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Product Catalogue for Optical Network Solutions

Huawei Technologies

A network is built for profit. So technological advance, product maturity, and performance/price ratio need to be considered comprehensively. In addition, it is necessary to take network scalability and operability as the basis for overall planning, phase by phase implementation, and meeting of the carrier-class network requirements, This will guarantee network efficiency, reliability and security, as well as fast service deployment and effective control and management. The operable network will bring you sustained profitability. At present, more than 155,000 sets of OptiX systems are running on the networks in more than 40 countries and regions, generating millions of dollars in revenue for their owners. With the deployment of Huawei OptiX system, carriers save not only Capex, but also Opex. OUR OPTIX ARE DEPLOYED BY: Germany STNB Korea Powercomm Germany PfalzKom Hong Kong Hutchison Germany Chemtel Thailand TOT France Free S.A. Thailand CAT Austria Wellcom Thailand TT&T Austria STW Klagenfurt Singapore C2C Spain Grupalia Indonesia Telkom Russia Rostelecom Malaysia DiGi Communications Russia Kazan GTS Philippines PLDT Russia ACBT Pakistan PTCL Russia Ufa GTS Oman Omantel ... ...

Brazil Telemar Brazil CTBC Ecuador PacificTel Colombia EPM Peru AT&T ...

China Telecom China Mobile China Netcom China Unicom China Railcom ...

Huawei Technologies



Product portfolio

DWDM for Long Haul Backbone


Metro DWDM






Huawei Technologies

12 11 10 4 2 6 3 9



Through years of R&D, customer care and innovation, Huawei is capable of satisfying customer demands with cost-effective solutions. Featuring high integration, multi-service accessibility, flexible networking and smooth scalability, OptiX series transport solutions have long been benefiting customers. Based on self-developed core technologies, Huawei offers customer tailored optical networking solutions at all layers, from backbone to access.


iManager ONS

Web Service application




iManager T2100/T2000

Long-haul Backbone

OptiX Metro3X00

OptiX Metro6100

OptiX 10G

OptiX Metro3X00

Metro Core

OptiX Metro6040

RPR OptiX Metro1X00

Metro Edge & Access

OptiX Metro3X00 OptiX Metro1X00 OptiX Metro2X50 OptiX Metro1X00


Government/Bank Enterprises






At present, more than 155,000 sets of OptiX equipment are running on the networks in more than 40 countries and regions such as Germany, Spain, Austria, Korea, Thailand, Hong Kong, Brazil, etc. According to RHK report, Huawei OptiX ranked NO.1 in Asia Pacific optical networks market in 2002 by taking 18% of market share.

Market share,Asia-Pacific ON, 2001 and 2002 2001 : $5.14 billion market

FiberHome 3% FiberHome 2% ZTE 4% Marconi 5% Fujitsu 11% Other 19% Huawei 18% Other 16% NEC 9% ZTE 3% Marconi 3% Lucent 8% Siemens 8% Nortel 10% Fujitsu 11% Huawei 18% NEC 11%

2002 : $3.11 billion market

Lucent 12%

Siemens 6%

Alcatel 5%

Nortel 12%

Alcatel 8%

Source: RHK Inc.

Retaining No.1 in Asia-pacific Optical Markets in 2002 with a Share of 18%


Huawei Technologies

=Product portfolio

Product portfolio

Product Category

DWDM for Long Haul Backbone

Application and Key Features

Based on DWDM and OADM technologies, provide up to 1.6Tbps capacity. The Next Generation (NG) SDH solutions including STM-1/4/16/64 systems, feature Multi Service Access and MADM design.

Brand Name

OptiX BWS1600G OptiX BWS320G OptiX 10G OptiX Metro3500 OptiX Metro3100 OptiX Metro3000


OptiX Metro2150 OptiX Metro1050 OptiX Metro1000 OptiX Metro500

Metro DWDM

Metro DWDM solutions with total 32-channel or 2-channel for Metro Core/Edge/Access layer integrate OADM functions

OptiX Metro6100 OptiX Metro6040


Based on SONET, integrated with technologies of ATM/Ethernet, the MSPPs support TDM, ATM and Ethernet services transporting in one shared fiber

OptiX Metro3600 OptiX Metro1600 OptiX Metro800


Intelligent Optical Core Switch The OptiX Network Management Systems satisfy the OAM&P requirement of different networks.

