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Fluoride Toothpaste List

The Scientific Basis of Oral Health Education states that there is no clear evidence that toothpastes containing less than 1000ppm fluoride are effective. Therefore they are only justified for children living in a fluoridated area or those receiving fluoride supplements, for this reason we have not included "children's" toothpastes at approx 500ppm This list does not include toothpastes that are not family orientated e.g. Sensitive, Whitening and non fluoride.

Fluoride toothpaste for children age 0-7 years Also suitable for family use Approx 1000ppm (parts per million)

Asda--Smartprice Asda--Mint Fresh Aquafresh Little Teeth Boots--Basic Boots--Smile Total Care Colgate 2 in 1 Fresh Mint Colgate 2 in 1 Oxygen Colgate Oxygen Colgate Smiles 6yrs+ Colgate Ultrabrite Co-op Coolmint Co-op FreshMint Dentimint Kingfisher Fennel & Mint Kingfisher Lemon Mentadent P Morrisons--Kids Sparkling Strawberry Morrisons--Blue Minty Gel Morrison--Bettabuy Oral B Stages Sainsburys--Cool mint Tooth Gel Sainsburys--Fresh Mint Sainsburys--Basics Somerfield--Fresh Mint Somerfield--Makes Sense Superdrug--Just Toothpaste Tesco--Daily Care Minty Stripe Tesco--Value Toothpaste

Fluoride toothpaste for children over 7 years Also suitable for family use Approx 1450ppm (parts per million)

Aldi--Dentitex Total Care & Freshening Aquafresh Big Teeth Aquafresh & Aquafresh Complete Care Aquafresh Extreme Clean Asda--Total Care Stripe Colgate Triple Action & Cavity Protection Colgate Fresh Confidence Gel Colgate Total Colgate Total Fresh Stripe Colgate Total Advanced Fresh Colgate Regular Colgate Triple Cool Stripe Colgate Max Fresh Clean Mint Crest Complete 5 & Revitalise Crest Complete Lidl--Formula V & Salvamed Lidl--Active Fresh & Dentalux Macleans Cool mint Macleans Complete Care Macleans Fresh Mint Macleans Detox Mentadent SR Morrisons Total Care Fresh Sainsburys--Total Care Striped Sainsburys--Total Care Fresh Mint Sainsburys--Total Care Extra Fresh Tooth Gel Signal Original Signal Family Protection Somerfield--Total Care Fresh Mint Superdrug--Minty Gel Stripe Superdrug--Total Care Fresh Mint Tesco--Total Care Tesco--Total Care Cool Mint Stripe Thermed


Fluoride Toothpaste List

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Fluoride Toothpaste List