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ear Friends,

It's a hot day in August as I sit at my desk composing this letter. By the time you receive this Annual Report, the leaves will have changed colors and the students will be back on campus. And our 75th anniversary year will be underway. Today, however, my attention is fixed on the year just past during which the Foundation strove to build awareness and support for the University, to further its goals and objectives, and to close the ever-widening gap between state funding and the University's commitment to opportunity, accessibility and excellence. A few fundraising highlights of the 2003-2004 year include a most generous $250,000, five-year pledge from Provident Bank to establish the Provident Bank Scholarship. Fleet Bank of New Jersey made a $50,000 planning and development grant to support the NJCU Business Development Incubator. This is a program that will serve not only the University, but the entire Jersey City community by facilitating the formation of entrepreneurial ventures that will create revenue and employment. And the $15,000 Frank and Lydia Bergen Music Scholarships continued to help talented students pursue their dreams and degrees in music.



In addition to the generosity of these and many other institutions and organizations, the support of individuals, both alumni and friends, at every giving level, was crucial. State assistance continues to decline (a record low of 37% was received this past year), but we are determined to keep our doors open to qualified students without regard to economic status, to keep tuition costs affordable, and to keep our academic standards high. We cannot achieve these goals without you. I am proud to say that our University is healthy; our plans for the future are far-reaching; and our status as a leading urban university is unchallenged. On behalf of the entire NJCU Foundation Board of Directors, thank you for your continued generosity and support. Sincerely,

Letter from

John Nevin

Executive Director, NJCU Foundation


John Nevin






F O U N D A T I O N , I N C .


ear Alumni and Friends of New Jersey City University:

It is with great pleasure that I invite you to peruse the pages of the 2003-2004 Annual Report. As you learn about our extraordinary faculty and staff, read about our innovative projects, and see the broad range of support we enjoyed, I know that you will share my sense of pride in all that was accomplished in the last fiscal year. We welcomed more undergraduate and graduate students than ever before, and we sent into the work force 1,700 graduates, ready to move into careers ranging from accounting to urban planning. Most of our students were the first in their families to attend college or to go to graduate school, and many pursued their studies while raising families and working full-time. In fact, today's students face the same struggles and are driven by the same hopes that have motivated generations of NJCU students. It is what makes them so special and what makes our University a premiere institution of urban education. One hallmark of a great University is a great faculty, and in this regard NJCU is second to none. In the past year, eight books, two plays and innumerable articles were published by NJCU faculty.

Opportunity Accessibility Excellence

The above three words are the essence of New Jersey

City University's goal and mission.

Faculty awards and honors included two New Jersey State Council on the Arts Fellowships, a Fulbright Scholar Program Lecturing Award, a National Endowment for the Humanities Fellowship, an NJ College Health Association Nursing Excellence Award, and a Getty Visiting Scholar Award. In addition, many NJCU faculty were recruited to serve on community, state and national committees and task forces. During the past year, we were honored to receive a $1,037,000 grant from the Jersey City Economic Corporation for the NJCU Business Development Incubator (BDI). The BDI will help small, new companies by providing shared services and reasonably priced office space, as well as technical assistance. It will provide employment and learning opportunities for our students and alumni, while also playing a significant role in the redevelopment plan for Jersey City's West Side. The BDI joins our Small Business Development Center which is a resource center for businesses and entrepreneurs. It too offers many opportunities for our students to develop practical business skills while completing their academic requirements. This past June, it was announced that NJCU will partner with New Jersey Institute of Technology, Rutgers, and private institutions to form the Homeland Security Technology Systems Center ­ a landmark initiative that is the first of its kind in the nation. We are in the process of finalizing plans for the transformative West Side Project, we have completed the construction of the Visual Arts Building, and have broken ground on the new Arts and Sciences Building. In the midst of change and growth, one thing remains constant: New Jersey City University stands for opportunity, accessibility and excellence for every student who is eager to work, to study and to learn. As has been true for the past 75 years, our doors are wide open. Finally, I want to extend a personal thank you to our generous donors. Your support, interest and commitment are crucial to our efforts and our success. Sincerely,

Letter from

Our goal is to become the best urban university in the United States. Our mission is to provide a diverse population with the opportunity for

a practical application of the knowledge and skills gained in class; the access to all the educational and support services necessary for success; and the excellent university education that is the result of a great faculty, cultural and social richness and diversity, and an environment that nourishes students' intellectual growth, social awareness, and professional development.

Carlos Hernández

President, New Jersey City University

As an urban university, our commitment extends to our community. To

that end, we continue to partner with businesses, community organizations, government and local school districts to enhance the quality of life for all our Jersey City citizens.

We celebrate our 75th anniversary this year; in doing so, we draw on

our proud history as an institution for people who work hard to attain the American dream. As we look ahead to new plans, buildings, and programs, we ask you to continue to help us realize those dreams for our students, our scholars and our community.

Carlos Hernández, Ph.D.





NJCU's Faculty and Staff are at the core of our great institution. NJCU attracts dedicated professionals who lead and instruct students in an environment that both honors tradition and encourages innovation. The Annual Fund supports NJCU faculty and staff by providing creative training, professional development opportunities and modern equipment and facilities. Further resources are always needed to recruit, support, and retain dedicated teachers and staff and to reinforce our community as one in which all members ­ faculty, staff, and students ­ can grow and develop.

In sum, more than ten faculty members received

honors and scholarships including a prestigious Fulbright Scholarship.

We are thrilled to acknowledge the achievements and awards received by numerous members of our faculty and staff during the 2003 ­ 2004 academic year.

Faculty members published more than twenty books and articles this past year, varying from Mathematics to English Literature to Education. The following is a list of our distinguished authors.

More than 30 faculty and staff members received

honors, awards and appointments to boards.

Mr. Hugo Bastidas Director of campus galleries from the Art Department participated in

three national and international exhibitions: · The Seven International Artists, Group Showing in Buneos Aires, Argentina · A solo showing at the Nohra Hamie Gallery in New York City · A solo showing at the Battigalli Contemporary Art Gallery in Milano, Italy.

Eleven faculty and staff members were elected to

boards from Academic, Healthcare, Leadership and Athletic Associations; ten faculty and staff received awards in the areas of Journalism, Nursing, Youth Leadership, Athletics, and the Arts.

Professor Michael Badile

Professor Mary Ellen Campbell

prestigious Fulbright Scholarship.

from the Art Department was a recipient of a

Mr. Hugo Bastidas Dr. Deborah Bennett Ms. Naadu Blankson Ms. Arlene Bloom Professor James Broderick Dr. Bruce Chadwick Professor Patrice J. Dow-Nelson Dr. Jacqueline Ellis Dr. Edvige Giunta Professor Joel Katz Dr. Jill Lewis Ms. Ellen Quinn Dr. Muriel Rand

Dr. Alex DeNoble Associate Professor from the Special Education Department

presented before the 12th World Congress of the International Association for the Scientific Study of Intellectual Disabilities in Montpellier, France. from the English Department was the recipient of the NJCU research grant for "Black British Studies in the Victorian Period."

Professor Audrey Fisch

Mr. Ben Jones Professor from the Art Department participated in the following exhibitions:

· A solo showing at the Hammond House Art Center in Atlanta, GA · The Afro-Cuban Influences in My Art at Harvard University.

Dr. Tan Lin from the in English Department was recognized as a Getty Scholar by the Getty

Research Institute Community of Distinguished Scholars.

Mr. Hugo Morales Assistant Director of Publications, exhibited paintings at;

· The Consul General of Ecuador in Jersey City · The Robert Wood Johnson Media School · The New Jersey Performing Arts Center · The Havana Biennial in Cuba






Each year merit-based scholarships worth more than

$500,000 are awarded to New Jersey City University students. These awards are made possible in part by the leadership and dedication of you, our donors. We take great pride in seeing the impact these awards have in assisting our students toward their goals. Through the generosity of our contributors the University continues to realize its commitment to first-generation college students, to keep the legacy of affordability and academic excellence alive for generations to come. It is with deep gratitude that we acknowledge the donors and friends who enabled us to award the following scholarships in 2003-2004:


Although NJCU students devote a great deal of time to

their studies, there is ample opportunity to participate in a wide variety of cultural and recreational events. In addition to the extraordinary calendar presented throughout the year by the Office of Student Support Services, the University offers an array of extracurricular activities. We are thrilled to acknowledge the students and groups for their participation during this past 2003-2004 academic year.

11 5 8 20 10 47 3 24 7 12

Academic Scholarship Recipients Achievement Scholarship Recipients

· Thirty-four NJCU students were inducted into the National 2004 Who's Who Listings.

Alumni Scholarship Recipients Dean's Scholarship Recipients National Science Foundation Computer Science and Mathematics Scholarship Recipients New Jersey City University Foundation Endowed And Annual Scholarship Recipients NJCU Donnelly, Garner, Sarkar Memorial Scholarship Recipients Presidential Scholarship Recipients Talent Scholarship Recipients University Scholarship Recipients

· Nine NJCU student athletes were recognized by national associations for their excellence in sportsmanship and performance. · Two students were recognized as NCBCA Academic All Americans. · Four students were recognized in their individual sports as NCAA and NABC Team All Americans. · One of our students was also the CBUSA National Singles Finalist and the 1st 300 ­ Game winner in NCAA History. · Fifty NJCU Students and friends participated in the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk. · NJCU fraternity and sorority members have continued to volunteer for the 7th year at the Salvation Army's Annual Thanksgiving Dinner feeding 500 to 700 needy members of the Jersey City community. · Numerous NJCU students volunteered at the Community FoodBank of New Jersey, helping to make a difference in the lives of the hungry. · NJCU students have partnered with St. Jude Children's Hospital through the national Up `Til Dawn program that unites students, faculty and staff to sponsor and support the hospital and the children it serves.

In 2003-2004 we celebrated our second Annual University

Scholarship Reception where we brought together scholarship recipients and benefactors. This reception has become a highlight for both donors and scholarship recipients. It is a wonderful way for our students to meet and thank the benefactors who enable them to pursue their goals. It also gives our donors an opportunity to see firsthand the impact of their generosity.





For more than 20 years the Cooperative Education Program

at NJCU has broadened and enhanced the education we provide to our students by supplementing academic programs with hands-on professional work experience. Throughout the years the program has grown and developed into a feeder for many tri-state companies and institutions.

Many Cooperative Education students are offered salaried, entry-level, professional positions with local,

national and international companies and organizations. These include banks, newspapers, large and small corporations, media networks, design studios, and hospitals. Whether the students' interests are business, arts, media, mathematics, criminal justice or sociology (to name a few), chances are they have found a cooperative experience to fit their field and needs. This past year, NJCU was delighted to honor six Cooperative Education students at our 3rd Annual Cooperative Education Student Recognition Awards Program.

Cooperative Education enables students to gain invaluable

work experience under the careful supervision of seasoned executives and professionals. Through our Cooperative Education Program our students experience a realistic and practical opportunity to utilize skills and knowledge acquired in the classroom while acclimating themselves to a professional work environment.

Anthony Aceste

May 2003 graduate with a B.S. in criminal justice and minor in sociology and a 3.54 GPA. He completed his cooperative experience with the United States Customs Service in Elizabeth. He assisted Customs inspectors and criminal investigators with searches and seizures of illegal goods, plus anti-smuggling and anti- fraud investigations. Anthony's future plans include obtaining a Master's Degree in criminal justice from Boston University.

Folake Olufade

May 2004 graduate with a B.A. in business administration and a 3.0 GPA. She counseled employees and retirees about their benefits and contacted insurance companies for the Human Resources Department of the Metropolitan Transit Authority. Folake plans to obtain an MBA and ultimately own her own import-export business.


Pamela Penaherrera Carmen Falcones-Espinoza

Male Female

2003-2004 Cooperative Education Totals

In the past academic year the Cooperative Education Program placed 626 students. These students not only completed their programs, but earned a total of $2,045,457 in salaries and internship stipends.

300 200 100 0

2003-2004 Totals

Asian 32% Other 32% Black 32%

December 2003 graduate with a B.A. in english literature and minor in spanish and a 3.61 GPA. She completed her cooperative experience with the Food Stamp Policy and Evaluation Unit of the United States Department of Agriculture. Carmen plans to attend Law School.

May 2004 graduate with a B.A. in business administration and a 3.3 GPA. She assisted with customer and technical problems at the technical support department at Panasonic. Pamela plans to obtain her MBA in international business.

