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BNR34 Multi-Function Display; NISMO Expanded Specification Kit Version II

Expand the standard display with more functions, including measurements

Part MFD NISMO Expanded Specification Kit Version II For V spec, V spec II, Nür, V spec N1, M spec Part no. 2371A-RSR48-V 2371B-RSR48 Code H H Price with tax 90,300 100,800 Price 86,000 96,000 Qty per car 1 1


For more enjoyable driving and better information flow from the engine, meters like that used in the most advanced aircraft have been applied in this system, which provides the precise information needed by the driver to an in-dash LCD display. This multifunction display (MFD) provides the same functions as the data capture systems installed in race and circuit cars, an expansion kit that allows circuit drivers to collect more data. In addition to the in-car display, by connecting to a PC via a cable*, the various data collected from the car can be data-logged. The data can also be displayed graphically by using the included MFD Analyze System software for easy comparison.

* Connection to a computer is through an RS232C serial port connector; please use a computer capable of connecting via the RS232C connector (no USB connection available). One-year guarantee (in Japan only).

Kit Contents

Printed circuit board x 2; lap time switch and harness; RS232C cable x 2; high precision boost sensor; exhaust temperature sensor (only for standard GT-R); data acquisition software (floppy disc); MFD Analyze System data analysis software(CD-ROM). System requires CD-ROM OS : Windows 95, Windows 98 or Windows NT4.0* (Japanese version, for Intel) *1 CPU : Computer running above OS RAM : 32MB or greater (64MB recommended) Hard disc: At least 3MB free memory required (however, additional free space for both data display and storage capacity are required). Display : VGA 256 colors or greater (recommended resolution 800x600, High Color) *2 *1 Operation cannot be guaranteed when using an OS other than those listed *2 With a display of less than 256 colors, the correct colors may not appear; monochrome monitors are not supported.

* Microsoft and Windows are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation for the US and other countries.

Startup screen

Single mode (boost pressure)

Twin mode (oil temperature, water temperature)


G indication

Lap time

BNR34 Multi-Function Display; NISMO Expanded Specification Kit Version II

Repair Parts (including Version I)

Part MFD Analyze System(CD-ROM) High-Precision Boost Sensor Lap Time Switch Exhaust Temperature Sensor Part no. 999MF-RSR45-1 25085-RNR45 29230-RSR45 22740-AA300 Code H H H ­ Price with tax 3,675 8,400 3,990 ­ Price 3,500 8,000 3,800 ­ Qty per car 1 1 1 1 Part information Data analysis software High precision boost sensor Includes harness from MFD unit to switch Genuine Nissan part, for standard GT-R (2371B-RSR48)

R34 GT-R Multi-Function Display, NISMO Version II Functions

Function Throttle Opening Injector Valve Opening Rate Boost Pressure Engine Oil Temperature Voltage Front Torque Engine Water Temperature Engine Exhaust Temperature Engine Intake Temperature Engine Rotation Engine Oil Pressure Front-Back G Lateral G Steering Angle Yaw Rate Brake On/Off Vehicle Speed Lap Time Distance

: NISMO Spec original function; : Genuine function ( ): V spec Genuine specification; After a minor change in the standard GT-R, engine intake temperature is not indicated. * * *

Display method Single mode Twin mode Multi mode G display

Peak hold

Red zone Data warning logging

Display units % % 1000kPa

Display units MIN 0 0 -0.5 50 8 MAX 100 100 2.0 150 16 5 150 1000 120 10000 8 12 12 360 50 ­ 280 60 ­

Change from Genuine Indication deleted

Indication range increased (Genuine max=1.2) Indication range changed (Genuine min =70) Indication deleted



0 50 400 0

Addition of twin/single mode; indication range changed

rpm 100kPa m/s2 m/s2 deg/sec deg/sec on/off km/h "min","sec" m

: function deleted in NISMO Spec.

0 0 -12 -12 -360 -50 ­ 0 0 0

NISMO original function (data logger) Addition of twin/single/multi mode NISMO original function (G indications)

NISMO original function (data logger)

Applicable with Genuine Nissan navigation systems With shift-up indicator fanction

Analyze System graph image

Version I option

Part MFD Analyze System CD-ROM Part no. 999MF-RSR45-1 Code H Price with tax 3,675 Price 3,500 Qty per car 1 Part information

Data analysis software; same specifications as for Version II kit



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