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Types of Praying People

1. List Intercessors: A passion for structure brings security and freedom for themselves, life for others, and answered prayers for others. 2. Issue Praying People: Prayers inspired by injustices; stirred to weep and pound the table with passion. 3. Personal Prayer Shield: Personal intercessors have a heart to pray for other people. They have a desire to serve others by praying for them (their leaders). 4. Warfare Intercessors: Intercessors who pray in faith, boldness and confidence. Normally pray strong with a military might of prayer, fighting against the Devil's strongholds on people and places. 5. Government Intercessors: Watchmen who pray for politics and the Church. These individuals find life in prayerfully upholding leaders in the church and in governments where destinies are forged. 6. Crisis Intercessors: These people are moved by the urgent needs of others. They find life and encouragement by praying for those that are in danger or crisis. 7. Soul Intercessors: These individuals stand in the gap for others who are in life-impacting decisions. They fight in prayer for others to be released into Christ and their destinies. 8. Prophetic Intercessors: These are people that have a heart to see the unseen and to hear the unheard things of the Lord. They will then share them with other intercessors to pray over that situation. 9. Financial Intercessors: Intercessors who possess God-given faith for funding others through prayer. Financial intercessors have been anointed by God to summon funds on behalf of others in prayer. 10. People Group Intercessors: People that target and pray over certain nations, ethnic groups and language groupings.

11. Mercy Intercessors: People that do not look at the circumstances of an individual, but have the heart and desire to minister to the root of the person's pain. 12. Worship Intercessors: Inspired by worship in the presence of God. They long to worship and minister in prayer like Mary, sitting at the Lord's feet.

Majority of this teaching compiled from Elizabeth Alves' book, Intercessors: Discover Your Prayer Power by Regal Books


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