeger Bob Katin

After a solid week of quartets, choruses, tags, special events, noncompeting groups, etc., etc., etc., a week of rest felt pretty good. You all know the results of the competition by now, so I won't go into deDon Meseth tail on that. Suffice to say that the Editor New Tradition added to our collection of medals. Those electronically gifted, download the 20 page report from the Illinois District Website at,/ called Attacks and Releases. It goes into full detail. Let me just quote from Craig Rigg in his comment "The Aftermath." "Based on the number of quartets who kept coming through the Chorditorium later that evening, I'm sure the singing lasted well into the early dawn on Sunday. But for us mere mortals, it was back to the hotel and an early departure back home. Given all the positives about the Indianapolis convention--the weather, the closeness of the venues, the food choices, the performance centers, the fresh sounds--one can only wonder what Denver will be able to do to top it. And then in 2008 in Nashville, by then, the headquarters of our Society, into what musical experience will our hobby have evolved? Makes you wonder: What if O.C. hadn't written that letter?

J.D. Rich, VP-Music Jay Giallombardo, Music Director Duane Fenn & Brian Milnikel, Assistant Directors Duane Fenn, Chapter Coach Bob Tempas, Tenor Section Ldr. Pat Brady & Noah Miller, Admin Tenor Section Ldr. Ralph Brooks, Lead Section Ldr. Dennis Barto, Admin Lead Section Ldr. Dick Kingdon, Baritone Section Ldr. Ben Ahring, Admin. Baritone Section Ldr. Duane Fenn, Bass Section Leader Bob Haselsteiner & David Lee, Admin. Bass Section Ldrs. Ben Ahring, Music Librarian Greg Lee & Josh Leath, Learning Tape Prod. Barry Cain, Presentation Team Leader


is published by and for the New Tradition Chorus, Northbrook, Illinois Chapter of the Barbershop Harmony Society, an educational and non-profit society. Articles without by-lines are written by the editors. Contributions are appreciated and will be credited to the author. All submissions will be edited for clarity and for reasons of space.

Editor: Don Meseth Assistant Editor: Jennifer Sievers PO Box 2235 Northbrook, IL 60065 [email protected] Phone: 630-462-3694 Illinois District Bulletin Editors of the Year 2005

Past Editors Richard Nelson and Michele Arnette were Illinois Bulletin Editor of the year 1996, 1997, 1998, 2000, 2001 International BETY:Second place 2003, Third place 1999, 2000 - Fourth place 2001

The Gazette Bulletin of The New Tradition Chorus Editorial Goal By means of professional reporting, articles, photos, features, letters, and editorials, provide information about the Chorus to our chapter, the Society and the community, which will assist our members in achieving our goals and objectives.

THE SOCIETY VISION STATEMENT The Society is to be a widely recognized ever-growing, singing fraternity of men, drawn together by their love of the four-part a capella, close-harmony style of music known as barbershop whose mission is to perpetuate that style by sharing it and their love for it with people of all ages throughout the world; and to be a leader in the cause of preserving and encouraging vocal music, in our education systems and in our communities, as a lifelong recreational activity and an essential element in one s cultural well-being.

Submissions for the next issue of the Harmony Gazette are due by August 21, 2006. Please submit your pictures and articles!

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Harmony Gazette

August 2006

New Musical Ter ms...

