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Checking Your Blood Glucose Using the TrueTrack Smart System® A guide for testing

your blood glucose

Simple Steps to Coding Your Meter and Testing Your Blood Glucose

Meter, Test Strips & System Components r T

Front Back

M Meter Serial Number Displa ay

Battery Compartment Code Chip Port p

M Meter Label

T Test Port

T Test Strip

Contact End ( (Contacts facing up) f )

Sample End (Tip)

Actual Size

Coding Your Meter Y


Remove Code Chip from Test Strip Box. Match T the number printed on the Code Chip to the number on the Test Strip Vial (plastic container). T


Insert Code Chip into your Meter with the numbers facing up.

Blood Glucose Testing


Wash your hands with warm, soapy water.


With the Meter off, insert a Test Strip into the Test Port with contacts facing up.


The Meter will turn on.


Lance your finger.


Allow a blood drop to form and touch the tip of the strip to the top of the blood drop.


Within 10 seconds, glucose result will be displayed with date and time.


Remove and discard the used Test Strip from the Meter.

This guide provides a brief overview on coding your Meter and testing your blood glucose. If you need information about setting up your Meter with correct date and time, consult the "Getting Started" section of the Owner's Manual. For more detailed information on the complete blood glucose testing procedure, consult the "Testing Your Blood" section. For assistance using your blood glucose Meter, call our Diabetes Helpline at 1800 451 737.

NICO-0350 © 5/07 Home Diagnostics, Inc. TrueTrack, TrueTrack Smart System and Gentle Draw are registered trademarks of Home Diagnostics, Inc.

For the information of people with diabetes and their carers. Use only as directed and seek advice from your Healthcare Professional.


12392 Nipro True Track Tear Off Pad.indd

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