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New World Bistro Bar Winter Menu

NWBB Classic Spicy Starters

CAGE PAN BLACKENED STRINGBEANS 6 small / 9 party plate with Creole remoulade *6 SAIGON STREET STYLE FRIED CALAMARI 10 with cucumber noodles, peanut and chile sauces PURPLE HAZE SHRIMP Original Psychedelic Gastronomy with ginger, habanero, pineapple, red cabbage *9 3 for 8.50

Cold Seafood

DAILY OYSTERS with cocktail and mignonette market price CURRIED SCALLOP SASHIMI with beets and coriander 10 WHITE ANCHOVIES and toasted almonds with olio santo 5 MAUI POKE OF AHI TUNA with chili mayo and seaweed 9.50 LOMI LOMI "MASSAGED" SALMON BELLY TARTARE 8 MAUI DUO Tuna Poke and Lomi Lomi Salmon 12

Hot Appetizers

COOPERSTOWN BREWHOUSE MUSSELS & FRITES sm 9 / lrg 15 STEAMED LITTLENECKS WITH GARBANZOS AND RABES 10 with golden sliced garlic and dried tomatoes DUCK CONFIT DRUMETTES "a l'orange" 8 JUMBO CHICKEN or SEITAN "WINGS" 6.50 Puerto Rican style with "Pique" sauce *6

Our chicken wings are marinated, roasted, then crisped in the fryer. They have 60% less fat than full fried wings.

Small Plates




Forbidden Pleasures

SAUTEED SWEETBREADS, EGYPTIAN STYLE 9 with babaganoush and lemon caper sauce ROASTED BEEF MARROWBONES 8 with apple butter, sel gris de mer and rye toast DUCK LIVER PATE WITH ASPIC 9 with grainy mustard, pickled onions and cornichons KOREAN BBQ PORK BELLY with daikon kim chee *7 8


VEGGIE TAPAS SAMPLER 14 Mixed olives, smoked hummus, babaganoush, muhamarra, marinated beets, house made pickles, truffled mushrooms and naan CATSKILL SMOKEHOUSE CHARCUTERIE PLATE 10 3 selections with pickles, mustard and rye NEW & OLD WORLD HANDCRAFTED CHEESE PLATE 10 3 selections with almonds, fig jam, pear and crostini

Ultra Flatbread Piadina Pizza

Yeast free, stone grilled, finished in a super hot oven Enough for 1 as a light meal or up to 4 as an appetizer OLD WORLD "TOMATO PIE" smooth tomato sauce, fresh tomatoes, and Romano Cheese 8 NEW WORLD tomato sauce, basil, Mozzarella and Romano Cheeses 10 AMERICAN PIE apple smoked bacon, NY cheddar, jalapenos, sour cream *5 10 FUN GUY PIE roasted oyster mushrooms, caramelized onions, sage, taleggio, truffle oil 13 TIE-DYE PIE Purple Haze sauce and 4 cheeses- gooey pain! *8 10 MEDITERRA pistachio pesto, roasted tomato, 4 Brother's local feta, Kalamata olives 12 BASQUE CASE chorizo, manchego, roasted peppers, herbs 12 TOSCANO fig jam, arugula, gorgonzola, truffle oil 12 PEKING DUCK 5 spice, hoisin BBQ, mung sprouts, scallions, cracklin's 13 EVITA blood sausage, tomato, mozzarella and onions 12

New World Bistro Bar Winter Menu

Big Plates

ROPA VIEJA 21 - Wear your Old Clothes Tonight! all natural beef pot roasted all day with sofrito, olives and wine, with black beans, brown rice, yams & plantains NEW WORLD CLASSIC JERK CHICKEN DINNER 21 Murray's Local Free Range--marinated with allspice, thyme, onion, molasses, soy and hot pepper, finished slow--plated with pum'kin rice and fresh veggies 4*, 7* or 10* DOUBLE DUCK 26 confit'd leg and medium rare breast, pomegranate jus, almond quinoa, mustard oil, broccoli rabes LATINO STEAK FRITES 12 oz 24 Naturewell All Natural Grass Fed, Grain Finished Strip Steak marinated and grilled, served with chimmichurri, banana ketchup, fries, broccoli rabes and grilled scallions *3 BIG BRINED AND BBQ'D PORK CHOP 21 served with corn pudding and greens, choose your sauce: JAMAICAN JERK w/ allspice, thyme and molasses *7 MEANHOUSE RED BBQ w/ tamarind, chipolte, garlic *5 DIRTY BLONDE BBQ w/ honey, mustard, habanero *8.5 THAI BBQ AHI TUNA 24 glazed with a lime, lemongrass and garlic dressing, with mung sprout-peanut slaw, organic brown rice & greens *3 HEMP NUT CRUSTED SALMON 25 with Wild Hive Hudson Valley corn pudding, braised greens, local apple chutney and chipotle-mustard sauce *3 TANDOORI TOFU 19 with brown rice, curry vegetables and tamarind-coconut sauce * 3 All Grilled Items are available Simply Grilled

*Wild Alaskan Salmon season runs from May-October. When it's not available we offer organic Scottish Salmon. We think before we buy!