In order to keep you abreast of the ever-developing world of musical terminology, we provide here with the latest additions to the esteemed Harvard Dictionary of Music: ALLREGRETTO - When you're 16 measures into the piece and realize you took too fast a tempo ANGUS DEI - To play with a divinely beefy tone A PATELLA - Accompanied by knee-slapping APPOLOGGIATURA - A composition that you regret playing APPROXIMATURA - A series of notes not intended by the composer, yet played with an "I meant to do that" attitude APPROXIMENTO - A musical entrance that is somewhere in the vicinity of the correct pitch CACOPHANY - A composition incorporating many people with chest colds CORAL SYMPHONY - A large, multi-movement work from Beethoven's Caribbean Period DILL PICCOLINI - An exceedingly small wind instrument that plays only sour notes FERMANTRA - A note held over and over and over and over and . . . FERMOOTA - A note of dubious value held for indefinite length FIDDLER CRABS - Grumpy string players FLUTE FLIES - Those tiny mosquitoes that bother musicians on outdoor gigs FRUGALHORN - A sensible and inexpensive brass instrument GAUL BLATTER - A French horn player GREGORIAN CHAMP - The title bestowed upon the monk who can hold a note the longest GROUND HOG - Someone who takes control of the repeated bass line and won't let anyone else play it PLACEBO DOMINGO - A faux tenor SCHMALZANDO - A sudden burst of music from the Guy Lombardo band THE RIGHT OF STRINGS - Manifesto of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Violists SPRITZICATO - An indication to string instruments to produce a bright and bubbly sound TEMPO TANTRUM - What an elementary school orchestra is having when it's not following the conductor \ TROUBLE CLEF - Any clef one can't read: e.g., alto clef for pianists VESUVIOSO - An indication to build up to a fiery conclusion VIBRATTO - Child prodigy son of the concertmaster


By Don Meseth, Editor

It's Monday, and we have the final rehearsal at Northbrook. A fast brush-up, polishing some fine points, and Jay sends us off to Indy with a "See ya on Wednesday night". After a rather pleasant drive, we arrive at Indy on Wednesday afternoon, check in at the reception desk, pick up the name tags, then off we go to check in at the hotel. First rehearsal is at 10:30 on Wednesday night at the NT headquarters hotel. On to the risers with some breathing warm ups, loosening up, uncreak the muscles, and then a run-through with about 10 numbers. A few comments about the coming show, and off we go for a night's rest, with admonitions to be ready by 10:30 AM in the fourth floor room. continued on page 7

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Harmony Gazette

Back from Our Journey to Indianapolis, We r e alr eady Planning the Next Journey By Max Kieba, President ANOTHER WEEKEND RETREAT

August 2006

The men of the New Tradition Chorus recently returned from the Barbershop Harmony Society s International Quartet and Chorus Convention, where we took part in the fun of convention week and competed in the chorus contest. We were among thirty choruses qualified out of some 800 chapters from the Society and its affiliates to compete in the finals. After much preparation and hard work that began last year, we put 88 men on the contest stage and came in 4th place overall in a very talented field of competitors. This continues our impressive string of 17 consecutive medals in international competition. We also want to take this opportunity to publicly congratulate the men of every other chorus that crossed the stage that day. We re already starting our next journey. While we should certainly be pleased and feel fortunate to continue the streak of medals, we should also realize we can continue to improve. Fourth place is not shabby, but we won gold before and we can do it again. We were nice and gave our guys one week off from rehearsal followed by another week where we had a party with family and friends. Ok, we did sneak some rehearsal in there, so we only had about a week and a half off. We also decided to have a town hall meeting after our next rehearsal where we discussed our accomplishments past and present, and discussed where we collectively want to go as a chorus in the future. Since we were fresh off the International stage, competition was certainly a big topic, but we also talked about other aspects to keep our chapter thriving: membership recruitment and retention, non-contest performances throughout the year, and many more. I won t list the specific comments made, but I will say it was very enlightening to hear such a variety of statements and heartfelt comments from leaders and members alike. Like other chapters, our leadership considers comments sent to us by our members and makes decisions we feel are for the good of the chapter. But sometimes we keep too many comments amongst the leaders, and really wonder if we re all on the same page with our members going forward. Meetings like this from time to time are very helpful. We found some things are going well, some things need minor changes, and some issues need more serious cosideration. Whatever changes are needed, one thing is for sure we are a very strong group, our bonds go deep and we re excited to start the next journey. In addition to upcoming shows and other events, one of the stops along the way is our district convention in late September, where we try to qualify again for next year s international contest in Denver. I m certainly excited, are you? Here we come!