Gift Xtian Jeannette Johnson

May 2004 graduate with a B.A. in education and psychology and a 3.5 GPA. She assisted in the planning and implementation of activities for children at the River School of Jersey City. Jeannette hopes to become a school psychologist and eventually, the principal of an elementary school. May 2004 graduate with a B.S. in computer science and a 3.28 GPA. He automated tasks previously done by hand, including training schedules, engineering calculations and graphic user interfaces for the New York City Metropolitan Transit Authority. Gift plans to pursue a Master's Degree in accounting from NJCU.

Hispanic 32%

Caucasian 32%





Campus Construction

NJCU's most visible growth is the new buildings and refurbishing of existing buildings on

campus. The University, with the help of alumni and friends, continues to invest in our state of the art, high-tech Frank J. Guarini Library that serves as the academic heart of the campus. Equally as exciting, the new Visual Arts Building, featuring a sculpture by Maya Lin, is scheduled to open this year.

Small Business Incubator

As part of our revitalization efforts, the Business Development Incubator

(BDI) at NJCU, in cooperation with the Jersey City Economic Development Corporation, will play a significant role. It will assist in speeding Jersey City's economic recovery and revitalization of the West Side neighborhood. In addition, the BDI will provide employment and learning opportunities for NJCU students and alumni.

West Side Development

As we finalize plans for the development of the City's West Side, we are taking great care

that the new buildings blend aesthetically with the historic campus. After reviewing various designs, the University approved a plan that utilizes material sympathetic to the existing structures while providing much needed space for classrooms and dormitories. The redevelopment of the West Side is a project that will launch the University into the future; even more, it will revitalize the economy and community within Jersey City itself. Some of the results and benefits from the West Side development include:

The BDI will help new companies by providing under-market value office

space, shared services, and marketing, technical and managerial assistance. The BDI is located at 275 West Side Avenue, which also houses the University Academy Charter High School and is located in the New Jersey Urban Enterprise Zone. Last May, the Jersey City Economic Development Corporation awarded the BDI over $1 million in start up and renovation funds. The BDI also received a $50,000 grant from Fleet Bank. In addition, BDI was honored by the Hudson County Chamber of Commerce with the 2004 Gateway County Award and a citation from the County Executive for its commitment to economic growth in Hudson County.

A vital mixture of retail, housing and academic buildings, encouraging new businesses and services; A new location of a Visual and Performing Arts High School for Jersey City Connecting neighborhoods on the West Side to Route 440 Generating significant tax revenue to Jersey City through retail and market housing Better transportation via the Light Rail Station, while increasing its use Promoting and increasing community activities and participation Creating a best practice for the redevelopment of other areas in Jersey City and around the State



Campaign 2003-2004

A total of $375,314 was raised from a wide array of sources. In the pages that follow, we acknowledge each person and organization that helped NJCU through their generous support.

Major Club Donations

President's Club


Tower Club


Fleet Bank - NJ Frank J. Guarini George Karnoutsos Diane L. Mauriello Frank Miceli Alfred R. Parinello Anita M. (Palermo) Parinello Pfizer, Incorporated The Frank & Lydia Bergen Foundation The Duff Family Foundation The Frank J. Guarini Foundation The John Victor Machuga Foundation, Inc. The Provident Bank

Faculty/ Staff 2% Organization 3%

Friends 6%

Other 2%

University Associates


Corporate 37%

Chris Fiore Memorial Scholarship Fund Ruth Hagan Paskill & Stapleton Graphic Communications, Inc United Way Employees Charitable Campaign Karol A. Corbin Walker

Gothic Club


Alumni 33% Foundation 17%

Juan E. Albornoz Judith E. Albornoz Marilyn (Williams) Bennett Black Administrators, Alumni, Faculty, Staff, Student Organization Inez (Conradt) Boddy Joan (Pisano) Caputo Chase Education First David S. Chu Henry A. Coleman Leo N. Culkin Dominick D'Agosta Allan A. De Fina Julia M. Dreisbach Theresa Gallagher Marie L. Garibaldi Otto W. Glade Ellyn (Ruzicka) Kingman Winifred S. Leber Joel Leyner, Esq. Zeline Richard Richard F. Riggs Gertrude Robertson Maria E. Schantz The Jeffrey A. Pasqua Foundation Lucille (Braden) Young

Alumni . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$124,577 Corporate . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$142,455 Faculty/Staff . . . . . . . . . . . . .$9,142 Foundation . . . . . . . . . . . . .$63,260 Friends . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$21,095 Organizations . . . . . . . . . . .$11,244 Others . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$3,541

Michael J. Ascolese Nettie A. (Pensa) Bzura Lauren A. Caputo Comcast Corporation Education First Marketing, L.L.C. Paul H. Goldsmith John V. Guigon Mary Jo (Auer) Herbert Michael J. Herbert Dorothy (Scott) Jones Carmela (Ascolese) Karnoutsos John J. Moore National Sorority of Phi Delta Kappa, Inc. Oliver Communications Group Carol M. Preisinger Proyecto Access James J. Rath Ray of Hope Foundation, Inc. RBA Group Karen J. (Kelly) Sancilio Robert F. Smith The Hargrove Pierce Foundation Rebecca L. (Pisano) Trotta Martha (Salmon) Vogeler Gene H. Winokur Herbert M. Winokur Karen (Myers) Ziccardi Ziccardi Designs, Inc.



Donors 2003-2004

Dates of Annual Fund: July 1, 2003 - June 30, 2004

Great care and effort has been taken to ensure that this Honor Roll is accurate, and we apologize for any errors or omissions that may have occurred. Please contact the Development Office (201-200-3196, [email protected]) to report any inaccuracies. Please remember that this list reflects only those gifts received between July 1, 2003 and June 30, 2004.

Dainty (Robertson) Mc Intyre Diane A. (Gottko) Papp Rita (Sweeney) Prickitt Hilda (Murphy) Rogan Henry B. Williams CLASS OF '51

CLASS OF '30 Century Club Edna (Murray) Neubelt Contributors Julia B. Ainsworth Muriel (Steinburg) Razen CLASS OF '31 Century Club Nancy (Randazzo) Marcello CLASS OF '32 Contributor Fanny (Seigel) Goldman CLASS OF '34 Century Club Evelyn (Dwyer) Lidston Contributor Mary K. (Bannon) Allison CLASS OF '35 University Associate Ruth Hagan Contributors Margaret R. (Petit) Arthur Rebecca (Wexler) Davis Lillian (Axelsen) Ferrier Katherine (Frambach) Trimble CLASS OF '36 Century Club Alice M. Harloe Muriel (Kirchner) Mentze John J. Obrzut Sidney Rifkind Contributors Hilda (Muller) Midgley Sophie (Slotkin) Shapiro Elizabeth M. (Walker) Waldvogel CLASS OF '37 Century Club Emily (Yates) Obrzut Contributor Edna Terjesen CLASS OF '39 Contributor Sarah B. (Rountree) Cooke CLASS OF '40 Contributors Susan M. (Scalzo) Agresti Ruth (Van Binsberger) Baughman Anna (Palermo) Cirincion Freda M. (Leventhal) Farber Grace (Spencer) Hirt Vilma Hruska Esther (Sweazey) Lerch Florence (Stucke) Wilson

CLASS OF '41 Century Club John J. Scially Contributors Miriam (Canter) Nickelsporn June C. (Lohse) Russo Anne C. (McDermott) Sofield CLASS OF '42 Gothic Club Nettie A. (Pensa) Bzura Gene H. Winokur Tower Club Leo N. Culkin Century Club Dorothy (Bockman) Kelsey Shirley (Stonehill) May Viola (Rygiel) Suruda Contributors Mildred T. (Fraiese) Botti Evelyn (Adams) McChesney Elizabeth (Peebles) Murchie Beatrice (Greenstein) Spiro CLASS OF '43 Tower Club Otto W. Glade Knight Club June (Mulrane) Murphy Century Club Marion B. (Sickinger) Munch Lillian H. (Greenwalt) Pearce Margaret (Geier) Penney Alice (Rudolph) Thomas Contributors Camille (Ciuzio) Maiocchi Gloria D. (Larsen) Mueller Mary J. (Regan) Thomes CLASS OF '44 Gothic Club Dorothy (Scott) Jones Herbert M. Winokur Century Club Edythe (Kasten) D'Andrea Ann M. (Sieno) Davis Contributors Betty D. (Sparling) McGovern Florence G. (Royce) Van Gelder Elaine (Harries) Vellekamp Doris (Sanker) Weinstein Barbara (Kessler) Wotiz Kathryn P. (Owens) Ziegler CLASS OF '45 Century Club Gladys H. (Sargavy) Oelkers Contributors Marion G. (Maggio) Bartkus Wanda (Barawski) Dugan Ruth Todd-Dessingue

CLASS OF '46 Gothic Club Martha (Salmon) Vogeler Century Club Patricia M. (Collins) Cummings Harriet (Cronin) Gabel Theresa Gallagher Ellin (Callahan) Ward Contributors Serafina (Fiore) Banich Henrietta (Fromholtz) Siodlowski CLASS OF '47 Century Club Mildred E. (McHorney) Elsey Contributors Rose (Spero) Bosse Shari (Einfrank) Gelman Elizabeth (Walters) Hefferan Joan M. (Sjoden) Leeds Evelyn H. (Buseman) Schaad Stephonie (Nakonechny) Seibel Gertrude Strunk CLASS OF '48 Tower Club Inez (Conradt) Boddy Century Club Marion E. (Griesbaum) Guidotti Contributors Antoinette C. (Dolese) Anweiler Margaret M. (Daly) Gallagher Helen (Krikorian) Jones Christine (Giannantonio) Lischick CLASS OF '49 Century Club Elenora C. (Mansfield) Leopold Violet M. (Yelusich) Lucia Contributors Lillian (Stalling) Behrens Doris E. Butz Edna M. (Willig) Callery Selma D. (Friedman) Colbert Camille J. (Romano) Dalfino Jane A. (Rue) Fettig Rose-Marie Floyd Frank J. Greber Virginia J. (Darco) Hutchinson Teresa M. (Gentile) Moulton June (Burr) Scott Phyllis E. (Spiesman Resnik) Stein CLASS OF '50 Century Club Eugene J. Colgan Tobey (Goodman) Karp George K. Loh Edith (Bland) Phillips Contributors Gloria M. Corbo Anita R. (Berger) Epstein Julia M. (Jespersen) Kelly

Knight Club Vivian (Trodden) Hulse Century Club Frances M. (Beyer) Antal Millie (Venezia) Fitzhenry Rosemary (Andrews) Frank John A. Sestanovich Mary Joy (Field) Sestanovich Jean A. (Madden) Yeomans Contributors Richard J. Blommaert Thomas A. Ricadela CLASS OF '52 Century Club Joy (Reilly) Cosgrove Katherine T. Crossan Joan C. Faherty Marilyn (Stetson) Hepburn D. Raymond Orsi Contributors Florence C. (Elliott) Blommaert Bernice Bowman-Biddle Doris M. (Wood) Hambach Audrey L. (Klod) Kruse Virginia (Macgillvary) Loughney Joan (Gaynor) Mc Knight Albert G. Melvin Martha (Ehlkes) Peck Jean Sharrock Ethel (Bernhard) Wanty CLASS OF '53 Century Club N. D. Girardo Gloria (Vion) Mele Paul B. Rafalides Contributors Dorothy C. (Gillings) Bartlett Catherine M. (Orrico) Cancalosi Anne (Marchiano) Clarke Virginia (Flannery) Fetterly Jeanne (Kirner) Gilbert Dorothy Petrovich Joan (Coston) Sarafin Barbara H. (Spinella) Sgambelluri Genevieve (Nunery) Vaughan CLASS OF '54 Tower Club Maria E. Schantz Century Club Jane (Albright) Beebe Sandra (Stein) Krasner Dolores G. Pittius Ruth E. (Kleinbeck Schmidt) Roessle Gloria J. (Wachtel) Segel Marilyn (Beil) Smith Contributors Beatrice (Iovenitti Hammalian) Barbieri Robert Brodo Velma L. Gordon John A. Horner Audrey (Schwartz) Kopelman

