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OPEning nigHT Thursday, Sept. 1, 7:30pm Jay Duplass' "Kevin"

Featuring a live concert performance by Kevin Gant and Q&A with director Jay Duplass. To be preceded by the Oscarwinning short, "God of Love"

FRiday, Sept. 2 tHeateR 1 1:00 St Program A 3:00 SH Program A 5:00 WC Slowplay (w/ short film "Infection") 7:30 RetRoSpeCtive Gala Larry Clark's "Ken Park" with director Larry Clark and Tiffany Limos in attendance 9:45 uS-n Walk A Mile in My Pradas (w/ short film "I Remember") Midnight uS/W-nC Longhorns tHeateR 2: 1:00 St Program B 3:00 SH Program B 5:00 uS-nF City of Eternal Springs 7:00 Mv Music Videos 9:30 uS/W-nC Mikey's Extreme Romance tHeateR 3: 1:00 St Program C 3:00 SH Program C 5:00 SH-nC Program A 7:00 Wp Nighthawks & Crossing Blood Lines 11:30 uS/W-nC Huling Halik (Last Kiss) SatuRday, Sept. 3 tHeateR 1: 1:00 uS-n Moment of Truth: The Andy Meyers Story 3:00 uS-nF Fool In A Bubble 5:00 WC The Wedding Party 7:30 SpotliGHt Lord Byron 9:45 uS-n Transatlantic Coffee Midnight uS/W-nC Longhorns tHeateR 2: 1:00 uS-nF City of Eternal Springs 3:00 uS-nF Clickin' For Love 5:00 WC Five Day Shelter 7:30 uS-n Karaoke Man 9:45 uS-n Dynamite Swine Midnight uS-n All God's Creatures tHeateR 3: 1:00 St Program D 3:00 PANEL/ FORUM (TBD) 5:00 SH Program D 7:00 St Program A 9:00 SH Program A

Sunday, Sept. 4tHeateR 1: tHeateR 1: 1:00 uS/W-nC Amber Rose 3:00 WC Borderline 5:00 uS-nF Dance of My Life 7:00 uS-n Red Tide 9:00 uS-nF King of Chinatown 10:30 uS/W-nC Mikey's Extreme Romance tHeateR 2: 1:00 uS/W-nC Sheltered Life 3:00 uS-n Dr. Limptooth 5:00 WC Bum Rush (Canada) 7:30 uS-nF Bringing King to China 9:30 uS-n Hopeful Notes tHeateR 3: 1:00 St Program B 3:00 SH Program B 5:00 St Program C 7:00 PANEL/ FORUM (TBD) 9:00 SH Program C Monday, Sept. 5 tHeateR 1: 1:00 WC Forever 3:00 WC Venezzia 5:00 uS-nF King of Chinatown 7:00 WC Halaw 9:00 uS-n Wicked Bad tHeateR 2: 1:00 uS/W-nC Ghosts of Old Shanghai 3:00 uS-n All God's Creatures 5:00 uS-n Red Tide 7:00 uS-nF City of Eternal Springs 9:00 uS/W-nC Sheltered Life 11:00 uS/W-nC Amber Rose tHeateR 3: 1:00 St Program E 3:00 SH Program E 5:00 St Program D 7:00 PANEL/ FORUM (TBD) 9:00 SH Program D tueSday, Sept. 6 tHeateR 1: 1:00 WC Borderline 3:00 WC Five Day Shelter 5:00 WC The Wedding Party 7:00 CenteRpieCe WC Josh Hyde's "Postales" 9:00 uS-n Transatlantic Coffee tHeateR 2: 1:00 uS-n Wicked Bad 3:00 uS-n Dynamite Swine 5:00 uS-n Walk A Mile in My Pradas 7:00 uS-n Hopeful Notes 9:00 WC Bum Rush tHeateR 3: 1:00 St Program F 3:00 SH Program F 5:00 SH-nC Program B 7:00 St Program E 9:00 SH Program E