The retreat weekend at Kenosha was a great success, due to the instruction from our two coaches Jay Hawkins and George Gipp. Their tips certainly gave us a lot of help in emphasis on wording, and tonal quality. Our local audience enjoyed our evening performance on Saturday, if their applause was any indication. The biggest source of help for the weekend though was the fact that Margie Carrick, Dave's wife, took over the whole logistics operation for the entire weekend, from handling registrations, providing water and refreshments, distributing the room keys and meal tickets, and in general, running everything so that those of us chorus mates could spend the whole time concentrating on our primary reason for being there...the music we will take to Indy. Gentlemen, the next time you see her, give her a hearty "thank you". But don't forget to include in those kudos, a thank you, and a hug for all the rest of our background ladies who work so hard at our Spring and Holiday shows, with ticket distribution, ushering, selling refreshments, handling raffle sales, CD sales, all the baked goodies, and everything else, so that we can concentrate on what we love to do...SING ! Remember, if our ladies didn't go along with us, and some of the crazy hours we put into this hobby or ours, we wouldn't be able to perform at the levels we do today. Hurrah for them !


By Don Meseth, Editor After several hours of waiting, and nail-biting, and watching a side-splitting performance by the Midwest Vocal Express from Greendale, Wisconsin, the results were in. New Tradition came in fourth with a bronze medal. Disappointing to most of us, but after going back to the hotel to collect our medals and share some thoughts, Jay reminded us all that we have "medaled" every time we have competed in the last 18 International performances, including 8 consecutive silver medals, which can be best described by only one word...consistency. So, we'll take a week off, rest up a while, come back the following week for our victory celebration, then start to work on our next package, and shoot for Denver.

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Harmony Gazette

Introducing Josh Leath...

August 2006

Being one of the newer, and well, youngest member of the chorus, I figured it was about time to officially introduce myself to the New Tradition Chorus. My name is Josh Leath, hailing from the great state of Texas. Music has been a part of my life going back to 3 years old when I was taking music classes at TCU with my mother. At six-ish, I picked up the guitar, which eventually began to become my primary instrument, allowing me to play in numerous rock, country, jazz, and instrumental bands up until graduation. Most of you probably know that I do play in a hard rock band, and am looking to complete a full-length album for a summer/fall release! It wasn t until 7th grade that I began singing music other than The Doors and Led Zeppelin. When enrolling for junior high, I had to make a decision; athletics, band, or choir. Seeing that I wasn t very athletic, but very asthmatic, athletics was definitely not an option, and marching band would have been a little rough so choir it was! Oddly enough, I started off as a first tenor which lasted about a month till my voice suddenly dropped 1 ½ octaves and I began speaking lower than my dad at the ripe old age of 13! The beginning of my freshman year (which is still junior high where I grew up), I found 3 other guys and decided to throw a quartet together, which we did for the following 4 years, until graduation. Moving on through high school, I took choral singing very seriously, competing and receiving superior scores at solo & ensemble, madrigal, quartet, and directing at many chorus competitions throughout the country. I was a member of our a cappella chorus, where I had the responsibility of student director, a member of numerous madrigal groups and jazz ensembles, our show choir, and a very integral voice in choosing repertoire for all groups. Along with these accomplishments and duties, I was fortunate to be selected as the 4th chair Bass II to the Texas All-State Choir my junior year, and achieving 1st chair my senior year. The All-State process in Texas is nothing like any other state in the country .you think athletics are competitive? Just ask and I ll explain what choral singers in Texas go through. So, where did barbershop fit in? Well, my high school quartet decided to visit, at the time, the Cowtown Chorus (which is now The Texas Millionaires). We sang for them, and they decided to sign us up on the spot. So