OptiX OSN9500 OptiX iManager T2000 OptiX iManager T2100 OptiX iManager ONS


Huawei Technologies

=DWDM for Long Haul Backbone

DWDM for Long Haul Backbone

OptiX BWS 1600G/320G

=160/32 10Gbps Long-Haul Backbone DWDM System


Huawei OptiX BWS 1600G/320G DWDM transmission system is suitable for backbone network applications. It provides huge capacity and long haul transport up to 4000km with reliability at low cost. Adopting Huawei's SuperWDM technologies, the system features industry-unique Raman-free ultra long haul transport based on common DWDM equipment. Providing high-performance timing transport functions, system performance monitoring and abundant optical monitoring interfaces, OptiX BWS 1600G/320G can support convenient system management and maintenance for customers.

Huawei DWDM networks are running worldwide with fast developing. By 2002, Huawei DWDM networks take the No.1 market share in Asia-pacific area and No. 4 market share worldwide.


=SuperWDM technologies provide industry-unique 4000km Raman-free,

non-regeneration(e) transmission.

SuperWDM Technologies can enhance signal's long-haul transport capability, such as improving signal's OSNR, inhibiting fiber non-linear effects and high PMD tolerance. Taking the advantages of these, it can support up to 4000km Ramanfree transport based on common DWDM equipment without any electrical regeneration.

It can help customers to build long-haul network with high reliability at low cost, not only initial cost but also network expansion cost for future demands.


Huawei Technologies

=DWDM for Long Haul Backbone

Industry-unique 1:N (N optical line protection.

8) OTU protection, 1+1 OTU protection,

As the LH DWDM networks carry huge capacity transport, it is very important to guarantee the security of all the traffic. 1:8 Optical Transponder Unit Protection uses one transponder unit hot standby for a group of up to 8 working transponder units. It features significantly wavelength resource saving at equipment redundancy protection. After customer's requirement, 1+1 Optical Transponder Unit Protection can realize not only equipment redundancy protection but also network level protection by using same DWDM system or not. It is of fast switching time based on the dual-feed, selective-receive mechanism. 1+1 Optical Line Protection can particularly provide protection against the fiber route failure. It is also of fast switching time based on the dual-feed, selective-receive mechanism. OptiX BWS 1600G/320G provides security by flexible protection for electrical layer especially for GE, 10GE service.

=Timing transmission function and 1+1 timing protection available. OptiX BWS 1600G/320G can provide a new option for timing transport, avoiding to rebuild new timing transmission network. Addressing to the timing requirement, it can support 1+1 equipment redundancy to guarantee the timing transmission.


Huawei Technologies



OptiX 10G


OptiX 10G is a huge capacity STM-64 MADM optical transmission system for Metro core network. =Large Capacity High order Cross connect :768 =Multi-interface FE/GE,10G/2.5G/622M/155M(o/e)/2M,VC4-64C/VC4-16C/ VC4-8C/VC4-4C =Long Haul Transmission Out-of-band FEC technology 768VC4

OptiX Metro 3500

=STM-16/64 MSTP

OptiX Metro3500 is a STM-16 level MSTP, and is easily upgradeable to a STM-64 system. It can be located in the Metro core layer or Metro convergence layer featuring powerful L2 processing capability. =Large Capacity High order Cross connect :256 =Multi-interface Eth/FE/GE,E1/T1/E3/DS3/E4/DS4/STM-1(o/e)/STM-4/STM-16/ STM-64, etc. =Scalable Design and low Capex STM-16 level MSTP and can be smoothly upgraded to STM-64 system 256VC4 or 512 512VC4

OptiX Metro 3100/3000

=STM-4/16 MSTP

OptiX Metro3100/3000 is a STM-16 level MSTP which integrates the SDH, ATM, Ethernet, DWDM and SAN featuring flexible networking and high traffic grooming capability. =Large Capacity High order Cross connect :128 =Multi-interface FE/GE, ATM/E1 IMA, E1/T1/E3/T3/E4/STM-1 (o/e)/STM-4/STM16, DDN (FE1, SHDSL, N 64k, V.35IV.24,X.21,RS-449,RS-530, 128VC4

RS-530A, etc.), ESCON, etc.