WedneSday, Sept. 7 tHeateR 1: tHeateR 1: 1:00 WC Forever 3:00 WC Bum Rush 5:00 WC Halaw 7:00 uS-n Walk A Mile In My Pradas 9:00 WC Slowplay tHeateR 2: 1:00 uS-n Karaoke Man 3:00 uS-nF Bringing King to China 5:00 uS-nF King Of Chinatown 7:00 uS-n Moment of Truth: The Andy Meyers Story 9:00 uS/W-nC Amber Rose tHeateR 3: 1:00 SH Program G 3:00 SH Program H 5:00 St Program F 7:00 PANEL/FORUM (TBD) 9:00 SH Program F tHuRSday, Sept. 8 tHeateR 1: 1:00 uS-n Moment of Truth: The Andy Meyers Story 3:00 WC Slowplay 5:00 WC Postales 7:00 uS-n Clickin' For Love 9:00 WC Venezzia tHeateR 2: 1:00 uS-n Sheltered Life 3:00 uS-n Transatlantic Coffee 5:00 uS-nF Dance of My Life 7:00 WC The Wedding Party 9:00 uS-nF Fool In A Bubble 10:30 uS/W-nC Ghosts of Old Shanghai tHeateR 3: 1:00 SH Program I 3:00 SH Program J 5:00 SH Program K 7:00 PANEL/ FORUM (TBD) 9:00 SH Program G FRiday, Sept. 9 tHeateR 1: 1:00 uS-n Wicked Bad 3:00 WC Venezzia 5:00 uS/W-nC Ghosts of Old Shanghai 7:00 WC Borderline 9:00 uS-n All God's Creatures 11:00 uS/W-nC Huling Halik (Last Kiss) tHeateR 2: 1:00 uS-n Hopeful Notes 3:00 Mv Music Videos 5:00 uS-nF Fool In A Bubble 7:00 uS-nF Dance of My Life 9:00 uS-n Red Tide 11:00 uS/W-nC Longhorns tHeateR 3: 1:00 SH-nC Program B 3:00 SH-nC Program C 5:00 SH-nC Program A

7:00 PANEL/FORUM (TBD) 9:00 SH-nC Program B 11:00 SH-nC Program C

SatuRday, Sept. 10 tHeateR 1: 1:00 uS/W-nC Mikey's Extreme Romance 3:00 uS-n Karaoke Man 5:00 WC Halaw 7:00 uS-n Dynamite Swine 9:00 announCeMent oF WinneRS Naming of 5 Finalists for Best Short, Student Film, and Music Video; Naming of Winners for Best U.S. Narrative Feature, Best U.S. Non-Fiction Feature, and Best World Cinema Narrative Feature 10:00 uS-n Dr. Limptooth Midnight uS/W-nC Longhorns tHeateR 2: 1:00 uS-nF Bringing King to China 3:00 WC Postales 5:00 WC Forever 7:00 WC Five Day Shelter 9:00 uS-nF Clickin' For Love 11:00 uS/W-nC Huling Halik (Last Kiss) tHeateR 3: 1:00 SH Program H 3:00 PANEL/ FORUM (TBD) 5:00 SH Program I 7:00 SH Program J 9:00 SH Program K Sunday, Sept. 11 tHeateR 1: Best of Fest: 1:00 BeSt oF FeSt 5 Finalists for Shorts, Student Films and Music Videos 3:00 BeSt oF FeSt WinneR U.S. Non Fiction Feature 5:00 BeSt oF FeSt WinneR World Cinema Narrative 7:00 CloSinG niGHt Glen Murphy's "Lost In Italy" 9:00 BeSt oF FeSt WinneR U.S. Narrative Feature Preceded by the announcement and screening of Best Short, Student Film, and Music Video tHeateR 2: Best of Fest: 1:00 BeSt oF FeSt WinneR U.S. Non Fiction Feature 3:00 BeSt oF FeSt WinneR World Cinema Narrative 5:00 BeSt oF FeSt 5 Finalists for Shorts, Student Films, Music Videos 7:00 SH-nC Medley (most requested) 9:00 Wp Nighthawks & Crossing Blood Lines tHeateR 3: Best of Fest: 1:00 Wp Nighthawks & Crossing Blood Lines 3:00 BeSt oF FeSt 5 Finalists for Shorts, Student Films, Music Videos 5:00 SH-nC Medley (most requested) 7:00 BeSt oF FeSt WinneR U.S. Non Fiction Feature 9:00 BeSt oF FeSt WinneR World Cinema Narrative


