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Aviator's Night Vision Imaging System (ANVIS)AN/AVS-6(V)3 (F4212 Series)

For more than 45 years, ITT Night Vision has provided the military with premier visionenhancing solutions. As the world's leading manufacturer of Generation 3 (Gen 3) image intensification technology, ITT continues to work hand-in-hand with customers to expand night vision and vision-enhancing capabilities, technologies, and resources. ITT also provides technical support, service, training, and maintenance for our products to maximize customer benefits and usability. ITT Night Vision offers the latest version of the Aviator's Night Vision Imaging System (ANVIS), the V3, with improved features and Pinnacle® image intensifier tubes.

Features and Benefits

Gen 3 gated Pinnacle® tubes provide the highest performance available under all light levels encountered during night flying operations. Improved objective lens focus maximizes image clarity at all times. Optional clip-on power source allows ANVIS use without helmet. Independent eye-span adjustment and 25-mm eye relief eyepiece accommodate eyeglasses and various sightrelated physical requirements. New low-profile battery pack improves head mobility for aviator while in cockpit. "Minus-blue" objective lens filter screens glare from cockpit instrument lighting. Other features include flip-up stowage; durable, "soft-sided" carrying case; and rugged, environmentally protective shipping and storage case (optional).

Standard Accessories

Optional Accessories

Carrying case Lens caps Lens paper Operator's manual Neck cord

Clip-on power source Shipping and storage case

Engineered for life

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Aviator's Night Vision Imaging System (ANVIS)AN/AVS-6(V)3(F4212 Series)

ITT's V3 ANVIS enables rotary-wing aviators to conduct and complete night operations during the darkest nights of the year. Fitted with the latest Pinnacle tubes, the V3 ANVIS offers the best lowlight-level performance available and significantly reduced halo. The gated power supply in these tubes maintains system resolution even in the presence of bright lights, significantly expanding the capability to operate in changing light conditions. The V3 has the same improved positive objective lens focus fitted to ITT's F4949 series of aviation night vision systems, guaranteeing maximum image clarity under all conditions of flight. The lightweight binocular can be mounted to a variety of aviator helmets, including the SPH-4B, the HGU-56/P, and the Alpha.


Spectral Response Field of View Magnification Resolution - High Light Level (fc) - Low Light Level Brightness Gain Halo Collimation Diopter Adjustment Interpupillary Adjustment Fore-and-Aft Adjustment Tilt Adjustment Objective Lens Eyepiece Lens Exit Pupil/Eye Relief Focus Range Flip-up/Flip-down Automatic Breakaway Battery Life Battery Type Weight of Binocular Operating Temperature Range Standard Mounting Optional Mounting Visible to 0.90 µm (IR) 40° Unity 1.3 cy/mr, minimum (on-axis) 0.9 cy/mr, minimum (on-axis) 5500 fL/fL, minimum Variable 1°convergence 0.3°dipvergence/divergence +2 to -6 diopters 52 to 72 mm 27 mm, range 10°, minimum EFL 27 mm/F/1.23, T/1.35 EFL 27 mm On-axis: 14 mm @ 25-mm distance Full-field: 6 mm @ 25-mm distance 41 cm to infinity Button release 11 to 15 g Nominally 30 hours under standard conditions AA size alkaline 590 grams maximum (525 typical) -40°C to +52°C SPH-4B, SPH-4AF, HGU-56P Available for Alpha and CGF helmets

For further information contact: ITT Night Vision 7635 Plantation Road, Roanoke, VA 24019 Attention: Marketing Department Telephone: 800-533-5502 or 540-563-0371 Fax: 540-366-9015 E-mail: [email protected]

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