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Recruitment of a Chief Executive

for Round Table of Great Britain and Ireland by Niall Campbell

03 November 2010

Round Table of Great Britain and Ireland Marchesi House 4 Embassy Drive Edgbaston Birmingham B15 1TP

Chief Executive ­ Round Table of Great Britain and Ireland

Salary: Around £45-60K, with the opportunity to earn more in future as a share of the rewards of success in the form of increased membership and sponsorship income

Location: Edgbaston at least three days per week. Some UK travel and some evening and weekend work will be essential

Summary: High-profile turnround opportunity with growth potential in long-established membership organisation which has recently made significant investment to modernise image and systems.

Background: Round Table has recently committed to an ambitious five-year strategy to bring stability to membership trends and build for the future, redefine the organisation with new relevance for Britain in the 21st Century, invest in a dynamic new communications programme and recruit its first permanent Chief Executive.

Candidates need: drive, determination, commercial awareness, excellent communications skills, presence, confidence, patience, empathy and flexibility. Experience of working with committees of volunteers would be desirable.

For full details go to: the Current Vacancies page on

For an informal discussion: Contact Niall Campbell, who is managing this recruitment for Round Table. Phone 07795 564187 (out of working hours is fine) or email: [email protected] Closing date: 5pm Friday 19th November

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A. Summary and background B. Job Description and person specification C. Timescale and recruitment process D. Likely background of short-listed candidates E. Niall Campbell credibility F. Niall Campbell personnel G. Confidentiality Appendix 1 ­ Job description and background information

(A) Summary and background

Round Table is an organisation which is greatly appreciated by most of its members and which is expanding internationally. It has 36 500 members worldwide. In the UK it has too low a profile in the wider community, particularly amongst potential recruits. Membership has been in decline since a peak of almost 35 000 in 1976 to a current level of around 5 400. Two membership surveys by Optima Consulting ­ in 2005 and 2008 have predicted a position of about 4 000 members in 390 tables in 2012. Energetic actions have been agreed to reverse the decline and achieve stability and sustainability by 2015. New corporate branding has been developed, two new websites launched, a Communications Officer has been appointed and a budget has been approved with significant investment in the employment of a Chief Executive. An interim Chief Executive was employed who contributed significantly to the transformation process. Round Table now seeks a permanent Chief Executive who will see through the changes. A lesson which Round Table learned from the experience of the Scouts is that continuity is critical for an organisation on a mission to reverse long-term decline, a steadying hand to mitigate a tendency to "one-yearism". This document describes Round Table's ambition to appoint the strongest possible candidate to this important position. He/she will play a vital role in building on recent investment, working with the Officers, National Board, National Council members, with individual Tables and Tablers and supporters and friends of Table to arrest the otherwise remorseless decline in membership to achieve the 2015 goal of stability and sustainability.

(B) Job description and person specification

Appendix 1 is a job description and background document for the post which spells out the three key parts of the job:

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Stability and sustainability by 2015 Excellent communications ­ with National President, National Board and all Tablers Mobilise people to achieve the plan

Candidates will need to have drive, determination, commercial awareness, excellent communications skills, presence, confidence, patience, empathy and the flexibility to work constructively with a wide range of people in a wide range of relationships with Round Table. They will need the maturity and self-awareness to know when to ask others for expert advice and the self-confidence, resilience and humility to survive tough scrutiny. The most critical part of the role will be to hold Round Table firmly to the plan, maintaining the road map through changes of President with consequent "oneyearism" changes of emphasis.

(C) Timescale and recruitment process

The successful candidate will join Round Table in early 2011 but the date is flexible according to the notice period the successful candidate has. The background note details key dates for attendance in January and March 2011 th and we would hope that the successful candidate might be in post by the 5 March 2011, National Council meeting. Niall Campbell will manage all contacts with candidates up to and including the final interviews. First interviews with Round Table will be at Marchesi House on 9 December, followed by second interviews in the week before Christmas. The make-up of the interview panels will be: First Interviews: John Kilshaw, National President, John Payne, VicePresident, Mark Newby, Hon Secretary, Damian Sharp, National Board Member and Niall Campbell. Second interviews: to be confirmed References will be taken up for final shortlist candidates before the final interviews and psychometric assessment will be used to provide additional information.


Recruitment of Chief Executive for Round 3Table Nov 03 2010 Page 3

(D) Likely background of short-listed candidates

The following list is not exhaustive and is intended to give an indication of the range of possible backgrounds candidates might have. It is not in priority order. Not for profit Professional and trade associations Private sector (with adequate exposure to committees, co-operative ways of working, partnerships, diplomacy) Voluntary bodies Youth organisations Charities Plus whatever other possible sources emerge during our researches.


Niall Campbell's background and credibility

We spend all of our time working with volunteer organisations and associations, recruiting senior staff or working on strategic reviews with them. We know a great deal about the particular challenges and opportunities which come with combining volunteers and paid staff; we also understand the balancing act for ambitious membership bodies with modest resources but big ambitions. We have recently worked with an international voluntary organisation on the delicate combination of volunteer-driven activities plus an injection of professional supporting resources.


Niall Campbell personnel

Niall Campbell will run the project from start to finish. I will of course have administrative support and may have help from researchers in the preliminary stages of the assignment but I will personally conduct all of our interviews and be the sole client contact throughout.



Confidentiality is central to successful executive search and we provide complete confidentiality to candidates ­ whose names are only passed on to the client if they reach the first short-list ­ and of course to clients. We ensure that candidates do not learn who else is being interviewed.