The mission of the New York Hell's Kitchen Film Festival is twofold: one is to revitalize and bring attention to New York's Hell's Kitchen as a community of artists and film enthusiasts by way of a digital film festival at the Producers' Club which is located at the heart of Hell's Kitchen; and two, to provide a fresh and exciting New York festival audience and setting for independent filmmakers in America and around the world whose voices may still be new, undiscovered or unheralded, creating invaluable exposure for works that may have fallen through the cracks, are waiting to break through, or demand further attention. When: From Thursday, September 1 through Sunday, September 11, 2011 Where: The Producers' Club Theaters, 358 West 44th Street, btwn 8th & 9th Avenue, NYC Two blocks from Port Authority station (NY/NJ/CT buses) Walking distance and accessible to all major subway train stations: A/C/E/N/R/Q/1/2/3/7 One stop away from the Path Trains, Penn Station, and Long Island Railroad (LIRR) There will be a nightly after-party/reception to be held at the Producers' Club Bar/Lounge, including a red-carpet Opening Night gala and Closing Night reception/after-party. There will be panels and forum throughout the festival. There are competitive and non-competitive categories, including a works-in-progress section. There will be prizes in cash and in services. Each of the top winners in the U.S. (narrative and non-fiction) and World Cinema competitive section will receive a distribution deal, courtesy of the Producers' Club. A $10,000 dollar value, the theatrical distribution deal means a one-week theatrical release at the Producers' Club Theaters, including marketing and publicity (including a New York Times review). The filmmaker is able to retain all rights to his film with this theatrical distribution deal.

Festival Founders/ Co-Directors: Alfred and Ernest Tollja Executive Director, Programming: Vincent R. Nebrida Exhibition Director: Steve Grenyo Executive Director, Festival Planning & Liaison: Flint Beverage Executive Director, Publicity: Brandon Rohwer Chief Programming Associate: Brandon Rohwer Programming Associates: Flint Beverage, Chris Fallarme, Steve Grenyo, Tiequera Halyard, Gil Quito Creative Director & Designer: Scott Munson

Opening Night Gala

Kevin Jay Duplass Duplass' non-fiction directorial debut about Austinbased musician Kevin Gant's disappearance and redemption. Official selection, SXSW film fest. New York Premiere. (38m, US) God oF love Luke Matheny A lovestruck, lounge-singing darts champion finds his prayers are answered ­ literally ­ when he mysteriously receives a box of love-inducing darts. This year's Oscar winner for best short feature. (18m, US)

loSt in italy Craig Viveiros A London toughie wakes up in 1950's Italy and doesn't know how he got there and why. World Premiere. Starring Ray Winstone (The Departed) and Glen Murphy. (94m, UK/Italy) poStaleS Josh Hyde The lives of a vacationing American family and a poor Peruvian family get intertwined when a young American girl falls in love with a Peruvian postcard vendor. Official selection: Edinburgh, Shanghai filmfests. (80m, Peru) SloWplay Daniel Krauss Two very different couples clash with each other, sexually and politically, while on vacation in Kenya. (90m, Germany) veneZZia Haik Gazarian A Hispanic-American, sent to South America on a WWII anti-Nazi spy mission, and the wife of a Venezuelan commander fall in love. Executive produced by Edgar Ramirez (star of Olivier Assayas' acclaimed film "Carlos"). (90m, Venezuela) tHe WeddinG paRty Amanda Jane The only thing to come between a groom and his bride is a family of misfits and the love of his life. Audience Award, Melbourne Film Festival. Starring TV's Josh Lawson. (97m, Australia)