much for the 3 visit requirement! I did a little singing with that other chorus down there, but spent most of my time with the Millionaires. We actually opened for Gas House Gang my senior year for our Spring Show! Unfortunately, college put the barbershop career on hold. After graduating high school, I was accepted on scholarship to the Chicago Conservatory of Music, which is part of Roosevelt University. I studied both vocal performance and orchestral/choral composition, along with business management just in case I needed to get a job. While there, I studied voice with David Halloway and Richard Stilwell, both very accomplished and acclaimed in the opera world. Many of you have wondered how and where I received my training in recording/sound engineering. I got the recording bug near the beginning of my junior year in high school after playing in numerous bands, but not being able to afford studio time. I started of with some basic digital equipment using basic tracking software, slowly moving into more advanced digital interfaces and software. My senior year, we were required to do a project based around something in which we had a keen interest. I obviously chose music and recording. Along with writing a paper, I was required to have a mentor to help make a physical example of what I wanted to do. I chose Steve Mark, who operated Pedmar Studios in Dallas, TX. I learned a world of information from him, from software and frequencies, down to cables and mics. I spent 6 months with him, up until graduation learning everything I could. In college, I continued my education in recording by receiving a minor in sound engineering, along with spending many weekends at various seminars and hands-on expositions for Pro Tools, Sibelius, Cubase, and Nuendo, plus a slew of mastering tools and plugins, which I continue to this day. I have recorded, or assisted, in everything from bands, a cappella groups, solo instruments, choirs, up to full orchestras. Even though it s all digital, it s not as easy as running a scan on the recording and pressing a button .there is a lot more to making a great recording. There is quite a bit more to all my music experience, but I think I m running out of space here. I really don t spend much time doing anything else, whether it s rehearsing with my band, working on recordings for the chorus, scoring and practicing lines for an independent film of which I have been asked to be a part, or singing karaoke with Greg Lee. If you want to know more about anything I ve written about, let me know, cause I love to talk! I truly enjoy singing with the New Tradition and hope to use my skills and talents to get this chorus to the next level.

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Harmony Gazette

28 Recruiting Tips By Ev Nau

August 2006

Tip # 7 PRESERVATION THROUGH RECRUITMENT Dear Ev, I am most proud and honored to give you my recruitment tactics. I hope that they will help someone else. They are, in no particular order: I maintain a list of good prospects and keep calling. It is now a list of 25 men. I am also at present trying to sponsor a member into the Pinehurst, NC chapter. I am always upbeat to prospects, stressing fun, fellowship, enjoyment of singing well, and of course the health benefits that singing provides. I arrange to pick up guests at their homes and of course return them. This eliminates a lot of broken promises. I carry "Come Join Us in Song" cards at all times. In my truck, and car I have society brochures and the enclosed picture to give to prospects. I always send a thank you note to every first-time guest. I send to all chapter guests, not just my own - it works! I do hope this can be of some help. Sam Williamson Grove City, PA

Northbrook Chapter Quartets

* Denotes Chapter Members

Boom Town Tenor: Craig Hall Lead: Chris Kirkham Bari: Pat Henders Bass: Jerry Metzo* (847) 354-2823 The Chi-Tones Tenor: Noah Miller* Lead: Larry Emery* (815) 477-3037 Bari: Mike Schnitzler* Bass: Andy Smith* Chicago Sound Tenor: Peter Fink* Lead: Dennis Barto* Bari: Earl Holtz* Bass: Walt Parus* (847) 253-7197 Chordiac Arrest Tenor: Marty Jahnel* Lead: Dick Johnson* (815) 838-1874 Bari: Mike Bagby* Bass: Earl Meseth* Father 'N Son Reunion Tenor: Paul McCracken* Lead: Lawrence Dohogne (618) 452-7196 Bari: Steven McCracken* Bass: Larry Dohogne Gadzooks Tenor: OPEN Lead: John Cain* Bari: Bob Scheible* (312) 255-1344 Bass: Bill Ward* Gangbusters! Tenor: Gregg Peters Lead: Greg Lee* (847) 989-7193 Bari: Matt McFadyen Bass: Tom Kentish

Geneva Tenor: Gareth Cole Lead: Wayne Weiser Bari: Steve Schoultz* (312) 558-8642 Bass: Paul Zeien Hospitality Tenor: Pat Brady* Lead: George Carlson* Bari: Keith Mockenhaupt Bass: Joseph Schlesinger* (847) 328-0921 Lakeside Edition Tenor: Bob Tempas* (630) 887-8399 Lead: George Harper Bari: Paul Saeger* Bass: Duane Fenn* Skyline Tenor: Tim Carter* Lead: Dan Starr (630) 483-0418 Bari: Mark Betczynski Bass: Doug Smith* Take 2 Tenor: Steve Davis* Lead: Mike Woods* (847) 415-2821 Bari: Peter Harrison* Bass: Dave Brady* Talismen Tenor: Gene Woolcott Lead: Ralph Brooks* Bari: Dick Kingdon* (847) 934-1171 Bass: Ed Chapman

Board meetings are held the second Wednesday of each month at the home of Treasurer Bob Katin at 7:30 P.M. Members are encouraged to attend.