Florence K. (Georgia) Larkin Carlotta F. (Bullen) Mayer Joan M. (Whittaker) Melvin Amalia (Grippo) Nidermaier Jeanne (Vogan) Nygren Dolores J. (Miller) O'Brien Mary L. O'Brien Frances (Troiano) Pacicco Marjorie P. (McLane) Ryan Patricia A. (Clancy) Scully Rosemary (Lenartowicz) Simpson Elaine H. (Andie) Tito John A. Wanko CLASS OF '55 President's Club George Karnoutsos Contributors Marie A. Kelleher Lorraine (Czerwinsk) Olszewsk Dolores (Schreiber) Sauvage Frances (Schlindwein) Scheil CLASS OF '56 Gothic Club John J. Moore Century Club Nancy M. Baldwin Allen Rosemarie A. DiGeronimo Beverly (Rems) Katzman Joseph D. Marotta Charles Matkowski Irving S. Ziegler Contributors Joan C. (Magnus) Burkle Joan C. Ferrara-Endrigo Lewis G. Garely Elaine (Unger) Kolker Arliss C. (Wilkinson) Perfetti CLASS OF '57 Century Club Robert Clark Jack W. MacDougall Toni Mele Zarra Contributors Antoinette C. (Lauer) DeFilippis Dominick L. Denardo Mary P. (Mc Inerney) Glackin Doris (Femiano) Pappas Henrietta J. (Bullen) Spry Jacqueline A. (Sidoti) Villano CLASS OF '58 Century Club Eileen M. (Sengstacke) Clark William J. Maxwell Marcia H. Ripps William C. Smith Contributors Hildegard M. Baumeister Maureen (Brady) Buono Mary Lou Pine Breuer Charlotte H. Falvey Mary (Majcher) Farrenkopf Barbara A. (Keogh) Leonard Ann Marie (McGowan) Williams CLASS OF '59 Century Club Patricia A. (Schreck) Arena

Naomi M. (Notbohm) Corso Nancy Filak Margaret K. (Mai) Foti Grace Kingsbury Jessie E. (Martin) Schlichting Edith (Rosenholtz) Ziegler Contributors Joyce L. (Calderara) Bernstein Dallas J. (Plant) Casuccio Lucille (Podgorny) Casulli Gloria R. (Ippolito) Cooke Rosemary M. (Spincola) Curving \Mary B. DeMichele Eleanor F. (Meewes) Finke Sandra J. (Lobel) Flambaum Irene F. (Schroder) Murray Joseph R. Nemcik Dominick F. Parisi John W. Waneck CLASS OF '60 Knight Club Joseph T. Hahn Century Club Helen (Matthews) Aiosa Lawrence A. Black Robert L. Brown Rosemary P. (Allen) Giordano Albert P. Guidotti Barbara J. (Davison) Koelln Ruth H. (Tischler) Korn Henry R. Przystup Arthur D. Sheekey Sally (Trez) Taylor Robert W. Thomas Harvey N. Weiss Contributors Margaret N. (Cronin) Ackerman Roxianna A. (Baekey) Baran Veronica R. (Egan) Fleissner Barbara F. Glowacki Mary Ann Ingenito Ruth (Gelvin) Margolin Daniel T. Morro Anthony Mussara Glorianne A. (DeAngelo) Parisi Florence (Kostelecky) Quinzel Emilia (Brancia) Ricadela Joan F. (Sweigart) Waneck Barbara E. Williams CLASS OF '61 Century Club Janet E. (Goldstein) Dardik Robert J. Fyne Angeline M. Galliard Katherine I. (Burke) Gavin William F. Gavin Angelina (Mazza) Harrison Susan (Bornstein) Hoffman Alice M. Ousterman Hinda (Chasis) Pollack Contributors Alison V. Carter Maria C. (Pignone) Childress Aviva K. (Messing) Cohen Sheila L. (Millinger) Cohen Dianne (Brown) Daniele Elliott H. Grabine Carol (Blohm) Hyde Brenda J. (Habermann) Leemann Janet M. (Hand) McGlynn Libby (Hochstein) Miller Diane J. (Bejot) Olson



Helen M. (Werthwein) Piasecki Joyce (Paepke) Raczkowski Martha W. Schonberg Arsenio V. Silvestri CLASS OF '62 Gothic Club Michael J. Herbert Knight Club Helen Hoch Howard I. Parish Century Club Lorraine (Broszeit) Brunelle Patricia F. (Murray) Farrell Charlotte G. Gelfand Mildred Goodwin Elsie S. Katz Mildred (Gilbert) Kaylor Josephine M. (Esposito) Lynch Kathleen A. Martin Samuel T. McGhee Anthony Perrone Kenneth Pollach John J. Rath Contributors Marilyn A. (Reuss) Ammiano Frances (Meehan) Brill Mario A. Capozzi Eileen (Bober) Chmiel Jay T. (Miesegaes) Cowen Ralph R. Fedele Kenneth J. Monaco Carolyn A. (Mizelle) Morro Carole S. (McKevitt) Mueller Barbara J. Munz Patricia J. Noble Beatrice V. O'Donnell Francis P. Raftery Carol A. (Pallarino) Rovento Janet L. (Brunet) Shelton Mary Jane Somers Robert W. Steiger Anthony J. Vallese Peggy Ann A. (Goetz) Vidito Joel S. Whitman CLASS OF '63 Gothic Club Mary Jo (Auer) Herbert Knight Club Sofia (Dubowska) Parish Century Club Susan (McGee) Fahy Noreen F. Feehan Mary E. Golden Peter Incardone Mary Ann (Jacobs) Kofoed Edward A. Meglis Frances (Dellaglio) Popowich Nicholas Popowich Dolores (Lorraine) Raimondo William A. Rieck Thomas J. Rubino Richard E. Sentipal George D. Swanson Sharon A. (Smith) Theobald Contributors Nancy (Hughes) Blatcher Diane T. (Cappadona) Cappelluti Juliet F. Caruso Deanna L. (Penn) Cebulash Marlene (Popok) Davidson

Edwin G. Duffy Mary E. (Romeo) Egoian Judith E. (Connell) Foester Nicholas A. Impalli Frank H. Kartan Emanuela (Patruno) Kubacz Phyllis (Kotler) Light Patricia (Kuchma) McDonnell Adriana (Bellomo) Minutella Dolores (Califri) Pearson Diana (Framm) Schnitzer Catherine Spadafino Carolyn E. (Berkhimer) Telepan Anna (Chmielnicki) Zacharyczuk CLASS OF '64 Gothic Club Carmela (Ascolese) Karnoutsos Century Club Iris C. Bland Janet K. Carsetti Michele M. De Maio Agatha (De Pinto) Emmer Michael J. Gallucci Warren E. Heiss Joan A. (Pallen) Petersen Gloria S. Rubin Frank C. Scalzo Patricia A. (Petrovich) Schifano Patrick C. Schifano Susan M. Strigliabotti Mary Ann (Carbone) Tarantula Contributors Joseph A. Adamo Catherine E. (Sonzogni) Blume Joanne M. (Iuliano) Forte Carol A. (Schlanger) Granoff Rima (Cohen) Jakub Barbara L. (Petrovich) Kudile Betty (Maupai) Maresca Bonnie L. Mc Kevitt James P. McGovern Lois (Drosselmeyer) McNamara Rosemary (Novello) Parlavecchio Geraldine J. Plant Nancy E. (Benikosky) Pruitt Florence B. Sawicki Paulette T. (Villani) Sheeran Lois (Parks) Sucharzski Jeanette L. (Friezo) Szabo Joanna C. (Vayda) Taylor Rosemarie Yurecko Madeleine I. Zeho CLASS OF '65 Century Club Charles H. Brown Mary S. (Crawford) Charles Regina (Sweet) Ingraham Margaret A. (Healey-McCarthy) Kelly Josephine L. Leyte-Vidal Marie (Rizzo) Morrissey Dora A. (Ferrino) Musante Alfred G. Olivi Robert J. Polakowski Elizabeth M. (Donohue) Santora Maureen (Monti) Spadora Barbara A. Staknis-Kubowicz Claire J. Warlikowski Contributors Charles E. Bresnahan George J. Burke Dorothy A. (Wenson) Callahan John J. Campbell

Joyce I. (Albert) Christie Angela (Zuppa) Ciccone Joseph A. DiPasquale Lawrence P. Grinch Letitia F. (Chiodo) Montes Joseph D. Nicoletti Marilyn (Rice) Paurelsky William R. Prihel Doris D. (Tramontana) Rafferty Claire (Buckley) Roeber Geraldine A. (DiMeola) Sisko Margaret A. (Salvato) Sites Eugene J. Stracco Brenda (Farabaugh) Venino Lydia L. (Maggiora) Walter Roberta M. (Geiger) Wittcoff Carol A. Dobkowski) Zinn CLASS OF '66 Century Club Louise (Haynes) Ballard Paul J. Calocino Carole A. (Sacco) Cozzolino Oliver M. Donovan Darryl L. (Tucker) Ebner Mattie Green-Terry Elmer Joerg Alice M. Korbett Patricia I. (DiMartino) Locascio Michael M. Luzzi Gary J. Mielo Edwin H. Petersen Thomas R. Raimondi Giacomo V. Silvestri Joan C. (Guadagno) Silvestri Thomas M. Vouglas Contributors Ann Marie (Calabrese) Angelone Lorraine A. (Johnson) Austin Paula C. (Berlangieri) Baldwin Virginia K. Bognar Helen V. (Neal) Bresnahan Maria C. (Perez) Burt Harriet P. (Zisk) Callahan Ralph S. Civitillo Enid (Kosowsky) Doyle Virginia (Esposito) Falcone Marilyn A. (Polidon) Gargulinski Judith A. (Mai) Gonzales James T. Hyland Emily A. Jackson Ronald L. Lupkin Olga (Kurta) Medvigy Sylvia Monaco Richard H. Newmark Elizabeth (Rinaldi) O'Grady Catherine A. (Warlikowski) Romano Helen M. Sutton Barbara A. (Di Marcantonio) Tanis James R. Wardell Eileen Wild CLASS OF '67 Knight Club Christopher H. Rossing Betty H. Wilson Century Club Diana L. (Warnock) Aklan Charles J. Bartley Eloise Darby-Thomas Mary G. (Coleman) Donnelly Karen (Neuhoff) Fahrenholz Leonard H. Frisco Catherine (Ozarowski) Hallas Amelia T. (Sluka) Juchiewicz

Alfred F. Lesiak William J. McClung William J. McGuire Laraine M. (Hill) Meehan Linda J. (Robinson) Rose Steven Weinstein Contributors Mary Lou (Deluca) Akersten Evelyn (Selinske) Andrew Ellen G. (Fox) Bernstein John W. Bratowicz Donna K. Butler William J. Callahan Mary Ellen (O'Connor) Cox Kathleen A. (Dwyer) Derella Barbara A. (Yononko) Farina Doris A. (Cavanagh) Ferretti Jane (Pinto) Fitzgerald Phyllis (Spinelli) Flanigan Carol A. (Kelly) Hyland Carol A. (Fay) Johnson Ellen J. (Soprano) Lissner Nancy K. (Carluccio) McGreevy Diane B. (Trupkiewicz) McKenna Eric V. Meeres Lorraine C. (Hoos) Mullins Beverly J. (Vivers) Nichols Kathleen E. O'Donnell Caroline L. (Olawski) Pinard Barbara A. (Botch) Sibunka Margaret (Pinter) Soffel John C. Thompson Alice M. (Glospie) Walty Eleanor (Ebbesen) Widdis Ronald E. Wiese CLASS OF '68 Gothic Club Karen (Myers) Ziccardi Century Club Diane M. Barbieri Frank J. Brady Judith D. (Benke) Brady Paul D. Donnelly JoAnn M. (Stanish) Fusiak John J. Gutowski Michele (Felice) Ippolito Julia (Flintosh) Kaplan Janis S. Maschucci Geraldine Orlowski Jeanne G. (Marino) Raimondi Doris C. (Kushnir) Roszkowski Barbara R. (Anderson) Saam Catherine S. (Hill) Schwartz Joyce C. (Williams) Tyler Joan Yanashusky Anthony P. Zotta Contributors Patricia L. (Dimonde) Allegretta James G. Allocco Gail L. (Groth) Blake Pat J. Ciccone Anna A. (Zachariades) Comodromos Kathleen B. (Flannelly) Creutzburg Arleen J. (Woods) Dunne Thomas A. Fraser Edward M. Hartnett Kathleen A. (Brennan) Herten Loretta B. (Keighron) Hess Robert S. Hyatt Kathleen E. (McCourt) Jackes Lynne (Zoss) Mangold Jean B. (Rooth) Nagai Leanore E. (Bartolozzi) Neuendorff Joan M. (Donnelly) O'Leary

