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MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET ----------------------------------------------------------------------PRODUCT NAME: Gefrax NP 6 DATE: 07/01/02 PRODUCT CODE: ----------------------------------------------------------------------CAS # 9016-45-9 CHEMICAL NAME/FAMILY: Alkylphenol Ethoxylates CHEMICAL SYNONYMS: Ultranex NP95, Surfonic N95 Polytergent B300, Tergitol NP9 Synperonic NP9.5, Marlophen 89.5N Nizhnekamskneftekhim USA 92 Front Street Hempstead, NY 11550


SUPPLIERS PHONE NUMBER: 516 542 0500 TRANSPORTATION EMERGENCY PHONE NUMBER: 1-800-424-9300 S.A.R.A. INFORMATION HAZARDS: Fire: Pressure: Reactivity: PHYSICAL DATA: Mixture: Pure: Solid: Acute: Chronic: Liquid: Y Gas:

SECTION I Hazardous Ingredients ----------------------------------------------------------------------Ingredient Percent TLV -----------------Poly (oxy-1, 2-ethanol), 100% ALPHA(Nonylphenol)-OMEGA-Hydroxy SECTION II Health Hazards ----------------------------------------------------------------------Potential Effects of Exposure (listed by primary routes of entry) Eyes: Causes irritation, experienced as pain, with excess blinking and tear production, and seen as marked excess redness and swelling of the eye with injury to the cornea. Skin: Brief contact may cause irritation. Prolonged contact, as with clothing wetted with material, may cause severe irritation and discomfort, seen as local redness and swelling. No adverse effects expected from absorption of material through skin. Inhalation: Vapors or mist, in excess of permissible concentrations, or in unusually high concentrations generated from spraying, heating the material or as from exposure in poorly ventilated areas or confined spaces, may cause irritation of the nose and throat, headache, nausea, and drowsiness. CONTINUED ON PAGE 02

MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET ----------------------------------------------------------------------PRODUCT NAME: Gefrax NP 6 DATE: 07/01/02 02 PRODUCT CODE: ----------------------------------------------------------------------SECTION II Health Hazards CONTINUED ----------------------------------------------------------------------Ingestion: diarrhea. First Aid: Eyes: Immediately flush eyes with large amounts of running water for at least 15 minutes. Hold eyelids apart while flushing to rinse entire surface of eye and lids with water. Get medical attention immediately. Continue flushing with water for an additional 15 minutes if medical attention is not immediately available. Skin: Wash skin with plenty of soap and water for several minutes. Get medical attention if skin irritation develops or persists. Inhalation: If irritation, headache, n ausea, or drowsiness occurs, remove to fresh air. Get medical attention if breathing becomes difficult or symptoms persist. Ingestion: If patient is conscious and can swallow, give two glasses of water (16 oz.). Induce vomiting as directed by medical personnel. Never give anything by mouth to an unconscious or convulsing person. SECTION III Special Protection Information ----------------------------------------------------------------------Respiratory Protection: Airborne concentrations should be kept to lowest levels possible. If vapor, mist or dust is generated, use respirator approved by MSHA or NIOSH as appropriate. Supplied air respiratory protection should be used for cleaning large spills or upon entry into tanks, vessels, or other confined spaces. See below for applicable permissible concentrations. Ventilation Required: Local exhaust ventilation recommended if generating vapor, dust, or mist. If exhaust ventilation is not available or inadequate, use MSHA or NIOSH approved respirator as appropriate. Exposure Limit for Total Product: None established. Protective Clothing: Eye/Face Protection: Avoid eye contact. Chemical type goggles with face shield must be worn. Do not wear contact lenses. CONTINUED ON PAGE 03 May cause abdominal discomfort, nausea, and

MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET ----------------------------------------------------------------------PRODUCT NAME: Gefrax NP 6 DATE: 07/01/02 03 PRODUCT CODE: ----------------------------------------------------------------------SECTION III Special Protection Information CONTINUED ----------------------------------------------------------------------Skin: Workers should wash exposed skin several times daily with soap and water. Soiled work clothing should be laundered or dry-cleaned at least once a week. SECTION IV Fire and Explosion Hazard Data ----------------------------------------------------------------------Flash Point (Method): 265øC