New Tr adition s Section Leader s

Duane Fenn Bass Section

Dick Kingdon Baritone Section

Ralph Brooks Lead Section

Bob Tempas Tenor Section

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Harmony Gazette

August 2006

Competition Week, continued The next morning in the rehearsal room on four, with some breathing and movement exercises, then up to the ninth floor for three plus solid hours of workouts on the package. "OK guys, lets hit it again". "Basses, let's get with it...eyebrows up...cheeks up...Leads, you've done this hundreds of times, don't goof it now". During the break, the rumors start: "did you hear about VM?...what's Northern Lights doing? And then the blow...Bass section leader Duane Fenn won't be with us...he had to leave for home...his mother is seriously ill...but the word is one is indispensable, and we can do it even if he's here only in spirit. We leave the work-out and head over to dinner, or maybe, catch the quartet semi's, or whatever, but we all have the package running though our minds, and going over our parts, re-working the last minor boo-boo's. Friday morning, back at the hotel, on the risers with some last-second warm-ups, and then to the make-up table and the aid of the gals from the Sweet Tradition helping us look better than we have a right to look. On with the yellow bandannas and the new shirts. Mother hen Helen is running around, tucking this in, straightening that, more static cling spray. On to the buses and over to Conseco Hall. The buses dip down into the cavernous lower level, and we unload. Then on to the warm-up room. A few chords and a couple of verses. Tuck in your shirt...another shot of static-cling for the fringes. Mother hen sneaks up behind me to re-tuck my bandanna. Take off your watches, guys. No pagers. No cell phones. Now up to the photo room. Everybody in position in the proper window slot. Cheeks up...eyebrows those pearly whites...chest out...Ready? NO! Helen dashes up to Jay and whispers something to him. He re-positions himself. Now ready? One...Two...Three. "Flash" go the lights. Now another, and now one with the trophy in front, just in case. Now, to the backstage area. And now it's up on the risers. Position to Big X...Tuck the thumbs in the belt...Head down...and we hear, " And now, representing the Illinois District, under the direction of Jay Giallombardo, The New Tradition". Applause, screams, whoops, hollers, yells...and as Jay saunters forward, we slowly look up, smiling for all we are worth...Jay turns, and we turn in, and OFF WE GO. The ballad...a standing "O"...the up-tune...another standing "O". The dropping curtain finally forces the audience to resume their seats, and, we're done! All the hours of work and muscle memory, and words and in a few seconds, it's all over! All we can do now is wait.

Sweet Traditions

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New Tradition Chorus: Barbershop Harmony Society: Illinois District:

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New Tradition Women s Auxiliary Join us!

3rd Monday of each month

7:30 p.m.

Christian Heritage Academy TBA

Barbershop Harmony Chicagoland: Chordiac Arrest: Hospitality: Lakeside Edition: Skyline: Take 2:

The 2006 Sweet Traditions Board Nancy Nicholson, President [email protected] 262-886-5486 Helen Giallombardo, Vice Pres. [email protected] Kathy Parus, Secretary [email protected] Linda Brady, Treasurer Marion Meseth, Membership [email protected] 847-827-6530 Linda Brady, Social Chair [email protected] Robin Jacobs, Sunshine [email protected] Mindy Lazor, Immd. Past Pres. [email protected] 847-257-1000

Please email or call anyone on the Sweet Traditions board if you have questions, suggestions, or wish to volunteer.

President Max Kieba

Executive VP Stan Sakalowski

Music VP J.D. Rich

Operations VP Ken Rotter


George Moloney


Max Karpiak

VP PR & Marketing

Immed. Past Pres.

Greg Lee

John Trumbull


(other than regular Monday night meetings) September 30 - Fall Convention Peoria, IL December 1, 2 & 3 - Holiday Show Glenbrook South High School

Treasurer Bob Katin Secretary Mike Saeger

Chorus Manager



Chapter Dev. VP Ralph Brooks

VP Fundraising

Noah Miller

Enrique Signoret



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