Betty A. (Huey) Olson Louise (Reynolds) Rempe Diane F. (Burkhardt) Turetsky CLASS OF '69 Tower Club Lucille (Braden) Young Century Club Barbara (Lapenna) Capone Paul J. Condello Eugenia (Plaskon) Connerat Lorraine A. (Martin) Denick Madelyn A. (Miller) Devincenzo Charlotte (Ryer) Dittrich Thomas J. Golodik Thomas A. Hansen Janet M. (Zemaites) Hrusovsky Carol J. (Fletcher) Kelly Vincent J. Kelly Elizabeth L. Lamorte Myron H. Leshowitz Evelyn Martone-Condello Marjorie (Freeman) McDaniel Joann A. Outslay Barbara (Crecco) Sprofera Charles A. Tocko Thomas Valente Linda L. (Krynicky) Wolfe Contributors Elaine M. (Pignata) Albietz Charlotte Berglas Mary Ann (De Cicco) Bernero Robert G. Breithaupt Lee Ann (Zukosky) Burke Joseph A. Cioffi Jacqueline D. Cole-Graziano Alexander J. DeNoble Susan H. (Sullivan) Dibarba Steve Dicristo Claire (Hansen) Durso Vincent C. Ferry Stephen A. Finn Carolyn M. (Gorney) Flanagan Nancy L. Mackin Rosemary E. Marino Virginia M. (Dapuzzo) Martin Beverly A. (Serafin) Matthews Linda J. McAllister Carolina A. Mearns Karen L. Mengo Arlene E. (Bujnowski) Mione Cheryl Nagel-Smiley Marianne Nececkas Linda M. Penin Phyllis (Dabrowski) Puzio James F. Sabia Dorothy (Marshall) Santomauro Deborah M. (Koenigswals) Shanker John C. Sincaglia Rhoda Tarnoff Alice M. (Ladagona) Tepfenhardt Robert M. Troiano Rita M. (Romelczyk) Uzdavines Mary T. (Doyle) Weimert Irene D. (Norulak) Weller Judith A. (Falconer) Woelpper Octavia L. (De Pinto) Zampella CLASS OF '70 President's Club Anita M. (Palermo) Parinello Knight Club Darlyn S. Eckert Marie R. Russomanno Gertrude (Gorman) Sokolowsky

Century Club Judith A. Bender Mary Jane (Schmitt) Bergen Alexander S. Biro Frank R. Buglione Diane E. (Dully) DePascale Edward Kleinman Jane A. (Delo) Kocian Dorothy T. Meissner Jeanette D. Newman Virginia (Tangalin) Salang Christine A. (Fogler) Shafer Marianne Sokolnicki-Mackey Dennis J. Washack Contributors Carol B. Bederka Carol L. (Coccioli) Berta Kathleen C. Boyle Salvatore E. Buda Joseph P. Cancro Florence Caputo-Savage Vera M. (Wilson) Cooper Camille F. (Senerchia) Egan Margaret (Cirone) Flynn Michael T. Flynn Jacqueline P. (Muller) Gannucci James A. Giannantonio Lynn S. (Poggio) Gremmo Claire L. (De Vito) Guardascione Maria C. Gullace William R. Jackson Dolores A. (Lorentzen) Kwacz Michael P. Lynch Sheila Massoni Veronica T. (Mastellone) Munro Gail M. Opacity Neil J. Pedersen Janet (Kozakewich) Ryan Alix A. Saakes John J. Skripak Linda Vollkommer-Lynch CLASS OF '71 Century Club Mary A. Blumhagen Constance E. Brown Kathleen (O'Boyle) Cardinale Anthony N. DeBenedictis Gerard J. Dell'Orto Gerard J. Dynes Gregory D. Feehan Clare V. Genzlinger Joyce (Mauis) Gordon Ronald King Joseph Moscato Theresa M. Nelson-Johnson Gertrude (Mullen) O'Brien Bernard J. Polaski Phyllis G. Reilly Claudia (Filipowicz) Strano Mary J. Tunny Margaret A. Walsh Contributors Helen (Olsen) Allen Suellen (Cashman) Behan Eileen A. (Symonies) Brown Andrew S. Casella Brian J. Cazanave Kathleen H. Cinotti Francis T. Connors Kathleen A. (Purcell) De Noble Catherine M. Di Gioia Chiarina E. DiFazio John J. Dingerdissen Joan A. Esposito Mary K. (Dwyer) Esposito



Marjorie E. (Grimm) Evanson Rita M. (Verga) Favetta Frank P. Femino Rona S. Gabin John J. Grados Lillian O. Grant Carol S. Grasz Jeanne M. (Ransom) Greene Francis X. Hesketh Catherine A. (Scollan) Impalli Kathleen A. Jones Jerry C. Kahse Jacalyn S. (Brandao) Kaszuba Patricia E. Kelly Eleanor F. (Madjonis) Kroutil Donna L. (Massa) Langan Selmabess (Weisman) Loth Linda M. Marmora Margaret C. Martin Penelope A. (Kierce) Marzec Joseph D. McGovern Brian P. McHugh Rita C. (Morawick) McKeon Vivianne G. Meffen Bernadette V. (Fitzpatrick) Messano Richard V. Messano Evelina (Peduto) Morrison Mildred P. (Colavito) Prendergast Barbara J. (Dawson) Robinson Diane G. (Tuzzio) Romano Jennie M. Sarsano Jacqueline Schiff Mary Lou (Roma) Scott John Tagliareni Deborah (Ruempler) Tassone Joseph T. Tonzola Margaret M. Waters Mary Ann (Sinisi) Weiner Phyllis A. (Imbesi) Wiese CLASS OF '72 Tower Club Marilyn (Williams) Bennett Knight Club Jennifer Jones Century Club Carol J. (Chandler) Anderson Filomena Buonincontro Mary J. (Archibald) Castellitto George Catorell Karen M. Daguano Verda D. (Alford Jackson) Darrell Lenore R. Dreyfuss Joseph V. Ferrara Laura M. Fisher Patricia G. (Lunsford) Gruber Timothy J. Fogler Eleanor M. Hartmann Sheila W. (Rush) Johnson John A. LaPolla John M. Lynch Robert W. Meyers Brian J. O'Donnell Sandra R. (Kostenbauder) Parker Donna L. (Dietz) Powers Joseph G. Wroczynski Lynne R. Zanetich Contributors Angeline C. Alfieri Miriam T. (Cummings) Bartley Lynn S. (Arbeitel) Bergen Carolyn J. Brady Kathryn T. (Sesney) Brew Maria A. (Barbagallo) Buhowski Valerie J. (Cella) Butler

Susan M. Capristo Geraldine M. Ciampoli John W. Ciborowski Deborah H. (Rehill) Combs Carol M. (Goodman) Conroy Joseph C. Conti Edwin Duroy Thelma M. Ennis Marlene A. Ensmann Lois A. Erickson Lorraine M. Evan-Barnuski Alice J. (Sprong) Failla Nina F. Formisano Michael P. Gabriel Cynthia (Hinds) Gorkowski Shelia S. (Parker) Hatcher Jean K. (Colucci) Iannarelli Linda M. (Danish) Jankowski James M. Kelly Ladislava P. Krawiec Barbara A. (Bielen) Lynch Irene A. (Trez) Manna Antoinette Marron Dennis J. Marvin Christene M. (Thorpe) McCarthy Patrick J. McCarthy Joseph M. McNally Felice M. Mezzina Shirley B. (Glodava) Mgerack Joyce M. (Heyboer) Noren Louise M. Ongaro Joseph J. Romano Victoria T. (Kasprzak) Roush Ellen M. (Cocklin) Sandman Felicia E. (Nowak) Servetz Ann M. (Bakes) Solch Francesca Sterlacci Virginia T. Stilo Renee (Schnitzer) Tompkins Rosanne (DeMaio) Trebesiner Caroline A. Turco Linda L. (Kowalski) Ukson Roger R. Valvano Kenneth J. Varga Sydel M. Wasserstrom Katherine S. Woebse Michele S. Wolf CLASS OF '73 President's Club Alfred R. Parinello Knight Club John R. Nevin Century Club Rose Marie D. (Algeria) Barbieri Kathrine E. (Choice) Burno Joyce (Bransford) Byrd Ernest C. Ciardi Lillian O. (McKinny) Croswell Marie A. Fosello Kathleen E. (Hogue) Hamilton Ann D. (Stone) Heiss Ernest J. Hill Mary Jane P. Johnson Jean R. Korte Patricia M. LaGuardia Michael M. Lo Russo Diane (Bachanas) Luedtke Patricia E. (Weldon) Mehlem Anita (Desmond) Nedswick George M. Patterson Joyce A. (Kimak) Patterson Lorraine (Stewart) Singletary Eve (Richkus) Vogt Christie L. Williams

Contributors Linda (Glogorski) Adams Marilyn A. Arnhols Karen L. Bell Patricia L. (Bachor) Byrnes Isabel (Detrizio) Carotenuto Barbara J. (Bays) Carrino Robert F. Cecchini Elizabeth D. (O'Connor) Cerbasi Carol Ann Cerwin Concetta A. (Calzaretta) Cocchiola Kathleen M. (Zdyb) Conti Judith A. Corazza Marguerite (Monahan) Costanzo Ruth Ann Crewe Paulette J. Dale Dominic J. DiGioia J. Christabelle (Bragg) Dilworth Clare C. Donnelly Dolores O. Dowe Christine Ertle Suzanne (Burke) Ervin Joseph P. Fanning Gloria (Kiken) Feiner Joan C. (Kriete) Fitzsimmons Edward A. Ford Pamela E. Gardner Theresa A. Golz Patricia M. Goworek Nancy Ellen (Mulhall) Guillen Rosanna W. Heckman Julian Jenkins Anthony (Charles) Jones Patricia (Machiaverna) Joy Janet Kalista Chester C. Kaminski Charlene E. (Pizzuta) Kingsbury Barbara M. Kreiss Nicola A. (Brandon) Levine Charles T. LoBue Sophie Lukowski-Slezak Patricia A. Lyons Mildred K. MacMillan Deborah (Szatkiewicz) Mangione Robert C. Mazza Kathleen M. McAllen Grace G. McCaw Dolores H. McNany Carol A. Montague Marianne (DeMaria) Moran Frank Motichka Ellen O'Grady Dorothy L. Peters Mark S. Pfiefer Joan M. (Tanzillo) Picini Pearl R. (Ashley) Reid Doreen M. (Roberts) Salsano Judith A. (Pawlyzyn) Savrick Robert J. Schmidt Barbara J. (Fiorillo) Settanni Rosemary B. Smock Bette J. Stern Denise (Spiridis) Tarsitano Robert W. Tholen Frances (Belton) Truncellito Lois C. Velez Margaret A. (Hunt) Vyssotsky Barbara (Avento) Weiner Maureen R. (Dempsey) Wolf Ellen L. (Borman) Yersak Veronica M. (King) Zapata CLASS OF '74 Gothic Club Karen J. (Kelly) Sancilio

Century Club Kathleen Bachmann Mary A. (Toth) Balk Adly G. Baselous Linda S. Brown Harold T. Dally Joanne (De Nigris) DeBenedictis Sharon M. (Goodhart) Ertz Earlene Green Shelley S. (Green) Harrison Richard E. Iwanowski Maryann C. Keller Robert W. Larson Patricia A. Lucchesi William F. Mackey Sally A. (Fargo) Medeiros Lois J. (Eckmeyer) Milo Gloria Morcilio Patricia H. Patterson Elba Perez-Cinciarelli Margaret A. Terrano Rosanne M. (Satriano) Vitiello Alice B. (Nedward) Wilson Contributors Patricia L. (Fragasso) Albano Ruth A. (Caposello) Baginski Yvonne L. (Mayfield) Balcer Louise J. (Hajduk) Baratta Bonita M. (Corridon) Brennan Russell R. Bryant Diana Capetola Eve (Teich) Caruso Robert C. Christie Arlene L. (Levin Rappaport) Claire Elizabeth B. (Everts Breitmaier) Congdon Maureen A. Costantino George J. Coughlin Kathleen (Perkins) Czander Roy D. Deahl Deborah (Bednarski) Del Rosario Patricia A. (Marone) DelGuercio Karen M. (Logemann) Duvall Nancy E. Fox Debbie (Scord) Hennessey Raymond S. Hryczyk Martha T. Junta Steven P. Lindemann Nancy Luce John Maresca Stella Mauro Susan R. Miller Dennis J. Millevoi Michelle A. Moran Pamela G. (Caharack) Murgo Deborah A. (Luzzi) Murphy Charles F. Murray Ninetta T. Nappi Louise R. Neal Barbara (Granowitz) Poreda Carol (Page) Puciul Kathy M. (Scruggs) Reed Barbara J. (O'Malley) Russ Mary E. Solecki Alice C. (Smith) Stewart Denise (Cucopulos) Stine Ann T. (Jurkiewicz) Tedeschi Constance G. Wagner Christine M. Westphal CLASS OF '75 Tower Club Ellyn (Ruzicka) Kingman Century Club Joseph M. Annecchino Jacqueline (Cox) Bradley Joseph M. Burzynski

