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Tanglefoot Bird Repellent

A safe and easy-to-apply paste repellent to discourage pest birds

What is Tanglefoot?

Tanglefoot paste bird repellent is a clear sticky compound used to prevent pigeons, starlings and sparrows from landing or roosting on most flat surfaces. This non-drying sticky paste adheres to all surfaces. When used as directed, Tanglefoot repels Pigeons, Starlings and English Sparrows. Tanglefoot is generally used on bird resting places, such as window sills, roof ridges, gutters, ornamental coping, stonework and ledges. It can remain effective from 2 months to 2 years depending on the environment. Excessive dust, pollution, bugs and debris can cover the Tanglefoot reducing product effectiveness. To regain control, remove existing paste, clean the surface and reapply the Tanglefoot.


Safe, convenient easy to apply

Cartridge Application

1. Coverage: 1 oz. per linear foot. Load cartridge in caulking gun. Cut cartridge tip to the desired width: ! 1/4" bead for starlings and pigeons ! 1/8" bead for sparrows DO NOT APPLY WIDER LINES. Excessive coverage can result in birds getting stuck to the surface and may cause injury to the bird. 2. For small ledges, apply one bead 1" from the outside edge. For surfaces 3" and larger, apply one bead 1" from outside edge and additional bead 2" apart. 3. Leave a 1" gap in the bead every 12" to allow for surface drainage.

Before Applying Tanglefoot

1. Prepare the surface by removing dirt, droppings and other debris. Apply to a clean and dry surface. Wear disposable gloves and respiratory protection against the hazards associated with bird waste. 2. Treat porous and textured surfaces, such as wood, stone and concrete with an undercoating such as paint or sealer. Tanglefoot may soak into unprotected surfaces and cause staining. If removal is anticipated, protect the surface with water resistant tape, then apply product on the tape. 3. Store material at room temperature before application. Do not apply in damp weather or in o temperatures below freezing (32 F.). Product o o remains effective from 40 F. to 100 F. 4. Do not apply on steeply angled or vertical surfaces as slumping may occur.

Pail Application

1. Apply directly from pail with a putty knife or spatula. DO NOT COVER ENTIRE SURFACE! 2. Apply in narrow lines, following the line width and spacing recommendations provided in the Cartridge Application Instructions. 3. NEVER apply the material in such a manner that the entire surface is covered.


Use vegetable oil, followed by soap and warm water to clean hands and tools. Remove from surface by scraping off and cleaning with mineral spirits.

Note: ALWAYS read all product information and the product label before application!!

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Tanglefoot Bird Repellent

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Tanglefoot Bird Repellent