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Vol. 17, No. 2

July 2007

The FIDI conference is the premier

international removals meeting which is attended by principals and staff of the best companies in the world. The New World team was busy with more than 20 formal prearranged meetings. These meetings were organized to further develop our working relationships in delivering world class service to our mutual customers. During these meetings we also discussed better and more efficient ways to comply with each country's customs regulations, ship to underdeveloped countries, control the flow of documents, manage and secure personal information, reduce and resolve claims, and continuously improve our worldwide service delivery. In April, David Marx, Jack Cotter and Mike Cazalet attended the FIDI conference in Budapest, Hungary. The conference was the single largest attended conference in FIDI's history with over 700 delegates representing 513 of the world's leading removals companies from around the world. There were a number of highlights during the conference with New World International being front and center stage. Mike Cazalet is one of the lead committee team members selected by the FIDI board to

participate in one of the international removals industries exciting new ventures called "Destination Services Project". While Mike has been participating and advising the committee for nearly a year, the Budapest conference was the culmination and inauguration of the Project Plan to the Global FIDI affiliates. The conference started on Saturday with the "Destination Services Workshop" during which Mike acted as moderator during the panelist discussions. Several of the panelists are shown below (left to right Rupert Morley, Sterling International, Michael Ray, VP Prudential Relocation, Calvin Chin, Asian Vendor Alliance Mgt, Prudential Relocation Singapore, Charlcie Cazalet, and Terri Cooling, Sr. VP Transportation, Prudential Relocation).

The Destination Services Committee is made up of a group of industry specialists shown here (left to right: Ernst Jorg, Packimpex, Charlcie Cazalet, Anita Blanchette of BP London, Loren Diaz of Asian Tigers Seoul Korea, Rupert Morley of Sterling International, Magda Ceska of FIDI Brussels, Fred Paxton of Paxton International, Mrs Ernst Jorg of Packimpex and Mike Cazalet. (not shown is Bill Graebel)).

Following the workshop, Ernst Jorg, President and Owner of Packimpex Ltd., Switzerland who is also Chairman of the DSP committee hosted a dinner cruise on the Danube. Each of the invited quests was required to wear a hat representing the city from which they originated. As you can see,

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" I N D I V I D U A L LY, W E A R E O N E D R O P


FIDI Global Alliance

The summer busy

season is fully upon us and this is when New World will excel. We will excel because we have an excellent group of employees who are hardworking, knowledgeable, focused and energized. We have also worked hard in the off-season to prepare ourselves to deliver a service that exceeds our customer's expectations. This included training, new technology, fleet preparedness, recruiting and streamlining our methods of doing business. All of the work we have done in the pre-season will now pay off in the busy season. At this time of year we need everyone to do their very best every day, on every job, in every way. Our future success depends upon our service delivery in the busy summer months. In the off-season we participate in conferences around the world. The Spring ERC and FIDI conferences are the two largest that we attend. During these conferences we meet with current and prospective customers. We also attend many of the assemblies that

keep us up-to-date on all of the new and exciting facets of our business. Plus we have an opportunity to meet with our competitors and friends in the industry to share best practices, trends and issues that are similar for all of us. The conferences are a lot of work and long hours; but we also have fun enjoying great entertainment, eating good food and sharing some laughs with all of the attendees. Our success, measured at the end of every month, quarter and year, is a combination of many factors. Our four core values, SAFETY ­ SERVICE ­ PEOPLE ­ PROFITS, guide us in every decision that we make. The end results are decided by the quality of the people inside our organization. Having the right people ensures that we will operate safely and deliver excellent service to our customers generating profits for pay increases and investing back into the company. Our employees make New World the best mover in the world.

FIDI has a new logo, a new name, a new corporate identify and a new philosophy on life -- The FIDI GLOBAL ALLIANCE. The familiar checkmark is from the FAIM logo symbolizing an attractive, internationally recognized emblem which suggests `OK' -- a sign of approval. The new logo combines this checkmark as the corporate badge of quality with the simple structure of the well known FIDI name to create a single, unifying force that will increasingly be recognized by the corporate market around the world. FIDI wants the corporate world to know that when it comes to international moving, there is only one organization of true significance -- The FIDI Global Alliance.

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Committee during which Mike Cazalet was one of the speakers. Through these meetings we are able to develop stronger relationships with the best agents around the world. These agents have also seen the exceptional value that New World International and New World Van Lines combined bring to their businesses and customers. Because of our knowledge, experience, training and coverage most of these agents are now booking work with New World International that they want New World Van Lines and their RIM certified crews to pack, load, store and deliver. Not only is New World International recognized as a world class forwarder but also New World Van Lines is gaining worldwide recognition as the premier origin and destination service provider within the US.

some of the guests were quite original, others more conservative. David Marx donned his "Wishful" 2012 Chicago Summer Olympics cap while Jack Cotter wore his favorite "Watering Hole" hat from the infamous Boston Pub "Cheers". Mike Cazalet had a Marmaset on his hat and you will have to ask him the story!