Flammable Limits (% Volume in Air): Upper: N/A Lower: N/A Extinguishing Media: Recommended Fire Extinguishing Agents and Special Procedures: According to NFFA Guide, use water spray, dry chemical, foam, or carbon dioxide. Water or foam may cause frothing. Use water to cool fire-exposed containers. If a leak or spill has not ignited, use water spray to disperse the vapors and to provide protection for persons attempting to stop the leak. Unusual or Explosive Hazards: None SECTION V Physical Data ----------------------------------------------------------------------Boiling Point: Specific Gravity (H(2)O=1): Vapor Pressure (MM HG.): Vapor Density (AIR=1): Solubility in Water: PH: Freezing Point: Appearance on Odor: Clear, liquid N/D 1.06 <1 >1 100% 5.0 ­ 7.5


MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET ----------------------------------------------------------------------PRODUCT NAME: Gefrax NP 6 DATE: 07/01/02 04 PRODUCT CODE: ----------------------------------------------------------------------SECTION VI Reactivity Data ----------------------------------------------------------------------Stability and Reactivity: This material reacts violently with: (If others is checked below, see comments for details) AIR WATER HEAT STRONG OXIDIZERS OTHERS NONE OF THESE Y Comments: None Products Evolved When Subjected to Heat or Combustion: Toxic levels of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, irritating aldeydes and ketones may be formed on burning. Heating in air may produce irritating aldehydes, acids, and ketones. Hazardous Polymerizations: Occur Hazardous Polymerization: N/A SECTION VII Spill and Leak Procedures ----------------------------------------------------------------------Accidental Release Measures (Transportation Spills Call: Chemtrec (800) 424-9300) Procedures in Case of Accidental Release, Breakage or Leakage: Contain spill if possible, contain with absorbent materials such as clay or soil, and shovel up. Avoid skin and eye contact. Waste Disposal Methods: This product has been evaluated for RCRA characteristics and does not meet the criteria of a hazardous waste if discarded in its purchased form. Under RCRA, it is the responsibility of the user of the product to setermine at the time of disposal, whether the product meets RCRA criteria for hazardous waste. This is because product uses, transformations, mixtures, processes, etc. may render the resulting materials hazardous. Remarks: Considered to be relatively toxic to aquatic life at concentrations as low as 5 ppm. Do Not Occur X


MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET ----------------------------------------------------------------------PRODUCT NAME: Gefrax NP 6 DATE: 07/01/02 05 PRODUCT CODE: ----------------------------------------------------------------------SECTION VIII D.O.T. Shipping Information ----------------------------------------------------------------------Proper Shipping Name: Gefrax NP 6 Hazard Class: None ID Number: None Label Requirements: None SECTION IX Additional Information ----------------------------------------------------------------------Regulatory Information: SARA TITLE III TITLE III Section 302/304 Extremely Hazardous Substance Component Ethylene oxide CAS # 75218 Percent 10 ppm RQ lbs 10 TPQ lbs 1000

CERCLA Section 102(a) Hazardous Substances Component Ethylene oxide Glycol ethers CAS # 75218 N/A Percent 10 ppm 1.0 RQ lbs 10 1.0

Title III Section 313 Toxic Chemicals Component Glycol Ether CAS # N/A Percent 1.0

Other Information: Ethoxylated products may contain residual amounts of ethylene oxide (EO), which can accumulate in the container headspace and be released into the ambient environment. Ethylene oxide causes tumors in laboratory animals. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration Permissible Exposure Level for EO is 1 ppm for an eight-hour time weighted average exposure. The standard regulates occupational exposure to EO from all sources including products containing residual EO. It is the responsibility of the employer to comply with OSHA ethylene oxide standard (29) CFR 1910.1047


MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET ----------------------------------------------------------------------PRODUCT NAME: Gefrax NP 6 DATE: 07/01/02 06 PRODUCT CODE: ----------------------------------------------------------------------SECTION IX Additional Information CONTINUED ----------------------------------------------------------------------NPCA/HMIS RATING: HealthFlammabilityReactivity2 1 0 N/A

Special Protection-

******** END OF REPORT ******** ----------------------------------------------------------------------FOR Nizhnekamskneftekhim USA DATE ISSUED: 07/01/02 DATE REVISED: < = LESS THAN > = MORE THAN N/A = NOT APPLICABLE N/D = NOT DETERMINED N/E = NOT ESTABLISHED UNK = UNKNOWN

The information provided in this Material Safety Data Sheet has been obtained from sources believed to be reliable. NIZH USA provides no warranties, either expressed or implied and assumes no responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of the data contained herein. This information is offered for your information, consideration and investigation. You should satisfy yourself that you have all current data relevant to your particular use. NIZH USA knows of no medical condition, other than those noted on this Material Safety Data Sheet, which are generally recognized as being aggravated by exposure to this product.



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