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Digital Blood Pressure Monitor DS-2200

upper arm measurement Oscillometric Method


measurement on inflation

Arm circumference



TIME/DATE display

60x2 AM/PM

measurement storage


neutral memory delete memory bank





error code indication 4 AA batteries



AC 100V


Digital Blood Pressure Monitor DS-2200

for upper arm measurement

Measurement of blood pressure now has become more speedy and more comfortable. By adjusting the inflation to individually optimized value, while concurrently making measurement, Digital Blood Pressure Monitor DS-2200 shortens time taken for blood pressure measurement and enhances comfort.

DS-2200 is designed not just for saving you time and improving

your comfort, but it is designed also for increasing your benefit from taking a moment for blood pressure measurement. It is one of our blood pressure monitors that have, what we call, "H.D.M.S." and it will make home-base measurement of blood pressure more worthwhile than ever.

Super Comfort System Measurement on Personalized Inflation Unsurpassed Speed and Comfort


-Hypertension Data Management System· CLASSIFICATION AGAINST WHO GUIDELINE · · · WS-1100 displays indication of where your blood pressure values fall into WHO guideline. · PERSONAL TARGETS ALERT · · · Blood pressure that to be "normal" depends on age, gender and other conditions and comparing the values only to values set by WHO may not be sufficient. Set your own target blood pressure values. Reading flashes when it exceeds your target value. · SAVING RESULTS · · · WS-1100 has two memory banks with capacity of sixty readings each. The readings are recorded with date and time of measurement. · AM/PM MEMORY · · · Blood pressure changes through out a day. Recall a morning reading and compare it to readings taken in the morning and recall an evening reading and compare it to those taken in the evening. · DETECTION OF IRREGULAR PULSE RHYTHM · · · If the pulse rhythm detected during measurement was irregular, heart flashes.

Hypertension Data Management System WHO Guideline Classification Personal Targets Alert 2 x 60 Readings Memory Bank AM/PM Memory Irregular Pulse Rhythm Detection

Extended Range Cuff Fits Arms 23~43cm

Product specifications Model Principle of blood pressure measurement Indicator Pressure indication range Measuring range

Accuracy Inflation Exhaust Power supply Memory Operating environment Storage environment Applicable arm circumference Dimensions Weight

DS-2200 oscillometric method 17 digit back lit display 0 to 300 mmHg 50 to 250 mmHg (systolic) 40 to 140 mmHg (diastolic) 40 to 160 pulses/min (pulse rate) +/- 3 mmHg (blood pressure) +/- 5 % of reading (pulse rate) automatic (air pump) automatic quick exhaust valve 4 AA alkaline (LR6) batteries or 6.0 VDC AC adaptor 2 memory banks each with 60 measurements and their average +10°C to +40°C, 85 % relative humidity or below -5°C to +50°C, 85 % relative humidity or below 23 to 43 cm 150(W) x 120(H) x 105(D) mm approximately 485 g, without batteries

Back Lit Large Display

132 84



Date and Time

Specifications are subject to change without prior notice due to improvements in performance and quality.

Tidy Cuff Storage

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