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Nick's Climate Disclaimer

Due to the many various climates and conditions Nick's custom wood doors are being installed, please carefully read the following. We strive to do our best to educate and make everyone aware of the natural characteristics of wood. We cannot offer a warranty to any doors being exposed to extremely dry or arid climates for example AZ or any other location with desert type climates. In the U.S. climate's can change dramatically based on location and only the end user knows the type of climate the door will be ultimately installed. The reason for this is not that the doors are inferior or lack in quality. But because wood is wood, it will expand and contract based on weather and climate conditions. This natural characteristic is exaggerated greatly when exposed to these extreme conditions. Typical to these areas is an extreme heat, with a very rapid cooling in the evening this is caused by convection due to low moisture. When this happens especially in the warmer months the doors do not have time to acclimate to the cooler air which may cause them to have an adverse reaction which may cause failure. This will not happen with every door every time but there is a possibility of breakdown of the wood or the construction of the door caused by the aggressive climate change. Again we are just trying to heighten people's awareness as to the natural characteristics and properties that a wood door has. If you are planning on purchasing a wood door and the door will be going to a dry arid climate with a low humidity please print sign and fax this along with your order. By signing this you acknowledge that you have read and understand the previously mentioned conditions. Thank You, Nick's Building Supply.

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