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Kathryn Niemi Mølstad Senior Adviser May 25, 2008


North American Nurses Diagnosis · From 1973 · International ­ Steering board Gunn von Krogh and Dame June Clark. Next president is Dickon WeirHughes ­ Important for the international perspective

A NANDA contains

· Title (label) code, a definition · Defining characteristics, related factors · Axis - codes? · Established submission process · New edition every 2 years

Readiness for enhanced knowledge

Definition: The presence or acquisition of cognitive information related to a specific topic is sufficient for meeting health-related goals and can be strengthened. Defining characteristics · Behavior congruent with expressed knowledge · Explains knowledge of the topic · Expresses an interest in learning · Describes previous experiences pertaining to the topic


Nursing Intervention Classification · From 1987 ­ first edition 1992 · International --- not reflected in the board · Four editions - linkages to NANDA published

The Center for Nursing Classification and Clinical Effectiveness

was established in 1995 to facilitate the ongoing research of the Nursing Interventions Classification (NIC) and the Nursing Outcomes Classification (NOC).

The purposes of the Center are to:

· Facilitate the continued development of NIC and NOC to reflect current nursing practices, · Conduct the review processes and procedures for updating the Classifications, · Produce and disseminate materials related to the Classifications, · Provide office support to assist faculty investigators, · Offer opportunities for students' and fellows' education and research

An intervention contains

· Title (label) code, a definition · Activities · Axis - No

Spiritual Growth Facilitation 5246

Definition: Facilitation of growth in patient's capacity to identify, connect with and call upon the source of meaning, purpose, comfort, strength, and hope in his/her life


· Demonstrate caring presence and comfodrt by spending time with patient, patient's family, and significant others · Encourage conversation that assists the patient in sorting out spiritual concerns. · Model healthy relating and reasoning skills

Activities cont'd

· Assist patient with identifying barriers and attitudes that hinder growth or self-discovery · Offer individual and group prayer support · Encourage participation in devotional services, retreats, and special prayer/study programs. Etc.


Nursing Outcome Classification · From ­ first edition · International? No, NIC and NOC have the same board. · Established submission process · Third edition - linkages to NANDA published

NOC contains

· Title, code definition. · Outcome target rating, rating. From 1 -5 · Indicators (coded)

Concentration (0905

Definition: Ability to focus on a specific stimulus Rating: Severely compromised ---- Not compromised


Maintains attention Maintains focus without being distracted Responds appropriately to visual cues Responds appropriately to auditory cues Responds appropriately to tactile cues Etc


· ICNP, Alfa og Beta versjon (96 og 98), Version 1 finished August 2008 · NANDA (2002) · CCC versjon 2 (2004) · NIC (2006) · NOC (May 2007)

The situation in Norway:

· One vendor (with a large audience) has implemented NANDA, parts of NIC · The majority of nurses know little or nothing about terminologies · No decision has been made about SNOMED CT · NNO has established a terminology working group- recommend a terminology(ies) for use in documentation. Decision - Early 2009

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