Ada (Burson) Culbreth Kathleen E. Donegan Mildred (O'Neal) Dorsey Kathleen M. Egan John A. Falcone Mary P. (Dowd) Ferreri Lecie M. (Gutzmore) Howell Joan M. Koehler Thomas P. Loonie Karen B. (Niedermeier) Lund Deborah M. (Horan) Morales Arthur T. Siemientkowski Ruth M. Smith Arthur J. Waltz Gail M. Wovna Contributors Michael J. Alvarez John J. Belluardo Vivian M. Birkner Jean (Pona) Carne Elizabeth A. Castner Agnes Colaneri Philomena L. (Gironda) Coyle Evelyn O. (Hughes) Crews James T. Cullen Marianne Venditelli) De Benedetto Pharis L. Deane Kathleen A. (Casserly) Dececco Ray E. DeGraw Jean P. DeMichele Leonard J. DeTrizio Robert D. El Rosaline T. (Judge) Fleming Susan K. Freda Charley M. Gilley Edward H. Heim Charles M. Holden Patricia (Nelson) Holden Carol F. Hrychynszyn Arnetta D. Jones Ruth (Saks) Lapidow Ethel M. (Gilliard) Lawrence Maria J. Leyva Michele S. Maida George J. Mc Elroy Reaner A. (Holloway) McClain Patricia A. Melody Nancy Mielnicki Madeline L. Miller Nathan B. Miller Marguerite (Lesko) Modero Michael G. Modero Sandra M. (Savin) Murray S.J. Peters Hope (Anderson) Poliansky Anneke Prins-Simons Marie M. Raimondo Leonard Resto Arthur D. Riedel Elizabeth C. (Drury) Rigby Anna A. (Logan) Rone Debra R. Rutherford Charles B. Thompson Silvia G. (Chinaglia) Washington Margaret D. Weber Catherine L. Wells Marie S. Westphal Hazel E. (Graham) Williams Beatrice (Scott) Zimmermann CLASS OF '76 Knight Club Brenda M. Richardson Century Club Mariann E. (Romelczyk) Annecchino Sandra E. Brown

Harry R. Carter Janice Dorocki Joan E. Franklin Barbara W. Gorski Steven B. Hern Maxine R. Hodge Joseph L. Jones Kathleen B. Kelly Steven J. Lemken Carmel Loughman Deborah (Flood) Michieka Annie E. Mitchell Gail (Marion) Moss Carol A. Reeves Leanora (Bennett) Scott Stephanie (Jackson) Shuler Richard J. Smolucha Contributors Judith (Racicot) Alvarez Anne Marie (Marroccoli) Apaliski Patricia (Criaris) Carroll Karen A. Christie Philip D. Cooper James J. Corbett Eileen M. Cornish Jo Ann A. (Lisa) Corry Annette M. (Basile) Creedon Regina T. Cutillo Gail M. (Capizzi) Dellafave Christine P. (Rudzinski) Demski Susan (Harper) Emmerling Frances T. Forsythe Dorothy M. Gadino Anne M. Gaugler Patricia R. Guma Edna D. Johansen Richard Kaplan Jane R. Laustsen Barbara H. (Brelick) McCabe Rosemary P. McLaughlin Lynne (Campagna) Munn Denis G. ONieal Audrey Phillips-Caesar Elizabeth Reilly John R. Vezza Veronica V. Whyte Clarencetina (Foucha) Wingate Anthony M. Zaiden CLASS OF '77 Gothic Club James J. Rath Tower Club Allan A. De Fina Knight Club Dolores (Hall) Austin Ronald Bogusz Isiah J. Thomas James J. Tuohy Century Club Larry L. Bembry Sonya M. Blane Peter O. Collins Sylvanus A. Drakes Kenneth A. Fischer Gerardine L. Galvin Alice Gaven Phillip A. Haramia Maryanne (Golden) Harrigan Edward P. Hogan Melvin D. Holston Keith Mazanec James D. Morley Alton D. O'Neill



Janet S. Pappas Patricia M. Savage Shirley A. Taylor Robert A. Terrano Lois A. (Majewski) Waltz Robert D. Yadvish Contributors Margaret A. (Reid) Azzolino Jeffrey A. Bienick Elouise D. (Finch) Campbell Janet M. (Lepelletier) Carlsen John B. Cassidy Cheryl M. Cator Rosemary F. Collins Lawrence V. D'Andrea Ethel A. Davis Dominick A. Deblasio Susanne M. (Tasa) DeTrizio Laura E. (Hutler) Dimichele Sheila E. (Gray) Dlugosh Barbara (Sager) Duffy Mary A. (Cobane) Dunphy Judith G. Ellman Louis A. Femiano Tamar E. (Grant) Forbes Stephen B. Gargulinski Robert Gay Lucio J. Gentile William J. Gill Barbara A. (Bertolami) Gilligan Robert Gilmartin Juanita T. Godbold Barbara A. (Turro) Haff Doris G. Hanson Tonia M. (Greene) Johnson Clarena (Steed) Jones Joyce A. Long Arthine J. Mark Jordan M. Massa Janice C. (Singleton) Mensah Thomas R. Metzner John N. Nadolny Rose M. Neals Janice M. Onieal Debra L. Ortizio Katherine T. (Dolan) Parowski Josephine M. (Hlavka) Piampiano Phyllis F. Portnoy John C. Reiff Solomon L. Rivers Rose Marie (Pona) Rossman Virginia I. (Palmer) Santora Frances E. Saunders Celia Segal Beatrice B. Taub Rosita D. Topoleski Maria Van Note Judith A. Woop Gloria C. (Rondinaro) Woulfe Cora A. Zakrzewski CLASS OF '78 Knight Club Florence G. (Delaney) Lynch Century Club Anna (Fedorchak) Adams Olusegun O. Akinmowo Denise D. Denoia Brenda (Byrne) Greene Helen E. (Noorigan) Krispien James A. Lampiasi Inge H. Martin Renee V. McMillan Katharine Muller Willie D. Pagsuyuin Virginia A. (Cullen) Pattig

Evelyn M. (Vlacich) Perry Robert J. Rybinski Delores Watts Theresa H. Winston William M. Yorker Contributors Betty M. (Wilkey) Alexander Barbara W. Angell Charlene M. Caputo-Kahse Maryann (Onacilla) Cembor Donna M. (Gallo) Cipriano Roberta D. (Cheifer) Cohen Kathleen (Fabiano) Dagato Muriel Donnelly Deborah (Rucki) Drake Helen A. (Ruchala) Fedors Carol L. Gonzalez Susan S. (Hoyle) Hackett Eva M. (Hodges) Harris Yoeta M. Hernandez Florence E. Ilg Jane (Gromada) Kedron Helena D. Lee Patricia A. (Mc Devitt) Levan Marianne (Meluso) Marmora Lynn A. (Snyder) McGrath Brenda C. Mosby Patricia O'Donnell Karen M. O'Keefe Donna K. Onjian Irene V. (Menafro) Peduto Maria G. (Souder) Peterson Francis J. Pizzuta Ines P. (Cadena) Ptaszynski Diane D. (Stec) Reehil Francine (Siwiec) Remaly Jean W. Richards Mavis V. Richards Mary L. (Todd) Ruggiero Vera H. Russell George W. Sandman Odainy (Diaz) Tansey Eveline F. Temkin Angela Travelli Patricia L. White CLASS OF '79 Tower Club Judith E. Albornoz Knight Club Linda M. (Garritano) Orosz Century Club Babalola Akinsanmi Elaine G. (Paris) Allen Sharon M. Brookins Roger D. Castor Hester G. Freeman Susan (Boyd) Judkins Steven L. Magarel Emil T. Restaino Yvonne U. Robinson Harry B. Tokanos Contributors Matthew F. Amato Cheryl (Kostrey) Bikel Sharon C. Briggs Michael I. Brodie Josephine O. Burns Judith R. (Kochenash) Casale Deborah E. (Lee) Cheatam Robert F. Conway Dorothy G. Daniels Linda (Crombie) Daniels Rose P. DeFino

John F. Dunphy Margaret (Craney) Faust William F. Garrison Mary A. Hudak Joan Iaconetti Eleanor M. (Seeber) Johnstone Geri J. Kobryn Priscilla (Lathan) Morales Kevin J. Murphy Denise F. O'Grady George A. Peterson Sheila Pollydore CLASS OF '80 Gothic Club Christine Carmody-Arey Knight Club Suzann McKiernan Anderson Century Club Barbara (Jackson) Adler David W. Caffie Luis A. Campos Lisa Cerbone Vincenza A. (Calvano) Czerepka Cass L. Gaska Robert Harris Almarie (Livingston) Khawaja Karen M. (Kahse) Kuklinski Hilda (Turner) Lowe Kevin J. Mc Lellan Harold E. McCullers Michael B. O'Connell Frances V. Thomas Leonardo Torres Krystyna T. Valentin Contributors Robert Auriemma Lula B. Bolden Ernest N. Brannon Luther C. Buchanan Jessie A. Byrnes Genevieve D. Cardella Susan M. Considine Maurice F. Czaplicki Kathleen D'Andrea Joyce C. Francisco Marjorie H. (Stavar) Garrison Stephen M. Krynski Carolyn Nash Diana O. Neeley Caroline (Benjamin) Nelson Carol A. (Wolyn) Patterson Patrice (Connelly) Phemsint Karen A. (Zwolinski) Redmond Anna L. Roesinger John P. Ryan Elouise A. Sloan Diane C. (Pearsall) Stanaway Linda P. Stokes Felts Robert V. Taino Lucia E. Uibelhoer CLASS OF '81 University Associate Karol A. Corbin Walker Tower Club Julia M. Dreisbach Century Club Paul Bowles Patrick E. Boyle Stanley E. Costley John L. Curtis Monica Donnelly Moffitt

Dennis D. Foley Samuel A. Monaco Moira A. (MacLean) Restaino Thomas P. Robinson Daniel R. Simone Hilda (Gerardino) Weightman Contributors Susan E. Barbieri Katheryn Barutis Kathleen B. Benson Judith C. (Quinn) Birtwistle Dorothy E. Borino Dominick J. Buccafusco Perry Butler Christine J. Chmara Franklyn H. Dennis Sharon Feeney Alina L. Fonteboa E. J. Goias Willi R. Hannah Lisa A. Jones Louise M. LaRosa Leonard J. Mackesy James J. Maranilli Mary H. (Courtney) Marra Wilda (Cooper) Matthews Edmund N. Osian Margaret (Nyire) Quirk Debra A. (Kennedy) Yorio CLASS OF '82 Century Club Claudia Fortunato Robert A. Loder Gary J. Mirasola Josefa (Rodriguez) Morgan Pamela Murray Victoria L. (Nadolny) Strong Linda P. Watts Contributors Sharon Y. (Allen) Chambers Karen J. Crisson-Gannon Victoria Dellorto Beverly (Graves) Ingraham Cheryl A. Iorio Akbar Khadam-Hir Judy M. (Santiago) King Carol (Daros) Kulpan Suzan (Meluso) McCarten Patricia A. (Juechter) Miller Maureen C. Powers Dennis R. Raphael Katherine M. Sabb Veronica T. Santa Maria Jacqueline J. (Colicchio) Shamburg Francine A. (Scellato) Szkodyn Patricia A. (Baird) VanOrden Patricia (Gonzalez) Villarruel Deborah M. Viola CLASS OF '83 Century Club Mohammad T. Alsuqi Rodolfo J. Chavez Francisco Cossio Warren J. Kolendriski Walter J. Lamberti Frances (Muessle) Mc Cann Gary A. Murphy Gerald Rizzo Leslie J. (Hantman) Silberman Contributors Michael A. Aita Faye B. (Wilson) Baerga

