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Nirlon having facility at Tarapur, about 100 km from Mumbai City ranks among the leading manufacturer engaged in manufacturer of reinforcing textile for the rubber industry. Our production range cover various range of fabric processed out of Polyamide 6 yarn with different width, thermally stabilised, grey and impregnated according to customers demand. 1. Various type of cord fabric for tyres (which is being discontinued) 2. Technical textiles for conveyor belts The process of manufacturing technical textile involves twisting followed by weaving and impregnation with thermal stabilization to ensure dimensional stability and good adhesion between fabric and rubber. Technical aspect of Dipping machine 1. The fabric dipping plant was imported from M/s. John Bright & Brothers, who were at that time leading Industrial Fabric Processing Company in UK. It was dismantled and refurbished at Tarapur and commissioned in August 1985. Our technical team were trained by M/s. John Bright to gain experience in dipping. 2. The technology for plant was provided for dipping Conveyor belt fabric. Some modification were carried out at the time of commissioning with the help from M/s. Goodyear to enable tyrecord dipping. 3. The plant is being operated at a speed of 14 meters per minute. 4. The plant capacity is dependent on the type of fabric. The operation with a mix of tyrecord and technical textiles can handle a capacity of approx. 200 MT.

5. The plant is capable of dipping Nylon 6, Nylon 66, Polyester tyrecord as well as technical textiles. 6. The plant is fitted with two dip-bath arrangement, whereby it can function dip-stretch and stretch-dip system to suite customer need. 7. The dip pickup can be controlled by blowing air through two separately designed air-knives, whose angle can be adjusted to control quantity and pressure of air. 8. The heating of plant is done with the help of LPG and the temperature can be controlled within +/- 2o c. 9. The stretching stress upto 5000 kg can be applied during dipping. 10. The fabric width upto 210 cm can be loaded at the inlet of dipping machine. 11. The prime factors in dipping process is to maintain constant exposure time, temperature and tension to achieve desired physical properties. The entire process is subject to strict quality control and analysis to satisfy demand of the customer. The following testing is done to check the quality of the impregnated fabric : 1. % solid content and PH value of dip solution 2. Dipped cord is tested for · · · · · Breaking strength Intermediate & elongation at break Heat shrinkage % Adhesion value Dip pickup %.



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