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^ê"Ê OEoc ,Í `n<ÆZz ,É·A --·"O ,É,Â,-,é,à,Ì,Æ,¢,¤ Zv ,¢ OE· ·" OEoc--·"O ,ÌOE`·¬ZzSú ·@ ·\·¬"ä·½<ÏOEo·í--~v , Sm ·\·¬"ä ,©,É·A ,Æ,µ,Ä,Í`n<ÆZz 42·" ,ª `n<ÆZz 1,112 ZÐ 42·" 37·S­oe~·zÝ,ª, ,è,Ü,· ·B ·Å ,¢,Ì,Å,·,ª ·A o·í--~vSz·Ê ,é,Æ·A OE ,ÉOE© `n<ÆOEã `n<ÆOEã ,T "N^È"à 533ZÐ 20·" 50·S­oe~,Å ,à`½ , "N ,ðOE`·¬ ,Ì ,ª ,à`½ `n<ÆOEã , , "N ,T PO ·` 321ZÐ 12·" 52·S­oe~,P,P·`Q,O ,É--·"O ,µ,½Sé<Æ --~v·Å ,,Ä,¢,Ü,· ·B ,±,ê,Í --·"OOE`·¬ ,ª,©,©,é ,Æ,¢,¤,± ,ÉZzSÔ `n<ÆOEã , , "N , , QO PP·` 285ZÐ 11·" 66·S­oe~·o `n<ÆOEã"N'´ ,, QO 407ZÐ 15·" 65·S­oe~,Æ ,è ·A --·--R ,Å, ,»,Ì ,Í OEocZÒ ,ÉZzSÔ ,·,é,© ,Ì ·¬·n ,ð--v ·OEv ·@ 2,658 ZÐ 100·" ,ç,Å,· ·B ,,Y,,Y,,Y,,Y,,Y,,Y,,Y,,Y,,Y,,Y,,Y,,Y,,Y,,Y,,Y,,Y,,Y,,Y,,Y,,Y,,Y,,Y,,Y,,Y,,Y,,Y,,Y,,Y,,Y,,Y,,Y,,Y,,Y,,Y,,Y,,Y,,Y,,Y,,Y,,Y,,Y,,Y,,Y,,Y,,Y,,Y ·¡ |C"g ,P·D oc--·"OÇ,Ì,æ,¤,É,µ,Ä --~vZ­<Æ·¬'· OE ,ª ·A , ,Æ ,É--LOEø ,È,Ì,©,ð ·l¦,Ä,-,¾,³,¢ ·B , ,Q OEoc--·"O ·D ,Í Sé<ÆOEoc ,Å,·,ª ·A OE`·¬ ZzSÔ ,É·K·{ ,»,Ì ,É,Í ,ª,©,©,è,Ü,· ·B , ,¹,ç,¸,É ·A oc OE ,Éç°·i,µ,Ä,-,¾,³,¢ ·B

CYahachiro Miyata 2004



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