and the FaceTime application, they try to outwit the intruder, using an added vantage point. (4m, US) FataKRa by Soham Mehta A man left India to chase his dreams in America, and three years and a recession later, his wife and estranged son join him. (19m, US) pRoGRaM d Funny BuSineSS Russell Bennett A married couple who over-plan everything, even their sex life, find that laughter is the best aphrodisiac. (10m, Canada) tHe GutS oF duCKie BRoWn Lina Plioplyte Docu on Duckie Brown, the New York City based fashion duo, as they work and provide thoughtful and hilarious insight into the design world. (15m, US) HenRy Will McCord An overweight, gay Asian man masquerades as a female to meet an attractive, straight man through internet sex personals. (13m , US) HiGH tea Marc Conen Members of a British crime organization make life difficult for themselves whilst carrying out jobs in Amsterdam and the UK. (Netherlands, 22m) inFeCtion Todd Lundbohm How far would you be willing to go to stop an infection? An American visiting in Russia hires a prostitute and finds out. (19m, US) JealouS JeRZy Jack Gattanella A man goes out on a walk to pick up Chinese food for himself and his girlfriend and the unexpected happens. (14m, US) pRoGRaM e la aMiStad eS alGo MaRavilloSo Javier Ruiz de Arcaute Two hunter friends will change their concept of friendship in a critical situation. (8m, Spain) tHe laSt dayS oF SHaniKo Laura DeBar A lonely widow in an abandoned ghost town meets a mysterious drifter. (28m, US) tHe love peRMit Christopher Ludgate A naive guy, seeking the freedom to love in a world full of red tape, becomes a revolutionary on the verge. (13m, US) MiKel'S FaitH Alexander Etseyatse An incarcerated former Golden Glove Champ who is suddenly released from prison tries to reclaim his former life, confronting past friends and enemies. (30m, US) MiSCaSt Bryan Moses When a video game character decides he wants to get out of games and into real TV & film, he encounters more difficulties than he bargained for. (7m, Canada) poRGRaM F HonoRaBle RetRiBution E. Jesus Nieves A man on the verge of leaving a criminal profession seeks revenge for the murder of his lover. (58m, US) MiStuRa (tHe poWeR oF Food) Julia Patricia Perez In Peru, cooking and eating go beyond the kitchen. The nation's passion for food transcends pots and pans, and Peru finds in its cuisine its missing ingredient. (38m, Peru) pRoGRaM G MiyuKi by Will McCord A lonely Japanese girl who has just moved to New York turns to the internet to find a friend. (11m, US) MuRi/tHe Wall Dritan Sahatqija & Dren Zherka Political prisoners confront their fates. (39m, Albania) niGHt Ride by Barry Gamba Four boys from racially diverse backgrounds, growing up in Australia, cruise in a car searching for fun but it all turns to tragedy one rainy night. (9m, Australia) no oFFenSe by Danielle Sepulveres A man checks out the real corporate office job of another man who belittles his job as an actor. (17m, US) pRoFile by Timo Pierre Rositzki A gripping, up-to-the-minute thriller about the dangers lurking in the world of facebook. (7m, Germany) pRoGRaM H pRopoSalS by David Ehrlich A wilting young couple begins to stage fake marriage proposals in fancy restaurants in a desperate gamble to save their relationship. (23m, US) ReaSon to Hope: tHe eaRtHQuaKe in Haiti Reggie Life The film chronicles what CBS journalists experienced during and after the Haiti earthquake and why despite all the heartaches and misery, there is still reason to hope. (45m, US/Haiti) Reed Ronnie Rios Things aren't going well for a male prostitute, and today is his birthday. (8m, US) tHe RelieveR Marcus Mizelle A young professional in the business of `relieving' others of their clingy romantic partners puts his skills to work. (8m, US) ReMeMBeR to ReMeMBeR Zef Cota A boxer who sustains a head injury loses his ability to focus and must reassess his life ­ all while making a bowl of popcorn for his girlfriend. (13m, US/Albania) pRoGRaM i ReMy by Roi Fernandez Two men, a wig-seller with a secret life and a tango singer with a dark obsession are bonded by the night and tango. (11m, US/Spain) RentinG WaSHeRS by Ivo Raza At a rural region in Colombia, a woman rents out and delivers washing machines on her motorcycle. (4m, US/Colombia) ReQuited by Sal Bardo A young man in his mid-20s struggles on whether or not he's going to the wedding of his male best friend from high school with whom he has always been quietly in love. (20m, US) SCRapS by Danny Safady One simple selfless act of love can affect an entire community in ways they may not even realize. (15m, US) tHe SHadoWBoXeR by David O' Neill Professional competition tests the friendship of two rival boxers. (14m, Ireland) SHot to Hell by Craig Thompson A man finds his gambling has put his family in danger. (6m, US) Silent SMite, Holy SMite by Norm Fassbender Jesus celebrates his 2011 birthday by playing his iGod nativity video game, smoking a doobie and relaxing on high in his room. (4m, Canada) SiMply RoB by Tom Shrapnel A documentary portrait of New-York-based poet and activist Rob Vassilarakis. (15m, UK)

pRoGRaM J un viaJe a tRaveS de la ventana Cristina Salazar A fictional character, grown tired of his own story, questions his author's designs by seeking a new destiny. (15m, Colombia) WaitinG FoR a StRanGeR Jacob Migicovsky After witnessing a tragic death in a small town cafe, a woman embarks on a path of danger and lust. (23m, Canada) tHe WalKinG HoSpital Timothy Farrell A documentary on a small group of trained American practitioners travelling to remote outposts in Nepal as they help the needy with an ancient form of Chinese field medicince. (24m, US/Nepal) WeSt Side GiRl Andrew Serban A devout Catholic working class Irish female punk and lifelong resident of Manhattan's rapidly gentrifying Hell's Kitchen plots violent revenge against her landlord for evicting her in the middle of winter. (15m, US) WHite KnuCKle Michael Weinstein A cooky Chinese restaurant owner and clumsy sushi chef are guardian angels to a young man who has a choice to make between his dream girl or his dream job. (23m, US) pRoGRaM K SeX eQuo Werther Germondari After disobeying God and visiting the site of `forbidden fruits', Adam and Eve try to regain the lost Eden. (63m, Italy) youR Way HoMe Pietro Nigro Famulari One crucial day in the life of a young Italian orphan faced with the prospect of never being adopted. (17m, US/Italy)