Bowls, Noodles and Grains

BIG BOWL OF SEAFOOD AND RAMEN NOODLES 26 shrimp, scallops, squid, clams and mussels in light bonito-kombu broth with root veggies, roasted ginger and miso butter *5 NEW WORLD SHRIMP AND GRITS 21 / 15 Wild Hive Farm Hudson Valley yellow grits with shrimp in a Creole tomato cream with fresh veggies YELLOW CURRY SHRIMP AND FAT NOODLES 21 / 15 with crisp veggies and fresh basil *5 sub Tofu 17/12 BLUECORN CRUSTED SEITAN MEDALLIONS 20 hearty "Wheat Meat" cutlets with roasted tomatillo salsa, brown rice, black beans, winter squash and greens "NO CRASH" BROWN RICE RISOTTO 18 / 13 with mixed mushrooms, sweet peas, sage and Asiago THAI ITALIAN LOVE- PANANG CURRY BOLOGNESE 19 / 14 fat noodles tossed with Hudson Valley beef in a nicely spiced tomato, coconut, and kaffir lime sauce *6 ORECCIETTE WITH BROCCOLI RABES & CHICK PEAS 19 / 14 with olive oil, garlic, dried tomato, and Italian Sausage optional BROOKLYN STYLE SPAGHETTI WITH CLAM SAUCE 18 SPAGHETTINI WITH FILET OF TOMATO 18 / 13 Paradiso, Purgatorio *5 or Inferno *10 ? add shrimp 8 chicken, mushrooms or fresh veggies 5

Gluten Free Brown Rice Pasta is Always Available.


We buy regional and natural meats from Northeast Family Farm Cooperative Niman Ranch and Naturewell Our Chicken is Freebird Our seafood is sustainable as recommended by and Monterey Bay Seafood Watch In season produce is as local as possible. Our Chefs think our pantry is pretty cool too!

Scott Meyer and Annette Nanes, Proprietors Ric Orlando, Chef, Consultant Jessica Evans, Kevin Tighe and Zoë Foss - Management Susan Fox - Kitchen Manager, Tyler Degroff - Sous Chef, Mariela Galeano - Pastry Chef

New World Bistro Bar Winter Menu


HOUSE MADE BLACK SEAWEED SALAD with mirin, ginger and sesame 7 MARINATED BEETS with orange, moscato vinegar, parsley, olive oil and chevre "snow" 8 ARUGULA with local pears, toasted almonds, manchego and truffle vinaigrette 10 / 7 HUDSON VALLEY mixed baby lettuces, apples, grilled red onions, filberts, bleu and hard cider vinaigrette 10 / 7 VIETNAMESE mung sprouts, cabbage, baby greens, herbs, root veggies and peanuts dressed with a low fat tamarind, cold pressed peanut oil, fish sauce, rice vinegar dressing 10 / 7 ROMAINE HEART blue, bacon, olives, red wine vinaigrette 9 SEXY CAESAR SALAD anchovies optional, CAGE croutons 10 / 7 SIMPLE SALAD choose simple red wine vinaigrette, curry vinaigrette, balsamic, buttermilk bleu 8 / 5 Salad Toppers Grilled or Blackened Boneless Chicken or Tofu 5 , Ahi Tuna or Salmon 7


A Good Sandwich is a Messy Affair

Our sandwiches are a meal - plated with lettuce, tomato, pickles and your choice of side

NWBB Po' Boys BROCCOLI RABES and SAUSAGE BOMB 12 FRIED CALAMARI PO' BOY with shredded romaine and pickled chili mayo 12 BIG MUSHROOM TRIO BOMB with grilled red onions, Chipotle aioli and Swiss 12 ROUND BUNS North East Family Farm BURGER 7 oz. 13 ROPA VIEJA AND SWISS with roasted red peppers 12 CRISPY SEITAN CUTLET with tomato sauce 12 add mozzarella 13 GRILLED OR BLACKENED CHICKEN BREAST with Creole Remoulade 12 GRILLED OR BLACKENED SALMON with creole remoulade 13 Extra Fixin's are $1 each Cheeses Blue · Swiss · NY Cheddar · Nettle Meadows Goat · Manchego Stuff Peppered Bacon · Grilled Red Onions · Roasted Mushrooms · Jalapenos Sauces Purple Haze · Meanhouse BBQ · Dirty Blonde BBQ · JERK Sauce Banana Ketchup · Chipotle Aioli · Pickled Chile Mayo · Green Salsa · Sri Rachi Aioli

Sides $5

French Fries WILD HIVE Corn Pudding Broccoli Rabe Cuban Black Beans Braised Greens Veg of the Day Jamaican Pum'kin Rice Rice'n'Beans Curried Winter Veggies side of organic brown rice 2.50

Kid's Stuff (under 12 please) $7 served with a soft drink, milk or juice

Spaghetti with Red Sauce or Butter'n'Cheese "Ropa and Rice" Bowl Mild Wings and Fries


winter 2010 menu

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