Ellen M. Balesterri Alan L. Berman Major Brown Jaime Carpio Maureen L. (Bischoff) Chapnick Daniel S. Fiolek Annamarie (Coppola) Frey Colleen (McNamara) Gordon Susan A. Hakusa Arlene (Wade) Hampton Cynthia M. Harris Mohamed A. Kamel Leah A. Kinnear Margaret T. (Rossomando) Kurza Birte L. Mainardi Ronald S. Mathis Amy (Sotomayor) Matthes Katherine (Cloutier) Montgomery Kathleen H. (Gutch) Nestor Beth (Stevens) O'Connor Maryann (Garantino) O'Rourke Virginia Paris Mary Jane F. (Mc Carthy) Parke Ronald R. Rago Susan Ranalli Joan C. Reinhart Theresa M. (Brereton) Siano Deloris M. Smith Bianca D. (Supino) Sutich Grace T. Taino Marlon E. Taylor Shirley L. (McDaniel) Taylor Thomas W. VanNote Lance B. Vollweiler Marie A. Waltz Cynthia A. (Bonanno) Weiler Cassandra C. (James) West Jaclynn R. Winkle CLASS OF '84 Knight Club Donna M. (Liegel) Carfora Century Club Linda S. (DeRiso) Barnfield Anthony Carbone Jimmie M. Dunston Michael A. Kuligoski Alejandra C. Songalia Dorothea Thompson-Manning Denise M. Wright Contributors Rasaq A. Adewunmi Ida Alvarez Elby (Godoy) Arce Bernard B. Bombolevicz Jean L. (Kelly) Burns Diane R. Capizzi Rosa Chan Joan (Coneau) Dillman Joan T. Emerson Janet L. (Barr) Garretson Debra A. (Szelwach) Giovine Barbara A. (Hudacko) Grogan Alice K. (Van Voorst) Harrison Stephanie L. Hill-Palmer Alison S. Kerber Barbara (Poulos) Kostakis Yolanda (Blandin) Liagouris Lizette L. (Iscoa) Mateo Eileen (Mallard) McClenahan Deborah S. (Nadratowski) O'Boyle Frances Phelepidis Anthony J. Rana Ilia G. (Herrera) Trujillo Luz E. Vazquez

CLASS OF '85 Gothic Club Robert F. Smith Century Club Nabil H. Abraham Jorge J. Alfaro Stephen F. Bamgbade Cecilia F. (Iturralde) Campos Minaxi C. Gandhi Lawrence J. Graebner Kevin D. Pleasant Jo-Ann M. Price Rowena B. Torres Jacqueline (Jones) Ventura Janet E. Wakefield Stephanie (Majette) Williams Contributors Emanuel Anderson Linda J. (Stephens) Barbalinardo Floretta C. Brown Aladdin N. Bushrui Maria Collazo Anne M. (Brennan) Fahey Lily J. (Lehmkuhl) Fulton Festus A. Jalana Laurie (Lillis) Kearns Barbara F. Keohane Scott P. Kohrherr Jacqueline (O'Connor) Manago William J. Masopust Anna T. (Martins) Miah Virginia M. Nordberg Wilson Pacheco James J. Phelan Annamarie (Millan) Raslowsky Louise (Agresta) Rittberg Rosabell Roberts Sarah M. Romano Stella A. Romano Irma I. Rosario Gary W. Sayre Richard T. Seiler Alexis (Jaszczynski) Wesley CLASS OF '86 Knight Club Gladys (Walrond) Clarke Century Club Richard B. Adu-Sarkodie Martha (Rodriguez) Behman Madeline F. Davis Tia S. Davis Thomas Gannon Mildred A. (Pearson) Hayes Robert C. Jiggetts Virginia R. (Jannicelli) McAlinden Linda (Miller) Mitchell William P. O'Donnell Jorge L. Placencia Gloria C. Ramsey Robert N. Shelton Contributors Marina C. (Lopez) Andrea Barbara J. (McIntosh) Brown H. B. Crisman Anthony C. Dentino Jean A. DiDia Christie A. (Spina) Farber William P. Feeney Ana (Marcos) Garcia Angela Gonzalez Andrew L. Gordon Douglas L. Howell Gerard Luciani



Mary M. (Reynolds) Luciani Karen N. (Wanko) McAloon Margaret S. (McGrady) Mercado Patricia M. (Tomkunas) Mercuri Marisa A. Migliozzi Marilyn K. (Lewis) Moran Jasmine (Clare) Munson Elizabeth A. Murphy Norma G. (Davis) Payne Wesner (Wes) Pierre Barbara J. Povalac Diana V. Ramos Kathleen A. (Connolly) Rotella Anna Sherris William E. Sinnicki Iris (Siegel) Slomovitz David S. Szani Phyllis A. (Alexander) Szani Chulee Traisak Stacia R. Turner-Byfield Rose (Tyler) Washington Olujimi A. Williams Patricia M. (Griffin) Wolf Fanny C. (Rodriguez) Wraback Virginia (Clark) Yarber CLASS OF '87 Century Club Marilyn (Nadler) Bouer Gladys A. Croasdaile Alberta (Williams) DuBose George J. Kowalski Myrtle A. Maundy Bina A. Patel Contributors Grace (Onwuchekwa) Adewumni Tracey A. Arlington Patricia E. Bator Steven A. Bauer Brian G. Bistromowitz Gladys Bonheur Kenneth C. Bransky Elizabeth A. (Frost) Bruzzichesi Erin (Murphy) Chambers Biagio Congiu Jean L. (Weidelt) Cuccinelli Richard N. Cuccinelli Gloria (Graham) Felder Nicholas C. Fierro Thomas J. Finnegan Irene S. Hartmann Silvana (Tronco) Kaminski Roseanne (Bruder) Kemp Barbara (Harris) Mckenzie Alice (Reinard) Pearce Jeannette J. Puente Marylou D. (Sanderson) Quinn Paul A. Scott Marco A. Soto Michael J. Stanton CLASS OF '88 Century Club Leonard S. Buscemi Roger W. Cavallo Maria T. DelBianco Claudia T. (Martinez) Lopez Hemangini C. Shah Contributors Frank R. Alfano Gabriele Amen Elizabeth (McDonald) Angevine Sergio R. Arce Mary (Holly) Bauer Bismarck C. Belmonte

Sandra L. (McKnight) Britt Barbara A. Carunchio Scott L. Cerrato Maureen (Muldoon) Coccaro Lucy F. (Turco) Cristi Jeffry C. Davidowsky Lawrence F. Defelice Lois A. (Kravitz) Finn Thelma S. (White) Freeman Karen A. Gregory Mary A. (Johnson) Heimbuch Pamela (Grant) James Celia A. Kearney Maureen (Hansen) Mc Dermott Patrick M. Meehan Medhat M. Morcos Mary E. Murphy Robert A. Oberkehr Carmela A. Piserchia Joyce M. (Patire) Slivinski Patrick E. Trujillo Wanda M. (Raynor) Willis CLASS OF '89 Century Club Abosede A. Aboderin Venzil R. Browne George C. Echebiri Rosario Finistrella Leatha (O"Neal) Flagler Esperanza C. (Illescas) Galfo Jeremiah M. Getugi Paul K. Hallman Elena Maldonado Emmy (Brown) Maldonado Yonel Pierre Miguel A. Ramirez Anna (Curran) Reppermund Won K. Song Contributors Edna T. Ball Grace B. Beaumont-Brownlee Hernan D. Betancourt Robin Boyd Carol B. (Schott) Chosid Peggy L. Conversano Victor M. Conversano Rebecca M. (Nazario) Cruz Louis Defranzo Shirley (Goldsberg) Enix Nellie G. (Biller) Eyerman Robert K. Golinski Chan T. (Ngwyen) Ho Ann Iannacone John J. Impomeni Thomas E. Kemble Anne Marie Kowalski Paul W. Kraus Michelle M. LaMonica Richard A. Maffei Denice A. (Shaples) Miller Kevin J. Monahan Robert E. Motacki Carlos A. Munoz Gregory Myers Virginia E. (Johnson) Owens Daniel M. Pecoriello Queen E. (Hamlet) Rhue Jackie (Reddick) Roberts Mary M. (Bloom) Roma Regina J. (Razin) Rutkowski Jose F. Santos Raffaele Spiniello Kobina F. Thomas

CLASS OF '90 Century Club Theodore R. Borroum DeVaughn (Brown) Carter Sophie (Kalcanides) Ciszewski Francesca Echevarria Carmen H. (Cantor) Placencia Shirley M. Riley Michael E. Ruane Sandra A. (Paretti) Whitley Contributors Alice R. (Pearce) Bennett Aida M. (Lender) Birritteri Isabel (Morris) Bruno Jo-Anne (Kelly) Carroll Patrick R. Cullen Maria J. (Blancato) Desharnais James R. Dougherty Dalia C. Garcia Richard F. Koegel Linda (Alvarez) Lemos Vasiliki S. (Papacharalambous) Lempesis David L. Lipton Margaret M. Lusch John F. MacKercher Annamma G. Mathew Anne J. Ransom-Smarz Rhoan R. Reid Brian C. Spring Joanne Traylor Evadne E. (Humes) Wade Helen E. (Rocco) Watson John G. Wright CLASS OF '91 Century Club Gussie B. (Littleton) Burnett Alysia Y. Cole-Felder Kenneth A. Earley Marian (Sills) Gerald Charlena (Peterson) Jeter Andralyn M. Johnson Mary (Millas) Kotsopulos Elea M. McCleese Colin V. Nicholas Jean C. Phillips Joseph J. Pierce Barbara T. Ruth Ira C. Woods Renee B. (Webb) Yorker Contributors Manuel T. Acosta Ann (Madden) Arella Kyra A. Aycart Anthony M. Bruno Gina (D'Alessandro) Fernandez Valerie Green Eleonora S. Izquierdo Dimitrios E. Kalogiannis Constance Mahnken Janet A. Mansman Patricia K. (Lynch) Mazzola Georgianna (Vican) Minervini Peggy J. Moore Patricia L. (Knight) Muhammad Michael F. O'Brien Melissa A. (Bentley) O'Hare Peter J. Orrico Richard H. Petty Leola (Singletary) Purnell Shirley M. (Jennings) Silver David L. Sjursen Jon L. Tooke Sok C. Yun Jo Ann B. Zabotka

CLASS OF '92 Century Club Deavaul S. Berry Kismet A. (Lo Franco) Bohajian Robert J. Hager Clive S. Henry Kathleen M. Irving Barbara J. Malaterra Stanley R. Nowicki Patricia A. (Williams) Ramsay Karen M. (Kelly) Travellin Lisa (Klein) Winkler Contributors Desiree J. Aliyas Nohora S. (Cuellar) Arrojo Mary Lou Burden Kathy A. Dilks Kelly Doyle-Gambuzza Mary K. (Hughes) Giblin Margaret A. (Hulsart) Grady Marianne E. (Liegel) Guarneri Darlene (Clayton) Hoffman Althea A. Hylton-Lindsay Lisa F. Iannaccone Marianne E. (Palisi) Kavanagh Alice Latour Carol (Placek) Loeffler Amiot P. Michel Orlando C. Moncelsi Karen (Hatch) Murdoch Lisa A. Nieves John C. O'Brien Robert O. Onsomu Kimberly (Tisdale) Parker Christine D. Pawlikowski Kimberly N. Phelps Richard R. Regan Lynne M. Reitmeyer Hong Su CLASS OF '93 Century Club Ann Bacchus Classie (Mann) Bacon Edward E. Cosby Wayne R. Decker Liam J. Fitzsimons Myrna (Orona) Goeller Mazahir Hakimi Ada (Morales) Hernandez Mery R. (Kioko) Lovelace Shesfali K. (Pandya) Shukla Lisa M. (Bednarczyk) Vartanian Contributors Celestino D. Alvarez Ellen (Tusa) Arrigoni Sophia E. Arthur Ruth A. Austin-Ferrara Joy L. Barry Barbara S. (Dominguez) Blanco Christine J. (Meier) Campion Mariluz C. (Mejias) Columbo Lauren J. (Ziegler) Conroy Janet L. Cooper Patricia A. (Smith) Daly Kenneth R. DeBlock Marion A. (Petrik) DeBouter Evelyn H. (Lee) DeMaio Simon I. Dike Maria D. Enriquez Joan J. (Murray) Francis Roberto J. Franco Myrna (Alvarado) Garcia John P. Geoghegan Geraldine (Hurley) Gullace