endangers his life to provide for his family and save for his own fishing boat. (20m, US/Mexico) a diy FuneRal Megan Kae Vanzyl Three brothers living in a small Australian country town fix their dysfunctional relationship while carrying out their dead mother's dying request for a DIY (do it yourself) funeral. (26m, US/Australia) dRone Harrison Heller A top gamer, recruited into the US Air Force, sees the system he trusted unraveling after a mission goes terribly wrong. (18m, US) FolloW Me Valen Hernandez A man is about to spread his estranged father's ashes but then, like a pest refusing to go away, his dad comes back to haunt him. (19m, US) GaleCHaSeR Connor McKee A mystical flying ship travels on a perilous cloud cutting voyage. (2m, UK) pRoGRaM C GuideS Daniel Tenenbaum Responsible guides in a local youth movement behave differently when night falls. (17m, Israel) tHe HayMaKeR Daniel D'Almonte An uninspired youth joins a gym to prove his mother wrong, then doubts himself after he realizes who the trainer is. (24m, Canada/US) JaCKin' CaRloS Julius Kelly Two buddies plot to make money off a DVD bootlegger. (29m, US) JoHnny loSt HiS Gun Shahar Amit Two soldiers and the mother of another soldier meet on a fateful day. (11m, Israel) liZaRd KinG M. Sanchez, M. Terrazas, M. Brown, J. LaFrance, M. Nguyen Tensions start to boil at a bus stop in the middle of nowhere as the mysterious creature inside a boy's shoebox becomes the center of a struggle for life and death. (8m, US) pRoGRaM d MeRCatoR Galen Jackson Two sibling orphans leave their home in a barren plain after receiving unexpected signals from an electromagnetic ether. (15m, US) MonSteR Flu Brian Wiebe A reclusive germaphobe confronts his fears. (6m, US) MuSHRooM piZZa Kyle Wade After accidentally eating pizza with psychedelic mushroom, two pizza delivery boys endanger an important delivery that will decide the fate of the restaurant. (18m, US) Repeat vieWinGS Daniel Ashwood In a post-singularity, post-scarcity future, a man discovers a letter saved on a floppy disk that compels him to venture back into his past. (12m, US) SinneRS CHapteR one Vishaal Desai Emotions erupt at a dinner table between a mother and two sons, one of them jealous of his mother's apparent preference towards the other, financially successful son. (13m, India) pRoGRaM e Stop ReWind Harrison Heller Animated film about a convicted murderer who gets a second chance when he's recruited as a test subject for an experimental machine. (8m, US) StoRM Jamie Shin A college student obsesses over a beautiful woman from his window. (7m, US) StReet pilloW Charles Q. Drexler Daring to dream of an impossible love, a down-onhis-luck bike messenger attempts to win the heart of a beautiful girl by delivering a flower to her every morning. (19m, US) tea Shane Butler A young man sits methodically stirring a cup of tea at an ornate dining room table when a young woman arrives to retrieve a box of her belongings. (4m, US) teMpeR Stephen Dwyer Just graduated from anger management, a man is ready to become a new person... but can he? (15m, US) pRoGRaM F TantoS, tan inviSiBleS Hugo Marin, Victor Beltran, Pilar Missas, Lina Vanegas A documentary about the hidden reality behind a legendary Carribean islet. (56m, Colombia)

10th Anniversary Retrospective Gala

Ken paRK Larry Clark & Edward Lachman. A group of young friends in a small nowhere town swap sex, drugs, murder, molestation, and skateboards. The uncensored cult classic. (96m , US)


loRd ByRon Zack Godshall A kaleidoscopic portrait of the bizarre and lonely world of its title character, a middle-aged, late-20th century romantic who's confused and torn about his own ambitions and desires. Official selection, Sundance film fest. (95m, US)

Centerpiece Selection

poStaleS Josh Hyde The lives of a vacationing American family and a poor Peruvian family get intertwined when a young American girl falls in love with a Peruvian postcard vendor. Official selection: Edinburgh, Shanghai filmfests. Director Josh Hyde to introduce the film and do a Q&A.