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Niall Campbell / 3 November 2010


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1 Chief Executive Officer [CEO] APPENDIX 1

Job Description and Background Information

Background Information

The National Association of Round Tables Great Britain and Ireland is a membership organisation founded in Norwich, England in 1927 which spread across the world and which at its height in the United Kingdom had over 36,500 members worldwide. Changes in society and demographics resulted in membership declining year on year and today the membership stands at a little over 5400 active members together with 1500 honoraries in Great Britain and Ireland. Unfortunately hitherto there had been little reform of the Organisation in a structured way until substantial change was put in place in 2008 starting with a detailed Optima Survey which was an independent survey of round table which helped identify the steps the Association needed to take to ensure not only its survival but its growth as an organisation in the UK. That growth was cemented when on 7th March 2009 the governing body of roundtable the National Council passed a resolution for a Chief Executive Officer to be appointed to deliver a road map of the future of round table. The outgoing CEO was appointed on 7th December 2009 and left our employment on 19th August 2010.

Vision For Appointment

To continue and advance the work started by the outgoing CEO to create a Successful Organisation which has a stable and sustainable membership by 2015.

Primary Responsibility

Responsibility for delivering and actioning a road map/plan for the next 5 years including a number of new projects identified by the membership.


Achieve stability and sustainability Turn the vision into a firm , costed plan with clear deliverables with a rigid timeline Manage the plan and make it happen Work with the Board on the current projects and manageable projects which the CEO shall identify Listen to what the membership want using the information from current and recent surveys and consultation exercises

Communications Set clear objectives for everyone involved in delivering the plan ( KPI's ) Set clear benefits which will occur on delivery and implementation Agree a constructive working relationship with the National Board Manage the Boards delivery of the plan including day to day control of the individual projects Deliver frequent , close , open and thorough communications with the Board on the plans progress Achieve excellent communications with the membership working with the communications person, the new website and membership services team at Marchesi House

Mobilisation Utilise Volunteers from the membership with key skills to deliver the tasks and projects along with the 1 full-time staff and supporters of roundtable



Manage the Board to deliver the projects and tasks identified by regular contact with all Board members and appraisals of performance against agreed targets and timelines making use of Standing Committees who work with the relevant Board Member and whom are appointment from volunteers in the organisation. Manage Staff and Membership services delivered through Marchesi House limited to the delivery of the plan and projects including the appraisal of the staff against measurable targets and timelines. Manage all relationships with sponsors including all affinity arrangements and benefits for members. Ensure that working with the internal Communication Person all communications from round table are "on message". Manage the Internal Communications Persons role to become a source of knowledge and stories based around our agreed key messages.

Background /Problem /Issue Because all the main officers both at National, Regional and Local level generally change every year we suffer from "1 yearism" so that no consistent policy continues into the future which is why round table requires a road map and someone to take charge of seeing it through. Our governance, communications and decision making processes historically didn't work effectively, our strategy has generally been short term and we have hitherto had little long term planning or continuity. The time demands on individuals at all levels of our structures are continually increasing as there are less members available who can commit to the roles as they are already busy at table level . There is little succession planning at all levels of the association. The Chief Executive Officer will need to plan how we use volunteers at all levels of roundtable .

Objectives To make smarter long term decisions. To deliver consistent decisions in line with the overall vision which ultimately deliver considerable benefits to members of the association at grassroots level To develop a range of sponsors and affinity deals for round table To make the role self funding by 2015 To deliver a long term sustainable plan and roadmap The "roundtable" experience at all levels will improve and the internal feeling amongst members will become more positive resulting in our external perception positively developing and leading to improvements in recruitment and retention . To work with the members to develop better succession planning at all levels of round table Develop the objectives identified at the March 2009 Meeting , namely : o Increased membership due to a focussed role o Professional leadership o Continuity of product development o Increased speed and consistency of implementation 2

Objectives Continued o o o o o Improved communication Enhanced profile Reduce Board workload and increase efficiency Create external revenue streams to reduce reliance on members subscriptions Drive the vision and organisation forward


To deliver the projects identified by the members and adopted by the Board ensuring that they meet the overall strategy and to involve all levels of the association in implementing these projects.

Role Limitations The CEO must work within the current framework of round table which brings with it a number of limitations: o o o o All Strategic Plans and Policies must be approved by the National Board Major policy changes or rule changes require the approval of National Council There is currently a limited amount of staff. The CEO will need to work with this staff base until such time as growth would justify more staff to be appointed. The CEO is not involved in the day to day management of round table or running of headquarters although it is envisaged that as he or she develops various projects and briefs supervision of those will involve greater control and autonomy. The CEO has a fixed budget and all changes to that budget have to be approved on the basis of an annual forecast based on membership numbers and the capitation they pay The CEO would need to carefully manage the relationship as round tables Chief Officer and PR Spokesperson against the fact that the memberships till want the elected President to be its figurehead.

o o

Additional Information We envisage a package being made available to the right candidate including Salary, Travel Expenses, Laptop, Phone and Pension Provision. It is anticipated the core salary of the package wil be £45-60K. The Board will seek to ensure that the successful candidate is given 3 years security over their appointment and will look for fixed term security back. The successful applicant will be expected to be able to attend the National Board Budget Weekend 7th and 8th January 2011 and the National Council Meeting on Saturday 5th March 2011. It would be hoped by then the successful candidate would be in post. The CEO will be based at Marchesi House, Birmingham. Our recruitment consultant will set out the abilities, experience and characteristics we are looking for. However in summary we consider the successful candidate will have a sound, open and dynamic personality who will be able to enthuse the membership and potential sponsors of round table with strong management and 3 interpersonal skills that will be able to handle and strongly control a number of different projects with limited resources.


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