Yhima J. (Porto) Hajmohamed Robert C. Harris Zina J. Jones-Beckley Ibrahim K. Kamara Tracy (Frohnapfel) Manzo Caleb N. Moitui Rae D. Moore Julianne (Chisenhall) O'Connell Rosemary P. (Glanville) Paulison Michael S. Pizzi Evelyn R. Santiago Philistine J. Smith Bernadette Vath Christine P. Wiamer Donna (Gilmour) Wrightson Frances M. (Everman) Ziemba CLASS OF '94 Knight Club Denise M. LaPene Century Club Ali M. Awad Ronald J. Bonforte Madeline R. (Bonds) Brown Bernestine (Johnson) Caffie Hala Z. Georgy Patricia A. Green Frazeal L. Harris Patricia (Rooney) McNamee Elizabeth Mensah-Agyekum Carmen M. Nieves Anthony L. Romano Regina (Isler) Singh Contributors Christine M. Backiel George T. Carotenuto Angela (Cosentino) Castagna Elizabeth K. Commey Nasser S. Daghli Wallace J. Defilippo Gioia S. Delgado Rosmena (Barbosa) DeSa Geraldine (Russell) Digiovanni Patricia L. (Dillon) Dinallo Jean (LaSala) Farkas Patricia (Monaco) Feuer Eloy E. Huamanchumo Soraya A. Huamanchumo Ernest T. Kovatch Christian J. Lau Trevor D. Lavine Irma M. (Rivera) Lupia Kathleen (Pedicelli) Marchiano Flavia M. (De La Cruz) Martinez Arlene J. McNamara Marian (Napoliello) Morgan Katherine G. Morris John M. Natoli Monica D. Paton Lorna A. Porter Gliceria M. (Cabrera) Rodriguez Roy A. Shaw April (Dean) Steed Rolando A. Tangalin Mary (Caufield) Terwedow Richard Wetzel CLASS OF '95 Century Club Marie C. Boyle Norma L. (Foschia) Bowe Deniese E. (Barnett) Cooper Joseph C. Evangelista James P. Finucan Aurelina (Pereira) Jannat

Michael J. Kilcullen Hyun M. Koo Karen K. Leigh Paula A. Opitz Margaret F. (Regan) Rizzolo Len Sage Monica M. (Padron) Seiger Michael P. Studer Michael K. Wassong Janice J. Wernock Contributors Deborah (Lutz) Anderson Micheline (Audain) Antoine Jo-Anne (Zbranak) Applegate Anthony F. Archeval Spring J. Banks Mary L. Bartiromo Michael J. Blanchard Brian F. Boyce Shannon F. (DeNise) Budenas Rose (Austria) Carandang Karen E. Charlton Ruth D. Cummings Michael P. Curran Joseph A. Di Giacomo Teresita (Borges) Diaz Irene (McBride) Dwyer Kevin J. Enny Katherine (Hechler) Gardes Patrice M. (Parziale) Gordon Stacey L. Griffin Theresa (Girardi) Hamilton Patrick E. Herrera Mary V. (Hayes) Jones Richard N. Kirk Jason C. Koepke Jeanette D. (Zevlas) Krupinski Janet (Jackson) LaBadia Gertrude H. (Wolfe) Larki Garfield G. McCook Rosario Oliveros-Bustamante Isabel (Gerace) Orlando Gayatri A. Patel Joseph F. Reciniello Barbara A. Richwood Luis Rojas Michelle A. Scott-Crook Francisca S. Thomson John M. Warnock Vashti C. White Jeffrey Williamson CLASS OF '96 Knight Club Adele C. Douglas Century Club Syed J. Ahmed Cindy J. (Martin) Arrigo David S. Bimbi Geraldine Burger Rahiem Grimsley Henrietta Hixson Christine Iwanowski Frank R. O'Keefe Contributors Sheryl Allen Sonya A. (Giddings) Andrews Maria R. (Olivo) Blanch Claudene M. Burns Amy K. Campbell-Tumbeh Madeline A. Capote-Fernandez John L. Cappuccilli Tammy A. Castro Luciano G. D'Agosto Arlene A. (Tessalone) DePalma



James S. Dischler Janice (Dittus) Dougherty Meridith (Ryan) Enny Jasmine J. (Valentin) Fernandez James J. Ferrara Carmella M. Fiore Catherine A. (Lesnicki) Frederico Tatiana A. Garcia Melissa A. Grant Patricia Griffiths Visia (Morales) Grossi Leander Hernandez Elizabeth L. Holland Cheryl R. (Nisbet) Laboy Robyn A. Lawrence-Bowens Sergio M. Leone Cas Mahle-White Anne F. (Dalton) O'Brien Linda L. (Pugh) Outlaw Rosemary T. Pedersen Carol J. (Paschik) Perret Loretta (O'Donnell) Quigley Curtis A. Rivers Margaret M. (Revell) Roles Patricia (Gil) Ruiz Amal M. Saad Rita I. (Diaz) Salgado Emil S. Salib Elaine A. (Tatano) Sica Vera Smith-Vaughn CLASS OF '97 Century Club Thomas S. Bejgrowicz Constance A. (Uram) DeJoseph Chester Dobosz Joyce (McLaughlin) Hirsch Joan E. (Gout) Host Jesus Huarotte Diane L. (Ross) Lynch Jason Nuccio Heather R. Nydam Robert H. Peak Contributors Carolyn E. (Ward) Amato Alethea E. (Wallerson) Archer Jacqueline Arias Elsie E. Auguste Lynn J. (Wheaton) Baskin Thomas F. Beatini Marie (Dinette) Benjamin Raymond D. Billings Janice M. Biondo Rosemary A. (Mudd) Boyle Revalee (Kaitz) Brody Stephanie V. Burroughs Teresa (Villacis) Cabrera Judith A. Carrillo-Advensky Christiane C. Carvalho Mercedes F. Castillo Alana (Benford) Cennimo Fredy Chapal Francis J. Chirichella Heather D. (Reid) Clark Laura A. Curran Franca C. (Laush) Dibrita Kathleen (Murphy) Doherty Carryanne L. Eckardt Christopher C. Galamb Damarys (Reyes) Geronimo Danielle (Depasquale) Glancey Gregory J. Guito Joan M. (Wenski) Gwozdz Raymond J. Hayducka John Kitsopoulos Lucy (Midgett) Koch

Anthony E. Kotarski Thomas G. Larkin Patricia A. (Moncrieff) Laughlin Colleen E. Law Anthony M. Lecky Ellen M. (Bruno) Maffei Ana D. (Almonte) Martinez Maureen A. (Starace) Mazzarese Ann (Mcmillan) Mullane Edward C. Narucki Annecia Norwood-Jones John O'Donnell Jo Ann Padilla Michael J. Pepe Jose J. Pineiro Kris A. (Suchowacki) Simionidis Manny Vazquez Christian V. Wallace Artie Williams CLASS OF '98 Century Club Peter J. Amodio Ann K. (Dudderar) Binetti David S. Brathwaite Sajjad A. Chohan Anthony D'Agosto Anthony De Berto Elizabeth A. (Kostovick) Getlik Lyudmila V. (Milkovskaya) Liberman Ricky McCall Jane E. (Richards) Mercado Brenda D. Richardson - Ford Balondemu A. Spence Carmen Spina Nelson Trias William L. Villas Contributors Aracelis (Vallin) Almanzar Ebena N. Arvinger Bartosz Babinski Linda S. (Cruz) Barone Dorothy H. (Passero) Beebe Edernis (Garcia) Bermudez Blaise R. Cancro Mary S. Casimir-Holmes Louise (Voto) Clarke Harold G. Del Pino Joseph E. Donnelly Claudelle M. Faustin Jill (Galamb) Fischer Ann Marie (Bailey) Forbes Scott A. Gincley Janett U. Grant Linda M. Greenberg Leslie (Calabrese) Guarino Angelina T. Henry-Dunkley Ana R. Hernandez Ramona Isip Barbara-Ann James Caridad Jimenez-Ortiz Vivian (Perez) Junior John E. Kapsimalis John A. Kerber Gregory P. Levine Ellen N. (McGlinchey) Lucas John F. Maiello Michele A. Manzo Yael J. Martinez Melanie McDonald Paula M. (Piazza) Meade Lois (Tafaro) Monti Jennifer L. (Elder) Moran Valerie J. Neal-Jones Susan (Nelson) Palma Donna L. (Manzo) Puschel

Frank R. Scarafile Soonnam K. Singer Sharey (Feins) Slimowitz Angelo J. Tirone Felisha M. (Rocha) Wood Mary E. (Bolland) Young CLASS OF '99 Knight Club Lisa R. Burke Anthony Cureton Century Club Henry B. Ballard Gloria M. Bishop Gayatri H. Doshi Kenneth F. Ferrante Laura (Talvacchia) Jannone Daniel M. Klein Sheila McCall Virginie Norbert Gerald T. Stewart Contributors Jennifer R. Aitken Doris (Scott) Allen Amparo Angeuira Normita G. Atienza Zipora Auerbach Hilda N. Aviles Fontella Best-Curtis Susan M. Blanchard Rodney S. Chapman Bonnie S. Congiu Helen E. (Gomez) Dao Sheila Y. Elbishlawi Elizabeth E. (Flores) Escobar Dana D. Gaines Leola L. Givins Carol A. Hennessey Sandra C. Horvaht Marques Barbara J. Hudzik Manette D. Jabeth Barbara (Kolich) Kistner William R. Kooney Chyme L. Landing Aida C. (Lugo) Lawrence Virginia L. Madden Kelly A. (Kubert) Mauri Charles D. Moscatello Judy B. Ortman Gino D. Palacios Richard C. Roberts Bhaven Shah Elaine (Smoke) Smoczynski Thomas Stork Regina H. (Nga) Tran Nelly G. Velasquez Gerard M. Villongco Kurt G. Walton Jennifer Yudko CLASS OF '00 Century Club Diane Galvin Mariza Hernandez Maryann (Meyer) Jarmolinski Sherron A. Madison Paul A. Marks Robert M. Nagy Fred J. Ponti Diana Volaric Contributors Christopher M. Ariemma Juan C. Betancourth Daniel Boguszewski

Doris E. Brown Denise S. Caiazza Graciela Concho Jeannine W. Cox Kerianne Ebner Celestial B. Fortaleza-Piedra Sandra G. Gilburt Gabriel Gordillo Linda D. Greene Isela M. (Parada) Hurtado Christopher J. Jackson Elizabeth W. Kamau Catherine Kennedy John Kolakowski Marjorie E. Levine Abdoul D. Maiga Brunilda Marrero Sandy Mazyck Michele Moultrie Jessica Palladino Sharon E. Palms Akruti P. Parikh Mercedes A. Quito Grace (Bravo) Robles Jeanna Roncallo Renee K. Salage Carmen Sefin Kevin Sherwood George J. Smith Irene (Nisler) Stamatopulo Neha D. Sukhadia Nina Teresa L. Talao Karlene M. Walker Timothy A. White CLASS OF '01 Century Club Manuel A. Diaz Frank Dixon Harriet A. Douglin Roberto Gutierrez Rose L. Horne Elizabeth A. La Rosa Diane (Shanahan) Macchia Nancy Nunes Samuel O. Omboga Marshall M. Richardson Nadia Vazquez Contributors Naureen Ahmad Shanda S. Barnett Christine C. Budnik William P. Cadenilla Grisel Colon William Coronado Duy V. Dao James Goldsworthy Monica G. Gonzalez Raphaela Grullon J. Leonard Hornstein Nipa K. Kapadia Carol Ann (Salisbury) Kelleher Mary A. LaBruna Narita Maraj Ishak Meggali Hatim Mohamed Hussein Nassam Harold V. Orbillos Regina E. Plesniarski Michele R. Reid Marisa Rivera-Ocasio Cheryl M. Rodney Patricia L. (Conroy) Rossiter Magdiel Rubiano Kavita P. Shivkumar Linda (Islande) Silin Dilbag Singh