U.S. & World Narrative, Non-Competition: Independent Voices

aMBeR RoSe by Mike Trippiedi An eleven-year-old girl's life changes forever after she develops a friendship with a brain-damaged neighbor and a man claiming to be his friend. (87m, US) GHoStS oF old SHanGHai Eric Heise An American couple move into an old Shanghai lane house from the 1930's and strange things start to happen. (100m, China/US) a laSt KiSS (HulinG HaliK) by Zig Dulay An erotic drama about two young male lovers saying goodbye to each other; the meandering first half of the film gives way to a soaring fugue of loss, denial, and acceptance that anyone, gay or straight, will recognize. (82m, Philippines) lonGHoRnS David Lewis The Eighties come roaring back in this raunchy gay comedy involving a group of Texas frat-boys, a remote cabin and lots of beers that gives "ride `em cowboy" a whole new meaning. (75m, US) MiKey'S eXtReMe RoManCe Jamie Lewis A comedy involving a warts-and-all video diary and the pursuit of love. (89m, Australia) SHelteRed liFe Carl Laudan Three teenagers in a women's transition house attempt to navigate an unstable world and form an unlikely bond. (78m, Canada)

Closing Night Selection

loSt in italy Craig Viveiros A London toughie wakes up in 1950's Italy and doesn't know how he got there and why. World Premiere. (94m, UK/Italy)

Shorts, Non-Competition

pRoGRaM a atRopHy Derek Carter An introverted man's complacency is challenged when his estranged son shows up on his doorstep seeking absolution from tragedy. (12m, US) BiRd poop Mishel Kociu Bird poop... why is it so liquidy and messy? A black comedy about two guys who meet at the crossroads of their lives. One is lucky and one is... (30m, US/Albania) CHallenGinG iMpoSSiBility Sanjay Rawal An Eastern spiritual teacher suddenly takes up weightlifting at the age of 53. (28m, US) a date WitH deStiny Michele Baldwin The easiest route to a smile is an extended hand to another. (15m, US) day oF GRaCe D. K. Bowser A beautiful captive terror cell member and a covert operative play a game of cat and mouse. (22m, US) pRoGRaM B deCidedly FRenCH Andrew Hurley A man questions and fights two people about their kiss with each other. (15m, US) diSCedo Jon Lindstrom A man finds a note in his apartment and a mystery unfolds. (5m, US) Hello, luCy Demian Sabini A retired writer receives an unexpected visit that will make him face unresolved issues from the past. (15m, US) i ReMeMBeR John Sylva A Midwestern college student struggles to find his place in the world of gay bars, relationships and strange men. (16m, US) KinGS oF BuSHWiCK Angelo Lopez Five marines come home to a hero's welcome. (23m, US) national HuGGinG day eve day Mike Traynor National Hugging Day Eve Day takes a funny yet satirical look at the current romantic movies that populate our culture, with an all star cast that includes the Dalai Lama, Flava Flav, and more. (3m, US) oCean MonK Sanjay Rawal The inner and outer search of a group of monks who make their home in New York City. (18m, US) one CHanCe MeetinG Young Sung Chung A woman who had a leg operation shares a hospital room with another woman who had an operation on her lung by accident. (16m, South Korea) pRoGRaM C pliGHt oF eaRtH FaiRy Kim Sheridan Living in the shadow of the Tooth Fairy, the Earth Fairy has an identity crises and seeks professional help. (9m, US) pRetty Good FoR SoMeone liKe you Jill Kurisky Disabled inviduals follow their dreams. (58m, US) Red RideR'S laMent Jeremy Bessoff A tragicomic Western animation employing plastic cowboys and construction paper sets to explore the enactment of masculinity in the Old West. (18m, US) SuMMeR WitH MRS. von MauSCH Joanna Rudolph A young teenage girl develops an unlikely friendship with the eccentric next-door neighbor of her divorced father who is ill-prepared for her daughter's visit. (13m, US)

