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Request for Seeking Software ETABS and SAP2000 from CSI by Educational Institution* (Unless otherwise requested the software is a 10-User Network license)

1. Name of College/Institution: 2. Name & Designation of Contact Person: Email: Phone (O): 3. Address of College: Phone: Fax: Email: Website: Phone (R): Phone (M):

4. Does your College teach Civil Engineering: 5. Does your College teach Architecture: 6. What programme: Diploma/ Degree/ M.E./M.Tech. (Strike out which is not applicable) 7. Number of students per batch Civil Engineering (a) Diploma (b) Degree (c) M.E./ M.Tech. (d) Ph.D. 8. In case of post-graduate programmes, list of specializations offered: 9. Number of Faculty in Civil Engineering: 10. Number of Faculty in Architecture: 11. List the Commercial Computer Programmes your College has for Structural Engineering or Earthquake Engineering: 12. Approximate number of computers in the Department/College: 13. Details of Draft: No: ________________________dated __________________ 14. Have you received the software earlier: Yes No 15. If Yes, please give hardware lock no. ________________________________ No. of Licenses ________________________________

(You may like to comment on the problems faced during installation/ running. Please use separate sheet if required. )


16. Would you like to upgrade the software: Yes No 17. Would you like to have a seminar on SAP/ETABS for your students: Yes No



Signatures: ___________________ Name with complete address: ___________________ ______________________________________________ (To be signed by the Head of the Concerned Departments)

(To be provided on letterhead of the Institute/College)

The Coordinator National Information Centre of Earthquake Engineering Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur Kanpur 208016

Undertaking I, on behalf of my Institute do affirm that the software provided by the Computer and Structures, Inc. (India) on recommendation of National Information Centre of Earthquake Engineering (NICEE) will be used for educational purpose only and will be made available to all the interested faculty and students of the Institute/ College.

Name of Head of Institute/College Date Signature Official Seal

Terms and Conditions 1. Only one copy of the software will be given to each college/ institute with a 10-user license which will have access to Indian Code alone. 2. Software is to be made available to all interested faculty and students of the institute. 3. The copy being given to the institute is not to be carried away outside the Institute premises by any individual for personal usage. 4. A processing fees of Rs. 5000/- is payable by the college/Institute to NICEE by a cheque/draft in favour of "National Information Centre of Earthquake Engineering" alongwith the application. Outstations cheques will be accepted and may include an additional amount of Rs. 95/-. The amount can also be paid online using a credit card at mentioning the purpose as "SAP/ETABS" 5. Only SAP and ETABS will be given. License will be given only for One year each time. On expiry of the license institute will apply afresh for the new license for the old lock. 6. All other programs like Perform-3D, SAFE etc. can be obtained for educational license at a reduced educational price from CSI India. 7. Individuals interested in having personal copies of the software may approach CSI-India Information Desk, H-31, Second Floor,, N.D.S.E ­ Part I, New Delhi ­ 110049, directly.


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