Mark C. Smith Aileen Vazquez Michael C. Weber CLASS OF '02 Century Club Michael L. Baldwin Akeem A. Balogun Edardo J. Ferrante Fanta J. Keita Sonja P. (Davis) Leaven Gian Milla Kurt Mittenzwei Nadera I. Persaud Douglas Pugh Maty Y. Quinonez Vicent Riccardi Paola Rodriguez George F. Rosemond Monica Saborido Mariana I. Vergara Patrick Weeks Mary J. Wilson Contributors Deena Abdel-Latif Omar Barandela Donald T. Bent Carlos M. Borrero Christine Bruno John A. Bucco Mary M. Byank Shelley J. Clancy Billy Cunningham Salema Daniels Renee Demonaco Mark Diekmann Philip Dudak Irene Edwards Rebecca M. Espinal Ellyn Gannon Robert P. Goodall Jamel C. Holley Kim Ingram Charles G. Klein Betty Leonidas-Maycock Kasia Locwin Oswaldo S. Lopez Mariepaz Malig-Tabora Marilyn Manigault Antoinette M. Marmora Valarie J. Mattes Anita Mbabazi Saidah McClendon Maria E. Monar Greg Mondadori Judith A. Nadler Terry C. Negin Patricia Nunn Davidson Okere Roxanne Orner Layo Oyawusi Susana Peron Maurizio G. Ricca Nicole J. Riccardi Dayanara Rojas Michael Rosica Zulma Rovello Jose N. Salamante Olive M. Samuel Ann Sheridan Conrad L. Tamayo Celia E. Texidor Sai H. Tsang Gwendolyn Watford Cassia Wenzel Joyce A. Yuppa

CLASS OF '03 Century Club Jaclyn Dinuzzo Perla R. Espinal Michelle Greenwood Sophia H. Jones Anne Morrow Carolyn Nelson Toi Wise Contributors Maria L. Abu Albert Albanese Eneida (Garrido) Alston Gladys Belleza David Boyes Linda Brocker Maryann Capursi Carl Castlegrant Margaret Cecchini Meghan Cella Ernestine Costa Joseph Debenedictis Susan Del Conte Donald Dominguez Kristy Donohue Margaret A. Falcicchio Christopher Feliciano Janeen K. Fulton Patricia Garcia Brian Gillespie Megan R. Hale Kamlawatti Hanuman Grace Igbinoba George Knight Maruchy L. Lopez Marilyn Mathieu Ursula Mc Gurrin Marcia A. Miele Norma Naranjo Christine Prettyman Giselle Rodrigues Krisztina Simsa-Crane Angela Sirianni Jennifer Soriero Tameka Stafford Julissa Stobnicki David J. Tonzola Eunice Veloz Paula Younger



Faculty & Staff

Jennifer R. Aitken Robert J. Albrecht Michael J. Alvarez Lynn J. (Wheaton) Baskin Hugo X. Bastidas Martha (Rodriguez) Behman Sandra Bloomberg Roddy M. Bogawa Ronald Bogusz Patricia A. Boland Patrick E. Boyle Charles H. Brown Joanne Bruno Dominick J. Buccafusco Lisa R. Burke Criminal Justice/Security Department Allan A. De Fina Anthony N. DeBenedictis Alexander J. DeNoble Adele C. Douglas Alberta (Williams) DuBose Cynthia H. Egli Antoinette Ellis-Williams Gayle R. Ford Marie A. Fosello Richard E. Frazier Lily J. (Lehmkuhl) Fulton Abisola H. Gallagher Thomas Gannon Queen J. Gibson Robert K. Golinski Alene Graham John C. Grew Geraldine (Hurley) Gullace Carlos Hernández Helen Hoch Peter Incardone Jennifer Jones Carmela (Ascolese) Karnoutsos Franca A. Kirsch Tracy (Frohnapfel) Manzo Dennis J. Marvin Anthony M. Masulaitis Robert J. Matthews William J. Maxwell Melanie McDonald Winifred M. McNeill Kenneth J. Monaco Claire M. Monroe Deborah M. (Horan) Morales John R. Nevin Jean-Claude N. Ngatchou Michael B. O'Connell Judy B. Ortman Treva Pamer-Masulaitis Laura Pannaman Gary Patnosh Neil J. Pedersen Robert M. Piaskowsky Donna M. Piscopo Richard F. Riggs Richard D. Scott Michelle A. Scott-Crook Richard E. Sentipal Wonda D. Shipman Donald J. Silberman Phyllis A. (Alexander) Szani Allison M. Thornton Ellen J. Wayman-Gordon Shirley I. Williams Bohdan Yaworsky


President's Club

($5,000+) Frank J. Guarini Diane L. Mauriello Frank Miceli


Marco Albergo Eugene V. Amitrani Valerie Ashley James H. Backstrom Eric W. Bahner Jean F. Berg Carolyn Black Joan M. Bornheimer Robert J. Bornheimer Edward J. Brown Laurie D. Brown Jean A. Byrnes Ann E. Campbell Diane Carp Christine M. Carway H. Channing Wilson Marion J. Christopher Ann Ciardiello Angela Cieri Barbara Anne Collett Mildred-Alice Condon Philip A. Confalone Evelyn DiGeronimo Mark DiGeronimo Louise Donleavy Priscilla Finamore Beverly T. Finn Shirley E. Flickinger Aldo A. Freda Alexander J. Freeman Clementine W. Furchak Leo Gagliardi Doris E. Gedon Michael P. Glass Caroline M. Gotelli Winifred C. Gruninger Dolores Gudzak Robyn L. Gudzak Carmela Guzzi June Hartman Margaret Hartman Eveline M. Hill Josephine A. Huttner Phyllis Ingeri Joan Karwowski Christine M. Kuglin Gus R. Kuhlman Eleanor Lenhart Yvonne Lewis Candy (Sherman) Lively Sven I. Ljunggren Ernest M. Lukenda Doris G. Madaio Mary Maggio Carol F. Manwiller Joseph G. Marino Ana N. Martin Treglia Danielle Mazzola Barbara H. McKinney Marie R. Mead Carolyn A. Monastra Robert L. Moser Ann Mullane Mary O'Donoghue Susan A. Olinsky Joann O. Orvedahl Ruth Pachtman Roberta Petrillo Josephine G. Petronella Michael M. Piasecki Jean Pierro

Gothic Club

($1,000+) Michael J. Ascolese Lauren A. Caputo Paul H. Goldsmith John V. Guigon Carol M. Preisinger Rebecca L. (Pisano) Trotta

Catherine M. Quackenbush Ann Marie Reilly Evelyn A. Schmidt Adeline C. Seebach Henriette M. Sellitti Estel Shinholster Martha Smith Simmonds Caroline Statile Patricia Tracey Victor Treglia Nina E. Trinceri Marie J. Varley William R. Waddington Mary I. Webb-Miller Eileen Whitehead Ruth E. Wilkinson Asante Wilson

Tower Club

($500+) Juan E. Albornoz Joan (Pisano) Caputo David S. Chu Henry A. Coleman Dominick D'Agosta Marie L. Garibaldi Winifred S. Leber Joel Leyner Zeline Richard Gertrude Robertson


Altria Group, Inc. Andrew Gordon Photography, Inc. Atlantic Bank of New York Brenntag Northeast, Inc. Comcast Corporation Education First Marketing, L.L.C. Fleet Bank - NJ IBM J. Shaw Consulting Johnson & Johnson Matching Gifts Program Lotus Garden Naturals Paskill & Stapleton Graphic Communications, Inc PDD Learning Disabilities Consultants, Inc. Pfizer, Incorporated Ray of Hope Foundation, Inc. RBA Group Significations Unlimited Telcordia Technologies The Bank Of New York Matching Gifts The Children's Place The Chubb Corporation The Provident Bank Ziccardi Designs, Inc.

Knight Club

($250+) Michael M. Andrulis Esther (Berkowitz) Krieger Victoria (Hughes) Reiss Carl A. Robbins Charles W. Sokolowsky Patricia A. Trombino Robert H. Winokur


AT&T Foundation Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation, Inc. Deluxe Corporation Foundation Eckerd Corporation Foundation ExxonMobil Education Foundation GlaxoSmithKline Foundation Hewlett-Packard Company- Charitable Gifts New York Life Foundation New York Stock Exchange Foundation, Inc. The Frank J. Guarini Foundation The Duff Family Foundation The Dun & Bradstreet Corporation Foundation The Frank & Lydia Bergen Foundation The Hargrove Pierce Foundation The J.P. Morgan Chase Foundation The Jeffrey A. Pasqua Foundation The John Victor Machuga Foundation, Inc. The Prudential Foundation Matching Gifts The State Farm Companies Foundation Unilever United States Foundation, Inc.

Century Club

($100+) Anonymous Donor Robert V. Cornish Catherine Daniello James R. Davidson Terrell M. Everett Lynda Goldsmith Nicholas K. Gordon George Hansler Gabbie M. Kalra Eleanor Kreta Dolores S. Lukenda Frank Lukenda Patricia A. Lynch Gregory L. Martinez Karl Meller Victoria H. Meller James R. Meyers Steven Minzer Bryan R. Page Mary Ann Perkins Carolyn Rieger Linda A. Rowe Nancy (Winokur) Streim Anne Treichler Gerald L. Winokur Geroloma Zanardi


Karyn Alexander Ronald Bogusz Jennifer Jones Diana Leo Sandra Martinez John Melendez Robert Quinones Wanda Shipman Lou Tiscornia Ellen Wayman-Gordon


Amistad Suffolk County Black Bar Association Angels Athletic Association Black Administrators, Alumni, Faculty, Staff, Chris Fiore Memorial Scholarship Fund National Sorority of Phi Delta Kappa, Inc. Oliver Communications Group Proyecto Access Student Organization of NJCU United Way Employees Charitable Campaign



Cooperative Education Business Partners

AIG Bank of Tokyo Barnes & Noble. Com Brown Brothers Harriman Capital Lending Corporation CBS-TV2 Cigna Health Care Citigroup Comcast Cablevision Daily News Davis Polk & Wardwell Fairchild Publications Inc. Federal Reserve Bank of N.Y. First Union Bank Fleet Bank Fragomen, DerRey, Bersen, & Loewy Freizer & Freizer FUJI HBO Networks Inc. Horizon Health Care Interchange Bank Johnson & Johnson Pharm Res & Dev Joseph Cory Holdings LLC Kaplan, Inc. Law & Order Special Victims Unit Lehman Brothers Liberty Health Care System Liz Claiborne Merrill Lynch & Co. Metro Stars Montauk Financial Corp. MSKCC MTV Networks Inc. Newark Bears News Corporation Office of Congressman Mendez Office of State Senator Sharpe James Oritani Savings Bank Panasonic Pershing Purepa Pharmaceutical Co. Radio Disney 1560 AM Scholastic, Inc. Siemen's Corporation Sony Music Spectrum Healthcare The Muary Povitch Show Tiffany and Company Trust Company Bank UBS Financial Services, Inc. UBS Paine Webber, IRS Rep Dept. Universal Television University Motown Record Group Legal Affairs US Trust Company of New York Viacom Volvo Cars of North America Walt Disney World Co. Winsome Sinclair & Associates Withum, Smith & Brown WSKQ 97.9 FM (La Musica.Com) WXTV 41

Foundation Board of Directors

Mr. Howard Buxbaum

Vice President, Administration & Finance New Jersey City University

Mr. Richard Codd

Director, Strategic Investment Economic Development Port Authority of New York and New Jersey

Mr. Dominick D'Agosta

Vice President, Fleet Bank-NJ

Mr. Dennis Foley

Vice President, TIAA-CREF

Donald L. Guertin, Ph.D.


Robert P. Haney, Esq.

Partner, Covington & Burling

Michael J. Herbert, Esq., `62

Partner, Herbert, Van Ness, Cayci & Goodell

Carlos Hernández, Ph.D.

President, New Jersey City University

Sang Jin Kim, Ph.D.

Chairman, H.T. International Corporation

Ms. Rosemary McGee


Mr. John R. Nevin

Executive Director, NJCU Foundation

Ms. Carol M. Preisinger Mr. Leonard Resto

Vice President of Insurance Lehman Brothers




JCS-1003 FoundationAnnRpt_11-8

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