Huawei Technologies


OptiX Metro 2150

OptiX Metro2150 is a STM-4 level MSTP and can be smoothly upgraded to STM-16 system. This can be located in Metro convergence layer featuring a powerful L2 processing capability. =Large Capacity High order Cross connect :128 x128VC4 =Multi-interface FE/GE,E1/T1/E3/DS3/E4/DS4/STM-1(o/e)/ STM-4/STM-16,etc. =Low Capex and Opex STM-4 level MSTP and can be smoothly upgraded to STM-16 system. All the line units and tributary units can be shared with Metro3500.

=STM-4/16 MSTP

OptiX Metro 1050

=Compact STM-1/4 MSTP with TPS

OptiX Metro 1050 is the compact STM-1/4 MSTP with multi-protection which can be used for VIP clients private line, NodeB, etc. =High integration Integrate cross-connection, timing and line unit into one board. =Carries Class Availability and Reliability hot-standby for key units, 1:N TPS Protection for E1/T1/E3/T3, SNCP, 1+1/1:N Linear MSP, etc =Multi-services FE, N 64K, SHDSL, E1/T1/E3/T3/STM-1(o/e) /STM-4, etc.


Huawei Technologies


OptiX Metro 1000

=Compact STM-1/4 MSTP

OptiX Metro 1000 is the compact STM-1/4 MSTP. 75000 sets are deployed worldwide. =Multi-services access FE(o/e), ATM, N*64K DDN(V.35/V.24/X.21/ SHDSL), TDA(voice frequency interface and RS-232/ RS-422), E1/T1/E3/T3/STM-1(o/ e)/STM-4. =Carries Class Availability and Reliability ATM VP-Ring, MSP Ring, 1+1/1:N Linear MSP,PP, SNCP,DNI. =Flexible and Convenient Installation Support -48V/ 24V DC or 110V/220V AC, can be easily mounted in the rack, on the wall, on the desktop or outside the door.

OptiX Metro 500

=Ultra Compact STM-1 MSTP

OptiX Metro 500 is the ultra compact STM-1 CPE which can be used for mobile base station transmission and can be substitute for PDH. =Highly integrated CPE All-in-One architecture. All the units are integrated into one board. The maximum power consumption is 21W and its weight is 4.5kg (fully equipped) =Multi-services access FE, N*64K (V.35/X.21/RS-499, etc.), E1 /STM-1, etc.


Huawei Technologies

=Metro DWDM

Metro DWDM

OptiX Metro 6100

=32/64 channels Metro DWDM

OptiX Metro 6100 is the based-DWDM MSTP at core layer which combines different service types into a single lambda =Multi-services access PDH/SDH/SONET, FE/GE, FC, ESCON, FICON, POS/ATM, etc =Efficient aggregation and Optimize bandwidth utilization GE+155/622M->2.5G, 2 4 4 4 GE->2.5G, 2.5G->10GI 155/622M->2.5G, Any, X-rate services(34M-2.5G) including SAN (ESCON /FICON/ Fiber Channel ),

FE/GE, ATM, SDH/SONET (34M-2.5G) and etc

OptiX Metro 6040

=Compact 2~8-channels Metro DWDM

OptiX Metro 6040 is the compact Metro DWDM with multi-protection which addresses the protection demands for large granularity (GE, FC) transport for VIP clients. =Multi-service Access and Multi-rate adaptability X-rate services including ESCON /FICON/FC, Eth/FE/GE,ATM,SDH/SONET, etc. =Efficient aggregation and Optimize bandwidth utilization 8 ESCON->2.5G, 2 GE->2.5G, 4 Any, etc

=Carries Class Availability and Reliability Hot-standby for key board such as OTU, Power, OChP(Optical Channel Protection),etc


Huawei Technologies



OptiX Metro 3600

=OC-192 MSTP

OptiX Metro 3600 has a huge capacity OC-192 MSTP optical transmission system for Metro core network. =Large capacity Cross-connect capability: 2304 =Multi-services access Eth/FE/GE, E1/T1/E3/T3, OC3/STM-1, OC12/STM-12, OC48, OC192, etc. 2304 STS-1

OptiX Metro 1600

=Compact OC-48/192 Sonet

OptiX Metro1600 is a compact OC-48 MSTP and can be smoothly upgraded to OC-192 system that can be located in Metro core layer or Metro convergence layer. =Large capacity High order Cross connect : 768x768 STS-1 =Multi-services access FE/GE, ATM, STS-1-3C/6C/9C/12C/48C,DS1/DS3/OC-3/OC-12/ OC-48 /OC-192, STS-1-Nv (N=1,...)

