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To whom it may concern

I am writing this letter to strongly recommend Mr. Nikunj Patel for future job possibilities. I know Mr. Nikunj Patel because he worked in AREVA T&D Poland in the period July ­ September 2010. After the tour of the company we organized for the Wroclaw Technical University students in spring 2010, Mr. Nikunj Patel came to me and asked for the possibility of writing his thesis on the topic linked with AREVA T&D activity in the DCS engineering field , as well as he declared his readiness to spend a summer working in AREVA T&D on the thesis project. During his time in AREVA T&D Poland , Mr. Nikunj Patel demonstrated a good work ethic and interpersonal skills. We outlined a scope of work to be completed, and he successfully completed that work in the time required. He put in extra hours as necessary in order to meet specific deadlines that were set. We teamed him up with another employees to work on the project. He seemed to work well with the other engineers from the department, who found him very open, eager to learn, enthusiastic, dedicated and personable. I would strongly recommend Mr. Nikunj Patel for a position in your program.

Yours sincerely Adrianna Sosnowicz

HR Country Director, Poland

AREVA T&D Sp. z o.o. ­ Zaklad Automatyki i Systemów Elektroenergetycznych (REF) ul. Strzegomska 23/27, 58-160 wiebodzice ­ tel.: 48 74 8548 410, fax: 48 74 8548 548 ­ Nr rejestrowy GIO: E0001768WBW Dane rejestrowe siedziby Spólki: AREVA T&D Sp. z o.o., ul. wirki i Wigury 52, 43-190 Mikolów ­ Sd Rejonowy Katowice-Wschód w Katowicach, VIII Wydzial Gospodarczy Krajowego Rejestru Sdowego ­ KRS: 0000202164 REGON: 890006542 ­ NIP: 884-000-77-93 ­ Kapital zakladowy: 43.031.400,00 zl


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