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Level 4: RSLogix 5000 PhaseManager Project Design

Course Code: CCP711 Duration: 1 Day

Course Purpose: This course is intended to provide you with the skills to configure and program Logix5000 applications in accordance with the S88 state model using the PhaseManager feature. Building on your RSLogix 5000 project development skills, this course presents a tool that will help you effectively organize and structure batch applications. You will organise an RSLogix 5000 project by identifying control and equipment modules within application code. You will separate equipment code from equipment phase code, test an equipment phase, and configure a sequential function chart as an internal sequencer. Upon completion of this course, you will be able to apply the S88 state model to RSLogix 5000 software code using the PhaseManager feature

Who Should Attend: Individuals who need to apply the S88 state model to RSLogix 5000 projects for any Logix5000 controller should attend this course.

Prerequisites: To successfully complete this course, the following prerequisites are required:

Ability to perform basic Microsoft Windows tasks Completion of the RSLogix 5000 Level 3: Project Development course (Course No. CCP143)

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Advanced programming experience using RSLogix 5000 software Familiarity with sequential function chart programming language

Student Materials: To enhance and facilitate your learning experience, the following materials are provided as part of the course package:

Student Lab Manual, which contains hands-on exercises. You will use this manual to practice the tasks and concepts taught

in the course.



User Manual, which provides the documentation required to organise and configure an RSLogix 5000

project using the PhaseManager feature. By following the documentation in the user manual, you can immediately apply what is learned in the course to your own job.

CCP711 0511 AUS

Level 4: RSLogix 5000 PhaseManager Project Design

Course Code: CCP711 Duration: 1 Day

Hands-On Practice: Hands-on practice is an integral part of learning and this course offers extensive hands-on opportunities. Throughout the exercises, you will use a workstation containing real and simulated devices to practice the tasks and concepts involved in programming a batch application with the PhaseManager feature. The lab exercises walk you through the process of converting a classically designed project to one that leverages the advantages of phase state logic. Upon completion of the course, you will have created a fully functioning batch application utilising the PhaseManager feature.

Next Learning Level: Once you have mastered the skills covered in this course, you will be prepared to attend other Rockwell Automation training courses that will enable you to optimise batch application programming skills. One example of such a course is the FactoryTalk Batch Phase Design course (RS-ABATRG).

CCP711 0511 AUS


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