U.S. Narrative Feature, Competition

all God'S CReatuReS Ryan Cummings & Frank Licata Coffee-house worker by day, killer of "filthy women" by night, a man tries to change after falling in love. (83m) dR. liMptootH Maclain Nelson & Matt Jespersen A comedy about a middle-aged vampire who has trouble growing his teeth and who accidentally turns his teen girlfriend into a vampire. Starring Gary Cole. (100m) dynaMite SWine Mark Poisella A comedy about a man who finds himself in debt to a Russian thug and needs to save his girlfriend's salon, his brother, a pig, and himself. (72m) HopeFul noteS Valerio Zanoli A young violinist with leukemia brings hope to a desolate Russian hospital for children. Starring Italy's Walter Nudo. (94m) KaRaoKe Man Mike Petty Romantic comedy about a loner who finds courage to become a karaoke hero and woo an aspiring songwriter. Starring James Denton (Desperate Housewives). (84m) MoMent oF tRutH: tHe andy MeyeRS StoRy Steven Canfield Crowley A man wants to end his life in front of the camera for the world to see. (90m) Red tide Dino Gallina A young man released from prison wishes to start anew with his troubled brother in their Florida hometown ruined by the algae bloom known as the red tide. (80m) tRanSatlantiC CoFFee Erik Peter Carlson A middle-aged clown and a teenage girl find love in the shadows of 9/11. (104m) WalK a Mile in My pRadaS Joey Sylvester A little magic causes a homophobe, about to be wed, and an openly gay man to suddenly switch sexual preferences. Cast includes TV stalwarts Nathaniel Marston and Tom Arnold. (87m) WiCKed Bad Brandon Barker A comedy-drama about a boy who starts to believe that an out-of-work actor is the devil himself. (76m)

Shorts, Competition

pRoGRaM a aCHante Emily McMehen An introduction to Haitian Vodou as told by Vodouisants, Achante is an immersive image-driven portrait of spiritual practices in Haiti. (35m, Canada/Haiti) all ConSuMinG love (Man in a Cat) Louis Hudson An animated comedy about a tiny man who lives inside a cat and the mess he finds himself in when he falls in love with the cat's new owner. (9m, UK) all you need iS (tHe tv eQuivalent oF love) M. Christopher Heron A man tormented by the fine promises of television allows scripted fantasy to bleed into his bleak reality. (7m, Canada) ante Chris Cronin Two ultra-competitive salesmen are up for the same promotion, and when a ruthless contract killer comes on the scene, it looks like they unwittingly hired the same hitman to take each other out. (19m, UK) appliCationS Paul Hugins A lonely woman buys into the belief she needs to `better' herself with makeup & cosmetics. (7m, US) tHe Ballad oF Sandeep Derek Frey Where the dirt meets the pavement, where the Indian sub-continent meets the Delaware Valley, one song rings out: The Ballad of Sandeep, anthem of corporate clowns, slaves, and heroes. (28m, US/UK) pRoGRaM B BatHinG & tHe SinGle GiRl Christine Elise McCarthy A raw & irreverent look at the unspoken horrors of dating ­ and bathing with ­ younger men. (11m, US) BReatHe 3d Liam Garvo After most of mankind succumbs to a deadly virus, the remaining brightest thinkers devise a contraption to breathe new life into the human race. (9m, UK) BRiGHt Benjamin Busch A blind man must guide a quirky young man through a desperate fear. (40m, US) BuGBaBy Rebecca Lorenne Sammy is a `special needs' infant ­ special in that he resembles a giant insect, and needs a constant supply of raw meat. Starring Mink Stole (famed star and veteran of John Waters' classic B-movies). (16m, US) CaFÉ Norman Magden An infamous mythical figure exploits his legend by performing an extraordinary show in the heart of a major city at an anonymous cafe for the un-dead. (13m, US) pRoGRaM C CoFFee & pie Douglas Horn A woman in a relationship with another woman must come to terms with the fact that hers is a love that could never be. (15m, US) ColouRinG on tHe WallS Shaun McKinlay Following the death of their father, a brother and sister struggle to cope with their mother's dementia. (11m, Canada) doCtoR KonG Alex Neophytides A New York plastic surgeon challenges the Donkey Kong world record. (18m, US) dReaM FaCtoRy Ed Quinn A nomadic dreamer is placed in a factory that creates, distributes and monitors the public's dreams. (14m, US) tHe dRivinG aCCident Rio Fitch During an afternoon of play a young boy must use his wits and creativity to recover from a minor tragedy. (5m, Canada) tHe eateR Wally Chung A man has a strange experience that ends up affecting the people around him. (3m, US) FaCe tiMe by Perri Nemiroff When an intruder breaks in, a brother and sister must put their differences aside and band together to reach safety. With the help of their trusty iPhones