OptiX Metro 800

=Compact OC-12/48 Sonet

OptiX Metro800 is a compact OC-12 MSTP that can be smoothly upgraded to OC-48 system to be located in Metro convergence layer or access layer. =High integration Integrate cross-connection, timing, SCC and line units into one core board. 1+1 hot-standby for the core board. =Multi-services access FE/GE, STS-1-3C/6C/9C/12C, DS1/DS3/OC-3/OC-12/OC-48, STS-1-Nv (N=1,...)


Huawei Technologies



OptiX OSN 9500

=Intelligent OCS

OptiX OSN 9500 is the bandwidth switching platform which boasts intelligent feature and works with different levels of granularity for the grooming of services. =Ultra Large Capacity Scalable cross-connect capacity up to 720G, =Intelligence Automotive end-to-end provisioning of services, SLA's, Traffic engineering, Mesh, etc. =Multi-interface STM-N(N=1~64), VC-4-Nc(N=1~64) concatenation, etc.


Huawei Technologies



OptiX iManager T2000

=Sub-network Level Management System

=Unified management platform for large-scale networks =End-to-end multi-service management and intelligent OAM&P =Open standard interfaces

OptiX iManager T2100

=Network Level Management System

=Unified management platform for optical networks =End-to-end multi-service management and intelligent OAM&P =Open standard interfaces

iManager ONS

Service management layer

iManager T2100

Network management layer

iManager T2000

iManager T2000 NE management layer

Network equipment layer



Huawei Technologies

Product Catalogue for Optical Network Solutions

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Optical Networking Products


Established in 1988, Huawei Technologies is a high-tech enterprise which specializes in research and development (R&D), production and marketing of communications equipment, providing customized network solutions for telecom carriers in optical, fixed, mobile and data communications networks. Huawei's customers include China Telecom, China Mobile, China Netcom, China Unicom as well as Thai AIS, South Korea Telecom, SingTel, Hutchison Telecom, PCCW HKT, Telemar (Brazil), Rostelecom (Russia), etc.

Huawei's products can be divided into the following categories: fixed network, mobile network, data communications and optical network --- ranging from switching, access network, optical transport, intelligent network, support network, GSM, GPRS, W-CDMA, cdma2000 1x, full series of routers and LAN switches, videoconferencing to other key telecom technology fields. Most important of all, Huawei products are based on its independently designed ASIC chips. Its ASIC designing capability is among the most advanced in this field worldwide. This allows Huawei to consider the needs of its customers from start to finish, from the chip to the network.

This experience is invaluable as Huawei expands its penetration into international markets, with its international revenues saw strong growth of 68%, reaching US$552 million in 2002 compared with US$328 million in 2001.

In order to support its global operations Huawei has set up 32 branch offices worldwide. Eight regional headquarters and a host of customer support and training centres have been established. Several research institutes including Dallas (USA), Bangalore (India), Stockholm (Sweden), Moscow (Russia), Beijing and Shanghai have been set up, and a joint venture in Russia is operating successfully. Huawei's products are in application in over 40 countries, including Germany, Spain, Russia, Brazil, Thailand, Singapore, Egypt and South Korea.

Among Huawei's 22,000 employees, 46% are engaged in R&D. Each year, Huawei invests no less than 10% of its sales revenue into R&D. To ensure a steady and sustainable growth and to sharpen the core competitive edge, Huawei emphasizes the importance to partner with leading global players in the industry on both product development and marketing. Huawei has been cooperating with Texas Instruments, Motorola, Microsoft, Intel, Sun Microsystems and others.

Since 1997, Towers Perrin, Hay Group, PwC and FhG have been acting as Huawei's consultants on employee stock option plan, human resource management, financial management and quality control.

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Huawei Technologies

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