Annie Wright, co-owner of Savoir Faire (Lexington, MA), looked stunning in her Boston Lobster "Chappau" while discussing the Indian affairs with Mrs. Ray DiSilva of Security Van Lines (Washington, DC). The main business session of the conference which took place on Monday highlighted the Destination Services

P. T O G E T H E R , W E A R E A N O C E A N . "


2007 ERC Meetings In Las Vegas

The Worldwide Employee Relocation

Council's 2007 National Relocation Conference was held in Las Vegas, Nevada at Caesars Palace from May 15th through 17th. The conference brings together leaders in the relocation industry to network, strategize, and share ideas for thriving in an increasingly competitive, and ever changing business environment. During three days of meetings, our peers, competitors, and customers, all participated in educational sessions, attended workshops, which were given by energizing speakers and presenters, and socialized The opening session had keynote speaker Tim Sanders discussing ideas on "Harnessing the Power of Great Relationships" in order to develop a solid business culture, and to define innovation. Tim discussed how people that share generously can achieve professional success. Tim also explored the four aspects of likability that we can measure and improve -- friendliness, relevance, empathy and realness. The educational sessions were engaging, and were hosted by industry leaders with the purpose of updating the conference attendees with the new products, services and industry changes, including changes in governmental regulations and rules. The ERC conference had approximately three thousand attendees who were given the opportunity to attend sixteen sessions each day so that everyone had plenty of opportunities of finding sessions that would help expand and enhance their expertise and knowledge of the relocation industry. Attendees had access to mobility professionals at the dais, as well as the ability to participate in the question and answers periods after the presentation. The ongoing discussions between the attendees throughout the conference allowed companies to establish benchmarks with their peers. While some of the sessions attempted to look into a crystal ball in order to evaluate the impact some of the forthcoming changes will have in our industry and how to stay ahead of the curve, other sessions provided the participants with proven solutions to simple and complex problems that they could take back and immediately implement in their companies, businesses, or personal lives. Sessions that addressed the slowdown in the real estate market, which is causing rising home inventories and lower home sale prices, were well attended, gave many practical "best ideas" and "creative solutions" to implement, and were presented by experienced professionals that have been through slowdowns in the housing market before. The closing session was hosted by Joel Zeff who reminded us of the importance of fun in the workplace. Fun, according to Joel, is the most important commodity because it will increase communication, productivity, teamwork and creativity. Fun will give us the energy to reduce stress and overcome challenges. Prior to the opening of the conference, ERC held their 4th annual Foundation Golf Tournament to raise funds for the charitable work of the Foundation. On Thursday morning before the sessions began, an early morning "Wake Up and Walk" was held to raise money for the Fisher House. New World Van Lines participated in the exhibit hall reception, which took place each day and attracted most of the conference attendees. Our friendly and inviting exhibit booth gave us the opportunity to introduce our company as well as ourselves to attendees of the conference, and to also greet existing friends and business partners, to stop and catch up on news and industry gossip.

Cris Collie moderating the At The Table session

New World International Welcomes Another International Summer Intern

Meet Maxime Sandjian

A s many of you are aware, the Marx family

and New World International have again decided to assist in the formal education and professional training of another foreign student completing their masters education requirements. Last year, you were introduced to and worked with Murielle Akinotcho from France who spent April through September of 2006 with NWI learning the international household goods business. Upon completion of her training, NWI was successful in assisting Murielle in securing full time employment with one of its growing partnerships with AGS Worldwide Movers in Paris, France. This year, NWI is thrilled to welcome Maxime Sandjian who will be joining NWI in May and training through the summer before returning back to France to complete his Masters studies. Following is a letter from Maxime introducing himself with an accompanying photo of our new international intern. Hello, my name is Maxime Sandjian and I am very excited about the opportunity that the Marx family and New World International have provided me with in order to complete my Master degree and university studies by joining your company this summer and learning more about the way American logistics companies operate. In order for you to get to know me, I have provided some information about myself and look forward to meeting many of you during my internship in Chicago. About my studies: I have a diploma in economic and social sciences from my high school in Vienne. After this I went to the University Jean Moulin Lyon III, where I successfully completed my Bachelors Degree with honors in team management and quality. The main area of focus of my studies and training was in quality management, purchasing and hazardous materials logistics. This year I am working on my Master 1 in Management and Operations with specific

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News & Notes....

Congratulations to:

Edwin Veguilla (NWOH) and his daughter, Lydia, who represented the State of Ohio as a finalist in the National American Miss Pageant. Toni Trotto (NWMA) and Thaddeus Whitcher who were married on June 16th at Spencer Country Inn in Spencer, MA.

Having Fun on Moving Day

From a shipment of household goods perspective -- our move went great. We have moved several times with many different van lines and I can say without hesitation that Gary Abbey and the team from New World were heads above the rest. Gary, Joe (Regan), James (Moszee), and Tony (Rector) were all highly professional, respectful of our property, accommodating to our family/children, and reliable. We could not have asked for a better crew. Gary and the team were great. I've attached a picture of the kids from the move -- enjoy!

Intern, continued from page 3

Sincere condolences to:

Ervell Jack (NWTX) on the loss of his sister. Tommy Griffin (NWTX) on the loss of his sister.

Get well wishes to:

Chris Antonetti (NWVL) Jim Kelly (NWCO) Greg Walsh (NWVL)

concentration in purchasing, logistic and production management. For my last year, I will do a Master 2 in purchasing management. My primary language is French but during my studies I have also studied English as well as Italian and Spanish. I volunteered my services in two student associations at the University which provided tutoring and educational assistance to other students as well as helping to organize social and sports events for the student population. During my internship with New World International, I would like to learn more about the management style in the US and how people work in your company. I also look forward to learning and understanding logistic management in such a large country. I am looking forward to working with and meeting many professional people in this sector as it will assist me in constructing a professional network. Finally, in that I will be directing my career more toward the international market place, I am hoping that this opportunity will enable me to improve my professional skills and English, the universal business language. Thank you, Maxime


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