U.S. Non-Fiction, Competition

BRinGinG KinG to CHina Kevin McKiernan A young American teacher faces obstacles when she tries to produce a play in China about Martin Luther King. (85m) City oF eteRnal SpRinGS Carlo Mignano A young American man, on a pleasure trip, runs out of money and finds himself struggling to survive in the streets of Bolivia. (US/Bolivia) CliCKin' FoR love Pablo C. Pappano Online dating veterans share their stories of search for soul mates, casual encounters and everything in between. (88m) danCe oF My liFe Lyca Benitez-Brown A former Balenciaga model overcomes adversity and becomes Samba Queen in Brazil. (77m) Fool in a BuBBle Josh Sternlicht Syd Kitchen, a white South African musician/poet, tries to bridge racial divide with black South African musicians, while confronting his own life choices. KinG oF CHinatoWn Jordan Levinson & Calvin Theobald A professional gamer rises to fame with the release of Street Fighter 4. (63m)

Music Videos, Competition

95 dRiveWayS Jeffrey Palmer Unplugged solo artist The Documentary performs the song "95 Driveways". (4m, US) a poeM i'll SinG out loud Erica Hart A man and a group of rubber ducks go through a park with a wagon bearing a mannequin. (3m, US) aKRon FaMily ­ Silly BeaRS Matthew Brunson Akron Family sings "Silly Bears". (6m, US) Be My GuRl Mike Segreti Two men daydream about the numerous possibilities of a life with a beautiful mysterious woman. (3m, US) BRitiSH india MaRCH into tHe oCean FilM Clip Nic Wilson Official video clip for British India's "March into the Ocean". (3m, Australia) CHapel SonG Matthew Mills Couples kiss to the tune of "Chapel Song" by We Are the Augustines. (3m, US) HalluCination Christian Jean Music video featuring Pakistani rock star TEE-M, often called the "George Harrison of Pakistan". (5m, US/Pakistan) taKe a Step Alexxiss Jackson Detroit area band Shotgun Opera performs "Take a Step". (5m, US) Way oF eSCape Mo Brown Video for "Way of Escape" by gospel artist Terri Cann. (4m, US) We oWn tHiS City Marc Ruiz Atavan performs hit single "We Own the City". (3m, US)

Student Film, Competition

pRoGRaM a adaM'S tallit Justin Olstein A reclusive, recently widowed Holocaust survivor reluctantly babysits her vivacious young grandson and rediscovers that life can be better in the company of others. (17m, Australia) al Final Jose Menendez Escobar A comedy-drama about a man, in a transit area in the after life, who deals with his memories and emotions before leaving our world forever. (11m, Mexico) aRBeiteR veRlaSSen die FaBRiK Anna Linke A woman's drab life in a metal factory changes when a new worker enters the scene. (10m, Germany) BiG City, SMall toWn Stefanos Tai A teenager's account of his Manhattan neighborhood and the human effect of the expiration of the city's rent laws on a once tight-knit community. (14m, US) BlanK CanvaS Hannah Sullivan A blank canvas is ready to be painted. (4m, US) CloCKed in Ike Ahloe Animated film about a man fighting boredom, paranoia, and sleep in a hostile work setting. (9m, US) pRoGRaM B ContRa el MaR Richard Parkin Despite his wife's disapproval, a deep-sea diver

World Cinema Narrative, Competition

BoRdeRline Diego Ibarrola Two people stuck in a loveless romance visit the woman's hometown in northern Mexico and face a life-and-death crisis. (79m, Mexico) BuMRuSH Michel Jette Raids by Montreal police on gangs and mafia leads to turf wars between gangs to fill the void. (127m, Canada/France) Five day SHelteR Ger Leonard Five days in the lives of several characters in urban Ireland. Official selection, Rome filmfest. Best European Debut Feature, Mons filmfest. (97m, Ireland) FoReveR Li Lin Wee A young woman who appears on romantic "faux" wedding videos pursues a young man who works with her in one of these videos. (90m, Singapore) HalaW/WayS oF tHe Sea Sheron Dayoc A diverse group of characters take a perilous boat journey to illegally cross the borders of southern Philippines into neighboring Malaysia, hoping to substitute an uncertain future for certain poverty. Official selection: Berlin, Milan, Shanghai, Pusan filmfests. Special Jury Netpac prize, Berlin filmfest. (75m, Philippines)


CRoSSinG Blood lineS Donna Roman Hernandez A botched robbery, two murder cover-ups in a police family, and a mother's deathbed confession that her youngest son's biological father is a Latino, sparks betrayal between two brothers. (60m, US) niGHtHaWKS Art Messenger A returning vet from Afghanistan with artistic aspirations confronts a couple trying to move up in the shady world of drugs and prostitution. (89m, Canada)


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