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NGB PUBLICATIONS BULLETIN 10-08 1. National Guard Bureau Publications, Blank Forms, and Component Listings.

18 August 2010

a. New. This section lists new publications, forms and component listings (CL). Account Representatives may submit requirements using NGB 12R, NGB Initial Distribution Requirement Sheet, NLT 30 days after date of bulletin. Publications and forms are available online at . Component Listings are available through Guard Knowledge Online (GKO). Number/Date NGB Form 801 Jun 10 ANGDIR 90-254 Mar 10 ANGDIR 90-262 Feb 10 ANGDIR 90-264 Feb 10 ANGDIR 90-266 Jan 10 Title Ready Reserve Agreement To Receive Separation Pay

Compliance and Standardization Requirements List (C&SRL) Air National Guard Judge Advocate Responsibilities Compliance and Standardization Requirements List (C&SRL) Combat Arms

Compliance and Standardization Requirements List (C&SRL) Information, Personnel & Industrial Security Compliance and Standardization Requirements List (C&SRL) Arming & Use of Force

NGR 500-5 Aug 10

National Guard Domestic Law Enforcement Support and Mission Assurance Operations

b. Superseded or Obsolete. This section lists publications, blank forms, supplements and component listings that are obsolete or have been superseded. Changes should be posted to the appropriate indexes. Number/Date NGB Form 89-1 Mar 03 NGB Form 107 May 04 NGB Form 116 Jul 06 NGB Form 204 Apr 06 NGB Form 595 Jul 05 Title Proceedings of a Federal Recognition Examining Board Fitness Improvement Program Action Taken Superseded by NGB Form 89-1 July 10 Obsolete

Army National Guard Flight Physical Cover Sheet National Guard Request for Status of Publication Air National Guard NonPrior / Prior Service Checklist




NGB PB 10-08 18 August 2010 Number/Date ANGI 10-203 Mar 05 Title Air National Guard Alert Resource Management Action Taken Superseded by ANGI 10-203 Mar 10

ANGI 10-406 Mar 06 ANGI 10-248 Apr 04 AFI 23-201 Mar 10 AFI 36-2225 Nov 95 AFI 36-2226 Nov 95

Air National Guard Conversion Process

Superseded by ANGI 10-406 Feb 10 Obsolete

ANG Fitness Program

ANGSUP Fuels Management

Superseded by AFI 23-201 June 10 Superseded by AFI 36-2225 June 10 Superseded by AFI 36-2226 Feb 10

ANGSUP1, Security Forces Training and Standardization Evaluation Programs ANGSUP1 Combat Arms Program

c. General Information. Information of general interest concerning publications, blank forms, and component listings, including advance information on changes, and corrections to NGB publications. Not used this month. d. Excess. This section lists excess publications, blank forms, and component listings. Not used this month 2. Questions pertaining to NGB publications, forms and component listings may be sent to [email protected] Questions pertaining to content and information in the Bulletin should be addressed to Ms. Nena Naji, NGB-DMJ-S, DSN: 327-4181. NENA NAJI NGB Editor(Contractor) Support Services

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